RFP 18-R16 Database Management Solution for Safety and Risk

Agency: Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority
State: Florida
Type of Government: State & Local
  • U - Education and Training Services
Posted Date: Apr 13, 2018
Due Date: May 3, 2018
Solicitation No: 18-R16
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Solicitation Number: 18-R16

Solicitation Title: RFP 18-R16 Database Management Solution for Safety and Risk

Proposal Due Date: May 2, 2018, 2:00 pm

Procurement Contact: Lou Emma Cromity
E-Mail: LCromity@golynx.com

Status: Open

Provide a comprehensive database management software solution that is a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) solution accompanied by implementation, training, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Upcoming Meetings:
Pre-Proposal Conference: April 9, 2018 1:00 pm


Attachment Preview

Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority
455 N. Garland Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
2. ISSUE DATE: April 2, 2018
NAME: Lou Emma Cromity
E-MAIL: lcromity@golynx.com
PHONE: 407-254-6057
Database Management Solution for Safety and Risk
PARKING: Parking is now available at the Orange County Courthouse Garage at 425 North Orange Avenue. Please be sure
to bring your parking ticket to the lobby of the LYNX LCS Building to get it validated.
Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX)
Attn: Lou Emma Cromity
455 N. Garland Ave
Orlando, FL 32801
May 2, 2018
2:00 P.M. EST
11. FIRM OFFER PERIOD: Offers shall remain firm for a period of 120 calendar days from the date specified in Block 8,
above or as amended.
12. If this Proposal is accepted within the period specified in Block 11, above, the Offeror agrees to fully provide the goods
and/or services covered by this solicitation at the prices and timelines specified in the solicitation.
13. The following Exhibits, with an X indicated, are included in this solicitation, Exhibits with an R indicated are included
in this solicitation and must be returned with your Proposal.
EXHIBIT A – Solicitation
X Instructions and Conditions
EXHIBIT B – Scope of Work
EXHIBIT C – Proposal Evaluation
X Criteria
EXHIBIT D – Terms and
X Conditions
EXHIBIT G – Certification
Regarding Debarment
X EXHIBIT J – Pricing Sheet
X Provisions
EXHIBIT F – Bidder’s Offer &
EXHIBIT H – Certification Regarding
EXHIBIT I – Disadvantage Business
X EXHIBIT K – Sample Contract
14. DBE: There is a 0% DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) goal established for this procurement.
Solicitation No: 18-R16
Database Management Solution for Safety and Risk
1. Background
The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (“LYNX” or the “Authority”) is an agency of the State of Florida,
created by the Florida Legislature to own, operate, maintain, and manage a public transportation system in the area of
Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. The Authority’s enabling legislation (Florida Statutes Section 343.64) has
the express intention “that the authority be authorized to plan, develop, own, purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire,
demolish, relocate, equip, repair, maintain, operate, and manage a regional public transportation system and public
transportation facilities; to establish and determine such policies as may be necessary for the best interest of the
operation and promotion of a public transportation system; and to adopt such rules as may be necessary to govern
the operation of a public transportation system and public transportation facilities.” In 1993, the Authority began doing
business as “LYNX”.
LYNX serves approximately 2,500 square miles with a resident population of 2.1 million people as of 2016. Fixed
route bus service operates from 4:15 AM to 3:05 AM each weekday and provides more than 26 million unlinked
passenger trips each year.
A five member board of directors governs LYNX, which board consists of representatives from Orange, Osceola, and
Seminole Counties, the City of Orlando, and the Florida Department of Transportation.
LYNX provides an array of transportation services in the form of fixed route bus services, door-to-door Paratransit
services, carpool/vanpool services, school pool matching services, and community shuttle service to special events.
2. Knowledge of Conditions
Any person (“Proposer”) submitting a proposal (“Proposal”) in response to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) must
examine the scope of work carefully and be informed thoroughly regarding any and all conditions and requirements
that may in any manner affect the work to be performed under the contract to the awarded under this RFP (the
“Contract”). No allowances will be made because of lack of knowledge of any specifications, conditions or
requirements of this RFP.
3. Omission
Notwithstanding the provision of drawings, technical specifications or other data by LYNX, Proposers shall have the
responsibility of supplying all details required to make an accurate offer of services offered even though such details
may not be specifically mentioned in the scope of work or elsewhere in this RFP.
4. Legal Representation
Akerman Senterfitt (“Akerman”) is legal counsel to LYNX in connection with this RFP and the Contract to be entered
into hereunder. In the event that Akerman has provided legal services to a Proposer submitting a Proposal, a conflict
of interest may be created. By submitting a Proposal, each Proposer agrees to waive all conflicts created by the prior
representation and consents to Akerman’s continued representation of LYNX in connection with this solicitation and
the Contract to be entered into hereunder.
5. Communications to LYNX
All questions pertaining to this RFP, or any matters relating thereto the Scope of Work, or any questions pertaining to
the RFP or Proposal documents, must be in writing and must be sent only to the person identified in Block 3 of the
RFP cover page. Communications sent to any other person at LYNX or at any other address may, in LYNX's sole
discretion, be deemed to be "non-responsive" and LYNX in its discretion may elect to disregard any such questions.
LYNX will not respond to oral inquiries, and oral statements of any nature by LYNX or any of its representatives may
not be relied upon for any purpose whatsoever.
6. Pre-proposal
See Block 5 of the RFP cover page for whether a pre-proposal meeting (at which questions may be directed to and
