Sobering and Minor Medical Services - RFI 19-109

Agency: City of San Antonio
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 621111 - Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists)
Posted Date: Sep 13, 2019
Due Date: Oct 14, 2019
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Sobering and Minor Medical Services - RFI 19-109
Description: The intent of this RFI is to describe the City’s requirements so a Respondent may explain how its offering would facilitate a specific need. The Respondent should provide general information about the capabilities of its solution(s), identify key differentiators from competitors, and provide general costs of service in response.

Date Issued: Friday, September 13, 2019. Due Date & Time: Monday, October 14, 2019, 11:00 a.m. Central Time.

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Department of Human Services
Sobering and Minor Medical Services
RFI 19-109
Date Issued: 09/13/2019
Proposals Due: 10/14/2019 at 11:00 a.m.
Request for Information – Sobering and Minor Medical Services
The purpose of this Request for Information (“RFI”) is to enable the City of San Antonio (“City”), the
Department of Human Services (“DHS”) to obtain information from potential Respondents interested in
providing medically supervised sobering services for Public Intoxicants (“PI”) to interrupt the cycle of serial
inebriation and minor medical services for injured prisoners detained by the San Antonio Police Department
(“SAPD”) or other law enforcement officers.
The Department of Human Services aims to improve the quality of life for vulnerable residents by providing
human services and connections to community resources. Through the City’s investment in sobering and minor
medical, the San Antonio Police Department, Haven for Hope (“H4H”) Life Safety officers and potentially
other local law enforcement agencies can divert public inebriants from jails and area hospitals to treatment
programs. This results in significantly reduced SAPD personnel time and decreased magistration costs. The
average number of public intoxicants and injured detainees varies from year to year based on law enforcement
detainments; the past three year average is approximately 5,900 individuals.
The intent of this RFI is to describe the City’s requirements so a Respondent may explain how its offering
would facilitate a specific need. The Respondent should provide general information about the capabilities of
its solution(s), identify key differentiators from competitors, and provide general costs of service in response.
The City’s primary objectives of this RFI are to:
i. Provide medically supervised sobering services for public intoxicants detained by law enforcement
and interrupt the cycle of serial inebriation. Services should be provided to both inebriates who are
cooperative and uncooperative and may need restraint. Cost models may propose separate
cooperative and uncooperative public inebriates costs.
ii. To provide support to law enforcement agencies and Haven for Hope security services by freeing up
law enforcement to return to the street quicker.
iii. To provide support to magistrate’s office by diverting PI’s from the time consuming booking and
judicial processing at the jail.
iv. Provide minor medical (example: stitches) care and triage services to detainees brought into the unit
by law enforcement prior to or from theJustice Intake and Assessment Annex (JIAA). Medical
services are provided within an average of a 30 minute time frame freeing up law enforcement to
return to service quicker and to reduce need for emergency room visits.
v. Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in accordance with applicable standards of
vi. Sobering Unit: Sobering services include an initial medical screening, opportunity to sober up in a
safe environment with appropriate supervision, intervention by appropriate trained staff to engage
Request for Information – Sobering and Minor Medical Services
public intoxicant into longer term treatment and, when discharged, provide referrals to additional
resources that can aid in sobriety.
vii. The purpose of bringing Public Intoxicants (PI’s) to the Center by law enforceent or H4H Security
Services is to divert them from entering the legal system and instead engage them in intervention and
treatment services. Individuals are in need of a safe place to sober while intoxication withdrawal
symptoms are monitored and a potentially life threatening condition is stabilized and averted. This
may include individuals who are involved with the criminal justice system and/or are homeless.
The purpose of bringing Injured Detainees to the Minor Medical Clinic by local law enforcement is
to divert them from the community emergency rooms and have minor medical needs (e.g., suturing
minor lacerations) that can be evaluated and treated in an outpatient setting.
General Operating Procedures The following are general operating procedures and may be modified based on
individual respondent’s preference.
i. Upon arrival to the sobering unit, law enforcement or H4H will escort PI into the sobering unit for
ii. SAPD and or H4H life safety officer will provide the following: Officer’s name badge#, case # and
District # in which the incident occurred. The officer will also provide name, date of birth, and
social security number of PI if available.
iii. An intake shall be provided for each PI and the initial medical screening is administered. Name,
DOB, SS#, and date of arrival.
iv. Vital signs are taken and recorded and monitored by appropriate medical staff throughout the
duration of the stay.
v. Personal property is inventoried and assigned a safe place to be stored. Client is assigned a bed or
mat until the sobering process is complete.
vi. When the sobering process is complete and the client is ready for discharge, staff provides the
following: inventory list to the client, the list is signed to indicate he/she has received all the property
back. Vitals are taken and shared with the client. When appropriate, Medical Staff will explain and
share recommendation for further treatment.
Medical for Injured Detainees:
vii. Officer escorts the individual into the clinic. An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a Physician
Assistant (PA) or an Advanced Practitioner Nurse (APN) will evaluate the individual immediately
