Translation & Interpretation Services for Newton Public Schools

Agency: City of Newton
State: Massachusetts
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541930 - Translation and Interpretation Services
Posted Date: Nov 30, 2023
Due Date: Dec 14, 2023
Solicitation No: 24-34
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Translation & Interpretation Services for Newton Public Schools
  • Department: Purchasing
  • RFP Number: 24-34
  • Start Date: 11/30/2023 10:00 AM
  • Close Date: 12/14/2023

Translation & Interpretation Services for Newton Public Schools as outlined in the project documents.

24-34 Translation & Interpretation Services Bid

Bid Form #24-34 Translation Services Excel Spreadsheet

24-34-Translation Services-Bidders List

Attachment Preview

Bid Opening Date: December 14, 2023, at 10:00 a.m.
November 2023
Ruthanne Fuller, Mayor
The City of Newton (City) invites sealed bids in accordance with M.G.L. c.30B from Contractors to provide:
Bids will be received until:
10:00 a.m., Thursday, December 14, 2023
at the Purchasing Department, Room 108, Newton City Hall, 1000 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, MA 02459. Bids will not be
accepted nor may submitted bids be corrected, modified or withdrawn after the deadline for bids. Following the deadline for bids,
all bids received within the time specified will be publicly opened and read aloud.
Contract Documents will be available on line at or for pickup at Newton City Hall, Room 108,
Purchasing Department, 1000 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Centre, MA 02459 after 10:00 a.m., November 30, 2023.
There will be no charge for contract documents. Bid surety is not required with this bid.
Award will be made to the lowest, responsible, and responsive bidder for all services based on the Grand Total computed in
accordance with line items of estimated per word and per minute rates set forth in Excel Spreadsheet included with this IFB. Any
bidder not providing prices for all line items may be deemed unresponsive and therefore rejected.
The term of the awarded contract shall extend from February 1, 2024, through January 31, 2025. The City, at its sole
discretion, shall have the option to renew this contract for two (2) additional one (1) year terms, with no change in the contract
price and terms and conditions. The exercise of each option to renew shall be subject to appropriation of funding.
All bids are subject to the provisions of M.G.L. c.30B. F.O.B. Destination inside designated department, Newton, MA.
All bids shall be submitted as one (1) ORIGINAL and two (2) COPIES.
All City bids are available on the City’s web site at . It is the sole responsibility of the contractor
downloading these bids to ensure they have received any and all addenda prior to the bid opening. Addenda will be available
online within the original bid document as well as a separate file.
If you download bids from the internet site and would like to make it known that your company has done so, you may fax the
Purchasing Department (617) 796-1227 or email to with your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, FAX
The City will reject any and all bids in accordance with the above referenced General Laws. In addition, the City reserves the right
to waive minor informalities in any or all bids, or to reject any or all bids (in whole or in part) if it be in the public interest to do so.
In the event that any person wishes to attend a bid opening or pre-bid meeting, accessible and reasonable accommodations will be
provided to persons requiring assistance. If you need a reasonable accommodation, please contact the city of Newton’s ADA
Coordinator, Jini Fairley, at least two business days in advance of the meeting: or (617) 796-1253. For
Telecommunications Relay Service, please dial 711.
Nicholas Read
Chief Procurement Officer
November 30, 2023
Project Manual #24-34 Translation and Interpretation Services for Newton Public Schools
Page 2 of 29
1.1 Each General Bidder (hereinafter called the "Bidder") by making a bid (hereinafter called "bid") represents that:
1. The Bidder has read and understands the Bidding Documents, Contract Forms, General Conditions, Conditions of the
Contract, General Requirements and Project Specifications (collectively, referred to as the “Contract Documents”)
and the bid is made in accordance therewith.
2. The Bidder is familiar with the local conditions under which the work has to be performed.
1.2 Failure to so examine the Contract Documents or become familiar with local conditions will not relieve any Bidder from
any obligation under the bid as submitted.
2.1 Bidders shall promptly notify the City of any ambiguity, inconsistency, or error which they may discover upon
examination of the Contract Documents, the site, and local conditions.
2.2 Bidders requiring clarification or interpretation of the Contract Documents shall make a written request to the Chief
Procurement Officer, at or via facsimile (617) 796-1227. The City will only answer such
requests if received by Friday, December 8, 2023 at 12:00 noon.
2.3 Interpretation, correction, or change in the Contract Documents will be made by addendum which will become part of the
Contract Documents. The City will not be held accountable for any oral communication.
2.4 Addenda will be emailed to every individual or firm on record as having taken a set of Contract Documents.
2.5 Copies of addenda will be made available for inspection at the location listed in the Invitation for Bids where Contract
Documents are on file, in addition to being available online at .
2.6 Bidders or proposers contacting ANY CITY EMPLOYEE regarding an Invitation for Bid (IFB) or a Request for Proposal
(RFP), outside of the Purchasing Department, once an IFB or RFP has been released, may be disqualified from the
procurement process.
2.7 Bidders downloading information off the internet web site are solely responsible for obtaining any addenda prior to the
bid opening. If the bidder makes itself known to the Purchasing Department, at or via
facsimile (617) 796-1227, it shall be placed on the bidder’s list. Bidders must provide the Purchasing Department with
their company’s name, street address, city, state, zip, phone, fax, email address and INVITATION FOR BID #24-34.
3.1 Notice is hereby given that the Mayor’s Affirmative Action Plan for the City of Newton in effect at the time of this
solicitation is applicable to all construction contracts in excess of $10,000.00.
