Aerial Survey Pilots and Aircraft-Oregon Marbled Murrelet Project

Agency: Oregon State University
State: Oregon
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 488190 - Other Support Activities for Air Transportation
  • 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
Posted Date: Mar 4, 2020
Due Date: Mar 18, 2020
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Oregon State University is seeking a contractor to provide Aerial Survey Pilots and Aircraft for the Oregon Marbled Murrelet Project. Responses to the solicitation must be received no later than the due date and time in accordance with the submittal instructions contained in the solicitation document. For additional information please contact Shannon Fanourakis by email at or by telephone at (541) 737-6995.
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No. ITB130142713SF
Aerial Survey Pilots and Aircraft
for Radio-Telemetry Surveys
for the Oregon Marbled Murrelet Project
March 18, 2020, (2:00 PM, PT)
Oregon State University
Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management
644 SW 13th Avenue
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
OSU Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management Offices are open Monday through Friday 8:00 am-12:00 noon and 1:00 pm-5:00 pm.
Offices are closed during the 12:00 noon-1:00 pm lunch hour.
(Updated: October 2, 2019)
Issue Date
Deadline for Requests for Clarification or Change
March 4, 2020
March 11, 2020 (2:00 pm, PT)
March 18, 2020 (2:00 pm, PT)
This Schedule of Events is subject to change. Any changes will be made through the issuance of written Addenda.
A Pre-Bid Conference will not be held.
The Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management (PCMM) department of Oregon State University
(OSU) is the issuing office and is the sole point of contact for this Invitation to Bid. Address all concerns or
questions regarding this Invitation to Bid to the Administrative Contact identified below.
Shannon Fanourakis
Purchasing Analyst
Telephone: (541) 737-6995
(541) 737-2170
As used in this Invitation to Bid, the terms set forth below are defined as follows:
a. "Addenda" means an addition to, deletion from, a material change in, or general interest explanation of the
Invitation to Bid.
b. "Exhibits" means those documents which are attached to and incorporated as part of the Invitation to Bid.
c. "Bid" means an offer, binding on the Bidder and submitted in response to an Invitation to Bid.
d. "Bidder" means an entity that submits a Bid in response to an Invitation to Bid.
e. “Closing” means the date and time specified in a solicitation document as the deadline for submitting offers.
f. “Days” means calendar days, including weekdays, weekends, and holidays, unless otherwise specified.
g. "Invitation to Bid" (ITB) means a formal request to obtain competitive offers from entities including prices
based on the specifications, scope of work and contractual terms and conditions identified in the request.
This is a process where the basis for award of the contract, when all requirements or selected options
included in the request are met, is price.
h. "Responsible" means when an entity has demonstrated their ability to perform satisfactorily under a
contract by meeting the applicable standards of responsibility outlined in OSU Standard 03-015
Procurement Solicitations and Contracts, Sec. 5.16.3.i.
i. "Responsive" means when the solicitation response is substantially compliant in all material respects with
the criteria outlined in an Invitation to Bid.
j. Sealed” means a solicitation response to a solicitation document that has not been opened by the
university or a solicitation response delivered by electronic means that has not been distributed beyond
university personnel responsible for receiving the electronically submitted solicitation response.
k. Signed” means any mark, word, or symbol that is made or adopted by an entity indicating an intent to be
l. Solicitation response” means a binding offer submitted by an entity in response to a solicitation document
issued by the university.
m. “Work” means the furnishing of all materials, equipment, labor, transportation, services, and incidentals
necessary to successfully complete any individual item or the entire contract and carrying out and
completion of all duties and obligations imposed by the contract.
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Procurement, Contracts and Materials Management is seeking Responsive Responsible Bidders to submit
Bids for aerial survey pilots and aircraft for the purpose of conducting radio-telemetry surveys involving the
Marbled Murrelet seabird. Funding for this project has been provided by the Oregon State Legislature via the
Forest Research Laboratory within the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. Project website is at
The Marbled Murrelet, a seabird found along the Pacific Coast, is currently listed as threatened in Washington,
Oregon, and California. It is unique among North American seabirds because it typically nests high in mature
and old-growth trees within coastal forests. This species is secretive and can fly long distances inland (>80 km)
as it moves to and from nesting areas, and murrelet nests are notoriously difficult to locate because of cryptic
behaviors and nests that are located in rugged terrain. Our research team will investigate factors impacting
murrelet nesting and productivity in Oregon. In May and June of 2020, we will attempt to capture up to 100
Marbled Murrelets at sea to affix VHF radio transmitters and then track them to their inland nest locations in the
Oregon Coast Range.
Founded in 1868, Oregon State University is a comprehensive, research-extensive, public university located in
Corvallis. Oregon State is one of only two American universities to hold the Land Grant, Sea Grant, Space Grant
and Sun Grant designations. Oregon State is also the only Oregon institution to have earned both Carnegie
Foundation classifications for Highest Research Activity and Community Engagement, a recognition of the depth
and quality of its graduate education and research programs.
Through its centers, institutes, Extension offices and Experiment Stations, Oregon State has a presence in all of
Oregon's 36 counties, including its main campus in Corvallis, the Hatfield Marine Sciences Center in Newport
and OSU-Cascades Campus in Bend. Oregon State offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees
through 11 academic colleges enrolling more than 31,000 students from every county in Oregon, every state in
the country and more than 110 nations.
In order to qualify as a Responsive Bid, the Bid needs to meet the required specifications below.
