Agency: El Dorado County
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 621330 - Offices of Mental Health Practitioners (except Physicians)
  • 621420 - Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers
Posted Date: Apr 22, 2019
Due Date: May 31, 2019
Solicitation No: 19-952-069
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Due Date: 5/31/2019
New Date:
Issued: 4/22/2019

Contact: Kady Leitner


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Procurement & Contracts
ATTN: Purchasing Agent
2850 Fairlane Court
Placerville, CA 95667
DUE: 3:00 PM May 31, 2019_
Sealed Proposals must be clearly marked on
the outside of the package with:
“RFP #19-952-069 – DO NOT OPEN”
Wellness Center and Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services
The County of El Dorado Office of Procurement and Contracts, through its Health and Human
Services Agency (also referred to as “County”), is requesting proposals from Behavioral Health
providers capable of providing Wellness Center and Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services.
This Request for Proposal (RFP) defines the scope of services and outlines the requirements that
must be met by Proposers interested in providing such services. Proposers shall carefully examine
the entire RFP and any addenda thereto, and all related materials and data referenced in the RFP or
otherwise available, and shall become fully aware of the nature and the conditions to be encountered
in performing the service. Proposers are advised to read all sections of this RFP prior to
submitting a proposal.
Table of Contents
I. Overview
II. Scope of Services
III. Eligibility
IV. Proposal Content
V. Proposers’ Questions
VI. Proposal Submittal
VII. Public Records Act
VIII. Valid Offer
IX. County’s Rights
X. El Dorado County Website Requirements
XI. Evaluation
XII. Award
XIII. Business License Requirement
XIV. Public Agency
Exhibits: “A” Sample Agreement for Services
“B” Mental Health Worker and Clinician Classification Descriptions
Procurement and Contracts
Page 2
Notice to Proposers
The Procurement and Contracts Division does not mail out hard copy letters advising
participating Proposers of RFP results. For RFP results, please visit our website at:
RFP results will be posted within approximately fourteen (14) business days after the RFP
opening deadline date. The timeline for posting RFP results may vary depending on the
nature and complexity of the RFP.
I. Overview
A. Background
El Dorado County is located in Northern California and is bordered by Sacramento,
Placer, Amador, and Alpine counties in California, and Douglas County in Nevada. The
two (2) incorporated cities in El Dorado County are Placerville and South Lake Tahoe.
In the 2010 census, El Dorado County's population was determined to be 183,750. El
Dorado County’s population is projected to reach 243,000 by 2025, an increase of
nearly 60,000 new residents. The County’s threshold languages are English and
The Behavioral Health Wellness Centers and Outpatient Clinics are located in Diamond
Springs (West Slope) and South Lake Tahoe, and provide wellness services and
Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services for adults and older adults. The Wellness
Centers and Outpatient Clinics are identified in the County’s Mental Health Services Act
(MHSA) Three-Year Plan adopted by the Board of Supervisors on June 20, 2017 (the
“MHSA Plan”) and the MHSA Annual Update adopted by the Board of Supervisors on
June 26, 2018.
Through this competitive process, the County is seeking a Proposer who can provide a
Behavioral Health Wellness Center and Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services on
the West Slope only in El Dorado County in place of the County-operated model
currently in use. Submitted proposals shall be for these two (2) services; proposals for
only one (1) service (i.e., only a Wellness Center or only Outpatient Specialty Mental
Health Services) will not be considered.
The County will continue operations of the South Lake Tahoe Wellness Center and
Outpatient Clinic.
1. Wellness Center
Wellness Centers are a welcoming location where individuals with mental illness can
receive care, services, information, and support in the recovery process. Wellness
Centers provide a broad range of services for behavioral health consumers in a
setting free from the stigmas that often accompany traditional mental health
services. Wellness Centers provide life-skills training, community integration
Procurement and Contracts
Page 3
experience opportunities, support groups, health care information, social/relational
building and supportive services, which are frequently missing in the lives of those
diagnosed with severe mental illness. In addition to serving as a resource for
behavioral health consumers, the County looks to the Wellness Center as a
resource to help build local capacity to meet the diverse needs of the seriously
mentally ill and their families.
As a result, the County is seeking proposals for the establishment of a new Wellness
Center centrally located on the West Slope of the County which will provide all
related services at that location, including Outpatient Specialty Mental Health
Services. At this time, due to facility constraints, the County is not soliciting
Proposers who could step into management of the operations of the current
Wellness Center.
The physical location of the Wellness Center established by the selected Proposer
shall be within a reasonable distance from public transportation, within a reasonable
travel distance to other Behavioral Health services available within the County, or
otherwise, the Proposer shall include in their model design, a mechanism to assist
clients in transportation (via bus passes, a courtesy shuttle, public transit, etc.). The
physical location shall also include adequate indoor and outdoor spaces that are
healthy, engaging, and tranquil to help facilitate client recovery.
The County is willing to evaluate submitted proposals from Proposers currently
providing similar services in other locations in order to evaluate the success of
models currently in use elsewhere for the purposes of transposing that success to
the County. The County is also especially interested in Proposers with a proven
record of using peer-supported models, which may include salaries, stipends, and
volunteer opportunities for peers, with an emphasis on recovery, wellness,
resiliency, and community integration.
Prospective Proposers shall anticipate providing a Wellness Center that serves
approximately twenty-five to forty-five (25-45) individuals per day. Anecdotally,
trends suggest higher usage of the Wellness Center may occur seasonally
