Sedgwick County Radio Replacement Program

Agency: Sedgwick County
State: Kansas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Feb 20, 2019
Due Date: Feb 26, 2019
Solicitation No: 19-0013
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RFB/RFP Due Date Description Document Pre-bid Conference
19-0013 2/26/2019 1:45:00 PM Sedgwick County Radio Replacement Program

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Purchasing Section
525 N. Main, Suite 823 ~ Wichita, KS 67203
Phone: 316 660-7255 Fax: 316 383-7055
RFP #19-0013
January 23, 2019
Sedgwick County, Kansas (hereinafter referred to as “county”) is seeking a firm or firms to provide Sedgwick
County with a Radio Replacement Program. If your firm is interested in submitting a response, please do so in
accordance with the instructions contained within the attached Request for Proposal. Responses are due no
later than 1:45 p.m. CST, February 26, 2019.
All contact concerning this solicitation shall be made through the Purchasing Section. Bidders shall not
contact county employees, department heads, using agencies, evaluation committee members or elected
officials with questions or any other concerns about the solicitation. Questions, clarifications and concerns shall
be submitted to the Purchasing Section in writing. Failure to comply with these guidelines may disqualify the
Proposer’s response.
Kristen McGovern
Senior Buyer
RFP #19-0013
Sedgwick County…Working for you
Table of Contents
About this Document
II. Background
III. Project Objectives
IV. Submittals
V. Scope of Work
VI. Sedgwick County’s Responsibilities
VII. Proposal Terms
A. Questions and Contact Information
B. Minimum Firm Qualifications
C. Evaluation Criteria
D. Request for Proposal Timeline
E. Contract Period and Payment Terms
F. Insurance Requirements
G. Indemnification
H. Confidential Matters and Data Ownership
I. Proposal Conditions
VIII. Required Response Content
IX. Response Form
I. About this Document
This document is a Request for Proposal. It differs from a Request for Bid or Quotation in that the county is seeking a solution,
as described on the cover page and in the following Background Information section, not a bid or quotation meeting firm
specifications for the lowest price. As such, the lowest price proposed will not guarantee an award recommendation. As
defined in Charter Resolution No. 68, Competitive Sealed Proposals will be evaluated based upon criteria formulated around
the most important features of the product(s) and/or service(s), of which quality, testing, references, service, availability or
capability, may be overriding factors, and price may not be determinative in the issuance of a contract or award. The proposal
evaluation criteria should be viewed as standards that measure how well a vendor’s approach meets the desired requirements
and needs of the County. Criteria that will be used and considered in evaluation for award are set forth in this document. The
county will thoroughly review all proposals received. The county will also utilize its best judgment when determining whether
to schedule a pre-proposal conference, before proposals are accepted, or meetings with vendors, after receipt of all proposals.
A Purchase Order/Contract will be awarded to a qualified vendor submitting the best proposal. Sedgwick County reserves the
right to select, and subsequently recommend for award, the proposed service(s) and/or product(s) which best meets its
required needs, quality levels and budget constraints.
The nature of this work is for a public entity and will require the expenditure of public funds and/or use of public
facilities, therefore the successful proposer will understand that portions (potentially all) of their proposal may become
public record at any time after receipt of proposals. Proposal responses, purchase orders and final contracts are subject to
public disclosure after award. All confidential or proprietary information should be clearly denoted in proposal responses
and responders should understand this information will be considered prior to release, however no guarantee is made that
information will be withheld from public view.
RFP #19-0013
Sedgwick County…Working for you
Sedgwick County, located in south-central Kansas, is one of the most populous of Kansas’ 105 counties with a population
estimated at more than 511,000 persons. It is the sixteenth largest in area, with 1,008 square miles, and reportedly has the
second highest per capita wealth among Kansas’ counties. Organizationally, the county is a Commission/Manager entity,
employs nearly 2,500 persons, and hosts or provides a full range of municipal services, e.g. – public safety, public works,
criminal justice, recreation, entertainment, cultural, human/social, and education.
Sedgwick County believes that the most important aspect of any public safety radio network is coverage reliability coupled
with clearly understood audio quality delivered to users throughout their various working environments. Sedgwick County
appreciates the need for Proposers to have adequate flexibility in these specifications, such that proposed solutions can be
technically optimized meet user desires and coverage expectations.
Project Objectives
Sedgwick County, Kansas (hereinafter referred to as “county”) is seeking a firm or firms to provide a complete Radio
Replacement Program. The following objectives have been identified for this contract:
1. Acquire a complete Radio Replacement Services meeting the parameters, conditions and mandatory requirements
presented in the document.
2. Establish contract pricing with the vendor that has the best proven “track-record” in performance, service and
customer satisfaction.
3. Acquire Radio Replacement Services with the most advantageous overall cost to the County.
IV. Submittals
Carefully review this Request for Proposal. It provides specific technical information necessary to aid participating firms
in formulating a thorough response. Should you elect to participate, submit one (1) original AND one (1) electronic copy
(.PDF/Word supplied on a flash drive) of the entire document with any supplementary materials to:
Kristen McGovern
Senior Buyer
Sedgwick County Purchasing Section
525 N. Main, Suite 823
Wichita, KS 67203
SUBMITTALS are due NO LATER THAN 1:45 p.m. CST, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2019. Responses must be
