Agency: Department of the Army
State: Alabama
Type of Government: Federal
FSC Category:
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
NAICS Category:
  • 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Set Aside: Total Small Business
Posted Date: Sep 19, 2017
Due Date: Nov 30, 2017
Solicitation No: W912JA-17-R-0013
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Solicitation Number :
Notice Type :
Synopsis :
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This is a pre-solicitation notice synopsizing an upcoming RFP solicitation to satisfy the requirements of FAR 5.201, 5.203 and 5.204. The Contracting Officer (KO) will not be able to answer any questions pertaining to this notice. Questions will only be answered that are received by Request for Information (RFI) after the solicitation and drawings have been posted to Federal Business Opportunities Website. The KO will not maintain a bidder's mailing list. All interested parties should register via www.fbo.gov interested vendors list. Do not contact the KO for General Contractor Information. It is the responsibility of the bidder to monitor and download amendments from FBO which may be issued to this solicitation.

On or about 23 October 2017. the United States Property and Fiscal Office for Alabama, on behalf of the 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard, Montgomery Alabama intends to issue a Request for Proposal for construction contractor services for construction of new Squadron Operations Facility Project FAKZ 059173 for award of a single, firm-fixed-price contract for construction services, non-personal, to provide all plant, labor, transportation, materials, facilities, tools, equipment, appliances and supervision necessary to perform and complete the Squadron Operations Facility at 187th Fighter Wing, Montgomery Regional Airport, Montgomery, Alabama.

Magnitude of the project is between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000. Construction/contract completion time is anticipated to take approximately 427 calendar days after the notice to proceed, to include inspection and punch list. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this work is 236220. The small business size standard is $36.5 million average annual revenue for the previous three years. This action is being procured as a 100% Small Business Set Aside.

Owner intends to occupy the Project upon Substantial Completion. The work of this project shall be completed in one phase. The project site is located adjacent to an existing aircraft tarmac which prohibits building structures or related construction activities from occurring within a set distance from an existing "red" line painted on the paved surface of the tarmac.

Project includes but not limited to demolition, site-work, subgrade excavation, building foundations, structural, architectural, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical and relocation of existing utilities and mechanical systems for a new two story Squadron Operations Facility and associated vehicular parking. Contractor's bid shall include rough-ins for plumbing, mechanical, electrical, including installation and final connection of all items indicated on the drawings as owner furnished contractor installed. Work also includes delegated geotechnical investigation, and foundation design.

The project design incorporates Sustainability Concepts to achieve optimum resource efficiency, constructability, sustainability, and energy conservation by integrating design strategies and criteria established in LEED for New Construction v2009. The project will NOT purse the USGBC (LEED) recognition process; however, the Contractor is responsible for ensuring that all criteria for various LEED Credits, where specified in individual specification sections, are fully implemented and accomplished.

Building Systems Commissioning is required.
The following systems, but not limited to, are to be commissioned:
Plumbing Systems:
1. Water heaters.
2. Booster pumps.
HVAC System, including:
1. Major and minor equipment items.
2. Piping systems and equipment.
3. Ductwork and accessories.
4. Terminal units.
5. Control system.
6. Variable frequency drives.
Electrical Systems:
1. Power quality.
2. Emergency power systems.
3. Uninterruptible power systems.
4. Lighting controls other than manual switches.
Electronic Safety and Security:
1. Security system, including doors and hardware.
2. Fire and smoke alarms.
1. Voice and data systems.
2. Public address/paging.

The project contains spaces - referred to as Special Access Program Facilities (SAPF) and Special Access Program Compartmented Areas (SAPCA) - where Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Program Information, is stored, used, processed or discussed.

As part of the base bid, the contractor is responsible for engaging Advantor Systems Cooperation (which is a sole source security system) for the procurement and installation of the "Secure Area(s)" Access Controls and Security Systems per Advantor Systems Corporation's "Proposal" (the contractor must confirm owner's written approval of security systems proposal being included in contractor's base bid prior to the project bid date.

