2019 - Street Surface Inspection Services RFQ

Agency: City of Green River
State: Wyoming
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541350 - Building Inspection Services
Posted Date: Aug 12, 2019
Due Date: Aug 30, 2019
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Bid Title: 2019 - Street Surface Inspection Services RFQ
Category: City of Green River Bid Postings
Status: Open




Street Surface Inspection Services

The City of Green River will receive Quotations, clearly marked, "Request for Quotations -- Street Inspection Service" on or before 5:00 p.m. local time August 30, 2019, at the Finance Department located at 50 East 2 nd North Street, Green River, Wyoming. If mailed the address is:

City of Green River

Finance Department

50 East Second North

Green River, Wyoming 82935

Respondents submitting Quotations are to deliver six [6] sealed copies of the Quotation to the above location or mailed to the above address. Quotations will not be accepted after this time.

The City of Green River has selected PAVER (previously MicroPAVER™) as its pavement management plan. The City desires to have a Consultant conduct an evaluation of the City streets using PAVER™ Version 7. There are approximately 60 miles of streets to be evaluated.

The plan is for the Consultant to gather and input all necessary data into the program, perform quality checks on said data, and at the completion of the project send the City an E70 file with the new data. The City will make available to the Consultant an export file of the current system (.e60) and a current base map of the City Streets in Shapefile and KMZ formats. The e60 file does not contain streets built since the 2008 survey of the system.

Proposals are to include the total price for the Consultant to complete the work by January 15, 2019. A Contract for Services is to be provided with the proposal to allow legal review for acceptance within the designated time frame.

Inquiries regarding this project should be directed to Andy Hooten, at 307-872-0524. Written requests for information are preferred, e-mailed to For security reasons, you must enable JavaScript to view this E-mail address. .

The City of Green River reserves the right to reject any or all quotations or to accept the quotations deemed to be in the best interests of the City. The City also reserves the right to waive any informality in the submissions.

Pavement condition data must be gathered in a sound, systematic and reproducible manner to ensure consistent and accurate results for all City maintained pavements.

The consultant shall:

· Collect pavement condition data for approximately 60 miles of City streets.

· Collect digital images of the road surface conditions and recommend an efficient retrieval system.

· Determine the length and width of each road segment and provide this information to the City in PAVER™.

· Acquire other pavement related data and configure the system as required to generate multi-year pavement rehabilitation programs that reflect the City's policies and practices.

· Furnish the data and the completed model to the City's staff.

· Provide a written report documenting the work done and summarizing the key findings of the project, results of the work program selected, budget analysis, and template to be used for future annual reports.

· Prepare and implement a five-year strategy to accomplish a frequency for future reassessments.

· The definition of a street, for this project, is that pavement between the gutter on either side of the street or the total width of the pavement if there is no curb & gutter or sidewalk.

The Scope of Work is as follows:

1. The project is to be completed by January 15, 2019.

2. The nature of the work is to collect and report field data for use in PAVER™ asphalt road maintenance software that will enable the City to plan a road maintenance and resurfacing program.

3. There are approximately 60 miles of streets within the City of Green River.

4. The Consultant will be expected to provide necessary field inspectors, vehicles necessary, tools, and equipment to undertake the inspection, measurement, and reporting of the City streets.

5. All City-owned streets within the City of Green River are to be evaluated under this contract.

6. The Consultant shall present their findings, in person, at a City Council Meeting once they have completed the data input, report, budget analysis, and strategy.

The Consultant is required to supply documentation within 15 calendar days of the Award and prior to commencement of the work, proof of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and a valid City of Green River business license to conduct business within the City.

All work must be done with appropriate traffic control as required to complete the project. All traffic control and signage is the responsibility of the Consultant.

Selection criteria will be based on the proven ability to undertake work of this nature as assessed by review of references, proven service quality as assessed by a review of references; safe work practice records as assessed by a review of references and price. The submittals are to include a list of similar projects completed by the Consultant and team members within the last five years along with references for each of those projects including current addresses and telephone numbers. Project descriptions shall clearly explain what role the Consultant and team members performed on the project. The Consultant is to provide a description of expertise with similar project and public participation required by those projects.

Evaluations of Quotations received will be based on relevant experience and qualifications of the consultant. The Selection Committee will evaluate the experience and technical competence necessary to complete the required services. Primary consideration will be given to:

o Respondent and team member’s knowledge and experience in performing the services needed to accomplish the Scope of the project as listed above.

o Respondent and team member’s records of successful performances on past projects including factors such as cost control, work quality, and demonstrated ability to meet deadlines.

o Respondent and team member’s current and planned workloads and commitment of the project manager and key team members to dedicate sufficient time to any assigned task.

o The ability of the assigned project manager and key personnel to make effective public presentations.

o The ability of the respondent and team members to work with the City of Green River staff.

The Selection Committee will review and evaluate the qualifications as delivered in the submittals. Consultants may be requested to make a presentation showing their expertise or telephone interviews may be conducted.

It is expected that the City of Green River will Award a contract to the selected respondent at the September 17, 2019, Council Meeting. All work is to be completed by January 15, 2019. The 60 miles of streets as listed above is an estimate from current mapping.

Work is expected to be completed within regular work hours. Regular work hours are defined as being from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Payment for services for this contract will be following standard City of Green River Purchasing Policy practices. Payment will be made monthly with 10% of each monthly payment being retained until the project is complete.

If there are any questions regarding this manner, please contact me.


Andy P. Hooten, P.E.

Professional Engineer

City of Green River

Cc: file

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Publication Date/Time:
8/12/2019 2:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
8/30/2019 5:00 PM

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