28th Street Bridge Project

Agency: Commonweath of Pennsylvania
State: Pennsylvania
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
Posted Date: Dec 5, 2019
Due Date: Jan 10, 2020
Solicitation No: L00017
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Advertisement - Project Specific (Municipal)
Special Comments

The City encourages responses from small firms, minority and women owned firms. Consultant teams must comply with Section 177A.02 Equal Employment Opportunity Practice and Goals of the City of Pittsburgh, Code of Ordinances. The City of Pittsburgh is committed to the ideal of providing all citizens an equal opportunity to participate in City and its Authorities Contracting opportunities. In order to ensure that there are opportunities for historically disadvantaged minority groups and women to participate on Covered Contracts, and consistent with the City's current equal employment opportunity practice and goals, the EORC will review contracts to include an evaluation of a developer/contractor's employment of minority groups and women, encouraging goals of twenty-five (25) percent for Minority Disadvantaged Enterprise (MBE) participation and ten (10) percent for Women Disadvantaged Enterprise (WBE), respectively.

Please note that the top three ranked firms will be required to visit the City of Pittsburgh, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, Office for a 30 minute question answer (Q & A) session with the City's Selection Committee followed by 10-15 minutes allotted for the firm to summarize any pertinent thoughts or provide additional significant information not already discussed. The date of the Q & A sessions will be announced after the City has reviewed all the Statements of Interest and ranked the top three firms. Firms who were not selected to participate in the Q & A session, will be notified after the top three have been selected.

Initiating Business Partner:
003057 - City of Pittsburgh Status: Published
Agreement Type: Project Specific
Services Requested: Design and Misc Services
Selection Process: Modified
SOI Deadline: 01/10/2020
L00017 28th Street Bridge Project

* This advertisement was created from Agreement L00017
The Municipality will retain an engineering firm for the following:
Part 1

Location Description Route/Section
Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh --/--

Part Name: Preliminary Engineering
Project Description: Preliminary Engineering Services for the 28th Street Bridge project. The bridge carries 28th Street over two lanes of Sassafras Way, the Port Authority East Busway, and Norfolk Southern Railroad (NSRR) tracks and connects Liberty Avenue to Brereton Street (Polish Hill). Because the existing bridge is NHRP eligible, a Historic Bridge Rehabilitation Analysis will be required in addition to a Purpose and Needs statement to consider anticipated multimodal usage. Depending on the findings of the Historic Bridge Rehabilitation Analysis, the scope of work will proceed for a rehabilitation or a replacement project. For a rehabilitation option, it is anticipated that the limits of work will extend from approach slab to approach slab (inclusive) with minor changes to the horizontal and vertical alignments, as needed. For a replacement option, the scope of work will include a task for alignment investigation in order to provide alternatives for improving the approach geometry at the north end of the structure as well as reducing the structure span length and considering anticipated usage, including bicyclist and pedestrians. The alignment investigation should provide vertical alignment that provides the minimum vertical clearance requirement for a railroad crossing. Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to: project management, schedule monitoring, pedestrian and bike traffic data collection, in-depth bridge inspection, constructability reviews, coordination of public involvement, public meeting/public officials meeting, environmental documentation, Purpose & Needs, Alternatives analysis and development to meet the project Purpose and Needs, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Resolution of Adverse Effects, inspection for asbestos containing materials, level 2 or Level 1B CE, programmatic Section 4(f) evaluations, field surveys, research background drawings/information, research of required permits, right-of-way investigation and preliminary plans, coordination with utilities, Norfolk Southern and PUC and Port Authority, preliminary geotechnical reconnaissance, TS&L submission, preliminary lighting design, preliminary E&S plans, preliminary drainage design, preliminary maintenance and protection of traffic plan, and preliminary signing and pavement marking plan.
Anticipated NTP: 7/1/2020
Project Time: Day Time
Part 2

Location Description Route/Section
Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh --/--

