RFQ No. 2874 - Inspection and Cleaning of Water Reservoirs

Agency: City of Lompoc
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Apr 27, 2018
Due Date: May 10, 2018
Solicitation No: 2874
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RFQ No. 2874 - Inspection and Cleaning of Water Reservoirs
? Please e-mail all inquiries to: Theresa Hernandez
Closes 05/10/2018

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Request for Quotation No. 2874
Inspection and Cleaning of Water Reservoirs
(This is not an order)
Please respond with current pricing. Be sure
to supply part/catalog numbers. Follow the
form below.
Send your quote to:
Theresa Hernandez
FAX Number:
(805) 735-7628
Phone Number:
(805) 875-8020
May 10, 2018 at 2:00 pm PDT
Extended Price
1 JOB In-service cleaning and inspection of the City of Lompoc,
“Beattie Water Reservoir” utilizing commercial divers trained
in potable water operations
Delivery ARO:
Payment Terms: Net 30
Discount for Payment in 20 Days:
Estimated Start Date:
Estimated Completion Date:
We hereby certify that:
This bid was not made in the interest of or on behalf of any undisclosed person, partnership,
association or corporation.
This bid is genuine and not collusion or sham; and that we did not, directly or indirectly, induce or
solicit anyone else to submit a false or sham bid.
We have not, directly or indirectly, by agreement, communication or conference with anyone
attempted to induce action prejudicial to the interest of the City of Lompoc, or any other bidder or
anyone else interested in the proposed contract; and further,
Did not, in any manner, directly or indirectly, seek by agreements, communications, or conference
with anyone to raise or fix any overhead, profit, or cost element of this bid price, or that of anyone
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Request for Quotation No. 2874
Inspection and Cleaning of Beattie Water Reservoir
Closes: May 10, 2018 2:00 p.m. PDT
To stay informed of any changes or modifications to this solicitation please complete
this form (print or type your information) and return via fax to (805) 735-7628 or
email to t_hernandez@ci.lompoc.ca.us.
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RFQ No. 2874
Inspection and Cleaning of Beattie Reservoir
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Request for Quotation for In-service cleaning and inspection of the City of Lompoc, Beattie Water
Reservoir utilizing commercial divers trained in potable water operations.
Section 1 Statement of Work
A. Project
The project includes the cleaning of accumulated bottom sediment, removal of any debris and the
visual and video inspection of one (1) water storage reservoir utilizing certified commercial divers
trained in potable water operations. It is the intent of the City of Lompoc to utilize the reported
inspection findings for documentation of routine preventative maintenance on the reservoir. The
city is requesting specific documentation as detailed below in the Scope of Work.
The tank is described in Section 3 of these specifications. The contractor shall furnish all labor,
materials, equipment, insurance, training and certifications to complete the proposed work.
Specifically, the City of Lompoc will not have to make arrangements for:
1. Additional utility personnel or equipment.
2. Special scheduling – no interruption means work can be completed as soon as confirmed
and tasked.
3. OSHA Confined Space compliance requirements for drained reservoirs.
4. Additional disinfection procedures (See AWWA C652-02).
5. Down time or bypassing the reservoir.
B. Scope of Work
1. Cleaning
The contractor shall provide the procedure, labor, equipment and supplies necessary to
thoroughly remove all accumulated bottom sediment and debris from all potable water storage
a. Contractor will pour 12 gallons of chlorine into tank prior to commencing dive inspection.
Chlorine will be provided by City to Contractor divided into 4 separate containers.
b. All accumulated bottom sediment and debris shall be removed in a manner that does not
compromise the tank integrity and or coating system. The work shall not cause disruption to
the use or quality of the water.
c. Removed water, debris (or other waste materials) and any necessary permitting will be the
responsibility of the Contractor.
RFQ No. 2874
Inspection and Cleaning of Beattie Reservoir
Page 4 of 9
d. Removed water must be dechlorinated.
e. The total price entered on the Bid Response Form shall be based on the removal of
sediments up to one (1”) inch in depth, averaged over the entire floor area. Contractor’s bid
shall provide a unit price, per cubic yard, for the removal of bottom sediments in excess of
one (1”) inch in the reservoir. Should the bottom sediment exceed the one (1”) inch in the
reservoir, the City will be notified and a signed authorization from the City, or the City’s
Designated Representative, will be obtained prior to the City incurring any additional cost.
f. The total price entered on the Bid Response Form shall include up to two (2) hours of
debris removal from the reservoir.
g. Contractor shall provide an hourly price in their proposal for debris removal in excess of
two (2) hours in the reservoir. Should required debris removal exceed two (2) hours, the City
will be notified and a signed authorization from the City or the City’s Designated
Representative will be obtained prior to the City incurring any additional cost.
2. Inspection
The inspection and reporting shall be focused on documenting findings related to the following
a. Inspections shall document any OSHA, AWWA and NFPA-22 health or safety compliance
discrepancies related to the reservoirs, (e.g. potential contamination sources, ladders,
balconies and hatches, etc.).
b. Interior coatings are to be inspected for conditions including peeling, blistering or other
indications of loss of coating integrity. Any areas of pitting or rust, as well as any associated
undercutting or migration, should be documented in the final reporting. Findings are to be
graded in accordance with the applicable standards from the following agencies:
• Coatings – Society for Protective Coatings – ANSI/SSPC-Vis 2-82/ASTM-D6 10-85
• Corrosion – National Association of Corrosion Engineers – ASM/NACE RPO 178-91,
• Welds – American Welding Society – ANSI/AWS B1.11-88
• Concrete – American Concrete Institute – ACI 201.1R-92
c. Representative pit and blister survey. Interior pitting depth measurements, to 10 mils
accuracy, shall be reported by location and character.
C. Reporting
1. For the facility shall include the following:
a. Interior DVD video and Digital Image documentation of designated facilities, both above
and below the waterline. Narrated color videotape shall review at a minimum the
conditions of internal walls, floors, roofs, hatches, welds, overflow structures, sediment
RFQ No. 2874
Inspection and Cleaning of Beattie Reservoir
Page 5 of 9
and any identified discrepancies.
b. Estimates of corrosion both above and below the waterline based on NACE and SSPC
c. A description of concrete condition denoting any problem areas such as cracking, spalling
or deterioration.
d. Description of hatch condition, vent and screen condition, ladder condition and overflow
structure and flap condition.
e. Recommendations and cost estimates for repairs shall be provided.
2. For the reservoir shall include:
a. Interior video inspection with real-time closed circuit high-resolution color underwater
video equipment.
b. All pertinent findings shall be documented on DVD format video (including dive
maintenance technician’s findings and narrative summary) and digital images.
c. A comprehensive listing of all discrepancies found (interior and exterior), with
corresponding photos and recommendations.
d. The report shall be bound and include an electronic PDF copy of report.
e. The report shall be delivered to the City within 30 days.
D. Bid
1. The project listed above requires payments of not less than the general prevailing rates for
per diem wages, overtime work, legal holidays, other employee payments, and travel &
subsistence if applicable, in the locality in which the work is to be performed for each craft,
classification, or type of worker needed as required in the California Labor Code. Such
rates of wages are on file with the Department of Industrial Relations and in the office of
the District and are available to any interested party upon request.
2. Quotation must be made on the attached Quotation Form included in this request, and all
requested attachments must be submitted with the completed Quotation Form. Failure to
comply with all requirements may result in a determination that the bidder is non-
3. One (1) signed copy of the bid shall be submitted in the bid package along with the
required documents and certifications listed on the Bid Response Form.
4. The City of Lompoc retains the right to issue Addenda for items not covered in the original

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