Z--537-16-130 Site Prep for Outdoor Infectious Waste Disposal

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
State: Illinois
Type of Government: Federal
FSC Category:
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
NAICS Category:
  • 238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
Set Aside: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
Posted Date: Sep 21, 2017
Due Date: Sep 22, 2017
Solicitation No: VA69D17B0817
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Added: Jun 26, 2017 10:16 am

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Project 537-16-130-Site Prep Infectious Disposal

Jesse Brown VAMC

Pre-Solicitation Notice

For Informational Purpose Only

Place of Performance: Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, Building 11

820 S. Damen Ave

Chicago IL 60612

NAICS CODE: 238220 Plumbing, HVAC with $15M SBA Small Size Business Standard

Set-aside Requirement: Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (CVE-VIP Verified).

25% SDVOSB performance requirement.


of Construction: Between $250,000 and $500,000



Project 537-16-130 Site Prep Infectious Disposal

Part 1: Project Scope of Work Overview:

Contractor shall provide fully functional connection of the building steam, electric, communications and plumbing including all tools, materials, components, labor and supervision for construction to complete site prep for the outdoor steam Infectious Disposal equipment San-i-Pak (Equipment Vendor) system) at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center (JB-VAMC)

The San-i-Pak system will be furnished and installed by the San-i-Pak equipment vendor (not included in this contract).

All final utility terminations and utility service extensions of electrical, steam, tele-data shall be provided by the Contractor under the requirements of this solicitation.

The Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating all work including all equipment requirements with the Equipment Vendor and JB-VAMC prior to the installation of the new San-i-Pak system. All MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) system outages and loading dock shut downs shall be closely coordinated with JB-VAMC, including duration of shut downs and advance written notice provided as required by JB-VAMC.

The Contractor shall ensure that the sequence of MEP work does is coordinated with the sequence of the installation of the San-i-Pak system and the San-i-Pak platform. Contractor shall provide all demolition, cutting and patching, and new work required to support the installation of the San-i-Pak system.

Unless approved, the hospital and loading dock will remain in operation during construction and the Contractor shall not interfere or impact the operation of the hospital during construction.

Part 2: Period of Performance (POP) and Project Construction Cost Magnitude:

Complete all work including submittals, reviews, quality control and training within the calendar days from Notice to Proceed (NTP) as shown below.


Part 4.1

Kick-Off Meeting with Documentation

Part 4.2

Shop Drawings and Product Submittals

Part 4.3

Mobilization on Site including Performance of the Work

Part 4.4 Acceptance and Close Out

Total days



35+ 14 for VA review +90 for the work=139

139+21 = 160


Part 3: Detailed Project Scope of Work:

Existing Conditions

For reference pictures and existing drawings are included as an attachment however the Contractor is fully responsible to coordinate all field conditions.

The existing crawl space is sprinklered.

The existing crawl space has extensive piping and electrical conduits and is approximately 80 inch clear where there are no systems installed and 66 inches clear below the concrete beams.

The first-floor slab is concrete and the crawl space slab floor is a mud slab.

The measured distance between building columns is approximately 18 feet centerline.


New San-i-Pak general information. Refer to vendor drawings for additional information.

The Dumpster System has additional features provided with the equipment Stage I/II Cold Weather Package (see vendor data sheet)

Insulation on Chamber

Blanket insulation (removable) for plumbing and valves

PLC programmed to maintain temp of 120 Degree F in the chamber when idle and chamber door is secured

Heat trace on internal water lines

Tank heater for hydraulic reservoir

For additional project information refer to reference drawings and pictures.

Coordinate the extent of pre-manufactured equipment piping insulation and heat tracing with the San-i-Pak manufacturer.

Contractor shall coordinate main system steam and condensate shut down and duration with the VA prior to any work. The allowable shut down period for the Contractor to perform the connections to the existing steam, condensate system and domestic water systems is 1 hour and 30 minutes. All outages and shut downs shall be on Sunday.