Part Name: Final Design
Project Description: Final Design for the 28th Street Bridge project. Final Design work includes developing preliminary designs approved in the Preliminary Engineering phase and preparation of a complete construction bid package. Consultant team responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: project management, scheduling monitoring, meeting attendance, public outreach, final structure plans, traffic signal plans, signing and pavement marking plans, maintenance and protection of traffic plans, lighting design and plans, constructability review, utility coordination, project specifications and engineering estimate (PS&E) package.
Anticipated NTP: 01/01/2022
Project Time: Day Time
Part 3

Location Description Route/Section
Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh --/--

Part Name: Services During Construction
Project Description: Services During Construction for the 28th Street Bridge project. Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to: meeting attendance, shop drawing review, RFI responses, prepare/finalize as-built drawings, and consultation with the City or other agencies.
Anticipated NTP: 01/01/2023
Project Time: Day Time
Part 4

Location Description Route/Section
Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh --/--

Part Name: Miscellaneous Services for Unforeseen Work
Project Description: Miscellaneous Services for Unforeseen Work as part of the Final Design phase for the 28th Street Bridge project. Scope of work includes unforeseen miscellaneous administrative and/or design activities necessary to complete the Final Design phase.
Anticipated NTP: 11/1/2022
Project Time: Day Time
Selection Criteria
The Municipality will establish an order of ranking of a minimum of (3 ) firms for the purpose of negotiating an agreement based on the Municipality's evaluation of the statements of interest received in response to this solicitation. The final ranking will be established directly from the statements of interest. Technical proposals will not be requested prior to the establishment of the final ranking.

The following factors, listed in order of importance, will be considered by the Municipality during the evaluation of the business partners submitting statements of interest:
Criteria Description Weight
Understanding the project requirements, approach to the project development, and discussion of how to overcome project challenges. 25%
Project Manager's experience with similar projects and his/ her ability to manage the team by continuously communicating with the City and adhering to Project Delivery Schedules. 20%
How will the team ensure that the proper application of principles will result in a cost-effective solution with consideration of the surrounding land use and all modes of transportation? 15%
Past record of performance with respect to work quality, ability to meet schedules and previous experience, with similar scope projects. 15%
Use and experience of sub-consultants, how sub-consultants are planned to be incorporated into the project, and how they will be managed to ensure that their work and deliverables are timely and meet high quality standards. 15%
Firm's commitment to a quality control and quality assurance process as demonstrated in the firm's Statement of Interest and the firm's QA/QC Plan on file in ECMS with PennDOT. 10%
Weight Total: 100%

All candidates must read and acknowledge the "General Consultant Candidate Requirements and Information for City of Pittsburgh Sponsored Federally Funded Transportation Projects" by including a statement in the Statement of Interest (SOI). See attachment.

Five example projects that are relevant to the current project being advertised should be included with the SOI. Example projects must follow the template from the Annual Qualifications package and must not exceed one page per project. File size should be as per PennDOT General Requirements, with a maximum of 10 pages total (5 pages for the SOI and 5 pages for the reference projects).

Resumes for proposed personnel in key positions are required. The resumes shall comply with PennDOT’s General Requirements and are typically submitted as a separate file from the SOI.



Statement_of_Interest.rtf documents shall comply with the following unless otherwise specified in the advertisement:


1. The maximum acceptable file size for the Statement_of_interest.pdf file is 500 kilobytes.


1. The maximum acceptable file size for the Statement_of_interest.pdf file is 1 MB.

All questions and answers are required to go through ECMS's "Questions and Responses" forum.

The statement of interest, at a minimum, should indicate how the selected firm will accomplish the tasks outlined and provide the services as detailed. The anticipated duration of the agreement is 4 years.

The goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation in this agreement shall be 35 % of the total agreement cost. Cost included in a DBE firm's price proposal as direct cost of work and services by others shall not count as DBE participation in this agreement, unless completed by a DBE firm. Additional information concerning DBE participation in this agreement is contained in the General Requirements and Information Section referenced below.

Additional information regarding this Agreement/Advertisement and Statement of Interest requirements are contained in the General Requirements document.
Location Map and General Consultant Candidate Requirements.pdf
Questions and Responses New
No records found.
Contact Information
Eric Setzler, P.E., Chief Engineer, Department of Mobility and Infrastructure - Eric.Setzler@pittsburghpa.gov
Published SOI Deadline Revised Description
12/05/2019 01/10/2020

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