The University of Northern Iowa is interested in acquiring the services for Janitorial Services at UNI-CUE.

Agency: University of Northern Iowa
State: Iowa
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561720 - Janitorial Services
Posted Date: Jul 10, 2020
Due Date: Jul 22, 2020
Solicitation No: Q9444
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RFQ# Due Date (CST) Description Specifications Buyer
Q9444 07/22/2020 - 3:00pm

The University of Northern Iowa is interested in acquiring the services for Janitorial Services at UNI-CUE.

Jon Westhoff

Attachment Preview

Request for Proposal #Q9444
UNI-CUE Janitorial Services
Procurement Services
University of Northern Iowa
103 Gilchrist Hall
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0008
RFP #Q9444
Section I
Proposal Instructions and Conditions
Section II
Terms and Conditions of the Contract
Section III
Scope of Work
Please note: an electronic version of this Request for Proposal can be downloaded from:
RFP Posted
Written Inquiry Deadline
Responses to Written Inquiries Published
Proposal Submission Deadline
Site Visit
(All times are in Central Standard time)
July 2, 2020
July 8, 2020 at 3:00PM
As soon after July 8, 2020 as possible
July 22, 2020 at 3:00 PM
July 15, 2020 – 10:00 AM
Meet at UNI-CUE front doors
1.1 General
RFP #Q9444
Section I
Proposal Instructions and Conditions
The University of Northern Iowa (also referred to as “University” or “UNI”) is interested in acquiring the
services for Janitorial Services at UNI-CUE.
1.2 Description of the University of Northern Iowa
The University of Northern Iowa, located in Cedar Falls, was founded in 1876. Today, the campus covers
915 acres and consists of five colleges: Business Administration, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences;
Humanities Arts and Sciences; and Graduate College. Approximately 11,000 undergraduate and graduate
students are currently enrolled.
1.3 University Representative
All questions and comments in reference to this Request for Proposal must be directed to:
Jon Westhoff
Procurement Manager
103 Gilchrist Hall
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0008
Telephone (319)273-6246
1.4 Each Vendor, by submitting a proposal, acknowledges its representatives have:
Read and completely understood the proposed Contract Documents contained in this RFP. The
Contract Documents shall consist of this RFP (Proposal Instructions and Conditions, Terms and
Conditions of the Contract, Scope of Work, Form of Proposal, and all attachments); any subsequent
Addenda issued by UNI, Bidders response to this RFP, and any contractual agreement that may result
from this RFP.
1.4.2 Based their proposal upon the requirements described in the proposed Contract Documents.
1.5 Receipt and Opening of Proposals
Proposals are to be submitted in an envelope, box, or package labeled “RFP Q9444: UNI-CUE
Janitorial Services”. Proposals must be received by Procurement Services, 103 Gilchrist Hall,
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0008, by 3:00 P.M., CST, on July 22, 2020. Any proposal received after
the time specified for the receipt of proposals may not be considered and may be returned unopened
to the sender as non-responsive.
One (1) electronic copy of the proposal is to be submitted to Purchasing Services in response to this
RFP by email to the address above.
1.5.2 UNI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and to waive any irregularities,
technicalities, or informalities in proposals if such waiver does not substantially change the offer or
provide an unfair competitive advantage to any Company. UNI reserves the right to request additional
documents or proposal clarifications after the due date and time for proposal submission.
No proposals submitted by use of oral, telephonic, telegraphic, or facsimile methods, nor any
modifications to previously submitted proposals made by any of these methods, will be considered. If
a proposal is sent by mail, Company should make allowance for the time required for such
1.5.4 Company's legally authorized representative (Officer of Company) shall sign the proposal. The official
name, address, telephone, and fax number and e-mail addresses are to be stated on the proposal form.
1.5.5 No responsibility will be attached to any person for premature opening of a proposal not properly
The laws of the State of Iowa require the contents of all proposals be placed in the public domain and
be open to inspection by interested parties. Proposals will be available for public viewing after a
contract has been finalized with the awarded Company. Trade secrets or proprietary information that
are recognized as such and are protected by law may be withheld, if clearly identified as such in the
proposal. Proposals marked entirely confidential or proprietary may be rejected. Pricing information,
