Web-Based Activity Fund

Agency: Austin Independent School District
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Posted Date: Dec 11, 2018
Due Date: Jan 23, 2019
Solicitation No: 19CSP066
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Project Number Title Addenda Due Date 2:00PM

Web-Based Activity Fund

HUB Documents:


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Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals
19CSP066 Web-Based Activity Fund Software
December 11, 2018
December 18, 2018
December 19, 2018
December 19, 2018
December 20, 2018
January 23, 2019
March 25, 2019
Advertise/Issue Date
Pre-Proposal Conference at 03:00 3:30 PM at
1111 W. 6th St. Suite A230, Austin, TX 78703
Due Date for Questions by 5:00 pm
Questions and Answers posted on our website
CSP opening / due date at 2:00 pm CST
AISD Board Meeting for review/approval
Deliver Sealed Proposals to:
Austin ISD
Contract & Procurement Services
1111 West 6th Street
Building A, Suite 330
Austin, TX 78703
Lorena McBee
Procurement Specialist
Phone: 512-414-2127
Questions must be submitted via e-mail to the contact person listed above.
In the e-mail subject line, type: Questions 19CSP066 Web-Based Activity Fund Software
Q & A and Addenda will be posted on our website: www.austinisd.org/cp/bids
Proposals are due no later than 2:00 pm on the date indicated. Your proposals must be
delivered by mail or hand delivery in a sealed envelope or carton. Proposals received after
the specified time shall not be considered.
Please submit the following:
o One (1) hard copy marked “original” – include signed “required” forms
o One (1) digital copy on a flash drive – include signed “required” forms
o Five (5) hard copy marked “copy”
FAX, e-mail or other electronic proposals will not be accepted.
Proposals must be plainly marked with:
o Name and address of the Respondent
o Number and Title of CSP
This solicitation is a request for proposals for contracted services under Texas Education Code 44.031.
Request for Proposals 19CSP066 Web-Based Activity Fund Software
Checklist and Submission Guidelines
This checklist is provided to help you conform to all form/document requirements stipulated in this solicitation and attached herein.
(It is not necessary to return this checklist with your proposal.)
Understanding the Proposal
Read entire RFP document, appendices and attachments
Review AISD Policy and Instructions on our website: Policy and Instructions
Attend Pre-Proposal Conference (not required)
Submit questions properly before deadline
Review addenda, Q&A and other additional attachments
Completed | Required
| Bid Certification
| Notification of Criminal History of Contractor
| Debarment, Suspension and Ineligibility Certification
| HUB Utilization Report (HUR) HUBATT 1
| HUB Compliance Checklist HUBATT 1A
| Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (CIQ) electronic
| Strategic Partner Profile
| EDGAR Vendor Certification
| Software Vendor Certification Form
Submitting the Proposal
Review Proposal Format section of RFP (Section VI)
Submit required hard copy marked “original”
Submit requested quantity of digital copy on flash drive
Submit requested quantity of hard copies marked “copy”
Package proposal in sealed envelope or carton properly labelled
Deliver proposal to delivery address by RFP opening / due date and time
Request for Proposals 19CSP066 Web-Based Activity Fund Software
The Austin Independent School District (herein after referred to as “AISD” or the “District”) is
seeking proposals from firms qualified and experienced in providing a Web-Based school
generated funds management system. Our intention is to choose a software that provide best
price/performance ratio and partner that will meet AISD’s requirements and demonstrates the
ability to grow with us for many years to come. The method of procurement is a Competitive
Sealed Proposal.
Submit inquiries via email to the contact person listed on the cover page by the deadline
specified in the schedule below. In the subject line of the email, type Questions and the
solicitation number: Questions 19CSP066 Web-Based Activity Fund.
Questions received by this deadline and corresponding answers will be included in an
Addendum and posted to our website at:
The Austin ISD HUB Program promotes and strongly encourages the involvement and
participation of Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) in District-wide procurement.
When AISD considers entering into a contract estimated at $50,000 or more, the HUB
Program will determine whether subcontracting opportunities are applicable before publishing
the solicitation.
All proposers are required to follow the HUB Compliance Guidelines included in this solicitation
and complete either the HUB Utilization Report HUR (HUBATT 1) or HUB Compliance Plan -
HCP (HUBATT 1C) for compliance review. All HUB inquiries should be directed to the HUB
Program Department.
No Goals
No Goals are appropriate for this project. While no goals have been established for this
project, the Bidder/Proposer is required to comply with AISD HUB Program Regulations if
areas of sub-consulting are identified. Please complete the HUB Utilization Report HUR form
(HUBATT 1). When the HUR Form and Good Faith Effort GFE documentation, if required,
are NOT submitted at time of deadline specified in the solicitation, it will not be accepted later
for compliance review. The bid may be deemed NON-RESPONSIVE.
The District educates over 80,000 students and has 127 schools (15 high, 18 middle, 83
elementary, and 11 other campuses or departments). There is one account executive, assigned
to the secretary or bookkeeper for each school who is the primary user of the activity fund
software. There is a requirement that the software license procured vis this RFP allow for a
backup user at each site.
Request for Proposals 19CSP066 Web-Based Activity Fund Software
The District currently uses KEV Group School Cash Suite for activity fund accounting. The
proposed offeror must migrate beginning account balances into the new system.
It is the intent of AISD to implement the software in June 2019. The awarded offeror should
possess adequate expertise and knowledge to provide such software, including training, and
documentation and ongoing support and updates in the future. Ongoing support and ability to
