883a-20P Bear Park Phase III

Agency: Colorado Mountain College
State: Colorado
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Mar 2, 2020
Due Date: Mar 6, 2020
Solicitation No: 883a-20P
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883a-20P Bear Park Phase III

Issue Date: 02/10/2020 • Due Date: 03/06/2020

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883a-20P Bear Park Phase III (0.4 MiB)

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Exhibit A - Bear Gardens Ph 3 Dome And Civil Plans (39.9 MiB)

Exhibit B - Materials List And Description Of Duties (16 KiB)


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Bear Park Phase III
Ground, Infrastructure and Foundation
CMC Purchasing Department
802 Grand Avenue / Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 / bids@coloradomtn.edu
#883a-20P Bear Park Phase III–Ground, Infrastructure and Foundation
Section I: Introduction
Colorado Mountain College (“CMC”) is a statutory local college district established in 1965. The district
and service area cover 12,000 square miles in all or part of nine counties. CMC offers 77 certificates,
54 associate degrees and 5 bachelor’s degrees.
The long-standing investment from our communities allows us to keep our quality high, our tuition
affordable and our access wide open. Eleven world-class mountain locations in central Colorado enable
big-school opportunities in small, personal settings. Our unusually strong local partnerships create rich
experiences for real-world learning and careers. The result? Proven student success that makes
Colorado Mountain College a choice that’s uniquely smart. For additional information about CMC,
please go to www.coloradomtn.edu.
CMC reserves the right to make multiple awards resulting from this RFP or to award no contract at all.
CMC uses the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (“BidNet”) to post solicitations and any supporting
or additional information, including Addenda, Bid Sheet, and awards. Proposals must be submitted
prior to close on BidNet. CMC cannot accept a response that did not come through the right channel
on time. Visit http://www.bidnetdirect.com/colorado for help with customer service or other questions.
Please make sure to leave time for unexpected technical or other trouble. You are encouraged to
submit a day early. Sometimes submittals take longer to load than expected; if you run out of time
before you are finished with your entire upload CMC will not be presented with the response.
The only exception to the use of BidNet is that all questions from potential bidders must be submitted
to bids@coloradomtn.edu. Those questions will then be responded to by addendum posted to BidNet.
Please do not directly contact any member of CMC’s staff or faculty, or any member of the Selection
Committee other than the Buyer listed in this document regarding this proposal. Any attempt to do so
will result in your firm’s disqualification at the discretion of the Director of Purchasing and Contracts.
Colorado Mountain College’s Steamboat Campus located at 1275 Crawford Ave., Steamboat Springs,
CO is requesting quotes from qualified firms to complete the CMC Bear Park Gardens Phase III Ground,
Infrastructure and Foundation work as described herein. This request for proposal is being launched
concurrently with RFP #883a-20P for the Climate Battery and Dome Functionality scope of work.
The term “GC-1” refers to the firm awarded RFP #883a-20P and the term “GC-2” refers to the firm
awarded RFP #883b-20P.
Documents included:
Exhibit A – Construction Documents
Exhibit B – Materials List and Description of Duties
Exhibit C – Insurance Requirements
#883a-20P Bear Park Phase III–Ground, Infrastructure and Foundation
1. GC-1 to purchase and have on site at time of need all materials on Exhibit B marked with GC-
2. GC-1 to purchase all materials required for electrical, water, and drainage infrastructure as
specified in Exhibit A
3. GC-1 to purchase all materials for perimeter drain per Exhibit A
4. GC-1 responsible for all construction survey staking. An AutoCAD drawing of the civil plans will
be provided to Contractor.
5. GC-1 to excavate for climate battery per Exhibit A
a. Timing of climate battery excavation to occur in coordination with CMC team and
climate battery workshop leader (GC-2) to ensure climate battery installation
workshop is able to be scheduled appropriately.
6. GC-1 to install pier foundation for dome per Exhibit A. Work to include, but not limited to:
a. Location of piers - Process to lay out location of piers shall occur in accordance with
Exhibit A
i. Layout kit includes 5 thin steel cables and 10 large key-rings to form
radius chords
b. Excavation for piers
c. Pier Specification
i. (22) 12” diameter concrete piers installed in accordance with the Building
Permit plan set approved by the State of Colorado (provided in Exhibit A)
1. A very similar engineer stamped foundation plan is found in Exhibit A
and now also includes the additional vestibule piers
2. All items specified for pier construction except concrete are included in
Exhibit A
3. Piers should be braced and have three (3) days to set prior to backfill