management fees, financial arrangements, and other offers cannot be considered proprietary
Failure to list all proprietary sections of the submitted proposal in the space provided on the
Form of Proposal, shall relieve UNI personnel from any responsibility, should such information
be viewed by the public, a competitor, or be in any way released.
1.5.7 All opened proposals become the property of UNI and will not be returned to the proposer.
1.6 Prerogatives of the University
This solicitation does not commit the University to award a contract or to pay any costs incurred in the
preparation of a proposal and submission of proposals, costs incurred in making necessary studies for the
preparation of proposals, or any travel or personnel expenses associated with trips to UNI. The University
reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received; to negotiate with any qualified respondent
or respondents; or to cancel, in part or in its entirety, this RFP.
1.7 Addenda
Any and all interpretations, corrections, revisions, and amendments shall be issued by UNI Purchasing Services
to all known holders of proposed Contract Documents in the form of written addenda. Except for addenda
modifying the proposal due date or canceling the Request for Proposal, such addenda shall be issued so as to
be received at least three (3) days prior to the time set for receipt of proposals. All addenda so issued shall
become part of the Contract Documents and shall be acknowledged in the Form of Proposal.
1.8 Qualification of Company
1.8.1 UNI shall make such investigations as deemed necessary to determine the ability of Company to
provide the expected services.
1.8.2 UNI reserves the right to reject any proposal if the evidence submitted by, or investigation of, such
Company fails to satisfy UNI that said Company is properly qualified to carry out the obligations
specified herein.
1.8.3 UNI reserves the right to award based on the proposal(s) determined to be in its best interest.
1.9 Firm Selection
Selection of a Firm will be done through an evaluation of responses to this RFP #Q9444. A committee will
complete the evaluation, considering written responses to the RFP and any subsequent clarifications requested
by UNI’s evaluation team in selecting the Company it wishes to retain as its Firm. UNI and the selected Firm
may enter into negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Should UNI and the Company be unable
to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement in a timely manner, UNI reserves the right to select another Firm
and enter into negotiations with that Company.
1.10 Exceptions to Contract Documents
Company shall clearly state in the submitted proposal any exceptions to, or deviations from, the Scope of Work
of Section III, and any exceptions to the provisions, terms, and conditions of this RFP included in Section I and
Terms and Conditions of the Contract in Section II. Such exceptions or deviations will be considered in
evaluating the proposals. Any exceptions should be noted on Attachment A and returned with the submitted
proposal. Companies are cautioned that exceptions taken to this RFP may cause their proposal to be rejected at
the sole discretion of UNI. Exceptions not stated on Attachment A will have no effect.
1.11 Preference Laws
UNI will give preference to purchasing from Iowa based businesses if the proposals submitted are comparable
in pricing and their ability to meet all other evaluation criteria, when compared with proposals submitted by
other Companies.
1.12 Gratuities
The laws of the State of Iowa provide that it is a criminal offense to offer, promise, or give anything of value
or benefit to a state employee with the intent to influence that employee’s acts, opinion, judgment or exercise
of discretion with respect to that employee’s duties.
1.13 Proposal Evaluation
All proposals submitted in response to this RFP will be reviewed for responsiveness by the purchasing agent
prior to referral to the evaluation committee. A committee will then evaluate all responsive proposals in
accordance with the criteria described below.
The contract will be awarded to the vendor whose overall offer is deemed to be the most advantageous to the
University as determined by the evaluation committee. In preparing responses, offerors should describe in
great detail how they propose to meet the specifications detailed in this RFP.
The Evaluation Criteria utilized for this Request for Proposal will be based upon, but not limited to, the
following criteria which are listed in no particular order:
1.13.1 Cost of services
1.13.2 Ability to meet project timetables
1.13.3 Experience and Capability of the firm
1.13.4 Work Samples
1.14 Issuing Office
The Purchasing Agent listed herein is to be the SOLE point of contact concerning this RFP. Offerors shall

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