UCA-21-007 Promotional Items and Clothing Bid

Agency: University of Central Arkansas
State: Arkansas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 323113 - Commercial Screen Printing
  • 541890 - Other Services Related to Advertising
Posted Date: Jul 8, 2020
Due Date: Jul 28, 2020
Solicitation No: UCA-21-007
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Bid Number and Description: UCA-21-007 Promotional Items and Clothing Bid
Opening Date: July 28, 2020
Opening Time: 9:00 a.m.
Status: Open
Buyer: hollys@uca.edu

Attachment Preview

Submit Bids To:
Purchasing Department
University of Central Arkansas
2125 College Avenue Suite 2
Conway AR 72034
This is a “Term” bid to be used beginning August 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 with the option to renew in one year increments
beginning July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 not to exceed a total of seven (7) consecutive years. The quantities listed are estimated and
may be “MORE or LESS” and ordered on an “AS NEEDED” bases. All discount prices must remain firm for each period of the
Contract. The university has the right to negotiate the discount percentage for each renewal period.
General Description of Needs: The University of Central Arkansas promotional items listed on the attached sheets will be ordered by
Purchase order on an “AS NEEDED” basis and must be delivered to the University of Central Arkansas, the appropriate Building and
Room #, 201 Donaghey Avenue, Conway AR 72035.
Date Issued:
UCA Contact Person: Holly Gibbons
Phone Number: 501-852-0728
Fax Number: 501-450-5020
Bid Number: UCA-21-007
Bid Closing Date: 7/28/2020
Bid Closing Time: 9AM CST
Type of Contract: Formal
Contract Period: TERM
Invoice To:
University of Central Arkansas
Attn: Accounts Payable, McCastlain Hall
201 Donaghey Avenue
Conway AR 72035
Delivery Period: See Attachment
F.O.B. Destination
Bid submittals must be properly marked with the Bid Number, bidders return address, Phone number, fax number and
submitted prior to the Closing Date and Time listed above.
Company Name:
Contact Person:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Special Terms and Conditions:
1. Bid must include inside delivery and all freight charges to the University of Central Arkansas, Department and Room#,
201 Donaghey Avenue, Conway AR 72035.
2. The University of Central Arkansas reserves the right to award the item(s) listed on this Invitation for bid “individually”
by “groups”, “All or None”, or by any other method as deemed in the best interest of the University of Central Arkansas
as determined by the UCA Purchasing Official. This is not an exclusive contract. The University reserves the right to
issue bids for any item as it deems necessary.
3. A proof is required before ordering. UCA Standard Colors are: Purple PMS 268 & Gray PMS 430. All colors must match
or closely match the UCA Standard Colors.
4. Artwork Submissions. Licensee shall submit artwork and depictions of all proposed uses of the Licensed Indicia,
including depictions of any other design elements to be used on the Licensed Products, via
http://learfield.trademarxoline.com identified in Schedule B, or such other online location as directed by Learfield, or
to the people designated by Learfield for review and written approval prior to any use, sale or other distribution.
Licensee shall not distribute any Licensed Products until final approval of the artwork and depiction of the Licensed
Indicia is received in writing from Learfield or Owner. For the avoidance of doubt, approval of artwork and depictions
of all proposed uses of the Licensed Indicia shall not be deemed to be approval of a particular product or product
Additionally, the University of Central Arkansas prohibits the creation, re-creation, or alteration of any official and
trademarked university logos on the art sheet. Please ensure that the correct logo(s) and/or verbiage are used according
to the guidelines included on the art sheet prior to submission and via Trademarx.
All items and clothing may be requested to include any of the following information. University Logo, Department Logo,
Department Name, Email, Phone Number, etc. This is not an exclusive contract.
Item No.
UCA Promotional Products: Items
such as pens, pencils, cups, lanyards,
lip balm, hand sanitizer, masks etc.
Awards: Items such as trophies,
ribbons, plaques, certificates and
other recognition materials.