Prior to any work the Contractor shall field verify the existing conditions and the termination location and interface of the new Mechanical, Electrical, Tele-data and Plumbing locations with the San-i-Pak fabrication drawings and visit the JB-VAMC site.

Contractor shall investigate, and survey the site and crawl space to determine how the material will be staged and brought into the building and crawl space. The Contractor shall be fully responsible for all material and labor costs associated with locating, staging, storing, rigging, and installing the material in the building including any building modifications and repairs required.

Contractor shall be responsible for legal disposal of construction debris from the site including labor and material. Site shall be kept broom clean always.

Contractor shall coordinate material removal and receiving with the operations of the loading dock and hospital.

The Contractor shall remove and relocate existing systems that interfere with the new pipe routing and installation of the new San-i-Pak system.

Contractor shall maintain on site supervision during construction activities.

No workspace of office space will be provided. Storage space is limited and include just in time delivery.

Contractors shall be responsible for their own means of communication.

Submit all equipment and material shop drawings and prior to any work for review and approval.

Provide Operating and Maintenances manuals as well as cad drawn as-built drawings for the Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection and Plumbing systems, including indoor and outdoor work.

Existing dumpster:

The existing dumpster will be removed by the VA.

The Contractor shall remove and disconnect all services from the existing dumpster, included but not limited to electrical, hydraulic systems and loading dock bumpers/seals.

Remove the existing ground mounted dumpster roller plates and patch concrete slab. The existing apron / slab are to remain.

Patch the opening previously used for the hydraulic lines in the exterior masonry and concrete wall. Match existing construction.

The existing compactor / dumpster must remain in service to meet the hospital needs. The VA will temporary relocate the existing dumpster to the next truck dock space. The Contractor will extend the existing services and reconnect utilities to provide operation during the installation of the new San-i-Pak. Remove all utilities at the temporary location after acceptance of the new San-i-Pak system.

Site Work

Verify existing site utilities and inverts prior to any work.

The existing truck dock trench shall remain. Protect and keep clean.

Clean the existing loading dock trench drain.

Rod-out and clean the existing loading dock trench drain from the trench drain to the manhole.

Remove debris from the existing manhole.

Provide an open site sanitary hub drain for the San-i-Pak wash down cycle; rate is approximately 30 gpm for 10-minute duration once an hour. This is peak and not continuous.

Saw-cut the existing pavement and excavate as required to perform underground work.

Extend the sanitary pipe and connect to the existing manhole.

Underground sanitary piping shall be 4-inch, bell and spigot service weight.

Vent and Trap hub drain.

Provide a clean out every 25 feet and at the connection to the existing manhole.

Extend 2 vent into the crawl space, up the inside of the dock and penetrate the dock roof. Roof patch to match existing manufacturer and 1 year manufacturer warrantee.

Install a new stainless steel trench drain under San-i-Pak unit. See San-i-Pak drawings for size and location.

Connect trench drain underground to the existing open site hub drain vertical pipe. Provide 4-inch hub and spigot sanitary pipe.

Trench and back fill all site work with approved compacted aggregate. Concrete to match existing construction with a minimum 5000 PSI with a 28-day compressive strength.

Slope all underground piping A inch per foot.

Remove spoils and use fresh fill compact to 95% and patch to match.

Building and Miscellaneous Work

Remove portion of the existing truck trailer shroud as it conflicts with the dumpster loading platform and patch any fastener holes in the masonry wall with grout matching existing color. Rework and patch shroud.

Remove the existing ground guide rails and provide new rails.

The ground mounted guide channels and the San-i-Pak walking platform is provided with San-i-Pak equipment and installed by this Contractor.

Steam System:

The San-i-Pak system has an integral steam pressure reducing valve and control valve.

The existing steam system is 125 psi and the condensate is a gravity return.

Insulate and heat trace all exterior San-i-Pak prefabricated piping, new steam and condensate piping valves and all accessories, refer to electrical write up for heat trace.

