Uniform & Accessories

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 315210 - Cut and Sew Apparel Contractors
  • 448190 - Other Clothing Stores
Posted Date: Jun 7, 2019
Due Date: Jun 18, 2019
Solicitation No: IFB 2019-U&A-3
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IFB 2019-U&A-3
  • Uniform & Accessories
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:10 days, 18 hours
  • Closing: 6/18/19 1:00 PM
  • Issued: 5/9/19 3:00 PM
  • Last Amended: 6/7/19
  • Buyer:Lisa Edwards
  • ledwards@rrj.state.va.us
  • 540-288-5273

  • Issued By:Other eVA Localities
  • Type:Invitation for Bids (IFB)
  • Category:Supplies - Non-Technology
  • Work Location: Rappahannock Regional Jail, 1745 Jefferson Davis, Hwy., Stafford VA 22554
  • Web Address:http:/www.rrj.state.va.us
  • Pre-Bid Conference:
  • Open Responses:
  • Description:Establish a firm fixed price contract with qualified firm(s) to provide uniforms and accessories on an as-needed basis for the jail officers at the Rappahannock Regional Jail
  • Amendment/Cancellation Information:Amendment #2 Clarifications

Attachment Size Description Posted On Type
Addendum 2.pdf (113.36 KB) ADDENDUM #2 06/07/19 Solicitation
Addendum 1.pdf (690.07 KB) Addendum #1 05/28/19 Solicitation
Bid Notice.pdf (142.66 KB) Bid Notice 05/09/19 Solicitation
ITB 2019-U&A.pdf (2.48 MB) ITB 2019-U&A 05/09/19 Solicitation