Vinyl, Metal or Plastic Banners &
Signs: Or other related materials
UCA Clothing: Polo’s, Dry fits, Regular
T-shirts, Face Coverings, etc.
Minimum Percentage
Bidders may provide a price/discount by catalog and/or by manufacturers. For each catalog and manufacturer bid,
complete a table below. The manufacturers or catalog cost must be provided for each quote.
Catalog or
Catalog or Minimum
Mfg Number Percentage
For Embroidery pricing please tell us if this will be per letter, per stitch or a set fee.
Embroidery Pricing
1. GENERAL: Any Special Terms and Conditions included in the Invitation for Bids override these Standard
Terms and Conditions. The Standard Terms and Conditions and any Special Terms and Conditions become a part of any
contract entered into if any or all parts of the bid are accepted by the University of Central Arkansas, hereafter called
University or UCA.
2. ACCEPTANCE AND REJECTION: The University of Central Arkansas reserves the right to accept or reject all or any
part of a bid or any and all bids, to waive any informalities and minor technicalities and to award the bid to best serve
the interest of the University and State of Arkansas. This Invitation for Bid does not in any way commit UCA to contract
for the commodities/services listed herein.
Bids must be submitted to the Purchasing Department on this form with attachments,
when appropriate, on or before the date and time specified for the bid opening. If this form is not used, the bid may be
rejected. Each bid submitted must be properly identified with a minimum of Bid Number, Time and Date of Opening.
The bid should be typed or printed in ink. Late bids will not be considered under any circumstances.
4. SIGNATURE: Failure to sign a bid will disqualify it. The person signing the bid should show title or authority
to bind the firm in a contract. Signature means a manual or an electronic or digital method executed or adopted by a
party with the intent to be bound by or to authenticate a record which is (a) unique to the person using it; (b) capable of
verification; (c) under the sole control of the person using it; (d) linked to data in a manner that if the data are changed,
the electronic signature is invalidated.
5. NO BID: If not submitting a bid, the bidder should respond by returning the front page of this form, making it a
No Bid, and explaining the reason. Individual bidders may be removed from the University's Bidders List by failure to
respond three times in succession.
6. PRICES: Bid pricing on the unit price to include FOB destination to UCA. In cases of errors in extension, unit
prices shall govern. Prices are firm and not subject to escalation unless otherwise specified in the Invitation for Bid.
Unless otherwise specified, the bid must be firm for acceptance for thirty (30) days from the bid opening dates.
"Discount from List" bids are not acceptable unless requested in the Invitation for Bid. Time or cash discounts will not
be considered. Quantity discounts should be included in the price of the item.
7. QUANTITIES: Quantities stated on "firm" contracts are actual requirements of the University. The quantities
stated in "term" contracts are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Bid unit price on the estimated quantity and unit
of measure specified. The University may order more or less than the estimated quantity on any "term" contract.
8. BRAND NAME REFERENCES: Unless specified "No Substitutes", any catalog brand name or manufacturer's
reference used in the bid invitation is descriptive only, not restrictive, and used to indicate the type and quality desired.
Bids on brands of like nature and quality will be considered. If bidding on other than the referenced specifications the
bid must show the manufacturer, brand or trade name, and other descriptions, and should include the manufacturer's
illustration and complete description of the product(s) offered. If the bidder fails to submit such the bid can be rejected.
The University reserves the right to determine whether a substitute offered is equivalent to and meets the standards of
the item specified. The University may require the bidder to supply additional descriptive material. The bidder
guarantees that the product offered will meet or exceed specifications identified in the bid invitation. If the bidder takes
no exception to the specifications or referenced data in the bid, he/she will be required to furnish the product according
to the brand, names, numbers, etc., as specified in the invitation for bid document.