Connect a new 2-inch steam and 1 inch condensate to the existing 6 125 psi steam and 4 condensate return located in the crawl space of Building 30. Include all hangers, expansion and contraction devices, isolation valves, strainers, check valves, unions condensate traps, pressure powered condensate pump with reservoir. Equipment and material shall include but not limited to:

125 PSI Steam Pipe shall be schedule 80 screwed rated at 250psi.

Condensate pipe shall be schedule 80 screwed rated at 250 psi.

Pipe (interior to building) Insulation and Jacket

Pipe (exterior to building) insulation and Jacket

High Pressure full port steam isolation valves.

Condensate traps: High Pressure Fittings and Tubing

Air vents

Pressure Power Pump, Cemline V18CCP-1X1 or equal and vent to atmosphere.

New and existing piping system shall be vented upon start-up.

Extend new 2 supply and 1 steam and piping condensate return in the crawl space to the dumpster. Insulate all interior and exterior piping including valves and provide jacket. All exterior piping will be heat traced, see electrical system description.

Piping and Equipment Installation

Core drill through foundation walls, provide a link seal and fire seal all steam and condensate piping. Field coordinate the route as existing obstructions make a straight route unachievable.

Provide new isolation valves at the connection to the existing steam and condensate pipes.

Provide isolation valves near the foundation wall in the new steam and condensate pipes prior to exiting the wall.

The take-off from the existing steam and condensate main shall include a minimum of 3 elbows to allow for expansion and contraction.

Provide an expansion loop in steam and condensate pipe run.

Pitch steam piping A inch per foot to avoid trapping condensate in the pipe.

Pitch condensate pipe A per foot to existing condensate main.

Pitch outdoor steam piping back into building and provide end of main stream trap.

Pitch San-i-Pak outdoor condensate piping back to building and connect to the pressure powered pump.

Install pressure powered pump on concrete base.

Provide a steam pressure gauge at the new take off, prior to exiting the building and in the outdoor steam pipe.

Label all piping every 25 feet and match existing labeling nomenclature.

Insulate all piping with 2inch fiberglass insulation and all weather PVC Jacket

Domestic Water supply

Connect a new A inch copper pipe to the existing 2 100 psi potable water located in the crawl space of Building 30.

Provide Backflow Preventer (RPZ) Watts 009 at take and drain to crawl space floor.

Provide an adjustable pressure reducing valve to 40 PSI. Provide shutoff valves on both side of the RPZ and a by-pass.

Piping shall be press-fit connections.

Provide an isolation valve at the takeoff from the existing water main.

Extend the new water supply though the foundation wall. Provide link-seal penetration and valve on the exterior at the foundation wall. Insulate and heat trace. Extend the water line to final connection per the San-i-Pak instructions.

Provide an exterior non-freeze sill cock and coordinate location with the new San-i-Pak system.

Insulate exterior piping with 1 inch Armaflex and provide an all service pvc jacket.

Label all piping every 25 feet and match existing labeling nomenclature.

Building Automation System

On secondary side of the steam pressure reducing station provide both digital pressure and digital temperature sensors connected to and that report the Building Automation System. Provide connection to the existing BAS terminal unit in Building 11 and programming.

Provide remote digital readout of both sensors wall mounted on the inside of the dock at the dumpster, intended to be viewed by those loading the dumpster.

Connect to contact closures for general alarm for heat trace and dumpster controller.

Provide an audible and visual alarm in the same location of the remote readers that alerts if: temperature or pressure is outside of range and heat trace or dumpster general alarm.


Power cct: Provide local Nema 3R non-fused disconnect from the dumpster to the existing 30A 480V 3 phase normal power electrical distribution panel in switchgear 11A/11B behind building 42.

Control cct: in addition to the power cct, provide 120V 40A-1P normal power from panel in switchgear 11A/11B behind building 42.