correlating with nice weather. On an annual basis, Proposers shall anticipate an
unduplicated clientele between one hundred fifty and two hundred fifty (150 and 250)
The Wellness Center shall also provide for an expansion of services to include more
opportunities for peers in a supportive role in Wellness Center operations. Currently,
one such opportunity includes the Consumer Leadership Academy (Academy) to
provide educational opportunities to inform and empower consumers. The Academy
includes peer-training, peer supportive skills training, job skills training, and training
related to consumer leadership in the community. It is the Behavioral Health
Division’s belief that Wellness Center models involving the use of peers are most
effective in preventing relapse to illness. However, the Behavioral Health Division
has experienced difficulty recruiting peer support personnel to fulfill the strategic goal
of using peer staffing in support of the Wellness Center.
Procurement and Contracts
Page 4
2. Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services
The Wellness Center shall provide clients with a connection to Outpatient Specialty
Mental Health Services. Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services are provided
primarily to indigent or Medi-Cal beneficiaries who meet the medical necessity
criteria for Specialty Mental Health Services. All Outpatient Specialty Mental Health
Services associated with the Wellness Center shall meet Medi-Cal documentation
In addition to the challenges in hiring peer positions identified above, the County has
experienced repeated challenges in recruiting and retaining licensed, registered, or
waivered personnel to provide Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services.
Within the County’s current behavioral health system, the selected Proposer shall
receive referrals for Outpatient Specialty Mental Health Services clients once the
clients have completed a Behavioral Health Intake by a Behavioral Health clinician
based on a medical necessity criteria assessment. Upon approval, Behavioral
Health will create an episode in its Electronic Health Record (Avatar) for the selected
Proposer through which services will be authorized by the County and documented
by the selected Proposer. For purposes of this RFP, “Outpatient Specialty Mental
Health Services” does not include Full Service Partnership (FSP) services, Assisted
Outpatient Treatment (AOT), Restoration of Competency (ROC), Psychiatric
Emergency Services (PES) or case management for clients placed out of the
B. Process Considerations
1. Cost Proposals
Given the selected Proposer will be required to perform all necessary services and
provide the location for the services, Proposers will be required to present a
complete staffing model with hourly rates (inclusive of salary and benefits) for each
staff member dedicated to services, projections of operating costs associated with
running the Wellness Center (including facility costs, supply costs, etc.), an indirect
cost rate consistent with federal standards, and an accurate projection of the
rent/lease costs for the facility. As a portion of the funds used to pay for these
services include federal funding, federal standards for indirect costs, consistent with
the Uniform Administrative Requirements (see also Title 45, Subtitle A, Part 75 of
the Code of Federal Regulations [45 CFR 75], subpart “E. Cost Principles”,
subsection 412-415).
Proposers should also be aware that prior to entering into an agreement for services
or subaward with the County, the Proposer may be required to provide a DUNS
Number that correlates to an active registration in the Federal System of Award
Management (www.sam.gov). If the selected Proposer does not have a DUNS
Procurement and Contracts
Page 5
number or active registration in the Federal System of Award Management, the
Proposer may be required to obtain both.
Any entity determined to have been previously debarred or suspended, or are
otherwise prohibited from receiving Federal funding, consistent with the provisions of
2 CFR Part 180 and 42 CFR sect. 438.610, subsequent to the evaluation process,
will be automatically considered ineligible for a contract, and rejected without further
consideration regardless of evaluation rank or standing.
2. Experienced Vendors Only
While services proposed in response to this RFP will be newly contracted at a new
location, the County will not consider contracting with a Proposer who has no
experience providing Wellness Center and Outpatient Specialty Mental Health
Services. As such, while cost/value will be a heavily weighted factor in evaluating
responses, proposals from Proposers without any previous experience will be
rejected as unqualified and not evaluated. The County will not fund a start-up
organization looking to enter into this field of services.
II. Scope of Services: The successful Proposer will be required to enter into a five (5) year
agreement for services with the County substantially similar in form to that attached hereto
as Exhibit "A," marked "Sample Agreement for Services." Any reference in this RFP to
specific terms of the agreement are for illustrative purposes only and shall not limit the
scope of the obligations to be assumed by the successful Proposer under the agreement.
In the event of any conflict between a provision of this RFP and the provisions of the
agreement attached as Exhibit "A," the terms of the agreement shall govern.
Services to be provided shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
A. Wellness Center Operations
Wellness Center Operations shall serve adult clients seeking mental health or
behavioral health treatment and shall provide an appropriate setting conducive to
recovery-based treatment/services. Consistent with standard Wellness Center models
in use throughout the State, the Proposer will be expected to establish a new Wellness
Center within the County, from which clients can participate in a myriad of groups and
activities that will facilitate recovery, such as:
Conduct individual meetings between County Behavioral Health Division staff and
participants for the purposes of establishing support for the clients’ behavioral health
needs, as appropriate;
Provide referrals to community-based supports and resources that may be available
to the clients;
Provide independent living skill-building groups/classes for clients and mental health
consumers at the Wellness Center;
Provide self-healing, resiliency, and recovery oriented groups/classes for clients and
mental health consumers at the Wellness Center;

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