9. GUARANTY: All items shall be newly manufactured, in first class condition, latest model and design,
including, where applicable, containers suitable for shipment and storage, unless otherwise indicated in the bid
invitation. The bidders hereby guarantee that everything furnished hereunder will be free from defects in design,
workmanship and material, that if sold by drawing, sample or specifications, it will conform thereto and will serve the
function for which it was furnished. The bidder further guarantees that if the items furnished hereunder are to be
installed by the bidder, such items will function for which it was intended. The bidder also guarantees that all applicable
laws have been complied with relating to construction, packaging, labeling, and registration. The bidder's obligations,
under this paragraph, shall survive for a minimum of one year from the date of delivery, unless otherwise specified
10. SAMPLES: Samples, or demonstrators, when requested, must be furnished free of expense to the
University. If samples are not destroyed during the reasonable examination they will be returned to the bidder, if
requested, within ten days following the complete examination of the item(s), at bidder's expense. Each sample should
be marked with the bidder's name, address, bid number and item number.
11. TESTING PROCEDURES FOR SPECIFICATIONS COMPLIANCE: Tests may be performed on samples, or
demonstrators, submitted with the bid, or on samples taken from regular shipments. In the event products tested fail to
meet or exceed all conditions and requirements of the original specifications, the cost of the sample used and the
reasonable cost of the testing shall be borne by the bidder.
12. AMENDMENTS: The bid documents cannot be altered or amended after the bid opening except as permitted by
13. TAXES AND TRADE DISCOUNTS: List all taxes as a separate line item on the bid for commodities. However, for
construction projects all taxes must be included in the total bid price. Trade discounts should be deducted from the unit
price and the net price should be shown on the bid.
14. AWARD:
Any contract, as the results of this Invitation for Bid, shall be awarded with reasonable
promptness by written notice to the lowest responsible bidder whose bid meets the requirements and criteria set forth
in the Invitation for Bid. The University reserves the right to award the item(s) listed on this Invitation for Bid
"individually", by "groups", "all or none", or by any other method as deemed in the best interest of the University, as
deemed by the UCA Procurement Official. In the event all bids exceed available funds, as certified by the appropriate
fiscal officer, the Agency Procurement Official is authorized in situations where time or economic considerations
preclude re-solicitation of work of a reduced scope to negotiate an adjustment of the bid price, including changes in the
bid requirements, with the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, in order to bring the bid within the amount of
available funds. NOTE: Firm Contract: A written University Purchase Order mailed, or otherwise furnished, to the
successful bidder within the time of acceptance specified in the Invitation for Bid results in a binding contract that
requires the contractor to furnish the commodities or services as stated on the purchase order which will reference the
original Invitation for Bid documents and number. Vendor is to immediately initiate action to comply with the
requirements of the purchase order, which by reference will incorporate all the requirements contained in the original
Invitation for Bid. Term Contracts: A Contract Award will be issued to the successful bidder. It results in a binding
obligation of the item(s) or service(s) for specific pricing and time frame without further action, at that time, by either
party. The Contract Award does not authorize any shipment(s) or service(s) to be provided. Shipment of commodities
or the providing of service, related to a "term contract" is only authorized by the receipt of a University Purchase Order,
by the Contractor, that will list the actual requirement, pricing, and delivery location and contract number.
15. TERM OF CONTRACT: The Invitation for Bid, Contract Award or Purchase Order will clearly state the period of
time the contract will be in effect for each individual contract.
16. DELIVERY ON CONTRACTS: The Invitation for Bid, Contract Award and/or Purchase Order will state the
number of days to place a commodity, equipment and/or service in the designated location under normal conditions. If
the Contractor cannot meet the stated delivery, alternate delivery schedules may become a factor in an award. The UCA
Purchasing Department has the right to extend delivery if reasons appear valid. If the Contractor cannot meet the
delivery date, the University reserves the right to procure the items elsewhere and any additional cost will be borne by
the Contractor.
17. DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS: No substitutions or cancellations are permitted without prior written approval
of the UCA Purchasing Department. Delivery shall be made during the normal University work hours of 8:00 am to 4:30

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