Alarm Monitoring/Maintenance & Service for Johnson City School System

Agency: City of Johnson City
State: Tennessee
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561621 - Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
Posted Date: Feb 14, 2020
Due Date: Mar 19, 2020
Solicitation No: RFP 6395
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RFP 6395
Original Documentation:
Alarm Monitoring/Maintenance & Service for Johnson City School System
Solicitation Deadline 3/19/20 2:00 PM

All bidders must attend the Mandatory Pre-bid Meeting scheduled for March 9h, 8:00 AM beginning at the Central Office and continuing to each school location. ONLY BIDDERS WHOSE company name is listed on pre-bid sign in-sheet will be considered responsive. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Attachment Preview

Johnson City School System
RFP # 6395
Proposal Due Date/Time
March 19, 2020
2:00 pm
City of Johnson City
Purchasing Department
209 Water Street (37601)
P. O. Box 2150 (37605)
Johnson City, TN
The Johnson City School System is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide monitoring, periodic
inspection and service of the schoolsvarious safety systems including: monitoring and service of fire/burglar
alarms, security cameras, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, freezer/cooler temperature monitoring, intercom,
CCTV, access control and voice/data for all Johnson City Schools sites as per these specifications.
Priority 24-hour/365 day per year basis for monitoring/maintenance of all systems listed. Services shall include
the following and be based upon the attached equipment listing by location:
Monitoring of all burglar & fire alarms
Total maintenance (parts & labor) of all systems as listed in the attachment. All service calls and
necessary parts are included in this contract regardless of the reason for the service call.
Securing of the premises with guard if required (only upon break-in situations)
Complete security systems check annually with a copy of the inspection report submitted for each
location within ten (10) days of inspection.
Inspection reporting shall specifically identify each device inspected/tested, including type and location.
For any replacement/repair equipment contractor shall install non-proprietary equipment (no exclusive
systems) Installation code must be set to our choice and remain the same.
Science Hill High School 1509 Johnson Exum Pkwy.
Science Hill CTE (including woodworking shop and Central Energy Plant) - 251 Cotty Jones Lane
Science Hill Chiller Plant (fire-Edwards, Security-Elk)
Fieldhouse and Stadium at Steve Spurrier field 251 Cotty Jones Lane
Topper Academy 812 W Market St.
Liberty Bell Middle School - 718 Morningside Dr.
Indian Trail Intermediate School 307 Car-Mol Dr.
Cherokee Elementary 2100 Cherokee Rd
Fairmont Elementary 1405 Lester Harris Rd
Lake Ridge Elementary 1001 Lake Ridge Square
Mountain View Elementary 907 King Springs Rd
North Side Elementary 1000 North Road St
South Side Elementary 1011 Southwest Ave
Towne Acres Elementary 2310 Larkspur Dr.
Woodland Elementary 2303 Indian Ridge Rd
Columbus Powell Service Center 100 E Maple St
Maintenance 2735 E Oakland Ave
Current systems are listed below:
Fire Panel 18 Edwards, 3 Simplex, 3 Faraday, 3 Silent Knight,
Intercom 8 Telcor, Simplex, Rauland
CCTV Avigilon
Access control Lenel
Security System Silent Knight, Elk, Maxsys, Honeywell
Contract shall provide a full service agreement including parts and labor as well as periodic inspections of the
signaling system and/or alarm systems installed at the above listed sites. Inspection schedules of fire alarm
panels, detection and notifications devices, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and sprinkler flow shall be
followed as required by the national fire code. Schedules for inspections shall be determined in consultation
with the schools maintenance/technology department.
The proposer shall be a factory authorized/certified installing agent for all systems with the exception of fire
systems. Proposer shall be registered by the state of TN alarm contractors board for fire systems.
Any equipment and installation supervision furnished under this contract is to be provided by a Company with a
fully-equipped service organization within fifty (50) miles of the building locations.
All bidders must attend the Mandatory Pre-bid Meeting scheduled for March 9h, 8:00 AM beginning at the
Central Office and continuing to each school location. ONLY BIDDERS WHOSE company name is listed on
pre-bid sign in-sheet will be considered responsive. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Bidder must be a licensed contractor in the State of Tennessee, as required by the Contractor’s Licensing Act of
1994, State of Tennessee. The attached “Contractors Envelope Form” must be completed and attached to the
outermost bid submittal envelope. A copy of the State Contractor’s License shall be included with submittal
Questions concerning the specifications of this request should be addressed to Joe Barnes (423) 434-5254, or Melony Surrett (423) 434-5208, Questions concerning the
submittals or requirements for a successful submittal should be addressed to the Office of the Purchasing Director
(423) 975-2716,
This is a three (3) year contract subject to annual renewal provided all terms, conditions and prices remain
unchanged and vendor is in agreement. Prices contained herein are to be firm for each renewal term of the contract.
The City reserves the right to re-bid at the end of any (1) one year period. However, the City reserves the right
to extend the contract additional years (up to 5 years total) providing if all terms remain the same, and both the
vendor and the City are in agreement.
