RFP 18-20: Vending Machine Services

Agency: City of Beverly Hills
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 35 - Service & Trade Equipment
Posted Date: Mar 2, 2018
Due Date: Apr 2, 2018
Solicitation No: RFP 18-20
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RFP #18-20

Brief Description: City is seeking vendors to install vending machines and related services at various City locations for City staff and/or members of the public.

Walk-Through Date: March 8, 2018 @ 10:00 A.M. PST

Proposal Due Date: April 2, 2018 @ 4:00 P.M. PST

Question Deadline: March 9, 2018

Contact: Sivan Levin, Financial Planning & Research Analyst at slevin@beverlyhills.org

Attachment Preview

Bid No. 18-20
90210~(310) 285-2440
The City of Beverly Hills invites prospective respondents to submit proposals for installation of
vending machines on City property and related services.
Proposals are requested on the list of materials, equipment, supplies, or services set forth herein,
subject to all conditions outlined in the Request for Proposals (RFP) Document, including:
All proposals must be in writing and must contain an original signature by an authorized officer
of the submitting company. Electronic proposals (i.e., telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.) are not
acceptable. Once opened, all proposals will become the property of the City. They will not be
returned, and are subject to the California Public Records Act.
Respondents to the RFP must submit four (4) hard copies, and one (1) electronic copy in
nonedible format (CD, DVD, or flash drive) of their proposal in a sealed envelope. The envelope
should be clearly marked as follows:
Vending Machines (Installation & Services) - RFP
City of Beverly Hills
Attention: Sivan Levin
455 North Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Inquiries and comments concerning the RFP must be directed to the primary contact, Sivan
Levin, for response, and sent via e-mail to: slevin@beverlyhills.org. Any inquiry should state the
question only, without additional information.
Bid No. 18-20
Date of Request: March 01, 2018
Bid Number:
Item Description: The City of Beverly Hills is accepting proposals from qualified
respondents to provide vending machine installation and related services.
Process Schedule: The RFP process schedule is as follows:
Issue RFP
Walk-through of City vending machine sites
Deadline for questions
Responses to questions
Deadline for submission of proposals
Commencement date of new contract
March 01, 2018
March 08, 2018 10AM PT,
City Hall 3rd Floor
March 09, 2018
March 16, 2018
April 02, 2018 4PM PT
July 01, 2018
These dates are estimates and subject to change by the City
City of Beverly Hills reserves the right to reject late proposals, any and all proposals, or
waive any irregularities or informalities during the Request for Proposal process. No
proposal may be withdrawn for a period of ninety (90) days after the closing date for
Bid No. 18-20
1. Respondents are advised to become familiar with all conditions, instructions and
specifications governing this RFP. Once the award has been made, a failure to have read
all the conditions, instructions and specifications of this contract shall not be cause to alter
the original contract or for vendor to request additional compensation.
2. Respondents agree to defend and save the City from and against all demands, claims,
suits, costs, expenses, damages and adjustments based on any infringement of any
patent relating to goods specified in this contract.
3. Successful respondent shall not assign the contract, or subcontract the whole or any part
of the contract without written consent of the City. Such consent shall neither relieve the
respondent from his/her obligation nor change the terms of the contract.
4. The City shall have the right to inspect any material specified herein. Equipment, supplies
or services that fail to comply with the specifications herein regarding design, material or
workmanship are subject to rejection at the option of the City. Any materials rejected shall
be removed from the premises of the City at the expense of the vendor.
5. Respondent shall state the nature and period of any warranty or guarantee.
Manufacturer's specifications shall be submitted with the RFP and shall be considered a
part of this contract where such specifications meet the minimum of the City specifications.
6. Each respondent shall submit in full this completed original RFP document and all
necessary catalogues, descriptive literature, etc., needed to fully describe the materials or
work proposed to furnish.
7. Respondents shall state the delivery date for commodities in terms of calendar days after
notification of award. Where the contract calls for performance of labor, the respondents
shall also state the number of calendar days required for completion after notification of
8. Upon the award of the contract to the successful respondent, insurance will be required
by the terms of this RFP and the attached Sample Agreement, attached hereto as
Attachment A. The City will require evidence of such coverage be furnished within
fourteen (14) days of notification of award. The amounts and types of coverage will be
specified in Section III of this RFP and Attachment A. All insurance forms must be in a
format acceptable to the City. The City’s certificate of insurance form (Attachment B) is
the preferred form.
9. Every supplier of materials and services and all contractors doing business with the City
shall be an "Equal Opportunity Employer" as defined by Section 2000 (E) of Chapter 21,
Title 42 of the United States Code Annotated and Federal Executive Orders #11375, and
as such shall not discriminate against any other person by reason of race, creed, color,
religion, age, sex or physical or mental handicaps with respect to the hiring, application
for employment, tenure, terms or conditions or employment of any person.
10. Prices quoted herein must be firm for a period of not less than ninety (90) days after closing
date for submission.
Bid No. 18-20
City is seeking vendors to install vending machines and related services at various City locations
for City staff and/or members of the public and further described in Section III of the RFP and the
Sample Agreement, Attachment A. Compliance with, or variation from, the specifications must
