Transportation Systems Impact Considerations

Agency: American Planning Association
State: Federal
Type of Government: State & Local
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  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  • 541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Posted Date: Nov 2, 2021
Due Date: Jan 12, 2022
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Transportation Systems Impact Considerations Baltimore Metropolitan Council

Baltimore, MD

The Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) is soliciting proposals from qualified firm(s) or organization(s) to provide professional services to understand and examine how local government development planning and review processes function, with particular emphasis on how these processes consider and evaluate transportation impacts.

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) has approved this work item as part of the FY 2022-2023 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). Each jurisdiction has a different process for submitting, reviewing and approving land development proposals and permits. Local regulations differ regarding how to treat subdivisions and site development. In addition, each process includes a varying degree of review by different boards and commissions and public input processes. The proposer should be aware of and conversant in ongoing efforts, analysis and studies by the BRTB, the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) and many local jurisdictions in the Baltimore region who have transportation (deliberately used in place of "traffic") impact study guidelines or requirements, some governed by their local Adequate Public Facilities Ordinances (APFO). This task will include a review of Baltimore region land development processes and procedures with specific focus on transportation issues. Some key elements to this project in the UPWP are to:

  • Interview local jurisdictional transportation, development review, and building permit staff to understand, document understand, document and map processes, practices, development regulations, codes and policies in order to understand how each jurisdiction may manage impacts on the transportation system for each of our eight jurisdictional members. Basic information should be documented and described graphically.
  • Identify and understand typical developer requested exceptions and exemptions, including other associated site impacts.
  • Identify best practice review/comment techniques and recommend potential improvements to the process for local jurisdictional plan reviewers and other staff in urban, suburban and rural settings.
  • Document required community notification/input processes.
  • Document process descriptions available on jurisdictional websites and/or brochures.

Scope of Work

The proposed Scope of work shall include sufficient detail to determine how each task described herein shall be accomplished; it shall include, but not be limited to, descriptions of the anticipated deliverables and a project timeline in Gantt chart format. It will describe how the consultant proposes to complete the project, including the allocation of resources to accomplish each task. The Scope of Services must be sufficiently detailed for the BMC to determine the effectiveness of the proposal and should spell out how this work can be performed in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

The proposed Scope of Work shall address the following components:

Task 1. Interview local jurisdictional staff:
This effort is built on an understanding of the development/site review and building permit processes, regulation, codes and policies at each local jurisdiction. The Selected Bidder will interview, document and map current practices with particular attention to when and how transportation issues are addressed, and how these practices and policies are enforced over time. Some of the questions that the Selected Bidder should explore while conducting interviews during this task include but are not limited to:

  • What processes, practices, plans, regulations, codes and policies does your jurisdiction use to exercise its local land use power?
  • What is required to legally permit improvements to residential, commercial and industrial land in your jurisdiction?
  • Do development review processes consider transportation impacts of the proposal within the development process? If so how, when and what aspects (i.e. road, transit, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and other?) and what standards are being used?
  • Do building permit processes consider transportation impacts of the proposal within the development process? If so how, when and what aspects (i.e. road, transit, pedestrian & bicycle facilities, electric vehicle charging consideration, and other?) and what standards are being used?
  • Does the jurisdiction implement different standards for different geographic areas or to protect environmental and community resources?
  • What solutions do these processes consider as a means to address transportation impacts created by proposed development?

Task 1 Deliverables:

  • A document in a report by the Selected Bidder
    • Staff interviews from the region's local jurisdictions on their development review processes, practices, regulations, codes and policies;
    • Development review processes from notification of application to final plan approval including permits processes. With both textual description and a graphic map of the development review and building permit processes in each of the member jurisdictions;
    • Current thresholds for development review processes (number of lots, minor vs. major subdivisions, etc.);
    • Schedule outlining timing and the time-frame of reviews for each member jurisdiction with staff contact information;
    • Assurances (e.g. owner associations, bonds, etc.) and fees if required, when these may be assessed, levied or otherwise required and their how these are established;
    • Describe required community notification/input processes;
    • Summary of research of existing local practices and recommended improvements to processes;
    • Boards and/or Commissions involved and their role in the process(es);
    • Identify and describe typical developer requested exceptions and exemptions, including other associated site impacts. Description of waiver processes focusing on transportation issues, items or impacts;
    • Any specialized software used by jurisdictions in the planning process including in the permit process;
    • Comparison of review and permit fees;
    • Adequately describe processes or project status on jurisdictional websites and/or brochures that may exist (should be cited);
    • The findings from an investigation by the Selected Bidder into the issues and questions above and others identified by the work group and the Selected Bidder.
  • Prepare presentation materials (presentations, graphics, handouts, illustrations, and maps, etc.) that help explain the task results;
  • Meeting with work group to review the Selected Bidder task 1 report.

Task 2: Best practices – Regional, Statewide and other relevant development review practices and techniques and potential improvements to these processes within the region.

The Selected Bidder will:

  • Identify and document best practices found in the region and across Maryland that may improve processes here locally. Develop case studies to demonstrate potential improvements and recommendations for how these might be accomplished;
  • Undertake a scan and literature review of best practices nationally. Identify and report on best development review processes, practices and techniques from peer regions and local governments nationally.