Communications Cct: Provide two Cat 6 cables from the dumpster controller to the data closet in bldg 11. Final terminations and testing to VA standards.

Provide dark sky compliant Led light on exterior over the dock door to illuminate the dumpster loading platform only.

Conduit: outside, in the crawl space or in the dock shall be threaded rigid. All other conduit EMT with steel compression fittings.

Provide 120V variable wattage heat trace system for the steam and water piping outside the building under the pipe insulation. Provide snow, moisture, temperature sensors outside and supervised controller inside the dock next to the dumpster door. Controller shall be UL Listed with GFI. Connect 60A 3 phase 4 wire to the 208Y120V normal power panel in Switchgear Room 11A/11B. Provided local alarm at the panel and contact closure connected to the BAS for remote alarm notification.

Construction Progress Meetings: The Contractor s Project Manager and Field Supervisor shall conduct weekly telephone conference construction progress meetings with the Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) for the entire period of performance. Include minutes of the meeting and issue past minutes not later than 3 days after the meeting. Construction Progress Meetings Minutes shall contain: list of attendees, list any issues or concerns, indicate days remaining per the contract, detail any safety incidents, RFI log, Shop Drawing Log, detailed 2 week look ahead.

Daily Report: The Contractor shall provide a Daily Report in compliance with VAAR 852.236-79 DAILY REPORT OF WORKERS AND MATERIAL. https://www.va.gov/oal/library/vaar/vaar852.asp#85223679 The Daily Report shall contain the following:

List of any issues or concerns,

Days remaining per the contract,

Details of any safety incidents, daily construction safety inspections including items checked and corrective actions taken, and

Construction progress photo(s).

Email the Daily Report shall be sent daily, NLT than 9:00 am the next working day to the CO and the COR.

Part 4: Submittals and Milestone Deliverables:


The Contractor Project Manager and Field Supervisor shall attend a Preconstruction Safety Meeting, to discuss the project details.

Submit: Provide a FULLY LOADED COST SCHEDULE meeting the requirements of the VAAR 852.236-84 SCHEDULE OF WORK PROGRESS. Not less than 1 item per subcontractor. Also, schedule shall include any expected system shutdowns and off-hour work. https://www.va.gov/oal/library/vaar/vaar852.asp#85223684

Submit: LIST OF ALL CONTRACTORS AND SUBCONTRACTORS: company names, office address and main point of contact name with telephone number

Submit: CONSTRUCTION SAFETY PRECAUTIONS with project specific procedures, processes, analysis and details including but not limited to:





Utilize project specific details and assist the COR in completing the VA s Infection Control Risk Assessment documentation


List all shop drawings and products in the submittal log.

Submit: Scanned copy of all workers OSHA Construction Safety Training certificates.


The Contractor shall provide all shop drawings and product submittals by email to the COR.

Allow 14 days for VA review.


Contractor shall not mobilize on site until all KICK-OFF MEETING AND DOCUMENTATION and SHOP DRAWINGS AND PRODUCT SUBMITTALS are reviewed and accepted by the VA.

Approval to mobilize shall be in writing by the COR.

Post and maintain emergency contact information, VA s Infection Control Risk Assessment and other information required by the COR, on the wall at all entry points to the worksite.


Acceptance Criteria for the work:

Demonstrate the operation of the system

Provide factory startup and certification of all systems.

Schedule the demonstration with the COR 21 days in advance.

Factory Training

Provide factory personnel for training for all equipment

Provide 2 session of 2 hours each

Schedule the factory training with the COR not less than 21 days in advance.

Close Out Records: provide three printed sets and three compact discs with electronic files of the following:

Plan as built record drawings of the installed condition. As built plans are to be CAD drawn. Floor plan CAD files are available from the VA

Approved shop drawings

Operations and Maintenance Manuals

Spare parts listing

Part 5: Applicable Performance Standards

All work shall comply with the following:

All VA Policies including and not limited to: VA Construction Safety and VA Infection Control Policies.