OSU is in search of pilots with radio-telemetry wildlife tracking experience (required). Flights will be conducted
(weather dependent) over old-growth forest nesting areas and near-shore foraging areas. An additional OSU
researcher will be joining the pilot to assist with data collection of the telemetry. Flights will be undertaken from
the Newport Municipal Airport. Other airports in the central coast or Willamette Valley region may be used as
necessary. Murrelets are expected to nest in the study area between approximately Pacific City and Florence
in forested lands between the coast and >80 km inland. Flight paths travelling up to 2 km offshore may be
needed to collect foraging locations, and birds may disperse outside of the study area requiring longer flights to
the north and south, possibly across state lines.
a. Aircraft Requirements:
Available aircraft must include a twin engine with the capability to fly offshore. A single-engine plane
may be used if weather permits.
Pilot must have access to a back-up aircraft in the event of mechanical malfunctions or issues with the
original aircraft.
Page 2
Aircraft must be equipped with two directional yagi-style antennas, or equivalent airplane antennas, and
seating and headsets for up to two researchers.
Aircraft must have two VHF radios and one FM radio.
All aircraft seats must have safety belts and shoulder harnesses.
Aircraft must be equipped with recognition and strobe lights.
Aircraft shall have 225 horsepower or greater.
Aircraft must be ADS-B Out compliant.
Aircraft and pilot must be approved under FAA Part 135 certificate and the aircraft must be maintained
per Part 135.
b. Flight Scheduling Requirements:
Please note that flight hours for the duration of the contract are an estimate and dependent
upon the continued presence of tagged birds in the study area.
Regular flights will be scheduled from approximately May 1, 2020 through July 31, 2020 and pilot and
aircraft need to be available during this time for scheduled flights.
Flights may be scheduled, weather permitting, for a minimum of twelve (12) days per two week period
from May through July, totaling approximately twenty-five (25) hours per week.
Additional flights may be scheduled as needed in August and September, dependent on continued
presence of tagged birds. Pilots will receive at least 72 hours’ notice prior to these flights.
Mutually agreed upon rest days may be scheduled once every seven days and will not incur standby
Pilots must be able to schedule up to eight (8) hour flights with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice and be
able to reschedule flights due to inclement weather without a rescheduling fee.
If poor weather prevents a scheduled flight, OSU will pay a pre-determined standby rate.
If poor weather grounds an active flight before the Vendor’s minimum flight time requirement, OSU will
pay the Vendor’s minimum daily requirement with no additional fees.
c. General Requirements:
Mandatory maintenance and check rides required by FAA are the financial and operational
responsibility of the aviation company.
Any other maintenance charges, related to the specific use of the aircraft by OSU, must be reviewed
and approved by OSU staff prior to work being done.
OSU will pay upfront the per diem rate for May through July per authorized Vendor representative. Per
Diem rates will be billed at the applicable GSA rate as determined at the following website: Per Diem will capture lodging, meals and
If additional flights occur during the months of August and September, per diem will be paid as accrued.
OSU will pay upfront the hangar or tie-down fees for the anticipated length of the Contract.
OSU will pay upfront a onetime shuttle fee from the Vendor’s home airport to the Newport, OR airport
and from the Newport OR airport to the Vendors’s home airport per aircraft. Additional, business
related shuttle fees must be authorized by OSU. OSU will not be responsible for non-business related
d. Billing Requirements:
Vendor to bill OSU at the beginning of the Contract the agreed upon Per Diem, Hangar, and Shuttle
Fees for May through July on a separate invoice. In the event that the Contract should terminate
before the expected end date, Vendor to reimburse OSU for days paid for but not used.
Page 3
Vendor to bill OSU, on a mutually acceptable schedule, for flight times and standby days. Invoices for
flight times and standby days will be numbered sequentially, and include dates and times of service.
Any outstanding fees not previously paid should be listed first on the invoice as a past due charge
along with the time period associated with the past due amount. Current charges will then be listed
next with a final total on the invoice being the combined past due charges and current charges.
e. Terminology:
For the avoidance of doubt, the following terms are defined below:
Per Diem means the daily rate inclusive of lodging, meals and incidental paid out per authorized
Vendor for the duration of the Contract per the GSA rates.
Hangar or Tie-Down fees mean the rates charged to store pilot’s aircraft at a local airport for the
duration of the Contract.
Shuttle fees mean the charges incurred to fly aircraft to and from the Vendor’s home airport and the
Newport OR airport.
Standby fees mean the charges paid per day where pilot and aircraft need to be available for a flight
but either no flight is scheduled or the flight is cancelled due to inclement weather or other OSU
request. Standby fees do not apply to scheduled days’ off.
OSU’s Sample Contract and Terms and Conditions governing the purchase resulting from this ITB are included
at Exhibit A.
In order to qualify as a Responsive Bidder, the Bidder needs to meet and be able to provide proof of the minimum
qualifications below.
a. All aircraft must have current Department of Interior Aviation Management or U.S. Forest Service Cards.
b. All aircraft and pilots must have a commercial license and be instrument-rated with at least 200 hours of
flight time.
c. Pilots must have FAA Part 135 certificate.
d. Lead Pilots must have demonstrated radio-telemetry survey experience, including pinpointing locations
of at least 50 individual animals.
e. Pilots must be able to meet insurance requirements as called out in Exhibit E.
Submit one (1) electronic or hard copy via any of the methods detailed in the section below titled SUBMISSION.
If submitting via hard copy, include one (1) electronic copy (PDF format) of Bid on CD/DVD/flash drive. Bids
should contain original signatures on any pages where a signature is required (in the case of electronic
submissions, either electronic signatures or scans of hand-signed pages should be included). Bids should
contain the submittals listed in this section below.
It is the Bidder’s sole responsibility to submit information in fulfillment of the requirements of this Invitation to Bid.
If submittals are not substantially compliant in all material respects with the criteria outlined in the Bid, it will
cause the Bid to be deemed non-Responsive.
Bidders must submit the following information:
Description of how the goods or services offered specifically meet the required specifications described
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