Transit Map & Schedule Outreach & Design

Agency: City of Asheville
State: North Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Apr 26, 2019
Due Date: May 20, 2019
Solicitation No: 298-TMPMapDesign
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Transit Map & Schedule Outreach & Design

Request for Qualifications

Statement of Qualifications due by 4pm, 5/20/19 None at this time

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Request for Qualifications
Issue Date:
Project Name: Request for Qualifications for Transit Map and Schedule
Outreach and Redesign
Project Number: 298- TMP Map Design
Statements of Qualifications for Professional Services will be received by the City of Asheville
Transportation Department at Mezzanine Floor, 70 Court Plaza, Asheville NC 28801, until 4:00pm on
Monday, May 20, 2019 for the following:
Description of Work:
1. Background
The City of Asheville is interested in obtaining the services of qualified firms and/or professionals to advise,
support, and execute efforts that include, but are not limited to graphic design services for new maps and
schedules, development and execution of an integrated transportation marketing and communications program,
public outreach, and social media strategies for our transit system, Asheville Redefines Transit (ART)
The goals of this marketing program are: 1) create clear, and effective maps and schedules 2) inform the public of
TMP route changes and 3) boost ridership by providing clear, concise information on riding ART. Deliverables as
outlined in this RFQ are not all-inclusive and consultants are encouraged to outline additional deliverables that will
support ART’s goal of providing understandable and accessible maps for current and potential riders, and keep
the public informed of service changes due to the transit master plan.
ART is the City of Asheville’s transit service overseen by the transit department. In July 2018, City Council
adopted a transit master plan (TMP) that reflects the priorities of the community. The TMP recommends
operational changes and investments to infrastructure over the next 10 years with an overall goal of improving
and growing service. Beginning Spring 2019, the City of Asheville and ART will finalize the TMP changes to be
implemented in 2020, and will need to communicate these changes with the public prior to their start. Additional
changes are expected to be made on an annual basis.
ART currently serves approximately 1.4 million riders per year. Currently ART has maps and schedules for each
of the 18 routes, as well as a larger system map. The majority of these maps are physically distributed at the
Transit Center, or viewed on the Asheville Transit Division website.
There are currently 18 fixed routes served, predominantly within city limits (18 day routes, one university route,
one intercity route, and one late-night). Through the implementation of the TMP, it is expected that total routes will
be 19 in the first year, with additional routes being added in later years. ART is also expected to pursue the
establishment of additional Park-n-Ride facilities, improved connections with other services areas, and a
downtown shuttle.
A need identified by the City of Asheville Transit Committee, Multimodal Transportation Commission, Just
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Economics, and riders is a better means of communicating schedules and maps. With the implementation of the
TMP, a major goal is communicating the changes preemptively and effectively through a comprehensive
marketing strategy. The priority audiences are our current riders, but we would like to appeal to new riders as well.
Additional upcoming changes at ART include: the expansion of our fleet with new vehicles, a complete renovation
of the downtown transfer station, increases and upgrades of bus shelters, and new/realigned bus stops.
2. Scope of Services & Deliverables
The successful proposer shall complete the following deliverables for the City of Asheville Transit Division.
1. Branding
a. Propose possible new agency name, retaining current acronym “ART”
2. Marketing & Communications Plan for Transit Master Plan (TMP)
a. Outline dates and timeline for public notice for anticipated route changes
b. Recommend strategies for public outreach and communications plan for TMP changes
c. Provide next steps for the next phases of the TMP
3. Mapping & Way-Finding
a. Review current ART maps and schedules and provide feedback for areas of improvement
b. Facilitate the collection of public input on current maps and schedules
c. Synthesize professional and public input to re-design maps and schedules to be accessible,
easy-to-read, and informative for both current, new and prospective riders
d. Modify/develop individual ART schedules for pre-existing lines, additional lines, and modified
lines due to route, service, and schedule or policy change for print, public hearings, inside buses,
and online.