Codes, Standards and Executive Orders (Topic 1) found http://www.cfm.va.gov/til/cPro.asp.

All persons including sub-contractors shall have completed the 30 Hour OSHA Construction Safety Training program.

The Prime Contractor shall always have a Competent Supervisory Person on site when any worker(s) or sub-Contractors are present.

All persons working on any electrical systems rated 50 volts or more shall have the minimum qualification as a State Licensed Master Electrician or Registered Journeyman Electrician, all activities shall follow the safe work practices in compliance with NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

The Contractor shall provide mitigating activities as outlined in the CONSTRUCTION SAFETY PRECAUTIONS and CONSTRUCTION INFECTION CONTROL RISK ASSESSMENT / DUST CONTROL PRECAUTIONS including but not less than the following:

Fire extinguishers, pedestal mounted in the work areas

Walk off dust mats, inside and outside all entry / exit points to the workspace, changed not less than daily or more as required by the construction or COR.

Block off all HVAC return ductwork and lovers so not to introduce dust into the HVAC system.

Provide a plastic dust tight temporary construction barrier to isolate the area of work. Provide dust containment tent or portable containment cube, with HEPA filter negative air system when working above ceilings.

High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting / High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration (HEPA) recirculating air equipment inside the workspace

Seal the area of work and provide HEPA exhaust equipment to make the area of work negative air pressure with respect to the surrounding area

HEPA recirculating air equipment outside the workspace at every entry / exit point

No trash, used packaging or construction spoils shall be stored on site. Remove each day using covered gondolas.

Broom sweep the work area at the end of each day. Provide HEPA vacuum and wet mop daily where broom sweeping creates undesired dust.

All work will be provided with 1 year parts and labor guarantee from date of acceptance by the VA.

Part 6: Jesse Brown VAMC Additional Requirements

Comply with all JB-VAMC site specific requirements and SOPs including and not limited to: Key Policy, Badging Policy, Rules of Behavior, and Smoking Policy.

Normal construction work hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Normal work hours can be modified only by written approval of the CO.

No work by the Contractor on Federal Holidays and no work on the weekend when the Federal Holiday is on the respective Monday or Friday.

Work in stairs, interior / exterior public areas shall be between 6:00 pm through midnight concluding by 6:00 am on the following day.

Any work including and not limited to: noise, vibration, dust, odors, core drilling, hammer drilling, saw cutting, equipment moving in public corridors, soil compaction shall be performed between 6:00 pm through midnight concluding by 6 am on the following day.

Crane lifts, any work that closes drive isles, closes building entries or closes public corridors shall be during low patient time and performed Sundays.

The Contractor shall check in (in person) with the Administrative Officer of the Day (AOD), located in Patient Admitting for any work between 6:00 pm through midnight to 6:00 am or any time on weekends. Provide the name and cell number of the on-site supervisor to the AOD. At the completion of the work, check out with the AOD.

All building systems shall always be maintained in full operation:

Request system shutdowns in writing not less than 21 calendar days in advance.

Shutdown work shall be during low patient time and performed between Saturday 6 pm through midnight concluding by 6 pm on the following Sunday.

Fire-seal all penetrations through any wall or floor with UL or equivalent approved listed fire rated assembly.

Deliveries, Parking, Elevators:

Deliveries only at the Polk Street dock, and coordinated with the COR. At time of delivery: provide vehicle information to the VA Police and remove the vehicle as soon as delivery is complete. Move materials in public corridors during low patient time and performed between 6 pm through midnight concluding by 6 am on the following day.

No on-site parking. Utilize street parking or park in the Cook County Juvenile Parking Garage at their daily rate. The existing JB VAMC parking garage is at capacity and reserved for patients and staff.

Contractor shall provide construction dumpsters with a surrounding safety fence and located on the Polk Street Dock. Provide recycling and receipts from the salvage / deposal service in compliance with VA s GEMS Policy.