4. Third party testing of the piers will be the responsibility of CMC
5. Verification of the pier locations is the contractor’s responsibility
d. Bracing of piers until climate battery installation and backfill is complete
7. GC-1 to install perimeter drain per Exhibit A
a. Simultaneously with the climate battery installation or at contractor’s discretion. GC-1
shall consult with CMC and GC-2 to ensure that installation of the perimeter drain does
not negatively interfere with the climate battery workshop.
8. GC-1 to be onsite during GC-2 led Climate Battery Installation Workshop with estimated duration
of 2- 3 days. The days for the climate battery workshop shall be coordinated between CMC, GC-
1 and GC-2 in May 2020, with the workshop to take place in late June or early July 2020. GC-1
will be on site to do the following:
a. Provide and operate appropriate equipment to remove pier bracing
#883a-20P Bear Park Phase III–Ground, Infrastructure and Foundation
b. Per Exhibit A and in consultation with GC-2, GC-1 will be responsible to:
• Backfill climate battery
• Install pier insulation
• Installation of rodent-proof wire mesh screening
• Incorporate high quality compost and/or top soil to top 2’ of material while
backfilling over climate battery, and tamp soil under direction from climate
battery workshop leader.
• Intent is to have higher quality fill used in approximately top 2 feet of
backfill of climate battery with majority of other dirt left on site for use
at owner’s discretion.
• Amount of material needed to be determined by the clay content
present after a soil test of the material at the bottom of the 4’ deep
excavation for the climate battery is completed in Spring 2020
9. GC-1 to install drainage infrastructure under dome perimeter pathway around dome as provided in
Exhibit A.
10. GC-1 responsible for ground clearing and leveling for dome installation after climate battery
installation within 2-3 inches of level as verified by a transit or laser level
11. GC-1 to install and coordinate all water irrigation service lines including the frost-free hydrant as
provided in Exhibit A. The irrigation lines are to be stubbed into the growing dome and tested. GC-
2 will install the plumbing (backflow preventer, air chucks, valves, and water meter) inside the
growing dome.
12. GC-1 to install and coordinate all electrical conduit from the restroom building panel to the stub-in
location inside the dome and a capped conduit for the future learning pavilion as provided in Exhibit
13. ADD ALTERNATE: GC-1 to install gravel perimeter and paths around dome per Exhibit A
a. To be installed over geotextile weed barrier
Desired Construction Schedule, weather dependent and contractor scheduling dependent:
- June 2020: Excavation for climate battery and installation of concrete piers
- Late June or early July 2020: Climate battery workshop, site preparation for dome completed
- Week of July 20, 2020: Dome installation
- August 2020: Dome operationalization completed, frost free hydrant installed, project completion
The timeframe expected for completion is approximately two (2) weeks.
Please note that any redline or draft civil and dome drawings in Exhibit A will be made final prior to
#883a-20P Bear Park Phase III–Ground, Infrastructure and Foundation
Notice is hereby given to all interested parties that all firms will be required to meet ALL of the minimum
qualifications to be considered for this project. To be considered as qualified, interested firms shall
have, as a minimum:
1. Provided services of similar size and scope within the last three (3) years for at least three (3)
projects. Provide a description of such projects along with a reference from each project.
2. Demonstrated capability of meeting CMC’s insurance requirements.
3. Demonstrated bonding capability up to $ 100,000 for an individual project coinciding with current
and anticipated workloads; provide letter from surety that affirms this capacity.
The information provided herein is intended to assist Bidders with a proper response to this RFP. CMC
believes that this RFP provides interested Bidders with sufficient information to submit proposals that
meet minimum requirements. However, the RFP is not intended to limit a proposal’s content or to
exclude any relevant or essential data. Bidders are encouraged to include additional information that
will substantiate their service capabilities, product quality, and commitment to support your product or
service. Any exceptions or alternate offerings to this request must be communicated. CMC reserves
the sole right to determine what is considered to be “equivalent” or “equal”. CMC also reserves the right
to request samples for testing and evaluation.
Additionally, CMC recognizes you as the expert in this industry and we appreciate ideas that may
improve the design or implementation of our project. Please submit your bid to the specifications
provided and include information or ideas you may have that CMC should consider to improve our
project. Our selection committee will carefully review these ideas and we will contact you with questions.

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