RFQ Professional Land Surveyors Remonumentation Services

Agency: Monroe County
State: Michigan
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
Posted Date: Mar 7, 2019
Due Date: Apr 11, 2019
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RFQ Professional Land Surveyors Remonumentation Services

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Request for Qualifications Issued:
Qualification Statements Due:
March 7, 2019
April 11, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.
Monroe County Finance Department
125 East Second Street Monroe, Michigan 48161-2197
Telephone: (734) 240-7250 Fax (734) 240-7266
March 7, 2019
Dear Land Surveyor:
The County of Monroe is seeking services from professional surveyors licensed in the State of
Michigan to perform remonumentation services in accordance with Act 345 of 1990.
Surveyors shall submit a statement of their qualifications to perform these services, which are
described in detail below. Statements of qualifications shall include the surveyorslicense num-
ber, as well as a description of experience, in particular, of experience with remonumentation, the
remonumentation peer group, corner excavation and research, installation of government monu-
ments, and filing of Land Corner Recordation Certificates.
Four projects consisting of a total of 53 corners are proposed to be remonumented in 2019. Con-
tract surveyors should indicate which of the specific remonumentation projects listed in this RFP
they are interested in undertaking.
Statements of Qualifications shall be submitted to the Remonumentation Grant Administrator:
Mr. Jeff McBee, Community Planning & Engagement Director
County of Monroe
4th Floor, 125 East Second Street
Monroe, MI 48161-2197
or via e-mail as a separate Microsoft Word Document to jeff_mcbee@monroemi.org.
The deadline for the receipt of Statements of Qualification shall be, April 11, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.
Questions may be addressed to Mr. McBee at telephone number (734)-240-7383 or e-mail at
The County of Monroe reserves the right to accept or to reject any and all proposals, to waive any
irregularities and to make an award that is determined by the County of Monroe to be in the best
interest of the County.
Michael G. Bosanac
Administrator/Chief Financial Officer
The purpose of this proposal is to provide for the orderly monumentation or Remonumentation
of the public land survey corners (corners) which are a part of this proposal. The location of
said corners shall be established in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Manual of
Instructions for the Survey of Public Lands of the United States, 1973, prepared by the Bureau
of Land Management of the United States Department of Interior (Technical Bulletin 6, or sub-
sequent editions). The Surveyor, hereinafter referred to as Contract Surveyor, shall comply
with the applicable rules established under Act 345, P.A. 1990; the approved Monroe County,
Michigan, Monumentation and Remonumentation Plan; and rules heretofore established by the
County Board of Commissioners.
Note: research will be conducted for all corners by the Remonumentation Coordinator
(Scott Warnke) who will provide contract surveyors with the research upon request.
1. The Contract Surveyor shall establish no less than four (4) accessories for each
corner included in the proposal. The accessories selected shall be in accordance
with the requirements of Act 74, P.A. 1970, as amended. If there are not four (4)
satisfactory natural or man made objects available within two hundred feet (200')
of the corner, ½" by 36" pipe will be set. If possible, avoid fence posts unless they
are exceptionally solid and durable. All accessory measurements shall be horizon-
tal measurements.
2. In areas where the only information available is the original General Land Office
survey data or where it is difficult to narrow down a corner search area, it may be
advantageous to perform a corner search after a random traverse line has been
surveyed along the section lines between known corners. The original line calls
and corner locations can be calculated and field located from the random traverse,
thus narrowing down the search area and maximizing the effort spent on the actu-
al field search for original survey evidence and/or subsequent survey corner evi-
dence. As the expense of conducting a search and traverse as described above
may exceed the per corner amount as agreed upon in this proposal, additional
compensation can be requested as provided for in Section III of this proposal.
3. For each corner in the proposal, the Contract Surveyor shall report to the Peer
Group the nature of the physical conditions at the corner, and recommend the type
of standard monument to set.
4. At each corner included in the proposal, the Contract Surveyor shall set in the
ground the monument which has been previously approved by the Peer Group.
Each monument shall be set at the location approved by the Peer Group and set in
accordance with Monroe County Road Commission requirements for corner
monumentation within public roadways.
5. For each corner in the proposal and after installation of the approved monuments,
the Contract Surveyor shall prepare and record at the Register of Deeds office, a
Page 1
separate Land Corner Recordation Certificate under Act 74, P.A. 1970, as amend-
ed. This certificate shall also state that the corner location was approved by the
Peer Group of the Monroe County Survey Plan, and the date of that approval.
Two copies of each recorded certificate shall be furnished to the County Repre-
sentative. One copy shall be placed in the appropriate dossier, and the other copy
shall be forwarded by the County Grant Administrator to the State Survey and
Remonumentation Commission in accordance with Section VI, sub-section B, of
the approved Monroe County, Michigan, Monumentation and Remonumentation
The Contract Surveyor shall conduct survey work to tie corners within a project to-
gether and to relate them to other controlling corners. The surveyor shall provide a
sketch for evaluation of the position for all points submitted for Peer Group review.
This would NOT include coordinates.
1. The LCRC requires latitude and longitude values be reported to a minimum accu-
racy of 0.01 seconds of arc, which is equivalent to approximately one-foot and
obtained either:
Directly from a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS), or
From supplemental control established from CORS, or
From supplemental control established from other passive NGS horizontal
control stations
2. The following information must be published on a Land Corner Recordation Cer-
tificate for all corners.
Latitude: 00M00"00.00"
Longitude: 00M00"00.00"
Estimated Accuracy: 00.00" or 0.00ft or SD or PPM or RMS or etc.
Datum and Adjustment Year: AAAAAAA(####)
Epoch Date: DD-MMM-YYYY
Date of Observation: DD-MMM-YYYY
Method of Survey: Narrative explanation
The corners to be researched and monumented have been organized into projects.
The Contract Surveyor shall complete all of the corners in a project as well as a field
survey to tie the corners together.
The Contract Surveyor, with prior approval of the Peer Group and the Grant Adminis-
trator may substitute other corners for any of the below listed corners or may omit
corners from the project for valid reasons.
Page 2
Note that some corners may be common corners. Surveyors are compensated for the
reconnaissance, field survey, peer group presentation, and LCRC preparation for each
individual corner in a set of common corners, but will only be compensated for the
remonumentation of one of the corners.
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