No on-site office or on-site storage / office container shall be allowed. Provide just in time delivery and pickup . Coordinate with COR for staging within the area of work.

No music radios. Two way communications radios are allowed where broadcast frequency is approved by COR.

All work in the crawl spaces shall be planned and carried out as OSHA Permit Required Confined Space.

Immediately stop work and notify the CO and COR if asbestos is noticed or suspected in the work area.

Sole Source Procurement: Contractor shall provide fully functional waste disposal system that includes the following:

Building Automation: components, programming and start up: Johnson Controls.

Part 7: General Information:

Offer Guarantee (Bid Bond) and Performance and Payment Bonds are required.

This opportunity is a firm, fixed price, 100% set-aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) assigned to NAICS 238220 (Plumbing, HVAC)

Pursuant to Public Law 109-461, Solicitation VA69D-17-R-0024 will be issued as a 100% Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) set-aside. For award consideration, the contractor shall be a current CVE-Verified, SDVOSB vendor in https://www.vip.vetbiz.gov by the time and date of bid due date. No other SVDOVB certification sources shall be considered. All interested parties submitting a bid must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database (www.SAM.gov) at time of bid opening. SAM is the Official U.S. Government system that consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS. SAM is utilized to provide basic business information, socioeconomic status, capabilities and financial information to the Government. There is NO FEE to register, or maintain your registration, in the System for Award Management.

The Department of Veterans Affairs intends on processing this solicitation and all amendments via the Federal Business Opportunities website (www.fbo.gov). It is the offerors responsibility to regularly check this website to monitor amendment postings. Vendors may search, monitor and retrieve opportunities for free; vendors may register as an Interested Vendor or select Watch Opportunity to be given notifications for any changes.

THIS IS A PRE-SOLICITATION NOTICE ONLY. All questions/inquiries regarding must be submitted to the Contracting Officer, Kristi Kluck via e-mail (Kristi.Kluck3@va.gov) or in writing to the address listed on page 1 of this notice. All questions must reference the solicitation number and the description of the project listed in the document or opening statement. This Pre-Solicitation notice is NOT a request for proposals or submittals of any kind. The full solicitation package shall be posted to www.fbo.gov on or about early July 2017 with an early August 2017 bid opening.

Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Posted Date:
June 26, 2017
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 VA69D-17-B-0817.docx
Solicitation 1
Posted Date:
August 22, 2017
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 VA69D-17-B-0817_1.docx
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 S02 SOL AttA SPECS.pdf
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 S02 SOL AttB Photos, DWGS, Product Data.pdf
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 S02 SOL AttC DB Wage Rates Cook Cty, IL IL9 Mod_14 as of 2017.08.07.pdf
Amendment 1
Posted Date:
August 29, 2017
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 A00001 VA69D-17-B-0817 A00001.docx
Amendment 2
Posted Date:
August 30, 2017
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 A00002 VA69D-17-B-0817 A00002.docx
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 A00002 S06 A0002_Att1 2017.08.28 Site Visit Sign-In 537-16-130_1.pdf
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 A00002 S06 A0002_Att2 SOL AttC.R1 DB Wage Rates Cook Cty, IL IL9 Mod_15 as of 2017.08.30.pdf
Amendment 3
Posted Date:
September 19, 2017
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 A00003 VA69D-17-B-0817 A00003.docx
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 A00003 S06 A00003 Att1 SOW_537-16-130 2017.09.19_R2.pdf
Description: VA69D-17-B-0817 A00003 S06 A0003_Att2 SOL AttC.R2 DB Wage Rates Cook Cty, IL IL9 Mod_17 as of 2017.09.19.pdf
Contracting Office Address :
Department of Veterans Affairs;Great Lakes Acquisition Center (GLAC);115 S 84th Street, Suite 101; WI 53214-1476
Place of Performance :
Jesse Brown VA Medical Center;820 S. Damen Ave;Chicago, IL
Point of Contact(s) :
Kristi Kluck


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