18-19.006 - San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project 2018

Agency: City of San Leandro
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 56 - Construction and Building Materials
Posted Date: Oct 16, 2018
Due Date: Oct 18, 2018
Solicitation No: 18-19.006
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Due Date Time Location Number Title Description Meeting Date Time Location
3:00 PM
Purchasing Department-City Hall, 2nd Floor, 835 E. 14th. Street

18-19.006 - San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project 2018

The City of San Leandro is requesting bids to furnish all labor, materials and equipment and perform all work necessary and incidental to replace existing fencing at the City¡¯s Dog Park.

Notice to Bidders

RFI No. 1

RFI No. 2

RFI No. 3

RFI No. 4

Attachment Preview

City of San Leandro
Purchasing Department
835 East 14th Street
San Leandro, CA 94577
Julie Jenkins
Purchasing Agent
(510) 577-3472 fax (510) 577-3312
September 26, 2018
3:00 p.m., Thursday, October 18, 2018
San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project 2018
Bid No. 18-19.006
Notice to Bidders
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids must be received by the
Purchasing Agent in the Purchasing Office October 18, 2018 at 3:00 PM
local time, at which time they will be publicly opened and read for
furnishing all labor, materials and equipment and performing all work
necessary and incidental to furnish and replace existing fencing at the
City’s Dog Park, in accordance with Attachment A Specifications
San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project 2018, incorporated herein.
THERE WILL NOT BE A JOBSITE WALK. The Dog Park is open and
accessible for inspection during normal daylight hours. Please see
attached map (Attachment B) indicating the areas where the fencing is
to be replaced.
Questions related to this IFB must be submitted in writing to the
Purchasing Agent at the address above or via email to:
Sealed bids shall be received at the Purchasing Office, City Hall, 835 E.
14th Street, San Leandro, CA up to 3:00 p.m., on Thursday, October 18,
2018 at which time they will be publicly opened and read.
Bids shall be delivered and addressed to the City of San Leandro
Purchasing Agent, 835 E. 14th Street, San Leandro, California, 94577,
and shall be labeled “Dog Park Fencing Project”. Any Bidder who wishes
their bid to be considered is responsible for making certain that their bid
is received in the Purchasing Office by the proper time. No oral,
telegraphic, electronic, facsimile or telephonic bids or modifications will
be considered unless specified. Bids received after the scheduled Bid
Submittal Deadline will be returned unopened.
(Base Bid
Page 1 of 26 Bid No. 18-19.006 San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project
Any bid may be withdrawn at any time prior to the time fixed for the opening of bids only by written
request for the withdrawal of the bid filed with the City. The request shall be executed by the bidder
or bidder’s duly authorized representative. The withdrawal of a bid does not prejudice the right of the
bidder to file a new bid. Whether or not bids are opened exactly at the time fixed in the public notice
for opening bids, a bid will not be received after that time nor may any bid be withdrawn after the time
fixed in the public notice for opening of bids.
As stated in Public Contract Code Section 5100 to 5108, inclusive (State Contract Act) concerning
relief of bidders and in particular to the requirement therein, that if the bidder claims a mistake was made
in his bid, the bidder shall give the City written notice within five (5) days after the opening of the bids of
the alleged mistake, specifying in the notice, in detail, how the mistake occurred.
All bidders shall verify if any addendum for this project has been issued by the City. It is the
bidder’s responsibility to ensure that all requirements of contract addendum are included in the bidders
The successful bidder shall enter into a Non-Professional Services Agreement (Attachment D). For
projects greater than $50,000, City Council approval of the NPSA is required. The successful bidder shall
submit a Certificate of Insurance and endorsements showing compliance with the insurance requirements
as stated in the attached Non-Professional Services Agreement (Section 4). This insurance shall be
maintained at all times during the course of any resulting agreement. In addition, the successful bidder
shall have the proper City of San Leandro business license and all other applicable licenses and permits.
The selected Bidder shall comply with all laws, codes, rules and regulations of the State, County, and City
applicable to the work to be performed at the City’s location(s). The Bidder, who shall pay all lawful
charges, shall obtain all permits lawfully required.
The Bidder declares, by signing and submitting a bid, that the bid is not made in the interest of, or on
behalf of, any undisclosed person, partnership, company, association, organization, or corporation, that
the bid is genuine and not collusive or sham; that the Bidder has not directly or indirectly induced or
solicited any other Bidder to put in a false or sham bid, and has not directly or indirectly colluded,
conspired, connived, or agreed with any Bidder or anyone else to put in a sham bid, or that anyone shall
refrain from proposing; that the Bidder has not in any manner, directly or indirectly, sought by agreement,
communication, or conference with anyone to fix the bid price of the Bidder or any other Bidder, or to fix
any overhead, profit, or cost element of the bid price, or of that of any other Bidder, or to secure any
advantage against the public body awarding the contract of anyone interested in the proposed contract;
that all statements contained in the bid are true; and further, that the Bidder has not, directly or indirectly,
submitted his or her bid price or any breakdown thereof, or the contents thereof, or divulged information
or data relative thereto, or paid, and will not pay, any fee to any corporation, partnership, company
