19-156.S - RFP for Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage Services Addendum 1

Agency: Philadelphia Regional Port Authority
State: Pennsylvania
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 531210 - Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • 531390 - Other Activities Related to Real Estate
Posted Date: Jan 2, 2020
Due Date: Jan 31, 2020
Solicitation No: 19-156.S
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19-156.S – RFP for Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage Services
Available on Website Tuesday, December 20, 2019 *Extended
Non-Mandatory Informational Session Monday, January 6, 2020 at 11:00 A.M.
Questions Due: Friday, January 10, 2020 by 12:00 P.M.
Proposal Submission Deadline: Friday, January 31, 2020 by 2:00 P.M
RFP Document
Addendum 1

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Project 19-156.S
Request for Proposals for Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage Services
Key Dates:
NON-MANDATORY INFORMATIONAL SESSION: PhilaPort will host a non-mandatory
information session on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM. Please RSVP your attendance
by emailing procurement@philaport.com with a list of attendees.
QUESTIONS: Questions must be in writing and should be sent to the attention of the
Procurement Department at e-mail address procurement@philaport.com. Questions must be
received by Friday, January 10, 2020 at 12:00 PM (Noon).
BID SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Proposals will be received in the office of the Philadelphia
Regional Port Authority Procurement Department, at 3460 N. Delaware Avenue, 2nd Fl.,
Philadelphia, PA 19134 by Friday, January 31, 2020 at 2:00 PM.
Project 19-156.S
Request for Proposals for Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage Services
Section I. Introduction
A. Notice
B. Background
C. Overview
Section II. Selection Process
A. Evaluation and Selection Criteria
B. Submission Deadline
C. Information Session
D. Questions Regarding the RFP
Section III. Submission Requirements
A. Proposal Format
B. Official Designated to Receive Proposals
C. Proposal Deposit
D. Delivery of Proposals
E. Withdrawal of Proposals
Section IV. Evaluation & Award of Proposals
A. Evaluation and Discussion of Proposals
B. Collusive Proposals will be rejected
C. Award of Contract
D. Execution of the Agreement
E. Contract Surety
F. Protest in Connection with the Solicitation or Award of a Contract
Appendices to RFP
Form for Submission of Proposal
Form of Agreement & General Conditions
Form for the Submission of Targets for HUB Participation
Form for Cost Submission
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Project 19-156.S
Request for Proposals for Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage Services
This Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is being issued by the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority,
(“PhilaPort” or “the Authority”), a body corporate and politic created under the laws of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The information contained in and provided for this RFP is
provided for background purposes only. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy
of the information contained in this RFP, it is not, and shall not be construed as and shall not
constitute, a representation, warranty or guaranty by PhilaPort regarding the content,
completeness, or accuracy of such information, or the qualifications or expertise of the
individual(s) or firm(s) providing or preparing such information. Each entity responding to this
RFP (“Offeror”) shall rely solely on its own inspections, investigation, confirmation and analysis
of (1) the circumstances that will affect the performance of the “Services”, as defined in the
General Conditions, (2) the information contained in or delivered pursuant to this RFP and (3) all
other information that such Offeror deems necessary or prudent in evaluating and analyzing the
“Project,” as defined in the General Conditions.
This RFP is not a legally binding document, but an invitation to submit proposals on the terms and
conditions of this RFP. In no event shall PhilaPort be responsible for any costs, expenses or fees
incurred by or on behalf of the Offeror in connection with this RFP. The Offeror shall be solely
responsible for all such costs, expenses and fees.
PhilaPort reserves the right at any time prior to award, to modify the schedule and scope of this
solicitation process, to terminate the RFP process, and to reject or not consider all or any part of
any proposal submitted in response to this RFP for any reason or no reason. Further, after review
of the proposals, PhilaPort reserves the right to request additional or clarifying information from
any or all parties that submit proposals in response to this RFP.
PhilaPort, The Port of Philadelphia, is an independent agency of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania charged with the management, maintenance, marketing and promotion of publicly-
owned port facilities along the Delaware River in Philadelphia, as well as strategic planning
throughout the port district. PhilaPort works with its terminal operators to modernize, expand and
improve its facilities, and to market those facilities to prospective port users. Port cargoes and the