Task 2 Deliverables:

  • Summary of best practices (local and national examples as appropriate) and recommended improvements to processes;
  • Develop case studies to highlight best practices;
  • Document findings as a series or set of potential best practices, processes, techniques and improvements to current local development review practices and permit processes;
  • Prepare presentation materials (presentations, graphics, handouts, illustrations, and maps, etc.);
  • Meeting with work group to present and review work undertaken in this task.

Task 3: Meeting Facilitation

Through this process, the Selected Bidder shall be responsible for participating in and facilitating discussions with the project manager and a work group. Work group meetings will be comprised of staff from BRTB member jurisdictions and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council. The Selected Bidder shall be prepared to provide the work group with presentations on the purpose of the project, the proposed project approach and other information for detailing accomplishments and milestones reached, soliciting input and identifying next steps, upon request. The Selected Bidder shall also make other presentations on draft deliverables, data, and other relevant information to member jurisdictions or the Technical Committee (up to eight meetings). The Selected Bidder shall also make other presentations on final deliverables, data, and other relevant information to member jurisdictions or the Technical Committee (up to eight meetings). The Selected Bidder will be responsible for meeting facilitation, preparing meeting materials, and other tasks as discussed with the project work group. All meeting materials shall be submitted to the BMC Project Manager at least one week prior to the meeting date in order to provide sufficient time for feedback.

Task 3 Deliverables:

  • Facilitate project work group meetings (including work groups, local jurisdiction staff, BRTB and Technical Committee as needed) and prepare meeting materials and minutes;
  • Prepare presentation materials (presentations, graphics, handouts, illustrations, and maps, etc.) that help explain the task results;
  • Meeting with work group, BRTB and Technical Committee to review the Selected Bidder task 1 report.
  • Presentations to stakeholders on draft and final products.

Proposal Content and Requirements

The proposal shall consist of two separate parts: (1) a Technical Proposal; and, (2) a Cost Proposal. Each offeror shall provide their technical proposal and cost proposal in a separate .pdf file. Proposals shall meet, at a minimum, the following requirements.

Technical Proposal

The Technical Qualifications shall contain the following:

  • Cover Letter – signed by an executive with authority to commit the offeror and stating the period for which the proposal is valid. (1 page maximum)
    Work Program – Offerors shall provide a discussion of each task to be undertaken, how it will be performed, and the products to be provided. An overall schedule of work should be developed. Offerors may include but are not limited to the identified tasks. Offerors are encouraged to suggest modifications that would facilitate a successful work program. (12 page maximum)
  • Experience and Qualification – The offeror shall list its qualifications with regard to the selection criteria identified in this RFP. The summary should contain: (a) the information on projects of similar nature that offeror has completed, including brief descriptions, dates, and names of contact persons. In project descriptions, identify the roles of the identified project manager and key personnel. Please include links to relevant work if possible, and (b) the resumes of proposed project manager and key team personnel. (8 pages maximum)
  • Project Management – Designation of a project manager and the responsibilities of the manager and key personnel. Provide a summary of qualifications of the project manager and key staff for each firm. Note that the resulting contract will require commitment of the specified personnel. (5 pages maximum)
  • DBE Participation – The program for assuring the maximum opportunity for participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) in accord with BMC's goals shall be presented. See the section of MANDATORY STATEMENTS for statement of DBE participation goals.
  • Other Information – Any other material that the offeror wishes to provide. Please limit to relevant information. (4 pages maximum)
    The body/narrative of all documents will be formatted to a 12-point font size. Headers and cover pages may utilize larger font sizes. Cover pages will not be counted toward the page limits. Digital signatures are acceptable for all documents.

Cost Proposal

The Cost Proposal shall be composed of two parts: (1) Project Budget and (2) Affidavits and Certifications.

  • Project Budget – Proposers shall provide a price quote as a fixed price in United States dollars. The price quote shall include the number of labor hours and cost by staff member and total hours and cost estimated for each task. Direct costs shall be itemized by category (e.g., travel, per diem, printing and reproduction, /etc.) for the entire project. The contract type is anticipated as fixed price with partial payments paid based on task completion.
  • Affidavits and Certifications – An original signed copy of the Proposal Affidavit attached at the end of this RFP shall be included in the Cost Proposal.
    BMC reserves the right to reject proposals that do not meet the Technical and Cost Proposal requirements.

Submission Of Proposals

All offerors shall submit by email two (2) separate digital pdf files – one (1) for each of the Technical and Cost Proposals to: .

The proposal must be received by BMC no later than 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on January 12, 2022. Proposals arriving after the deadline will not be accepted. Note that BMC's email will accept files up to 25MB. If your proposal documents exceed 25MB, please upload the documents to a file sharing service like Google Drive or Dropbox and email the link to the files.

Please direct any questions to Mr. Don Halligan at no later than December 1, 2021. All questions will be collected and answers will be posted to BMC's website by December 8, 2021. Questions arriving after December 1, 2021 will not be answered.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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