In preparation of new building construction, the project site-work includes, but is not limited to, demolition of various types of existing buildings and associated utilities; demolition of various types of existing underground and overhead site utilities; demolition of existing concrete pavement of curb and gutter, vehicular access and sidewalks, asphalt pavement of vehicular driveways and parking; demolition of various types of existing vegetation; and demolition of existing perimeter security fencing.

Accepted final project shall be in accordance with final contract documents, applicable plans and specifications. Place of performance is 187th Fighter Wing, Montgomery Regional Airport, Montgomery, Alabama.

Options listed below are as follows:
Option No. 1 (Additive) Tiered Auditorium Seating
Option No. 2 (Additive): Balcony, Gutter & Downspouts
Option No. 3 (Additive): Asphalt Overlay
Option No. 4 (Additive): Marker and Tack Boards
Option No. 5 (Additive): Under Slab Vapor Barrier
Option No. 6 (Additive): Interior Upgrades; counter tops, mats, wood base, accent wall.
Option No. 7 (Additive): Operable Mesh Shades
Option No. 8 (Additive): Sodding
Option No. 9 (Additive): Site and Maintenance Upgrades; entrance mats, recycle bins, bicycle racks and signage.
Option No. 10 (Additive): Access Flooring
Option No. 11 (Additive): Demountable Partitions.

Brand name/Sole source requirement are applicable to this project:

1. Stanley Best Access Systems: Master-keyed interchangeable lock cores manufactured by Stanley Best Access Systems are the standard for securing buildings at the 187FW
2. Monaco Fire Alarm Transmitter: These transmitters are the only ones used at the 187FW with zero fire losses and are the only fire alarm transmitter that is compatible with the facilities where this system is currently installed.
3. Advantor Security Systems: Advantor is the only security system used on the 187FW facilities.
4. Johnson Controls: Johnson Controls is the only HVAC control system used on the 187FW facilities.

The following regulations are applicable to this project (including but not limited to the following):

1. All applicable National, State and Local Codes (City of Montgomery)
2. Alabama State Fire Marshall
3. Dannelly Airfield Fire Department
4. Montgomery Regional Airport Master Plan Design Data
5. Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), Current Edition
6. ICC/ANSI A117.1-2003 Design Guidelines for Accessible and Usable Building Facilities
8. All Applicable Sections of the US Code of Federal Regulations
a. 28 CFR 35 Department of Justice Accessibility Regulations Relating to State and Local Governments
b. 28 CFR 36 Department of Justice Accessibility Regulations Relating to Public Accommodations.
c. 29 CFR 1910 Occupational Safety and Health Standards
d. 36 CFR 1191 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities; Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Guidelines; current edition.
9. FED-STD-795 - Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards; 1988.
10. All applicable Engineering Technical Letters (ANGETL)
a. ANGETL 10-03, Air National Guard Design Objectives and Procedures
11. Air National Guard Handbook (ANGH) 32-1084, Facility Space Standards
12. All Applicable Sections of the United Facilities Criteria
a. Series 1-200: UFC 1-200-01, UFC 1-200-02
b. Series 3-100: All
c. Series 3-200: All except UFC 3-220-04FA, UFC 3-220-05, UFC 3-230-OS, UFC 3-230-03, UFC 3-320-06A, UFC 3-240-02, UFC 3240-03N, UFC 3-240-05A, UFC 3-240-10A UFC 3-240-13FN, UFC 3-250-07, UFC 3-260-01, UFC 3-260-02, UFC 3-260-03, UFC 3-260-05A, UFC 3-260-11FA, UFC 3-260-16FA, UFC 3-270-05, UFC 3-270-06, UFC 3-270-07, UFC 3-270-08, UFC 3-280-01A, UFC 3-280-04
d. Series 3-300: UFC 3-400-02, UFC 3-310-04
e. Series 3-400: All except UFC 3-430-01FA, UFC 3-430-02FA, UFC 4-430-07, UFC 4430-08N, UFC 3-430-11, UFC 3-440-01, UFC 3-440-05N, UFC 3-460-01, UFC 3-460-09
f. Series 3-500: All except UFC 3-520-05, UFC 3-535-01, UFC 3 540-01, UFC 3-555-01N, UFC 3-580-10
g. Series 3-700: All
h. Series 4-400: UFC 4-010-01, UFC 4-010-02, UFC 4-021-01
13. All National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards referenced by Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC).
14. All model codes and standards developed by the International Code Council (ICC) referenced by Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC).
a. International Building Code, edition referenced in applicable UFC.
b. International Fire Code, edition referenced in applicable UFC.
c. International Fuel Gas Code, edition referenced in applicable UFC.
d. International Mechanical Code, edition referenced in applicable UFC.
e. International Plumbing Code, edition referenced in applicable UFC.
f. International Electrical Code, edition reference in applicable UFC.
15. DoD Manual 5205.07, Volume 3, April 23, 2015, Change 1
16. Intelligence Community Directive, ICD 705
17. Intelligence Community Standard, ICS 705-1
18. Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, IC Tech Spec-for ICD/ICS 705

