RFQ for 2020 Aerial Imagery

Agency: Benton County
State: Arkansas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
  • 541922 - Commercial Photography
Posted Date: Jun 27, 2019
Due Date: Jul 26, 2019
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title open date
RFQ for 2020 Aerial Imagery 07/26/2019

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Benton County Government
215 East Central, Room 304
Phone: (479) 464-6168
Email: terry.lewis@bentoncountyar.gov
Request for Qualifications:
Delivery Location:
Advertisement Date:
2020 Aerial Imagery
July 26, 2019 2:00 p.m. Local Time
Benton County Administration Building, Rm 304,
215 East Central, Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
June 27, 2019
Request for Qualifications
2020 Aerial Imagery
Request for Qualifications (“hereinafter RFQ) shall be submitted in sealed envelopes
labeled: 2020 Aerial Imagerywith the name and address of the individual or business
entity (“hereinafter Firm(s)”).
RFQ shall be submitted in accordance with the attached Benton County specifications
and RFQ documents attached hereto. Each Firm is required to fill in every blank and
shall supply all information requested; failure to do so may be used as basis for
The undersigned hereby offers to furnish and deliver the articles or services as
specified, terms stated herein, and in strict accordance with the specifications and
general conditions of this request, all of which are made a part of the offer. This offer is
not subject to withdrawal unless upon mutual written agreement by the Firm and County
Benton County, Arkansas
RFQ-2020 Aerial Imagery
Benton County, Arkansas is Requesting Requests of Qualifications (RFQ) for: 2020
Aerial Imagery
To be considered, RFQs must be received at the Benton County Administration
Building, 215 East Central, Room 302, Bentonville, Arkansas no later than July 26, 2019
@ 2:00 p.m. local time.
Forms and addendums can be downloaded from the County’s web site at
All questions regarding the
qualification process should be directed to Terry Lewis at
terry.lewis@bentoncountyar.gov or by telephone at 479-464-6168. All questions
regarding specifications should be directed to Aaron Lattin at 479-271-5786 ext. 4954or
via email at aaron.lattin@bentoncountyar.gov.
RFQs submitted shall be qualified to do business and licensed in accordance with all
applicable laws of the state and local governments where the project is located.
Benton County reserves the right to reject any and all RFQs and to waive irregularities
therein, and all proposers shall agree that such rejection shall be without liability on the
part of Benton County for any damage or claim brought by any proposer because of
such rejections, nor shall the proposer seek any recourse of any kind against Benton
County because of such rejections. The filing of any RFQ in response to this invitation
shall constitute an agreement of the proposer to these conditions.
Ad date: June 27, 2019
Benton County
RFQ-2020 Aerial Imagery
Page 2
Benton County
RFQ-2020 Aerial Imagery
Cover page
Section A: Scope of Work and Requirements
Section B: General Terms & Conditions
Section C: Professional References
Section D: Statement of Disclosure
Section E: Authorized Negotiator Information
Benton County
RFQ-2020 Aerial Imagery
Page 3
Benton County
RFQ-2020 Aerial Imagery
Section A Scope and Requirements
Project Background and Scope:
The purpose of this Request for Qualification (RFQ) is to provide information to
prospective vendors. The vendor will be expected by the County to capture and
generate aerial imagery for 884 square miles of Benton County. The imagery must
meet NMAS and FEMA mapping requirements. The aerial project must be
accomplished during the winter or early spring during leaf-off conditions with greater
than 30-degree sun angle.
RFQ Requirements:
The COUNTY will provide the Vendor with the following:
1. Digital Elevation Model(s) (DEM) (see metadata)
a. County
b. Local DEM’s
2. Map of proposal area
3. Shape files of county boundary
4. Metadata of DEM
A. Horizontal and Vertical Control
Sufficient horizontal and vertical control points to support this project must be established by the
Vendor. All control must be included in the final deliverable to the COUNTY. The Vendor will
determine the number, distribution, and collection method (GPS, total stations, etc.) of ground
control points required to meet the accuracy specifications.
B. Digital Ortho Rectified Photography
a. Digital orthos shall be created from existing DEM provided by the COUNTY
b. All additions and corrections by Vendor to existing DEM required to accomplish the
rectification to the specified accuracy will be merged by the Vendor into the existing
DEM and delivered to the COUNTY as an updated DEM.
c. Digital orthos shall be delivered in Arkansas State Plane North, North American Datum
1983, United States Feet
d. All data will be delivered in a Vendor derived grid system or a USGS Quad system. In
this proposal we will make reference to USGS quads only to describe a grid or tile
e. At a minimum, digital orthos shall be delivered in the following formats. In no instance
should any file size be greater than 1 GB:
i. Geo-tiff (projection information embedded in the tiff image header) a tfw for each
image shall be supplied as well in quarter-quarter quadrangle format.
Benton County
RFQ-2020 Aerial Imagery
Page 4
ii. Mr. SID (compressed 20:1) and “world file” (sdw) for each image shall be supplied
for the captured resolution of imagery. These files shall mosaic together with no
seam lines and no black or no data areas without regard to layer schema or order
placement of tile layers.
iii. Mr. SID mosaic of the county (an sdw for each image shall be supplied as well)
compressed approximately 50:1. This file shall contain no seam lines and no black
or no data areas along borders.
f. Digital orthos shall be mosaicked to derive a single seamless orthophoto for each
USGS quadrangle format requested. It is recommended that a 100-foot border
be included around each SID image. Horizontal displacement of features at
mosaicking will be just cause for rejection of the orthophoto. Individual tiles must
also be seamless without regard to tiling schema or layer schema or order
placement of tile layers.
g. Digital orthos shall have a contrast tonal balance of the completed mosaic to
remove contrast differences across mosaic lines.
h. Digital orthos shall have a contrast adjustment across all contiguous tiles such
that the overall project appears similar in tone.
Each ortho image will be checked for accuracy on screen. All visible control points will
have their x, y, and z coordinates displayed and compared to the project Control
Database values: checked points must fall within the horizontal mapping accuracy at the
95% confidence level.
RFQ Requests
1. Where is your company located? Is it local, regional, or national in operations?
2. How long has your company been in existence?
3. What resolutions of aerial imagery do you provide?
4. Does your company offer multispectral imagery?
5. Does your company offer oblique imagery? If so, what means of viewing oblique
imagery do you offer?
6. Can your company provide all deliverables in a two-month period from the final
date of capture?
Benton County
RFQ-2020 Aerial Imagery
Page 5

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