3.2 Notice is hereby given that the City of Newton Minority/Women Business Enterprise Plan and the Supplemental Equal
Employment Opportunity Anti-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Program in effect at the time of this solicitation
are applicable to all City contracts for goods and services in excess of $50,000.00.
3.3 Copies of the Plans and Program referred to in Sections 3.1 and 3.2 are available at:
Project Manual #24-34 Translation and Interpretation Services for Newton Public Schools
Page 3 of 29
4.1 Bids shall be submitted on the "Bid Form #24-34," attached.
4.2 All entries on the Bid Form shall be made by typewriter or in ink.
4.3 Where so indicated on the Bid Form, sums shall be expressed in both words and figures. Where there is a discrepancy
between the bid sum expressed in words and the bid sum expressed in figures, the words shall control.
4.4 The Bid shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope with the following plainly marked on
the outside:
* NAME OF PROJECT: Translation and Interpretation Services for Newton Public Schools
4.6 Date and time for receipt of bids is set forth in the Invitation for Bids.
4.7 Timely delivery of a bid at the location designated shall be the full responsibility of the Bidder. In the event that Newton
City Hall is closed on the date or at the time that bids are due, the date and time for receipt of bids shall be on the next
business day following that the Newton City Hall and the Purchasing Department are open.
4.8 Bids shall be submitted with one (1) original and two (2) copies.
4.9 Massachusetts law requires all employees who work on Massachusetts public works construction sites must have no Less
than 10 hours of OSHA-approved safety and health training. See M.G.L. c.30, §39M( c), M.G.L. c.30, §39S(a)(1),
M.G.L. c.149, §44E(2) & M.G.L. c.149, §44F(2).
1. This requirement will apply to any general bid or sub bid submitted.
2. This law directs the Massachusetts Attorney General to restrain the award of construction contracts to any contractor
who is in violation to this requirement and to restrain the performance of these contracts by non-complying contractors.
The contractor and all subcontractors on this project must certify on the Bid Form compliance with the applicable
requirement. Non-compliance with this law will disqualify the bidder.
Each Bidder shall acknowledge alternates (if any) in Section C on the Bid Form.
5.2 In the event an alternate does not involve a change in the amount of the base bid, the Bidder shall so indicated by writing
"No Change", or "N/C" or "0" in the space provided for that alternate.
5.3 Bidders shall enter on the Bid Form a single amount for each alternate which shall consist of the amount for work
performed by the Contractor.
5.4 The low Bidder will be determined on the basis of the sum of the base bid and the accepted alternates.
6.1 Any bid may be withdrawn prior to the time designated for receipt of bids on written or electronic request. Electronic
withdrawal of bids must be confirmed over the Bidder's signature by written notice postmarked on or before the date and
time set for receipt of bids.
6.2 Withdrawn bids may be resubmitted up to the time designated for the receipt of bids.
Project Manual #24-34 Translation and Interpretation Services for Newton Public Schools
Page 4 of 29
6.3 No bids may be withdrawn within sixty (60) days, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays excluded, after the opening of the
7.1 The City will award one (1) contract to the responsible and responsive Bidder submitting the lowest Grand Total on Bid
Form #24-34. A contract will be awarded within sixty (60) days, Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays excluded, after
the opening of bids.
7.2 The City reserves the right to waive minor informalities in or to reject any or all Bids if it be in the public interest to do
7.3 The City reserves the right to reject any bidder who has failed to pay any local taxes, fees, assessments, betterments, or
any other municipal charge, unless the bidder has a pending abatement application or has entered into a payment
agreement with the collector-treasurer.
7.4 As used herein, the term "lowest responsible and responsive Bidder" shall mean the Bidder (1) whose bid is the lowest of
those bidders possessing the skill, ability and integrity necessary for the faithful performance of the work; (2) who has
met all the requirements of the IFB; (3) who shall certify that it is able to furnish labor that can work in harmony with all
other elements of labor employed or to be employed in the work; (4) who, where the provisions of section eight B of
chapter twenty-nine apply, shall have been determined to be qualified thereunder.
7.5 Subsequent to the award and within five (5) days, Saturday, Sundays and legal holidays excluded, after the prescribed
forms are presented for signature, the successful Bidder shall execute and deliver to the City a contract in the form
included in the Contract Documents in such number of counterparts as the City may require.
7.6 In the event that the City receives low bids in identical amount from two or more responsive and responsible Bidders, the
City shall select the successful Bidder by a blind selection process chosen by the City such as flipping a coin or drawing
names from a hat. The low Bidders who are under consideration will be invited to attend and observe the selection
8.1 The Bidder shall not include in this bid any tax imposed upon the sale or rental of tangible personal property in this
Commonwealth, such as any and all building materials, supplies, services and equipment required to complete the work.
8.2 The City is exempt from payment of the Massachusetts Sales Tax, and the Bidder shall not include any sales tax on its
bid. The City’s exemption Number is E-046-001-404.
9.1 The City has used a proprietary specification to describe the supply for which is soliciting bids. Such specifications are
permitted under M.G.L. c. 30B, §14, provided that the Chief Procurement Officer has prepared a written statement that no
other manner of description suffices and the justification therefor.
9.2 The required determination and justification have been duly prepared, and a copy may be requested in accordance with
the Massachusetts Public Records Law, M.G.L. c. 66, §10.
Project Manual #24-34 Translation and Interpretation Services for Newton Public Schools
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