Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

Agency: State Government of Delaware
State: Delaware
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 488190 - Other Support Activities for Air Transportation
Posted Date: Oct 16, 2020
Due Date: Nov 17, 2020
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Bid Solicitation Details
Bid Status Details
Aircraft Maintenance and Repair,
Solicitation Ad Date 10/16/2020
Deadline for Bid Responses 11/17/2020 at 3:00 p.m. Local Time
Supporting Documents RFP - Professional Services
Appendix B - Pricing
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I. Overview
II. Scope of Services
III. Required Information
IV. Professional Services RFP Administrative Information
V. Contract Terms and Conditions
VI. RFP Miscellaneous Information
VII. Attachments
Appendix B – Pricing Form
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I. Overview
The State of Delaware Department of Government Support Services seeks professional
services to provide repair, service and maintenance of aircraft for the Department of Safety
and Homeland Security, Division of State Police, Aviation Section and Delaware State
University Aviation Program. This request for proposals (“RFP”) is issued pursuant to 29 Del.
C. §§ 6981 and 6982.
The proposed schedule of events subject to the RFP is outlined below:
Public Notice
Date: October 16, 2020
Deadline for Questions
Date: October 28, 2020 4:pm (local time)
Response to Questions Posted by: Date: November 4, 2020
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals Date: November 17, 2020 at 3:00 PM (Local Time)
Estimated Notification of Award Date: December 1, 2020
6982(b) Version: November 15, 2019
Government Support Services
Each proposal must be accompanied by a transmittal letter which briefly summarizes the
proposing firm’s interest in providing the required professional services. The transmittal letter
must also clearly state and justify any exceptions to the requirements of the RFP which the
applicant may have taken in presenting the proposal. (Applicant exceptions must also be
recorded on Attachment 3).
Furthermore, the transmittal letter must attest to the fact, at a minimum, that the Vendor shall
not store or transfer non-public State of Delaware data outside of the United States. For
technology related solicitations, Vendors may refer to the Delaware Department of
Technology and Information identified terms and conditions included in this solicitation.
The State of Delaware reserves the right to deny any and all exceptions taken to the RFP
A mandatory pre-bid meeting has not been established for this Request for Proposal.
II. Scope of Services
A. Intent of this Solicitation:
The intent of this solicitation is to obtain commercial aircraft and avionics maintenance and
repair services for the Delaware State Police and Delaware State University owned and
operated aircraft. The establishment of a good working relationship between the Contractor,
Delaware State Police and the Delaware State University is essential to the success of this
agreement. The Contractor’s employee’s cooperation and professionalism as well as a
positive attitude are required to establish the necessary relationship which must exist to
successfully complete this contract.
B. Types of Service:
The services required include but are not limited to; 1) aircraft maintenance, preventative
maintenance, rebuilding and alterations 2) avionics maintenance, repair, installation and 3)
hanger facilities as such work is completed. Work may include but not be limited to inspection,
repair, painting, overhaul, rebuilding, testing, and servicing of airframes, engines, rotors,
appliances, or component parts. This RFP will not result in a contract for the cost of hangers
or other real estate related.
In the event of a substantiated aircraft retrofit or upgrade, the State reserves the right to
competitively bid such work in the best financial interest of the State.
Government Support Services
C. Aircraft Inventory
The table below adds and provides information regarding the composition of the Delaware
State University/s, Aviation Program aircraft fleet.
Bell Helicopter 429
Cessna 182Q
PA-28-151 Warrior
PA-28-151 Warrior
PA-28-161 Warrior
PA-28-161 Warrior
PA-28-161 Warrior
PA-28-161 Warrior
PA-28-180 Archer
PA-28R-200 Arrow
PA-28R-201 Arrow
PA-34-200 Seneca
PA-44 Seminole
Vulcanair V1.0
2 – 2013 / 1 - 2019
D. Work Completion:
All work shall be completed to industry standards plus or minus (+/-) one day) of the aircraft
manufactures suggested repair times or as agreed to by the Delaware State Police, Aviation
Section or the Delaware State University, Aviation Program. The lead time to complete repairs
and other work shall be provided to the Delaware State Police or Delaware State University,
Aviation Program and agreed upon prior to beginning any repairs or maintenance. Updated
reports shall be provided in writing to the Delaware State University Aviation Program weekly
when DSU aircraft are being serviced regarding work progress to include an aircraft return to
service date.
E. Liquidated Damages:
A reduction of two and one half percent (2.5%) to a maximum of six percent (6%) per day will
be deducted from moneys due the Contractor not as a penalty, but as liquidated damages for
aircraft delivered after the agreed to dates as outlined in 2.3 above. Liquidated damages will
only be waived if the delay is either a) agreed to by the Delaware State Police, Aviation Section
or the Delaware State University, Aviation Program prior to the delay or b) events beyond the
reasonable control of the Contractor such as labor strikes, national emergencies or acts of
God. Evidence of such delays must be submitted for consideration in order to not liquidated
damages. The State reserves the right to contract with an alternate vendor if necessary to
complete the overdue services, with the contractor responsible for any additional costs
incurred by the State.
Liquidation Damages Table.