sealed and marked on the lower left-hand corner with the firm name and address, proposal number, and proposal due date.
Late or incomplete responses will not be accepted and will not receive consideration for final award.
Proposal responses will be acknowledged and read into record at bid opening which will occur at 2:00 p.m. CST, on the
due date. No information other than the respondent’s name will be disclosed at bid opening.
V. Scope of Work
Specifications for Radio Portable Option A
Single-band operation for digital P25 700/800 MHz system
TDMA operational (P25 Phase 2 capability)
1000 channel capacity
Customization of radio profiles
MIL – STD 810 C, D, E, F, G rating
Inhibit capability
Top display
Limited keypad allowing user to change zones, go to home channel, etc.
Lighting to indicate emergency, low battery, and out of range
Voice announcement for zone and channel selections
IP68 rating
Tempered glass display
Dual latch battery
RFP #19-0013
Sedgwick County…Working for you
Encryption (single channel or multi-channel, as indicated in numbers)
Gain control
Noise suppression
GPS tracking
Wi-Fi capable
Specific for Sedgwick County Fire District #1
Rugged housing
Safety green housing
Radio control knobs and speaker mic that is able to be used with fire gloves on.
Specifications for Portable Option B
Single-band operation for digital P25 700/800 MHz system
TDMA operational (P25 Phase 2 capability)
512 channel capacity
Customization of radio profiles
MIL – STD 810 C, D, E, F, G rating
Inhibit capability
IP68 rating
Noise suppression
Specifications for Mobile Radio Option A
Single-band operation for digital P25 700/800 MHz system
TDMA operational (P25 Phase 2 capability)
1000 channel capacity
Customization of radio profiles
MIL – STD 810 C, D, E, F, G rating
Inhibit capability
Priority scanning
Backlit display
Wi-Fi capable
Specifications for Mobile Radio Option B
Single-band operation for digital P25 700/800 MHz system
TDMA operational (P25 Phase 2 capability)
512 channel capacity
Customization of radio profiles
MIL – STD 810 C, D, E, F, G rating
Inhibit capability
Backlit display
RFP #19-0013
Sedgwick County…Working for you
VI. Sedgwick County’s Responsibilities
Provide information, as legally allowed, in possession of the County, which relates to the
County’s requirements or which is relevant to this project.
Designate a person to act as the County’s Contract Manager with respect to the work to be performed under this
County reserves the right to make inspections at various points of the project. Contractor agrees to openly
participate in said inspections and provide information to the county on the progress, expected completion date
and any unforeseen or unexpected complications in the project.
VII. Proposal Terms
Questions and Contact Information
Any questions regarding this document must be submitted in writing to Kristen McGovern at by 5:00 p.m. CST Tuesday, February 5, 2019. Any questions of a substantive
nature will be answered in written form as an addendum and posted on the purchasing website at under the Documents column
associated with this RFP number by 5:00 p.m. CST Monday, February 11, 2019. Firms are responsible for checking the
website and acknowledging any addenda on their proposal response form.
Minimum Firm Qualifications
This section lists the criteria to be considered in evaluating the ability of firms interested in providing the service(s)
and/or product(s) specified in this Request for Proposal. Firms must meet or exceed theses qualifications to be
considered for award. Any exceptions to the requirements listed should be clearly detailed in proposer’s response.
Proposers shall:
1. Have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in providing services similar to those specified in this RFP.
2. Have an understanding of industry standards and best practices.
3. Have experience in managing projects of comparable size and complexity to that being proposed.
4. Have knowledge of and comply with all currently applicable, and as they become enacted during the contract term,
federal, state and local laws, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations. All laws of the State of Kansas, whether
substantive or procedural, shall apply to the contract, and all statutory, charter, and ordinance provisions that are
applicable to public contracts in the county shall be followed with respect to the contract.
5. Municipal and county government experience is desired, however, the county will make the final determination
based on responses received and the evaluation process.
6. Have the capacity to acquire all bonds, escrows or insurances as outlined in the terms of this RFP.
7. Provide project supervision (as required) and quality control procedures.
8. Have appropriate material, equipment and labor to perform specified services.
9. Park only in designated areas and display parking permit (if provided).
10. Wear company uniform or ID badge for identification purposes.
11. All equipment and supplies offered in a proposal must be new and of current production and available for marketing
by the manufacturer unless the proposal clearly specifies that used, reconditioned, or remanufactured equipment
and supplies may be offered.
12. Firm fixed prices shall include all packing, handling and shipping charges.
13. The firm fixed prices RFP shall remain valid for 90 days from RFP opening unless otherwise indicated. If the
proposal is accepted, prices shall be firm for the specified contract period.
14. Proposals lacking any written indication of intent to respond with an alternate brand(s) or to take an exception shall
be received and considered to be in complete compliance with the specifications and requirements as listed in the
15. Respondents must examine the entire proposal carefully. Failure to do so shall be at respondent’s risk.
16. Any pricing information submitted by a respondent but not reflected on the pricing page shall be subject to
evaluation if deemed by Purchasing Division, to be in the best interests of the County.
17. When evaluating a proposal, the County reserves the right to consider relevant information and fact, whether gained
from a proposal, from a respondent, from respondent’s references, or from any other source.
RFP #19-0013
Sedgwick County…Working for you

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