Well Meter Compliance Project - Milford Hatchery

Agency: State Government of Kansas
State: Kansas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Posted Date: Aug 30, 2019
Due Date: Sep 20, 2019
Solicitation No: EVT0006912
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Well Meter Compliance Project - Milford Hatchery

KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism


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Objectives & Scope
The objective is to provide a project that will complete the requirements of the order received
for water rights 35609/41824 (Well #1), 41823 (Well #2), 41822 (Well #3) that meet Kansas Department
of Agriculture (KDA) requirements for compliance. KDA orders are available upon request. See pictures
below for a visual perspective of these meters and work sites.
The scope of the project will be to provide proposal(s), specifications, materials, and labor to
meet the compliance orders for the water meters at Well #1,2,3 at Milford Fish Hatchery, Junction City,
KS. All proposals will be required to meet the criteria as provided by KDA order for compliance with
current meter regulations. It is recommended that all potential vendors provide a site visit, where the
compliance meter work will be performed. Contractors may propose to use the current McCrommeter
meters (this option will require removal & calibration to flow straightening chambers & any new
equipment for optional bid items) and/or propose other compliant meters as specified by KDA’s current
approved list. It is likely that all proposals will require some excavation to expose the native pipe,
provide additional equipment and/or retrofit existing meters, provide removal and installation of
proposed meter, disruption to native piping, additional couplers, exterior coatings to ensure installed
and native pipe is protected, and subsequent backfill of excavated area with required compaction.
Current Meter Specifications:
35609/41824 (Well #1) is McCrommeter Saddle Meter serial # 9210564 in a 10” ductile iron native line.
41823 (Well #2) is McCrommeter Saddle Meter serial # 9210565 in a 10” ductile iron native line.
41822 (Well #3) is McCrommeter Saddle Meter (no serial #) in a 6” ductile iron native line.
Contractor should field verify existing installation to ensure correct McCrommeter chamber,
couplers, and sizing for each of these sites if using existing meters.
Contractor shall return native pipe to original or better condition
Contractor shall return work site to original condition
Contractor shall supply all labor and materials
Contractor shall work with Hatchery Manager to prevent disruption to fish production, all three
sites cannot be down simultaneously.
Point of Contact: Daric Schneidewind, 785-238-2638, daric.schneidewind@ks.gov
Time of Completion: 45 Days from the date of the Notice to Proceed.
Liquidated Damages: $250 per day until completion of project.
Bid Proposals shall provide:
1. All proposed meters that meet compliance by KDA.
2. All equipment to provide above ground displays.
3. All equipment for additional SCADA options.
4. All materials and labor to provide corrosion protection of new and existing infrastructure.
Quality of materials should be compatible with native piping and provide sufficient industry life
expectancy for this type of installation.
5. All specifications for proposed meters, coatings, couplers, and equipment proposed.
6. All excavation will require back fill and packing to return site to original condition.
7. All installations will require on-site staff to verify & document installations prior to back-fill.
8. All work shall be completed no later than December 15, 2019.
1. Provide equipment for proposed meter to utilize an AMR register encoder output unit and/or
send a 4-20mA signal to the existing SCADA system and provide associated programming to
incorporate flow readings to the SCADA system.
2. Current system is Automation Direct PLC’s and programming. Each site will likely have different
requirements for providing the signal to the existing SCADA system, based on proximity of
existing equipment.
3. Contractor that installed SCADA system is RW Vaught Technical Services ph: 870-656-2030.
Project shall be awarded based on compliance with KDA requirements, quality of proposal
specifications, and overall cost.
The Contractor shall remedy and make good all defective workmanship and materials and
pay for any damage to other work or property resulting therefrom, which appear within a
period of one year from the date of final project completion, providing such defects are not
clearly due to abuse or misuse by Owner. The Owner will give notice of observed defects
with reasonable promptness. The one (1) year period will not apply to defective
workmanship and materials not discovered within the one-year period.
Pictures of the 3 points of diversion.
Well #1
Well #2
Well #3
Typical Flow Meter in pre-cast vault.

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