Securing Vacant Buildings

Agency: City of Kalamazoo
State: Michigan
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jul 17, 2019
Due Date: Aug 14, 2019
Solicitation No: 91065-003.0
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Description Bid # Bid Opening Documents
Securing Vacant Buildings 91065-003.0 August 14, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. Bid Documents

Attachment Preview

Department of Management Services
Purchasing Division
241 West South Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007-4796
Phone: 269.337.8020
Fax: 269.337.8500
PROJECT: Two Year Term Contract for Securing Vacant Buildings
DEPARTMENT CONTACT: Robert McNutt, Project Coordinator at (269) 337-8566
DEPT: CP&ED - Code Administration
ISSUE DATE: July 17, 2019
QUOTE RETURN DATE: August 14, 2019 (at the end of business day)
SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS: Return on or before date above. Mark envelope – Quotation – Secure
Vacant Buildings 91065-003.0 and due date. This quote may also be faxed to (269) 337-8500.
If you do not respond to this inquiry within the time set for the quote due date and time noted, it will be
assumed that you can no longer supply this commodity/service, and your name will be removed from
this bid list.
Specifications are unclear (explain below).
We are unable to meet specifications.
Our schedule would not permit us to perform.
We do not offer this product or service.
Remove us from your bidders list for this commodity or service.
REMARKS: ___________________________________________________________________________
SIGNED: _________________________________ NAME: ___________________________________
(Type or Print)
TITLE: __________________________________ DATE: ___________________________________
FIRM NAME: _________________________________________________________________________
(if any)
ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________
(Street address)
PHONE: _________________________________ FAX: _____________________________________
EMAIL: ______________________________________________________________________________
Securing Vacant Buildings
Page 2
Bid Reference No: 91065-003.0
1. EXAMINATION OF BID DOCUMENT-Before submitting a quote, vendors shall carefully
examine the specifications and shall fully inform themselves as to all existing conditions and
limitations. The vendor shall indicate in the quote the sum to cover the cost of all items included on
the quote form.
2. PREPARATION OF QUOTE-The quote shall be legibly prepared in ink or typed. If a unit price or
extension already entered by the vendor on the Quote and Award form is to be altered, it shall be
crossed out and the new unit price or extension entered above or below and initialed by the vendor
with ink. The quote shall be legally signed and the complete address of the vendor given thereon.
All quotes shall be tightly sealed in an envelope plainly marked SEALED QUOTE and identified by project name, quote
opening date and time. Quotes opened by mistake, due to improper identification, will be so documented and resealed.
The Purchasing Division will maintain and guarantee confidentiality of the contents until the specified opening date and
time. Quotes submitted by Fax machine will not be accepted.
3. EXPLANATION TO VENDORS-Any binding explanation desired by a vendor regarding the
meaning or interpretation of the Request for Quotes (RFQ) and attachments must be requested in
writing, at least 5 days before the bid opening so a reply may reach all prospective vendors before
the submission of bids. Any information given to a prospective vendor concerning the RFQ will be
furnished to all prospective vendors as an amendment or addendum to the RFQ if such information
would be prejudicial to uninformed vendors. Receipt of amendments or addenda by a vendor must be
acknowledged in the quote by attachment, or by letter or fax received before the time set for opening
of quotes. Oral explanation or instructions given prior to the opening will not be binding.
4. CASH DISCOUNTS-Discount offered for payment of less than thirty (30) days will not be
considered in evaluating quotes for award. Offered discounts of less than thirty (30) days will be taken
if payment is made within the discount period, even though not considered in evaluation of the quote.
5. WITHDRAWAL OF QUOTES-Quotes may be withdrawn in person by a vendor or authorized
representative, provided their identity is made known and a receipt is signed for the quote, but only if
the withdrawal is made prior to the exact time set for receipt of quote. No quote may be withdrawn for
at least ninety (90) days after bid opening.
6. ALTERNATE QUOTES-Vendors are cautioned that any alternate quote, unless specifically
requested or any changes, insertions or omissions to the terms and conditions, specifications or any