activities they generate are responsible for thousands of direct and indirect jobs in the Philadelphia
area and throughout Pennsylvania. The Port of Philadelphia is strategically located at the center of
the Northeast corridor, the country's largest and richest marketplace. Its location and infrastructure
ensure that deliveries are made in a timely and cost-effective manner to/from the U.S Mid-west
and Northeast.
PhilaPort’s facilities are highly diversified and handle containers, break-bulk, project cargo, and
liquid bulk. The port includes specialized facilities for forest products and for perishable cargo.
Project 19-156.S
Request for Proposals for Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage Services
The Authority is exploring options to maximize its assets and soliciting written proposals from
qualified, licensed commercial real estate leasing agents or brokers (“Offeror”) to provide (1) real
estate advisory services; (2) commercial real estate brokerage services for the potential sale of
property owned by PhilaPort; and, (3) assistance to the Authority in acquiring or leasing
commercial real estate.
The successful Offeror(s) will demonstrate a history of success in representing commercial
property interests in Philadelphia, the ability to be responsive and readily available, and will have
sufficient time and staff to devote to assisting the Authority in exploring its real estate initiatives.
Additionally, the successful offeror will demonstrate familiarity with marketing and selling
uniquely situated properties. The Authority anticipates selecting up to two (2) firms to be engaged
through this RFP. Assignments shall be via task orders. The issuance of a task order will be on an
hourly basis for advisory services or on a commission basis for representing the Authority in the
sale or purchase of an asset. Each of these fee structures are covered in the general terms and
conditions. The contract will have an initial term of two (2) years, with three (3) additional one (1)
year options to extend at PhilaPort’s discretion.
PhilaPort owns approximately 1,200 acres of real estate along the Delaware River. As part of a
comprehensive planning process PhilaPort is reviewing asset performance and evaluating
revitalizing, and potentially divesting some of its real estate assets that may include certain
waterfront properties once used as commercial piers.
The selection criteria for an Offeror submitting in response to this RFP (the “Proposal”) include a
combination of the following:
Understanding of the Services requested, their purpose, and the needs of PhilaPort.
The Offeror’s expertise – relevant experience of the firms with contracts of a similar nature,
proposed subcontractors and individuals who would be a part of the team and assigned to
render Services.
The Offeror’s capability to complete the Services that may be assigned.
Diversity – See Appendix C for further detail
Project 19-156.S
Request for Proposals for Real Estate Advisory and Brokerage Services
The selection process will include Offeror interviews. Offeror Teams will have the ability to
provide an overview of the approach and capabilities as well as Philaport questions. The Offerors
will be ranked in accordance with the criteria identified above. The Offeror’s Proposal will be
submitted using the Form for Submission of Proposal (Appendix A) and will be the basis for
review and for discussion with the Offeror.
Proposals are due at PhilaPort by the deadline set forth on the cover page of this RFP.
C. Non-Mandatory Information Session
See information regarding the non-mandatory information session on the cover page of this RFP.
All questions or comments regarding this RFP must be submitted in written form via email at
E-mail is the sole method for submitting questions. Other forms of electronic communication and
telephone inquiries will not be accepted. All questions submitted to PhilaPort and the
corresponding responses will be put on the PhilaPort website in the form of an addendum. The
deadline for submitting questions to PhilaPort is set forth on the cover page of this RFP. Addenda
should be acknowledged by immediately faxing the acknowledgement page to (215) 426-
Proposals must contain all of the following elements to be considered complete. PhilaPort reserves
the right to reject, or not consider, all or part of any proposal submitted in response to this RFP for
any reason whatsoever at any time prior to the full execution of the Agreement with the selected
Offeror. PhilaPort further reserves the right to request additional or clarifying information from
Offerors are to provide sufficient information for PhilaPort to evaluate the proposals to determine
responsiveness and ability to meet the specifications for the Project. Offeror is to use the Form for
Submission of Proposal, appearing here as Appendix A. Submissions are limited to twenty (20)
pages; resumes and addenda are excluded. At a minimum, the following sections should contain:
Section I. Understanding and Methodology: Describe the technical capabilities of the
individual professionals or key contractor representatives on the firm/team with respect to
the required areas of expertise. Also provide the following information being requested:

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