e. Modify/develop ART system map, including text, for print, public hearings, and online
f. All schedule, system map, and other transit customer information should be sent electronically in
an editable format to the Transportation Department’s representative, designated printer, and
Transit Management Company representative in an agreed upon format. Information will be given
in Google Sheet format which then must be transformed into electronic graphics. The successful
proposer must maintain good communication with the Transportation Department’s
representative, designated printer, and Transit Management Company representative and any
other specified recipients.
g. Develop an ART transit booklet, should the Transportation Department move away from
individual schedules and system map, which would compile all pre-existing schedules, new
schedules, additional lines, and the system map for print, and online.
h. The Transportation Department will be allowed as many edits/revisions until the established
deadline for finalization.
i. Provide the Transportation Department with original files (for example: .ai, .eps., or .psd) to be
used or make minor changes in house.
j. Update existing pictures on schedules or system maps when requested and provide additional
pictures to reflect any new destinations or other relevant materials.
City of Asheville - RFQ - Transit Map and Schedule Outreach and Redesign
Qualifications due May 20, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
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The winning bid will convey a creative and innovative understanding of the role that transit plays in both residents
and visitors of the City of Asheville. Bidders with ideas beyond those listed above are encouraged to submit those
ideas under an “other” section.
a. Other Considerations
In 2008, the City of Asheville completed as internal Sustainability Management Plan. According to the plan, being
sustainable means “making decisions that balance the values of environmental stewardship, social responsibility
and economic vitality to meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet
their needs.” One of the goals of the SMP is to increase the City’s use of environmentally preferable products and
services. Therefore Asheville’s Transit Division request that when possible, bidders list two prices for each
deliverable, one using conventional products, and one using products that are certified by a third party or provide
demonstrable proof of meeting standards for certification set by an organization such as Green Seal or Eco Logo.
3. Submittal Requirements
Consultant teams must submit an electronic document submittal, using email, Google Drive or similar application.
The following items must be included in the electronic document (submittal), along with other material deemed
necessary by the consultant to demonstrate their expertise and capability:
DESCRIPTION OF APPROACH: Four page limit; describe the intended approach to completing the
project, including:
a. Tasks to be performed and timeline for each task to be completed
b. Tentative allocation of person hours/days by task
c. Methods proposed to manage the project and communicate with City staff as to project progress
d. Data/materials the consultant expects the City of Asheville to provide or assist with
e. A schedule indicating completion of all work by November 8, 2019
CONSULTANT EXPERTISE:Four page limit; Description of the proposed consultant and any team
members/subcontractors who will be responsible for specific work tasks. Provide specific information on the
project manager who would be responsible for the project. Provide general information on others on the team
including their qualifications, the multidisciplinary nature of the team assembled for this project, and specific
evidence of relevant experience creating wayfinding, marketing or communication materials. Include names with
contact information (phone and email) of three past client references for any team member.
DESCRIPTION OF COMPARABLE PROJECTS: Eight page limit; summarize up to four similar projects in
progress or completed are to be submitted with the following information for each:
a. Project name and a reference name for project, with current contact information
b. Current status (e.g.: in progress; completed; in revisions/updates)
c. Client type (private sector? Public sector? Individual?)
d. Explanation of how this project is related to Asheville’s proposed project
City of Asheville - RFQ - Transit Map and Schedule Outreach and Redesign
Qualifications due May 20, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
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e. Example deliverables listed, depicted, or shown via hyperlink
PROJECT COST:One page limit. Submission should include a detailed description of the proposed
cost for the services requested. This should include the hourly rates (inclusive of overhead and profit) for
personnel or personnel categories. It should identify the total cost for completing each defined work task
separately including direct and indirect costs. The proposal should be signed by the person responsible for the
decisions as to costs and services being offered. The consultant may propose additions to the scope of work and
provide pricing accordingly.
4. Selection Process
Firms responding to this request should have demonstrated ability in mapmaking, communications and marketing.
The firm selected must demonstrate a capacity to work closely with the City staff in the course of this work.
