Transportation Services RFP

Agency: State Government of Connecticut
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 484121 - General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance, Truckload
  • 485991 - Special Needs Transportation
  • 485999 - All Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation
Posted Date: Jun 1, 2020
Due Date: Jun 19, 2020
Solicitation No: 06012020
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Organization Canton, Town of
Project/Solicitation # 06012020
Solicitation Type Request for Proposal
Due Date 06/19/2020
Includes SBE/MBE Requirements NO
Qualified Partnership NO
Summary Transportation Services RFP
Contact Name Robert Skinner
Phone (860) 693-7837
FAX (860) 693-7840
Additional Description Invitation to Bid Transportation Services The Town of Canton, CT is seeking written responses to a Request for Proposal to select a company or individual to provide contracted Dial-A-Ride and enhanced medical transportation services. A copy of the Request for Proposal is located at All responses must be sent to the CAO’s office no later than 12:00 pm on June 19, 2020.

Attachment Preview

July 2020-June 2023
The Town of Canton, Connecticut, (hereafter referred to as “the Town” or “Town”), seeks an
appropriate and qualified company and/ or individual (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) to provide
contracted Dial-A-Ride services. The selected Contractor shall serve as an independent contractor (not
as an employee) and therefore shall not be entitled to any employment benefits.
The following is a general list of the Contractor’s duties:
a) Provide compensation to any and all employees utilized by Contractor for provision of services.
b) Provide door-to-door service to all Canton residents who are disabled, and/or age sixty (60) and
older, or any other residents so approved by the Town, between the times of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm,
Monday through Friday, subject to program funding. Hours may vary, especially during summer
months with the agreement of both parties.
c) Schedule transportation reservations from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
d) Remove any driver of the Contractor that the Town reasonably deems unacceptable.
e) Maintain the mechanics and cleanliness of the Dial-A-Ride vehicle.
f) Return the Dial-A-Ride vehicle in the same condition it was provided, minus normal wear and tear.
g) Enforce drug and alcohol testing compliant with CFR 49, CFR 50 and CFR 655 and any other
related regulations.
h) Carry out and comply with all requirements as stipulated in the attached proposed contract.
i) Maintain and pay for insurance coverage as required by Town of Canton, with the Town of Canton
named as additional insured. Although such coverage is subject to change, coverage is currently the
Basic liability for combined single limit, bodily injury &
property damage
Excess liability for bodily and property damage.
Actual Cash Value
$100 deductible from actual cash
Medical payments
Uninsured motorist
As required by law
Basic reparations
As required by law
g) Provide enhanced medical transportation services to residents who are eligible for Transportation
either through use of the Town Dial-A-Ride van, or when using one of the Contractor’s own vehicles.
The cost is based on the hourly use of the vehicle and not on the amount of riders. The services will be
provided outside of the regular Dial-A-Ride schedule and may include weekends when authorized by the
Director of Senior and Social Services and Contractor. The cost of dispatching the enhanced medical
transportation services is included in the hourly rate.
The Contractor shall be provided the following:
a) Payment for services rendered.
b) Use of a vehicle for the purpose of servicing Canton Dial-A-Ride.
c) Starting on July 1, 2021 the Contractor shall have an opportunity to purchase gasoline from the
Town’s gas pumps at the Town’s purchase price, plus any and all applicable taxes. This purchase
opportunity exists provided the Town’s service station is in working order. Moreover, such gasoline
is reserved for use only with Canton Dial-A-Ride business. The Contractor must notify the Town’s
Chief Financial Officer by November 1st of the prior calendar year of the Contractor’s intent to
utilize the Town’s gasoline, along with the approximate anticipated usage.
The Contractor shall be responsible for submitting a request for payment indicating the dates and hours
worked to the Senior & Social Services Office on or by the fifth (5th) day of each month. Payment will
be made by the third Friday of each month after the invoice is approved by the Director of Senior &
Social Services.
The contractual services shall commence on 7/01/2020 (or upon execution of the contract, whichever
may occur later) and terminate on 6/30/2023. The services may be extended for one additional year at
the discretion of both the Town and the Contractor. At any time during the contract, the Town may
terminate service for unsatisfactory performance. The contract may be terminated or suspended by the
Town if the Town does not have a valid vehicle for transporting program participants. A draft of the
anticipated contract is attached to this RFP.
The Town will accept proposal(s) which will in its sole and absolute opinion most completely meet the
requirements of the RFP and in the Town’s sole discretion is in the best interests of the Town.
Proposals will be reviewed and analyzed based on the following criteria:
- Respondent’s completion of all RFP requirements.
- Respondent’s experience providing Dial-A-Ride service(s) or similar services.
- Respondent’s professional references from prior serviced clients.
- Respondent’s ability to meet the Town’s Dial-A-Ride needs.
- Respondent’s fee for services.
- Respondent’s performance in interviews.
- Respondent’s Completion of a background check/ record check.
Disclaimer: This Request for Proposals (hereinafter, “RFP”) is not a contract offer.
Addendums: Addendum(s) to the RFP may be issued by the Town. When issued, addendum(s) will
be posted on The Town’s website ( under the “Request for Proposals”
link. It is the respondent’s responsibility to check to see if RFP addendum(s) have been issued by
The Town and to ensure that its proposal addresses all addendum(s).
Proposal Submittals: Proposals must be submitted no later than 12:00 pm, EST, on June 19, 2020.
Respondents must submit one original copy of the proposal and two additional copies. Proposals may be
mailed to:
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Canton
4 Market Street
PO Box 168
Collinsville, CT 06022
Proposal Package Form: All proposals shall be typed. Mistakes must be crossed out and corrections
typewritten or in ink adjacent thereto, and initialed in ink by the party signing the proposal, or their
authorized representative.
Late Proposals: Proposals received after the deadline for submission shall be returned unopened.