providing a medical triage. Clinical services are provided as indicated and documented.
viii. A copy of the medical clearance is provided to the arresting officers for Magistrate processing.
ix. If the individual requires a higher level of care, the provider will initiate care and facilitate
Emergency Medical Services transfer when appropriate.
Request for Information – Sobering and Minor Medical Services
x. Respondent in developing a cost estimate should assume a facility will be provided by the City. A
respondent may, as additional information recommend a site facility with associated costs.
The City is seeking to gather information from firms that have experience providing these services to other like
sized organizations. The City hopes to gain a better understanding of services currently in the marketplace and
their functionality. Responses to this Request for Information may be used by the City to draft scopes of work,
develop contract requirements, and maximize vendor participation to leverage competitive contract pricing.
A Pre-Submittal Conference will be held at 1:00 p.m., Central Time, Friday, September 20, 2019, at San Antonio Head
Start Headquarters, Discovery Conference Room, 1227 Brady Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78207. Respondents are
encouraged to prepare and submit their questions in writing two (2) business days in advance of the Pre-Submittal
Conference in order to expedite the proceedings. Questions received by this due date may be distributed at the Pre-
Submittal Conference and posted with this Request for Information. Attendance at the Pre-Submittal Conference is
optional, but encouraged. Respondents that are not able to attend in person may participate by conference call.
Respondents may call the toll-free number listed below and enter the access code to participate the day of the conference.
Toll Free Dial-In Number: 1-877-226-9790
Access Code: 4511640
This meeting place is accessible to disabled persons. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request. Interpreters
for the Deaf must be requested at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. For assistance, call (210) 207-7245 Voice/TTY.
Respondents may ask verbal questions concerning this RFI at the Pre-Submittal Conference.
Respondents may submit written questions concerning this RFI to the Staff Contact Person listed below until 11:00 a.m.,
Central Time, on Thursday, September 26, 2019. Questions received after the stated deadline will not be answered. All
questions shall be sent by e-mail to:
Charisma Esparza, Procurement Specialist III
City of San Antonio, Finance Department/Purchasing Division
Questions submitted and the City’s responses will be posted on the City’s website with this solicitation.
Respondents shall provide the following information with their response.
Through this RFI the City of San Antonio is seeking information on the desirability of entering into an
agreement for the operation of the sobering and minor medical service contract. Respondents should provide
the following information:
Letter of Interest that states the type(s) of contractual arrangement(s) including financial remittance that
might be appropriate and best suited to meet the City’s objectives of offering this service.
Request for Information – Sobering and Minor Medical Services
Brief company description to include the number of years in operation, level of expertise in services
provided, financial status of company and relationship to any larger business entity. Joint partnerships
with other companies will be considered in order to deploy the overall concept, however all entities will
need to provide the information requested above.
Contact information for the company representative who will respond to questions or requests from the
City for additional information.
Business plan and operational strategy.
Description of services proposed to be provided.
Proposed schedule of hours and days of operation, including proposed term of operation.
Operational requirements and/or improvements that may be required for operating space.
Additional Information: The City welcomes Respondents to submit any pertinent information that the
City should consider, including topics that the City has not included in our RFI.
General Terms and Conditions of the Request for Information (RFI)
1. This is ONLY a REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) and should not be construed as intent,
commitment or promise to enter an agreement with a respondent.
2. The City of San Antonio will not be obligated to any Respondent as a result of this RFI. The City is not
obligated for any cost incurred by vendors in the preparation of the Request for Information. The City
will not pay for any information herein requested nor is liable for any costs incurred by the vendor. For
economy of presentation, special bindings, colored displays, promotional materials and the like are not
required but if they are presented, the City will not be responsible for this cost.
3. The City will review all information and recommendations received to assess our needs and define our
4. Confidential or Proprietary Information. All Request For Information responses become the property of
the City upon receipt and will not be returned. Any information deemed to be confidential by
Respondent should be clearly noted; however, City cannot guarantee that it will not be compelled to
disclose all or part of any public record under the Texas Public Information Act, since information
deemed to be confidential by Respondent may not be considered confidential under Texas law, or
pursuant to a Court order.
5. The City welcomes vendors to submit any pertinent information that the City should consider, including
topics that the City has not included in our RFI.
6. To fully comprehend the information contained within a response to this RFI, the City may seek further
clarification to your submitted response. This clarification may be requested in the form of a brief verbal
communication by telephone; electronic communication; and/or a demonstration/presentation of the
response to a meeting of the review committee and at any time prior to final approval of a selected
Request for Information – Sobering and Minor Medical Services

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