be noted on the Application (Section IV) as to each item on the specification sheet.
1. The primary objective of this contract is to provide a convenient snack service for all
persons using City facilities at locations described in the following Schedule A.
2. It is the intent that costs to employees shall be competitive throughout the life of this
3. It is the intent that service should be the first and major concern and, at the same time,
have the product at an economical sale price to maintain a profit.
4. The locations specified in Schedule A entitled “Equipment Requirements and Locations,”
constitute the total requirements of this contract at this time. The City reserves the right
to require the successful bidder to increase or decrease the number of machines at a
specified location and/or to increase or decrease the total number of machines installed
by the addition or removal of locations designated without change in the agreement.
5. Total responsibility and control of all vending machines to be used in connection with the
contract at each location will belong to the vendor.
6. It is essential that the transition from the current vending machines to any new installation,
where applicable, be accomplished without interruption to the services currently being
1. All bidders, prior to contract award shall be able to demonstrate their ability to provide
satisfactory services. Respondents shall provide City with information related to
Respondent’s current vending machine installations (including company and manager
names, and phone numbers of references) similar to that contemplated by this request or
by any other means deemed to be acceptable to the City.
2. All bids shall be accompanied by descriptive literature of the new vending machines to be
used in the event of a successful awarding of contract.
3. The objective of the City is to award this contract on a basis which shall be deemed to be
the most advantageous to the City.
4. Contract term shall be for three (3) years with the option to extend for two (2) additional
one (1) year terms.
5. Awardee shall pay the City, a fixed rental price per month per vending machine.
Respondent shall provide the City their proposed rate for each location specified in
Schedule A.
6. One vending machine at each location shall include the ability to make change for one
dollar ($1.00) and five dollar ($5.00) bills, or at the vendor’s option, one change machine
capable of making change for one dollar ($1.00) and five dollar ($5.00) bills shall be placed
at each location. A sticker shall be placed on the machine to indicate ability to provide
7. Vending machines must accept any combination of nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar
coins, bills, and credit/debit cards.
Bid No. 18-20
1. The prices for all vended items as specified in the Application (Section IV) are to be
considered firm for the term of the contract. All increases or decreases to the prices stated
herein after contract award, or prices to be established for additional items or services,
recommended by the awardee shall be subject to the prior written approval of the City.
Price changes are subject to awardee providing City with backup data substantiating the
request, and such changes must be consistent at all locations.
2. The City reserves the right to periodically have the Health Department inspect the vended
merchandise and require the awardee to suspend the dispensing of any items that do not
meet their standards.
3. State sales and use tax paid by the awardee on all machines, services and supplies used
by the successful bidder in the operation of any vending machine or in providing customer
service shall be considered a part of the successful bidder’s operating expenses.
4. The awardee shall provide and maintain in force, at no cost to the City, for the life of the
contract, or any subsequent extension thereof, all necessary insurance coverage as
required by law and the City. (See Insurance Terms and Conditions, Section III).
5. The successful contractor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City, City
Council and each member thereof, and every officer, and employee of the City, from any
liability or financial loss including, without limitation, attorneysfees and costs, arising in
any manner whatsoever from any intentional, reckless, negligent, or otherwise wrongful
acts, errors or omissions of the successful contractor, or any person employed by the
successful contractor, including agents and independent contractors, in the performance
of the agreement including, without limitation, the operation of the vending machines, the
sale of products therefrom and compliance with all laws.
6. The awardee may be considered to have breached this contract for any one of the
following reasons:
a. Failure to obtain and keep in effect required license or permits.
b. Failure to maintain insurance coverage as required by law.
c. Failure to maintain all machines in good operating condition. A minimum response
time of one (1) business day shall be required on all service calls.
d. Failure to maintain adequate supplies in the vending machines. The vending
machines shall be checked daily by a uniformed personnel of the vendor to
ensure that machines are adequately stocked and items past their date of
expiration are removed.
e. Failure to provide sufficient personnel to render the services.
Failure to provide items of satisfactory quality and/or quantity.
g. Failure to maintain any of the machines provided by the awardee in the
performance of this contract in a clean and sanitary condition.
In the event the awardee shall be declared to have breached this contract for any of the
reasons stated above, then and in such event, the awardee shall be advised in writing by
the City of the reason(s) for such declaration and shall be permitted a period of time to be
determined by City to correct any deficiency after receipt of notification. Failure on the
part of the vendor to correct any deficiency in the time allowed shall be sufficient cause to
terminate this contract.
The City shall retain the right to terminate this contract for convenience without liability to
the City upon delivery to the vendor of a written notice to terminate 30 days prior to the
expressed termination date. The right to terminate this contract for convenience shall

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