Number of Days Delayed Liquidated Damages
2.5% per day
3.5% per day
11 or more
6% per day
Government Support Services
F. Certification Requirements:
The Contractor shall be the holder of a valid (Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certified
Repair Station Certificate with either an appropriate class or limited rating for the individual
make and model of aircraft, engine, propeller, rotor, appliance or component part to be
maintained. The Contractor shall provide personnel who have successfully completed training
through relevant Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) factory-approved courses and have
a least 1 year of experience in maintaining the make and model of the aircraft to be maintained
or serviced. This one (1) year experience requirement shall not apply to the Bell 429
Helicopter during the transition period.
G. Qualification:
Contractor employee’s must as a minimum meet the following qualifications:
1. In addition to the one (1) year experience required in 2.5 above; the holder of an
FAA mechanic certificate with airframe and power plant ratings. The mechanic must
have held the certificate with both ratings for a period of 24 months and be actively
engaged in aircraft maintenance for at least eighteen (18) of the last twenty four (24)
2. Be trained at a factory-approved course in maintaining Bell 429 helicopters and/or
Cessna 182Q fixed wing aircraft.
3. Be trained at a factory-approved course in maintaining Piper Warrior/Archer (PA-
28), Piper Arrow (PA-28R), Piper Seneca (PA-34), Piper Seminole (PA-44) and
Vulcanair V1.0 fixed wing aircraft
4. Contractor employee’s with access to Delaware State Police facilities must
successfully pass a Delaware State Police background investigation through the
Delaware State Bureau of Investigation on an annual basis and not have been
convicted of any misdemeanor crimes indicating dishonesty or lack of trust and have
no felonies.
5. Duties of Contractor provided On-Site maintenance personnel:
6. Work to be performed by Contractor On-site personnel shall include, but not be
limited to the following:
7. Accomplishing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on the airframe and its
systems. Mechanics may be required to assist with maintenance or inspections at
the Contractor’s facility.
8. Troubleshoot and repair of discrepancies on helicopters and airplanes as they arise.
9. Perform all necessary maintenance for all associated ground equipment.
10. Perform compressor rinses or washes in accordance with manufacture
11. Wash helicopters and airplanes as required for maintenance.
12. Conduct daily aircraft inspections and participate in maintenance flights as required.
Government Support Services
13. Perform incidental travel as required and accompany aircraft to and as necessary
from maintenance facilities as needed
14. Track aircraft and components inspection, overhauls and time/life requirements via
maintenance tracking program. The Delaware State Police does not currently have
a maintenance tracking program but is in the process of implementing a system. At
such time that the Delaware State Police system has been implemented the
Contractor will be required to begin using the system for maintenance tracking.
H. Service and Maintenance Facilities:
The Contractor’s Service Facilities shall be an authorized Bell Helicopter Service Facility with
approved for servicing Bell model 429 Helicopter and / or Cessna Aircraft 182Q, Piper
Warrior/Archer (PA-28), Piper Arrow (PA-28R), Piper Seneca (PA-34), Piper Seminole (PA-
44) and Vulcanair V1.0 fixed wing aircraft services spare parts sales, general maintenance,
component overhaul, avionics repair and modifications services spare parts sales. The
Contractor’s maintenance facilities must be permanent hangars that are environmentally
controlled and secure from unauthorized personnel and capable of completely housing the
type of aircraft to be maintained or repaired or otherwise worked on. It is necessary that the
Contractors hangar(s) be located within fifteen (15) nautical miles but not more than twenty-
five (25) nautical miles of airports or other locations where the Section regularly parks its
aircraft. Contract personnel shall meet security requirements as defined in 2.6.c for access to
Delaware State Police operations facilities. The Delaware State Police and Delaware State
University shall allow approved personnel access to aircraft for the purpose of performing
inspections and maintenance.
I. Point of Contact (POC) and Access:
The Contractor shall provide a single point of contact for all day to day maintenance issues
who will coordinate maintenance and scheduling of maintenance with the Delaware State
Police Aviation Section Liaison or the Delaware State University Director of Aviation Program
(or designated personnel). And the Contractor shall allow Delaware State Police Aviation
Section Personnel or the Delaware State University Aviation Program Personnel access to
the aircraft for the purpose of monitoring maintenance, repairs or any other need for Section
personnel to enter the work area, facility or hanger.
J. Subcontractor’s Employees and Facilities:
The Contractor may have agreements with other appropriately rated facilities (subcontractors)
for the performance of maintenance on those items that the Contractor is not rated. However,
the Contractor must provide evidence of that the subcontractor, its personal and facility are
approved to the same standards as the Contractor and, the Contractor remains fully
responsible and liable for all work, services and invoicing. The Section reserves the right to
evaluate selection and use of any subcontracted service provider prior to the Contractor
obtaining that service.
K. Technical Requirements:
All maintenance and repairs shall be performed in accordance with applicable FAA
regulations. The Delaware State Police and the Delaware State University Aviation Program
operates aircraft in accordance with 14 CFR Part 91 requirements. The fact that the aircraft
may be involved in a public aircraft operation does not change the maintenance requirements
for the aircraft.

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