SMART Cities Initiative Streetlight Controller with Revenue Generating Capability

Agency: City of Lancaster
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541511 - Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541519 - Other Computer Related Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Apr 9, 2019
Due Date: Apr 26, 2019
Solicitation No: RFO 711-19
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RFO 711-19

Addendum 1

Addendum 2

SMART Cities Initiative

Streetlight Controller with Revenue Generating Capability

Christine Malta


2:00 p.m. changed to 4/26/2019

2:00 p.m.

Attachment Preview

RFO NO. 711-19
SMART Cities Initiative
Streetlight Controller w/ Revenue Generating Capability
April 19, 2019
BEFORE 2:00 P.M.
Office of the City Clerk
Lancaster City Hall
RFO 711-19
44933 Fern Avenue
Lancaster, CA 93534
For questions concerning this RFO contact by e-mail:
Christine Malta, Sr. Operations Manager, Purchasing & Business Services
The City of Lancaster (“City”) is requesting offers for a citywide mesh wireless system for Smart
City initiatives, LED streetlight control, cellular offloading – small cell infrastructure, and
revenue generation, through a public-private partnership where the private partner will be
granted limited access to City infrastructure and Right-Of-Way.
The ideal Offer would include all or the majority of the features listed in Section #1 of
Attachment A - Scope of Services. The City will also consider Offers for alternative solutions,
provided they have the minimum features listed in the Scope of Services.
This RFO contains the information and documents necessary to prepare and submit a responsive
Offer. Proposers are responsible for complying with all requirements identified herein. By
submitting an Offer packet, the Proposer represents that it has thoroughly examined and become
familiar with the work required within this request, and that it is capable of supplying a product
to achieve the City’s objectives. Requests for modifications to the submitted Offer packet on the
grounds that the Proposer was not fully informed as to any fact or condition will not be allowed.
The City reserves the right to accept or reject any Offer, or portions thereof, or to waive any
informalities or irregularities within the Offers.
Any questions or requests for interpretation or clarification, either administrative or technical,
about this RFO must be submitted in writing to Christine Malta at
or facsimile number (661) 723-5845 prior to 2:00 P.M. Monday, April 8, 2019.
Oral statements concerning the meaning or intent of the contents of this RFO by any person is
unauthorized and invalid. The City will not be responsible for any other explanation or
interpretation of the RFO, or for any oral instructions. Any contact with City personnel other
than identified above regarding this RFO may disqualify a Proposer.
For clarification purposes, the words “Vendor”, “Contractor”, “Supplier”, “Company”,
“Proposer”, and “Bidder” shall be read to be one and the same. The words “Contract” and
“Agreement” shall be read to be one and the same. The words “Bid”, “Quote”, “Proposal”, and
“Offer”, shall be read to be one and the same. “City of Lancaster” and “City” shall be read to be
one and the same. “Request for Offer” and “RFO” shall be read to be one and the same.
After the date and time established for receipt of offers by the City, any contact initiated by any
Proposer with any City representative, other than the representative listed herein, concerning this
Request for Offer is prohibited. Any such unauthorized contact may cause the disqualification of
the Proposer from this procurement transaction.
Be advised that all information contained in offers submitted in response to this solicitation may
be subject to the California Public Records Act (Government Code §6250 et. seq.), and
information’s use and disclosure are governed by this Act. Any information deemed confidential
or proprietary should be clearly identified as such. It may then be protected and treated with
confidentiality only to the extent permitted by state law.
Offers shall be completed in all respects as required by this RFO. An offer may be rejected if
conditional or incomplete, or if it contains any alterations or other irregularities of any kind, and
will be rejected if any such defect or irregularity can materially affect the quality of the offer.
Offers which contain false or misleading statements may be rejected. If, in the opinion of the
City’s selection committee, such information was intended to mislead the City in its evaluation
of the offer, and the attribute, condition, or capability is a requirement of this RFO, the Offer will
be rejected. Statements made by a Proposer shall also be without ambiguity, and with adequate