The attached Insurance Checklist (which includes a section for the Insurance agent to fill-out) and General
Contract Form must be completed and returned with the proposal package. Successful vendor shall provide
certificate of insurance, as specified, prior to contract award.
All vendors with five (5) or more employees must execute the attached Drug Free Workplace. Affidavit to verify
compliance with TCA 50-9-113 and return same with bid response. Failure to comply with this requirement will
declare that proposal non-responsive.
Contractor shall comply with Tennessee Code Annotated Section 49-5-413, which requires all contractors to
conduct a criminal history records check conducted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal
Bureau of Investigation on each employee prior to permitting the employee to have contact with students or enter
school grounds when students are present.
Firms shall submit two (2) copies and (1) original (SO MARKED) of entire submittal package in a sealed envelope
plainly identified in the upper left hand corner with the firm or person’s complete name and address and in the
lower left hand corner “RFP #6395- Alarm Monitoring/Maintenance/Service”.
Responses must be received by the Director of Purchasing, P. O. Box 2150 (37605) or 209 Water Street (37601),
Johnson City, TN on or before March 19, 2020 at 2:00 PM, ET.
A list of respondents will be available at that time. Late submittals will not be considered. Telephone or facsimile
offers will not be accepted. Proposals must be signed in ink by the agent or person authorized to bind the Proposer to
its provisions.
Proposals shall be open for review, acceptance, and contract award for a period of ninety (90) days following
closing date for submittal.
No contract entered into as the result of Proposer’s response to this request or any Proposer’s response may be
subject to any type of non-disclosure agreement.
Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward, concise description of
Proposer’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity
of content. The City is not liable for any costs incurred by Proposer prior to issuance of a contract.
In order to properly evaluate all proposals, it is requested that consultants include the following at a minimum:
1. Signed cover letter of understanding of City’s requirements and description of services to be provided;
2. Statement of qualifications of project consultant and staff;
3. List of three references to include past/existing customers where similar services have been provided;
4. Clearly define services offered;
5. Completed price sheet along with any payment intervals allowed;
6. Completed insurance checklists, general contract form & drug-free workplace affidavit
7. Submit any other pertinent information that demonstrates Proposers capability to provide requested
Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward concise description of
services and qualifications to meet City’s requirements as outlined in this document. Emphasis should be on
completeness and clarity of content.
Contract award, if made, shall be to the most responsible vendor who offers the most responsive proposal. The
City reserves the right to choose the proposal that is in its best interest. Initial award of locations listed will be
subject to funding availability. Considerations in the award shall be: adherence to this document and the
specifications listed, cost, company qualifications and past performance, services available and references.
Work shall proceed in such manner as to not disrupt school functions. Scheduling shall be as approved by Joe
Barnes or Melony Surrett. Jobsite shall be kept clean and orderly. All debris shall be removed and disposed of in
a legal manner.
The Contractor is responsible for furnishing the proper licenses, fees, and permits required by law to do business
in the City of Johnson City in completion of the requirements stated herein. All work shall be done in accordance
with the latest building codes, state and federal laws relative to fire and sprinkler system inspections and
The City is not liable for any costs incurred by consultant prior to issuance of a contract.
Proposals may be withdrawn upon written request received from vendor prior to the time fixed for receipt.
The City reserves the right to refuse all proposals on the basis of non-receipt of part or all of anticipated funding.
The City reserves the right to reject work considered sub-standard and to refuse payment for such rejected work.
The contents of any proposal received shall become contractual obligations upon the execution of a contract by
authorized representatives of both the City and the proposer. Failure of the successful responder to accept these
obligations may result in cancelation of the award. The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and
to waive informalities, irregularities, and technicalities in the process.
Invoicing will be submitted on a monthly basis. Payment will be based on Net 30days following receipt of an
approved invoice.
Should the Contractor or his employees cause any damage to public or private property, the Contractor will be
required to make repairs immediately. The City may, however, elect to make repairs or replacements of damaged
property and deduct the cost of such from moneys due or to become due the Contractor under this contract with
the City.
Right is reserved by each party to cancel the contract provided that thirty (30) days written notice is given prior
to the cancellation date. Contract will be subject to immediate cancellation if either product or service does not
comply with specifications as stated herein.

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