A selection team of city staff will evaluate all submittals. The City of Asheville may request interviews with the
highest-ranked Consultants. Proposals submitted by Consultants will be evaluated according to the following
elements, and the final selection will be the Consultant that is the lowest responsible prospective bidder:
• Experience in creating and designing accessible and clear maps/schedules, & communications packages (40%);
- Experience writing copy
- Strength of graphic design skills
• Experience in soliciting and incorporating public feedback to the design process (20%);
• Strength of written and oral communications during the submittal process (30%);
- Proposed approach to the project & working with City Staff
- Rationale for proposed fee
- Proposed schedule
• Experience in working with the public sector (10%);
Consultant selection will not be affected by the proposal of add-on items or lack thereof. Any additional items will
be negotiated separately if staff decides to pursue them.
5. Conditions & Reservations
1. The City of Asheville reserves the right to select one firm for this project or to reject any and/or all proposals
submitted. The City reserves the right to obtain clarification of a firm/team’s Qualification Package or to obtain
additional information. The City may or may not conduct interviews of firms submitting proposals, and if conducted
such interviews may be in person, by telephone, or the Internet. Firms found to be technically or substantially
non-responsive at any point in the evaluation process will be without further consideration. All firms/teams who
submit a Qualification Package will be notified of the selection committee’s choice.
2. The firm selected will be required to assume responsibility for all services offered in the proposal, regardless of
who produces them. The selected consultant shall be the sole point of contact with regard to contractual matters,
including payment of any and all charges resulting from the contract. The City reserves the right to negotiate
contractual agreements with the selected firm.
3. All costs incurred for proposal preparation, presentation, or contract negotiation are the responsibility of the
City of Asheville - RFQ - Transit Map and Schedule Outreach and Redesign
Qualifications due May 20, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
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firm. The City of Asheville will not pay the cost for any information solicited or received. All documents, including
files, drawings, and specifications, created or existing as a part of this project, shall be available for use by and
become the property of the City of Asheville.
4. The firm selected (Consultant) agrees to keep and maintain for the duration of this Agreement (including but not
limited to) commercial general liability, auto liability, professional liability, workers’ compensation and employer’s
liability with at least the minimum limits shown below. Consultant shall provide evidence of insurance
coverage consistent with this requirement prior to contract award. The Consultant will furnish the City with
certificates of insurance for each type of insurance described, with the City listed as Certificate Holder and as an
additional insured on the Consultant’s general liability policy.. In the event of bodily injury, property damage,
and/or financial loss caused by consultant’s negligent acts or omissions in connection with Consultant’s services
performed under this Agreement, the Consultant’s Liability insurance will be primary with respect to any other
insurance which may be available to the City, regardless of how the “Other Insurance” provisions may read. In the
event of cancellation, substantial changes or nonrenewal, the Consultant and Consultant’s insurance carrier shall
give the City at least thirty (30) days prior written notice. No work shall be performed until the consultant has
furnished to the City the above referenced certificates of insurance, in a form suitable to the City.
Commercial General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence
Auto Liability: $1,000,000 combined single limit
Workers' Compensation: Statutory
Employer's Liability: $100,000
Professional Liability: $1,000,000 per claim-made
5. Consultant shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City and its subsidiaries, divisions, officers, directors
and employees from all liability, loss, costs, claims, damages, expenses, attorney fees, judgments and awards
arising or claimed to have arisen, from any injury caused by, or allegedly caused by, either in whole or in part, any
act or omission of the Consultant or any employee, agent or assign of the Consultant. This provision is not
applicable to any claim arising out of or related to any active or primary negligence of or by City, its officers or
6. Nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver on the part of the City to any defense of any claim, including, but
not limited to the defense of governmental immunity.
7. The proposal must also demonstrate responsiveness to the City’s Minority Business policy and goals as
described in Attachment A, below.
8. The content of the proposal of the selected firm may become a contractual obligation if a contract is issued.
Failure of the successful consultant to accept these obligations may result in cancellation of the award.
9. There shall be no substitution of any proposed team member without written permission granted by the City.
10. The City reserves the right to select one or more firms, and reserves the right to request substitutions of any
key team member, including staff and sub consultants. The City reserves the right to contact any firm if such is
deemed desirable by the City to obtain any additional information including but not limited to experience,
qualifications, abilities, equipment, facilities, and financial standing. The City reserves the right to conduct
City of Asheville - RFQ - Transit Map and Schedule Outreach and Redesign
Qualifications due May 20, 2019, 4:00 p.m.
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