other requirement of this RFQ may be considered non-responsive, and at the option of the City, result
in rejection of the alternate quote
7. LATE QUOTES-Any quote received at the office designated herein after the exact time specified for
receipt will not be considered. (Note: The City reserves the right to consider quotes that have been
determined by the City to be received late due to mishandling by the City after receipt of the quote and
no award has been made.)
8. UNIT PRICES-If there is a discrepancy between unit prices and their extension, unit prices shall
Securing Vacant Buildings
Page 3
Bid Reference No: 91065-003.0
The undersigned having become thoroughly familiar with all of the quote/contract documents incorporated
herein, the project site and the location conditions affecting the work, hereby proposes to perform everything
required to be performed in strict conformity with the requirements of these documents, and to provide
supervision, all labor, equipment, supplies and materials necessary to perform in a professional manner the
securing of vacant and abandoned buildings as specified herein for the unit prices as stated below:
1. Standard Response Board/Otherwise Secure first opening
UNIT PRICES (per occurrence)
Year 1
Year 2
$___________ $___________
2. Board each additional, same trip, lower-floor
$___________ $___________
3. Board each additional, same trip, upper-floor
$___________ $___________
4. Remove/Replace existing door latch set, keyed alike
$___________ $___________
5. Install hasp on existing door & jamb.
$___________ $___________
6. Other work* (minor demo., carpentry, etc.) Labor @ $/hr.
$___________/hr $___________/hr
Contractor invoice will include itemized list of necessary
materials and equipment showing reasonable costs for same.
7. Priority Request Surcharge
(Respond within 24 hours of request)
$___________ $___________
8. High Priority Request Surcharge
(Respond within 4 hours of request)
$___________ $___________
NOTE: Two or more immediately adjacent opening(s) totaling four (4) x eight (8) foot or smaller
shall be noted as such but considered to be and invoiced as one opening.
All of the above unit prices shall remain firm for the respective twelve (12) month periods after award date.
I, the Contractor, by my signature ______________________________, hereby certify that I shall respond on
site and complete all work within the time frame as specified herein on an ongoing basis.
Contractor has examined and carefully studied the bidding documents and attachments, and acknowledges
receipt of the following addenda:
Addendum No:
_________ __________ __________ __________ __________
_________ __________ __________ __________ __________
Securing Vacant Buildings
Page 4
Bid Reference No: 91065-003.0
Contractor shall provide all of the information as requested herein with their bid. Failure to do so and/or
failure to provide post-bid requested information may be cause for rejecting the bid as non-responsive.
By my signature below, I certify that the firm bidding on this contract, when making hiring decisions, does not
use a past criminal conviction as a bar to or preclude a person with a criminal conviction from being
considered for employment with the bidding firm unless otherwise precluded by federal or state law. I further
certify that I have read and agree to be bound by the provisions of the City’s Non-Discrimination Clause found
in Appendix A and as updated by City Ordinance 1856.
Signed: ______________________________________ Name: _________________________________
Title: _______________________________________
Securing Vacant Buildings
Page 5
Bid Reference No: 91065-003.0
Using the table below provide information regarding the sub-contractors that will be working to fulfill the requirements
of this contract. Submit as complete a list as possible at the time of your bid. You will have two business days after the
bid opening to update the list as needed. The information provided will be used for evaluating your bid and to assist in
determining if you qualify as a Kalamazoo County Bidder.
Nature of Contract - State a brief description of the work or product that will be provided.
BIDDER – Provide the percentage of services or construction activity that will be provided by your firm.
Provide the Name and Address for each subcontractor providing services or construction activities for this
Indicate with YES or NO under the “Local?” box if they qualify as a “Kalamazoo County bidder” (see local
preference certification page)
Provide the percentage for the dollar amount of the contract work they will be performing.
If there are not enough lines in the table below make additional copies as needed.
Nature of Contract:
Subcontractor Name/Address
% Of Total
Does this List of Subcontractors need to be updated after the bid opening? Yes ______ No ______

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