There will be a pre-bid conference/site investigation held for this project and for all prospective bidders. The tentative date for the pre-bid conference is on-or-about 6 October 2017 10:00 a.m. local time at the 187th Fighter Wing Base Civil Engineer Office. Interested contractors are encouraged to attend and shall be required to register with MSgt. Stephen Shanks by 1500 hrs. 4 October 2017 and provide their given name (no nicknames), the project name, name of the company that they represent, and a state driver's license number. Contractors must provide a list with the names of the persons attending the site visit on Company Letterhead and email it to MSgt. Shanks at stephen.a.shanks2.mil@mail.mil . Attendees will be required to provide a valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration to gain access to the installation.

A site location visit will follow the pre-bid conference. Due to Base Security requirements and limited field staff available for construction contractor site visits, this scheduled site visit will be the only one offered. Individual requests for site visits will not be granted. All questions for the pre-bid conference must be submitted by 3 October 2017 via e-mail to stephen.a.shanks2.mil@mail.mil and william.c.kast.civ@mail.mil .

The solicitation closing date is tentatively scheduled for 7 November 2017 Actual dates and times will be identified in the solicitation. The source selection process will be conducted in accordance with FAR 15.3 and DFARS Part 215.3, source selection procedures. The evaluation factors are Technical Capability, Past/Present Performance and Price. Government intends to award without discussions.

The solicitation, associated information, and the plans/specifications will only be available from the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOps) website on-line at https://www.fbo.gov. FedBizOps is a web-based dissemination tool designed to safeguard acquisition-related information for all Federal agencies. Interested bidders/offeror must register with FedBizOps before accessing the system. FedBizOps registration requires the following information: 1) System for Award Management (SAM), 2) DUNS Number and CAGE Code, 3) Telephone Number, 4) Email address. Registration instructions can be found on the FedBizOps website at https://www.fbo.gov/downloads/FBO_Vendor_Guide.pdf.

NOTE: Contractors who do not already have a MPIN are advised that the normal processing is 7 to 15 business days to obtain a MPIN password that will give them access to the plans and specifications, which are located in the controlled access location on FBO. See video in vendor guide at 3.3 on advanced functions for other information https://www.fbo.gov/demos/vendor-advanced/ . Bidders/offeror who have registered with FedBizOps must access the data for this solicitation with their MPIN. Bidders/Offerors cannot log into the FedBizOps home page and search for data.

DISCLAIMER: The official plans and specification will be located on the official government web page and the Government is not liable for information furnished by any other source. Amendments, if/when issued will be posted to the FedBizOpps page for electronic downloading. This will normally be the only method of distributing amendments prior to closing; therefore, it is the offeror's responsibility to check the website periodically for any amendments to the solicitation. Websites are occasionally inaccessible due to various reasons. The Government is not responsible for any loss of Internet connectivity or for an offeror's inability to access the documents posted on the referenced web pages.

The solicitation will not be a competitive Invitation for Bid (IFB) and there will not be a formal, public opening.

Contracting Office Address :
MONTGOMERY, Alabama 36108-4824
United States
Place of Performance :
5187 Selma Highway
Montgomery, Alabama 36109
United States
Primary Point of Contact. :
Stephen A. Shanks
Phone: 3343947530
Secondary Point of Contact :
William "Craig" Kast,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 334-271-7333

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