association, organization, bid depository, or to any member or agent thereof to effectuate a collusive or
sham bid.
The award will be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder whose bid complies with the
specifications in a manner satisfactory to the Citys best interests as determined by the City. All
specifications are minimum requirements, unless otherwise noted. All bidders must submit with their
bid sufficient literature to show compliance with specifications. Any deviations from specifications must
be clearly indicated in writing at the time the bid is submitted. The City reserves the right to waive
minor variations in specifications bid. The right is reserved, as the interest of the City may require, to
reject any or all bids, or to waive any informality or minor irregularity in the bids.
Page 2 of 26 Bid No. 18-19.006 San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project
To bid, complete and return this Invitation for Bids’ form, pages 1-3, and completed Attachment C
‘Project Bid Sheet’ in a sealed envelope. The envelope shall be marked with the project name and bid
number. The bid must be received by the date and time shown in order to be considered. Deliver envelope
to: City of San Leandro Purchasing Dept., 835 E. 14th Street, San Leandro, CA, 94577. Please note that
there is a one-day delay in mail delivery to City Hall by the U.S. Postal Service.
By (Signature)
Contractor’s DIR Registration No.:
Print Name:
Julie A. Jenkins
Purchasing Agent
Page 3 of 26 Bid No. 18-19.006 San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project
San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project 2018
The San Leandro Dog Park is located just south of Marina Park adjacent to a portion of the Bay
Trail. The Dog Park has a 6ft high fence along the east side bordering the Tony Lema Golf
Course. The west and southern fencing is all 4ft high and the City is looking to replace all of the
4ft high vinyl-coated fencing. All of the existing fence posts will stay in place and no posts are
going to be installed as part of this project. The existing 6ft high fencing is not part of this
Contractor will be responsible for removal and disposal of all of the existing fencing materials.
The existing vertical posts are in good condition and care must be taken at all times to prevent
damaging or scratching the posts. Approximately 750 linear feet of the total 900 linear feet will
have vertical privacy slats installed by the contractor as part of the base bid. The remaining 150ft
will not have slats (see map). Color for the slats will be determined before the contract is
All vehicle gates and walk-through gates will be replaced as part of this bid. At the main
entrance the powder coating on the 4ft vertical support posts has worn down or worn off due to
the gate latches. These areas shall be primed and painted to match the rest of the posts. Touch up
primer/paint that is applied to these existing 4ft posts at the entrance will not be a part of any
All of the fencing materials and hardware used must be sandblasted and powder-coated black to
best match the existing vertical posts that will remain in place. As part of the base bid Contractor
will provide a 90-day warranty on all powder coated materials and if during that timeframe there
is any peeling, flaking, cracking or lifting of the powder coating the contractor will replace at no
cost to the City. During the warranty period the Contractor is not responsible for any vandalism,
scratching or damage from carving as these are out of the Contractor’s control. Contractor will
provide a separate cost option for a 1-year warranty that covers the same items noted in the
standard 90-day warranty.
Contractor must use PRIVA-LINK fencing, providing 75% privacy, from Merchant Metals
(website - https://www.merchantsmetals.com/pre-slatted/#). The chain link must be vinyl-coated
to match the color of the plastic slats. If a contractor would like to use another supplier, that
supplier’s name and all product info must be sent in no less than 5 working days before bids are
due in. This will allow the City the opportunity to approve or deny the proposed fencing
supplier/product change. The fencing will be vinyl-coated black in areas where the PRIVA-
LINK is not being used (highlighted blue on map) and in these areas the fencing material must
match the PRIVA-LINK minus the slats.
The Contractor must keep all trucks off of the newly installed DG pathway going through the
Dog Park. If any of the newly installed DG is damaged during this project the Contractor who
installed the DG (Decomposed Granite) will be sent out once the fencing has been completed to
make the necessary repairs and the cost for the repairs will be deducted from the final payment.
Page 4 of 26 Bid No. 18-19.006 San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project
At all times the Contractor must keep the Emergency Access Roadway (EVA) pathway in front
of the Dog Park clear and open. At the end of each work day, Contractor is responsible for
clearing the work area of any construction-related materials/debris and leaving the Bay Trail free
of any project-related debris. Because the Dog Park and Bay Trail are not locked amenities, the
City is not responsible for any loss/damage of Contractor’s equipment/tools, etc. that are left on-
site during this project.
Contractor is also asked to provide hourly Labor Rate for any work that may arise that was not
anticipated. This work would be paid at time and materials (T&M).
After the contract has been awarded and a P.O. is issued the contractor has four (4) weeks to start
the job. The four weeks may be extended as long as the contractor can show proof that product
delays and/or inclement weather would not allow work to begin within the four-week timeframe.
Contractor shall start work on a Monday and complete the job by 1pm Friday of the same week,
so that weekend users of the Dog Park are not impacted.
Page 5 of 26 Bid No. 18-19.006 San Leandro Dog Park Fencing Project

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