Attachment Preview

Serving: The City of Fredericksburg
and the Counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania and King George
Notice of Invitation to Bid
ITB No. 2019-U&A
Issue Date: May 09, 2019
Title: Uniforms and Accessories
Location: 1745 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Stafford, VA 22554
Sealed bids, subject to the conditions and instructions on the attached hereof, will be received at the
following location until, but not later than, 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 for Uniforms and
Accessories for the Rappahannock Regional Jail.
Bids to be delivered:
Rappahannock Regional Jail
Attn: Lisa Edwards, Procurement Officer
1745 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
Stafford, VA 22554
Requests for information relating to the Invitation to Bid may be obtained by contacting:
Lisa Edwards, Procurement Officer
Email: ledwards@rrj.state.va.us
Telephone: (540) 288-5273
Requests for specific information relating to services may be obtained by contacting:
Tim O’Leary, Uniform & Equipment Coordinator
Email: toleary@rrj.state.va.us
Telephone: (540) 288-5529
ITB NO. 2019-U&A
1. Advertise RRJ Website & eVA
2. ITB response due at 1:00 p.m.
3. Evaluate bids
5. Notify contractor of selection
6. Process Contract
May 09, 2019
June 4, 2019
June 5-12, 2019
June 17, 2019
July 1, 2019
ITB NO. # 2019-U&A
Bidders Shall Carefully Examine Specifications and Instructions.
The purpose and intent of the Invitation to Bid is to establish a firm fixed price contract with qualified firm(s) to
provide Uniforms and Accessories on an as-needed basis, in accordance with the terms, conditions and
specifications contained herein. The Rappahannock Regional Jail herein referred to as “Owner” issues this
The Contractor shall:
2.1 Provide uniforms and/or accessories as listed on attached Pricing Schedule, Sections A, B, C, D, & E.
2.2 Provide measure and fitting sessions for the Rappahannock Regional Jails personnel on an as-needed
basis as scheduled by the Contract Administrator. All fittings will take place at the Rappahannock
Regional Jail as scheduled by the Contract Administrator. The Contractor shall provide this service at no
additional cost to the Owner within seven (7) days of initial contact by the Contract Administrator.
2.3 Items submitted as comparable/equal must meet the “Owner’s” approval prior to acceptance.
3.1 The Owner prefers delivery of items be made at destination within (30) days or less. Bidder to provide
a definitive time frame, IN DAYS, on the Pricing Schedule within which delivery shall be made after
receipt of order (ARO). Failure to do so may cause the bidder to be considered non-responsive. This may
be a determining factor in the award of each item. Indefinite terms such as "promptly" "stock", "without
delay", etc. will not be given consideration. Failure to provide a definite delivery time could result in
the disqualification of the bid in its entirety or for the item specified.
3.2 Delivery shall be F.O.B. destination prepaid to the Rappahannock Regional Jail, 1745 Jefferson Davis
Hwy. Stafford, VA 22554 on regular business days, Monday through Friday 8 AM until 3 PM, unless
otherwise arranged. It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to notify the Contract Administrator
immediately should circumstances beyond their control occur which would prevent them from meeting the
maximum delivery time indicated in their contract. Failure to communicate these circumstances to the to
the Contract Administrator may result in immediate termination of contract.
4.1 Unit price on all clothing items shall include the cost of attaching all required patches, rank insignias,
chevrons, hash marks, badge patches and piping. Unit price on leather goods requiring imprints shall
include the engraving charges.
4.2 Bidders shall provide the firm, fixed prices in the units as specified on the Solicitation. Bidders are
reminded that all pricing shall include all costs, including but not limited to shipping, handling,
warehousing, etc. The bid price shall be for complete delivery, ready for the Owner’s use, extra charges
will not be allowed.
4.3 The bid price on each unit shall be rounded to two decimal places, i.e. $ 28.578 should be listed as
$28.58. In the event of calculation errors of the extended total, the unit price will prevail.
4.4 Request for a change in the unit price shall include as a minimum, (1) the cause for the adjustment; (2)
the amount of the change requested with documentation to support the requested adjustment (i.e.,
appropriate Consumer Price Index, CPI-W, Commodities & Service Group, sub-category Apparel.
5.1 The quantities specified in this solicitation represent a hypothetical estimated quantity only and do not
represent actual contract volume; the contractor shall supply at bid prices for actual quantities as ordered,
regardless of whether such total quantities are more or less than those shown.
5.2 The Owner reserves the right to add or delete similar items/services requirements during the term of the
contract. Prices for items added to the contract will be negotiated at the time of addition. Contract
modifications will be issued for all additions or deletions.
6.1 The Owner reserves the right to require a bidder to furnish a sample of any item on which he/she
submits a bid within 7 working days after the request is made.
6.2 The samples must be furnished free of charge, be clearly marked “Sample” with the Invitation to Bid
number, bid item number, bidder’s name and address and delivered to the Procurement Division.
6.3 Samples will be evaluated to determine compliance with all major characteristics of the article
indicated. Failure of samples to conform to all such characteristics may be cause for rejection of the Bid.
6.4 Bidders who desire the “owner” to consider comparable/equal items must submit samples of these
items at least 10 business days prior to closing date.
6.5 Failure to submit the requested sample may be just cause for eliminating the bidder from further
consideration for award.
6.6 Required Samples as indicated in the Pricing Schedule must be received with the Bid Response on or
before June 4, 2019 @ 1:00 PM.
7.1 The Bidder is responsible to clearly and specifically indicate the product being offered and to provide
sufficient descriptive literature, catalog cuts and technical detail to enable Owner to determine if the
product offered meets the requirements of the solicitation.
7.2 When a specific brand or manufacturer is shown as being required on the bid solicitation “No
Substitute”, this is a non-negotiable item. Failure to provide the brand specified may cause the bid to
be considered non-responsive.
7.3 Brand name(s) and/or catalog number(s) are given for purposes of identification and to denote the
standard of quality desired. Where applicable, Bidders MUST indicate the brand or manufacturer and
model/stock number of the alternative being offered.
The successful administration of this contract will require close coordination with the Contract
Administrator. The Procurement Division has designated the Uniform Coordinator of the Rappahannock
Regional Jail as the Contract Administrator. This individual is the interpreter of the conditions of the
contract and its performance. He/She will use all powers under the contract to enforce its faithful
performance. The Contract Administrator will determine the amount, quality, acceptability, and fitness in
all aspects of the contract and shall decide all other questions in connection with the contract. The Contract
Administrator or any designated representative does not have authority to modify this contract, verbally or
in writing; any modifications made must be authorized by the Procurement Division and issued as a written
amendment to the contract.
The Owner reserves the right to make a separate award of each item, a group of items or all items, and to
make an award either in whole or in part, whichever is deemed in their best interest. The award or awards
will be made to the lowest responsive, responsible Bidder or Bidders as applicable unless the Owner
determines, in its sole discretion, to be in its best interest to reduce the number of awards to those
responsive and responsible bidders having a substantial number of items determined to be the lowest in
price (Vendor Reduction). Delivery dates may be a factor in determining award(s) as noted in Section 3.0,
Delivery. The Procurement Division reserves the right to conduct any test it may deem advisable and to
make all evaluations. The Owner also reserves the right to reject any bids, in whole or in part, to waive
informalities and to delete items prior to making the award, whenever it is deemed in the sole opinion of
the procuring public body to be in its sole interest.
10.1 The contract period shall be from July 01, 2019 through June 30, 2020. The Owner shall have the
option to extend the contract for one (1) additional one (1) year term under the same terms and conditions
of the original contract except as stated in 10.2 below. The Contractor warrants that the prices stated herein
shall remain firm for a period of not less than one year from the first date of the contract period.
Adjustments to prices may be negotiated only during the (60) sixty-day period prior to renewal. The
Owner shall give the Contractor written notice of renewal (60) sixty days prior to the expiration date of this
10.2 If the Owner elects to exercise the option to renew the contract for an additional one year period, the
contract price(s) of the original contract increased/decreased by no more than the percentage
increase/decrease of the “Commodities & Service Group” category, sub-category “Apparel”, of the CPI-W
section of the Consumer Price Index of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for the latest twelve
months for which statistics are available.
11.1 Purchase orders for the items listed in this Invitation for Bid will be issued as needed throughout the
period of the contract, and will become an integral part of the resulting contract. The purchase orders
indicate that sufficient funds have been obligated as required by Title 15 of the Code of the Commonwealth
of Virginia. Each owner’s blanket purchase order will site a specific period of time, and will indicate an
authorized representative allowed to make releases against the purchase order and/or to be contacted with
any and all correspondence regarding that purchase order.
11.2 The purchase order does not supersede any provision of the resulting contract. Performance time and
dates are determined solely by the contract and any modification thereto.
11.3 Performance under this contract is not to begin until receipt of the purchase order or other notification
by the Procurement Division.
11.4 Email or online orders will require the Vendor to acknowledge receipt of the order to the Contract
Administrator via email.

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