Exceptions to RFP: Any and all exceptions of the Respondent to the terms and specifications of this
RFP shall be made in writing and submitted in full with the proposal. For all other terms and
specifications, submission of a proposal constitutes acceptance by the Respondent. The Town reserves
the sole right to reject proposals which contain exceptions that are unacceptable.
Acceptance of Proposals: The Town absolutely reserves the right to accept and reject any and all
proposals and to waive informality, technical defect, or clerical error in any proposal, as the interest of
the Town may require. The Town also reserves the right to negotiate with one or more respondents as it
sees fit.
Proposal Costs: All costs incurred in the preparation of the statement of qualifications will be borne
entirely by the individual/ firm submitter. Anything submitted to the Town for consideration becomes
the property of the Town and becomes public record.
Ownership of Proposals: All proposals submitted become property of the Town and shall not be
Freedom of Information: Respondents to this RFP are hereby notified that all proposals submitted and
information contained therein and attached thereto shall be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of
Information Act.
Questions about Proposal Requirements: Respondents with questions regarding the RFP may contact
Robert Skinner, Chief Administrative Officer, by email only at
Period Commitment: Proposals shall be final and binding on the Respondent for acceptance by the
Town for 90 days from the RFP closing date and time.
Irrevocability of Proposals: Respondents may amend or withdraw their Proposal prior to this RFP’s
closing date and time by submitting a clear and detailed written notice to the Town. Subject to the
Period Commitment provision detailed herein, all Proposals become irrevocable after this RFP’s closing
date and time.
Investigation: Respondent shall make all investigations necessary to inform it regarding the service(s) to
be performed under this request for proposal.
Assignment and Subcontractors: Assignment by successful Respondent(s) to third party of any contract
based on the Request for Proposal or any monies due is prohibited and shall not be recognized by the
Town unless approved by the Town in writing.
Collusion: Any act or acts of misrepresentation or collusion shall be a basis for disqualification of any
proposal or proposals submitted by such person guilty of said misrepresentation or collusion. In the
event that the Town enters into a contract with any Respondent who is guilty of misrepresentation or
collusion and such conduct is discovered after the execution of said contract, the Town may cancel said
contract without incurring liability, penalty, or damages.
Background: Respondents hereby authorizes the Town to perform any and all necessary background
and reference checks to determine suitability of Respondent to perform the requested services.
Conflict of Interest: By submitting a proposal the respondent certifies that no officer, agent or employee
of The Town who has a pecuniary interest in this request for proposal neither has nor shall participate in
the contract negotiations on the part of The Town, that the proposal is made in good faith without fraud,
collusion or connection of any kind with any other respondent of the same call for proposals, and that
the respondent is competing solely in its own behalf without connection with or obligation to, any
undisclosed person or firm. The Respondents further acknowledge that they have read and are familiar
with the requirements of the Town of Canton Code of Ethics. Respondents must fully disclose, in
writing to The Town on or before the closing date of this RFP, the circumstances of any possible
conflict of interest or what could be perceived as a possible conflict of interest if the respondent were to
become a contracting party pursuant to this RFP. The Town shall review any submissions by
respondents under this provision and may reject any Proposals where, in the opinion of The Town, the
respondent could be in a conflict of interest or could be perceived to be in a possible conflict of interest
position if the respondent were to become a contracting party pursuant to this RFP. No response to this
RFP will be accepted unless the attached Non-Collusion and Ethics Affidavit has been signed by an
authorized representative of the Respondent.
Local Bidder Preference Policy
On any item, project or service which value exceeds $7,500 or which is advertised through a competitive
bid process and in which there is a qualified Town Based Resident Bidder, the lowest responsible bidder
shall be determined in the following order:
1. A Town Based Resident Bidder which has submitted a bid not more than 10% higher than the
lowest responsible bid may be awarded the bid provided such Town Based Resident Bidder agrees to
accept the award of the bid at the amount of the lowest responsible bidder.
2. If more than one Town Based Resident Bidder has submitted a bid not more than 10% higher
than the lowest responsible bid, the lowest responsible bidder shall be that one of the Town Based
Resident Bidders which submitted the lowest bid.
3. Otherwise, the award will go to the lowest responsible bidder who would qualify if there were
no Town Based Resident Bidder.
Any local vendor meeting the requirements of a Town Based Resident Bidder, as defined below,
responding to the solicitation shall be required to submit a signed Local Bidder Affidavit Form with the
bid submittal. Failure to submit an affidavit form, may at the option of the Town, result in
disqualification as a local vendor and ineligibility for contract award.
The term “Town Based Resident Bidder” shall mean any business with a principal place of business
located within the Town of Canton. A business shall not be considered to be a Town Based Resident
Bidder unless evidence to establish that such business has a bona fide principal place of business in
Canton is included with each bid submitted by the business. Such evidence may include documentation
of ownership, or a long-term lease of the real estate from which the principal place of business is
operated or payment of property taxes on the personal property of the business to be used in the
performance of the bid.
The Local Bidder Preference process shall not apply under the following circumstances:
1) Professional services contracts which are awarded on subjective criteria in addition to cost.
2) Contracts using state, federal or other funds that have regulations disallowing such practice.
3) If the qualified Town Based Resident Bidder is not current in the payment of all local taxes.
4) Bids made through regional organizations or state agencies such as state contracts, CRCOG or
CIRMA, when the product or services offered have already been selected through a competitive
5) Bids received through a reverse auction process.

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