enhance the product based on customer needs is very desirable.
The offeror will need to work closely with the Executive Director of Financial Services and the
District’s technology staff to install the software and coordinate training and conversion for users.
The following describes the service and performance requirements that the selected contractor
will be required to perform. Failure to address or to fully describe capabilities to accomplish all
elements of this section will result in a loss of evaluation points.
a. Technical Requirements
1. Hardware and Software Requirements (preferred)
a. Please detail what accommodations exist in the system or can be added to the system to
provide accessibility to people with disabilities. Please include in your response the
specifics of the accommodation and the specific disability that it addresses. Guidance can
be found in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which was amended in 1998.
b. The system is compatible and works on Mac, Chrome, and PC operating systems. If the
proposed program is not compatible with any of these systems, please clearly state this
c. The system is based on HTML5.
d. If the system requires Flash, it must be clearly stated together with both the unique
settings required for functionality and any known incompatibilities for devices.
e. All or some of the modules may be purchased.
f. The system is fully integrated, using a single, common database and application for all
features and a common user interface across all functions.
g. All functionality of the system can be accessed at any workstation on the district’s wide
area network with a standard browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari,
Google Chrome).
h. The district can make any portion of the platform available via the Internet for home and/or
community access.
i. The system does not require any client applications to be installed on the workstation.
j. The system does not require use of Terminal Services on either the workstations or
servers to support the delivery of any application functionality to the browser.
k. The system does not require ActiveX controls or installation of Java Virtual Machine on
the workstations.
l. The system can function within a Microsoft IIS or Apache Web Server environment.
m. The system can support integration with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP for user
authentication and roles.
n. The system can work in a proxy server environment.
o. The system includes support for an automated interface with existing district enterprise
systems where needed. The district ERP system is Bolt. The student information system
is TEAMS (Prologic).
p. The system requires no additional hardware or software purchases beyond the
hardware/software system requirements outlined by the vendor.
q. The system requires no local application programming in order to become operational.
Request for Proposals 19CSP066 Web-Based Activity Fund Software
r. The system allows printing of information displayed in the interface from any function
within the system (without requiring copy/paste operations).
s. The system provides for reports in a PDF format, CSV, and other Excel formats.
t. The system provides for HTTPS support in all functions where usernames and/or
passwords or other confidential data is transmitted.
u. The system provides for single sign on support via SAML or similar authentication
protocols, and vendor must provide a support narrative describing level of support.
v. The system provides for integration with AISD’s identity and access management system
to support secure single sign on in all functions where usernames and/or passwords are
transmitted, and vendor must provide a support narrative describing level of support.
w. If the product is a learning application, common cartridge is acceptable, and vendor must
provide a support narrative describing level of support. If the materials are available with
common cartridge, please clearly state whether:
a. Materials are also available online
b. Materials available online are an additional purchase
x. If the product is a learning application, it is preferred that the solution integrate with AISD’s
learning management system (LMS). AISD’s current LMS is Canvas. Vendor must
provide details regarding their level of integration with Canvas, i.e., what data and how it
is passed back if using an LTI.
y. All vendors must provide a technical contact for AISD to discuss or ask questions
regarding specification responses.
2. Data Storage.
a. Data must be stored on a secure server with backup and recovery systems in place with
access available for extract and download as needed.
b. Preferred Database systems include - Oracle 9.1+ and Microsoft SQL Server 2008+
3. Data Accessibility.
a. The system will provide a web-based interface for accessing data, metrics, and reports.
b. Web Based System Utilizing SSL - The system must use Thin Client with screen refresh
rates comparable to high speed internet performance (2.5 seconds or less).
c. The web-based interface will utilize the District’s existing user identification system for
secured access to the Software System, data, and reports. AISD uses Microsoft Active
Directory services for managing user names and passwords.
d. All Web pages must be accessed solely through a secure HTTP connection (HTTPS).
e. The Web-based interface will provide standardized and custom query reporting
capabilities on any identified basis and by multiple time frames (daily, weekly, monthly,
f. Software must have the ability to create, store, and rerun custom queries/reports.
g. The web-based interface will allow the export of reports and raw data to a Microsoft Excel
compatible format and directly to Adobe Acrobat.
b. Personnel Requirements
1. The offeror must have sufficient qualified and available staff to ensure that the software
works in accordance with features as detailed in this proposal. The offeror is encouraged to
share personnel proposed to establish software.
c. Installation
1. The offeror will deliver and install all software onsite at AISD facilities.
2. The offeror shall provide their own tools.
3. The offeror will test all software onsite at AISD facilities to assure all components are
functioning properly.

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