elaboration, where necessary, for clear understanding. Unauthorized conditions, exemptions,
limitations, or provisions attached to an Offer will render it non-responsive and may cause its
The Proposer, in responding to this RFO, must submit Offers in the format identified in this
RFO. The Offer must address all requirements of the RFO even if a “no response” is
Costs for developing Offers are entirely the responsibility of the Proposer and shall not be
chargeable to the City.
Only one Offer is to be submitted by each Proposer. Multiple Offers will result in rejection of all
Offers submitted by the Proposer.
Offers shall adhere to the following format for organization and content. Responses should
emphasize the Proposer’s demonstrated ability to perform work of this type. Expensive
bindings, colored displays, promotional materials, etc. are not necessary or desired. Emphasis
should be concentrated on completeness and clarity of content.
The Offer shall include an original five copies, and a flash drive containing an electronic version
of the Offer in a sealed envelope, addressed to the City at the below referenced address. Each
sealed envelope containing an Offer must be plainly marked on the outside and include the
supplier’s name and address. If forwarded by mail, the sealed envelope containing the Offer
must be enclosed in another envelope.
Offers shall be typed and arranged/divided in the following sequence to facilitate evaluation:
1. Cover Letter
The Offer shall be transmitted to the City with a cover letter stating the Proposer’s
understanding of the work to be done, a statement why the firm believes itself to be best
qualified to perform, and the name, address and telephone number of the person(s) who
will be authorized to represent your firm. The letter shall be signed by an officer of the
bidding firm authorized to bind the firm to all commitments made in the Offer.
Address the cover letter as follows:
Britt Avrit, City Clerk
City of Lancaster
44933 Fern Avenue
Lancaster, CA 93534
2. General Description of Smart City Initiative
Provide a thorough description of the equipment, system, and services that the
prospective supplier will provide and include a description of how the Smart City
Initiative will work. Detail the nexus between the product requested in Section #1,
Attachment A, and the equipment being offered.
3. Financial
Provide a descriptive financing plan that includes an estimated revenue share to the City.
Include a timeline of revenue payments, i.e., when the first revenue would be expected,
and the frequency of revenue remitted to the City. If there are multiple independent
revenue streams, identify each stream of revenue, and how revenue is generated
independently from the other revenue components. If possible, identify projects that have
successfully received revenue from these sources.
4. Qualifications of the Project Team
Provide an overview of the project team’s qualifications and experience working on
projects of similar scope and size.
5. Timeline
Provide an overview of the timeline of deliverables, which the prospective supplier will
follow in order to meet CITY’s operational goals.
6. Operations, Service and Maintenance Plan
Provide a service, maintenance, and operations plan that provides detailed information on
how the prospective supplier intends to operate and maintain equipment through the
duration of the agreement.
7. References
Include a minimum of three (3) references (names, current phone numbers, and email
addresses) for similar local municipal governments for which the firm has executed
similar solutions. Include the contact person who was directly responsible for overseeing
the implementation/completion of the projects.
8. Signature Sheet
Complete the Signature Sheet on Page 11 of this RFO document and include it in the
Offer submission.
9. Intended Form of Agreement
If the Proposer has an Intended Form of Agreement, this should be included with the
Offer for review. The final Form of Agreement will be negotiated with the Proposer after
10. Other
List any other information that might aid in the selection of your solution.
11. Exhibit A – Scope of Services
Proposers are instructed to provide a brief explanation if the proposed system does not
include any one of the desired features listed in Section #1 of Attachment A - Scope of
If, prior to the date fixed for submission of Offers, a Proposer discovers any ambiguity, conflict,
discrepancy, omission or other error in this RFO or any of its appendices or exhibits, they shall
immediately notify the City of such error in writing and request modification or clarification of
the document. Modifications shall be made by written Addenda to the RFO.

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