answered by LYNX personnel) will be held in connection with this RFP and, if so, the date and time of such meeting.
A pre-proposal meeting, if held pursuant to this RFP, will be on the second floor of the LYNX Central Station, located
at 455 North Garland Avenue, Orlando, Florida 32801 (intersection of Amelia Street and N. Garland). If a pre-
proposal meeting is held, attendance will not mandatory in order to submit a Proposal, however, it is recommended.
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Exhibit A
Solicitation No: 18-R16
Database Management Solution for Safety and Risk
Only written responses by LYNX in writing may be relied upon; oral responses will not be considered a part of the
RFP or binding on LYNX. Proposers are cautioned to independently verify any matters stated at the pre-proposal
meeting. Again, only statements which are made by LYNX in writing may be relied upon.
7. Requests for Clarification/Questions
All questions from any Proposer regarding the RFP or matters relating thereto must be submitted to LYNX in writing
no later than date specified in Block 6 of the RFP cover page. Each question must identify the section number in this
RFP for which clarification is being requested. All such questions must be sent to the contact person listed in Block 3
of the Proposal cover page. An Addendum will be posted to LYNX Procurement Website.
8. Nonsolicitation of LYNX During Blackout Period
During the period from the date of this RFP, through the period that the LYNX Board of Directors approves the award
of Contract (including any period during which a procurement protest (“Protest”) has been filed and is pending),
Proposers may not directly or indirectly contact any LYNX Board member, any LYNX employee, or LYNX’s legal
counsel regarding this RFP except for questions directed to LYNX as expressly provided in Section 7 above or except
as expressly authorized under the Protest procedure set forth in Section 17. Any prohibited contact may result in the
immediate disqualification of the Proposer from consideration for the award of the Contract and the rejection of any
9. Proposal Preparation
Each Proposal must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with the name and address of the Proposer clearly stated. The
outside of the envelope shall state the RFP number, title, Purchasing Representative, and due date. All blank spaces
in the offer must be filled in and no changes shall be made in the wording.
As consideration for any Proposer’s Proposal being considered by LYNX in its award of the Contract, each Proposer
hereby agrees that (1) the Proposal shall be on such form as LYNX provides and shall be sealed; and (2) any
revocation or modification of the Proposal shall only be on the same form(s) and submitted in the same manner as the
original Proposal was submitted prior to the date on which the Proposals are due.
10. Submission of Proposals
The Proposer must submit to LYNX one original and 7 copies of its Proposal, which must be received by LYNX no
later than the date and time specified in Block 8 of the RFP cover page. The envelope containing the Proposal must
be marked with the RFP number and title as set forth on the cover page of this RFP.
Proposals may be hand delivered, mailed or sent via a reputable national courier (such as UPS or Fed-Ex). All
Proposals must be delivered to the following address:
Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority d/b/a LYNX
Attn: Anthony Jackson, Sr. Purchasing Agent
455 North Garland Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32801-1518
Proposals must be received by LYNX by the date and time set forth in Block 8 of the Proposal Cover Page.
If a Proposal is hand delivered, it must be delivered to the security guard on the first floor at the above address. In
such an event, the Proposer or its agent should request a verification receipt to prove that the submission of its
Proposal was timely.
Any Proposal not timely received may, in LYNX’s sole and absolute discretion, be rejected.
11. Late Proposals
Any Proposal received at the office designated in this RFP after the exact time specified for receipt will not be
12. Proposal Modification or Withdrawal
Prior to the date and time set for the receipt of Proposals, a Proposal may be modified or withdrawn by the Proposer.
All such modifications must be made in writing, either hand delivered, mailed or sent via a reputable national courier
to the address above for receiving Proposals. Any request to withdraw a Proposal must be in writing and received by
LYNX (in the same manner as the Proposal was submitted) by no later than the deadline date and time set forth for
the receipt of Proposal. If timely received, LYNX will return unopened the Proposal if requested to be withdrawn or
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Exhibit A
Solicitation No: 18-R16
Database Management Solution for Safety and Risk
returned. If a modification is timely received by LYNX prior to the date and time set for the receipt of Proposals, then
that modification will be considered by LYNX as a part of the original Proposal.
13. Validity/Term of Proposals
Proposals will be valid for not less than 120 days after the due date and time for the receipt of Proposals. In the event
of a Protest, the 120 day period will be extended and the Proposals will remain valid for a period of 90 days after the
earlier of (i) the resolution of the Protest, or (ii) the recommendation of the LYNX Source Evaluation Committee and
the posting of said award (see below), and no further Protest.
14. Revisions and Amendments to the Proposal
LYNX reserves the right in its absolute discretion to revise or amend this RFP, including the scope of work, up to the
time set for receipt of the Proposals. Any such revision or amendment, if any, will be sent via email to all Proposers
who have requested a copy of this RFP and furnished LYNX with their correct email address. In the event that this
RFP is revised or amended within five (5) business days of the date set for opening Proposals, LYNX may extend the
RFP opening date for up to an additional five (5) business days. The form transmitting the revision or amendment
must be signed by the Proposer, acknowledging its receipt, and copy of the signed document must be included in the
Proposal documents. Failure to (i) sign the form transmitting the revision or amendment and (ii) include the
signed form in the Proposal may, in LYNX sole and absolute discretion, result in the rejection of the Proposal.
15. Proposal Rejection
LYNX may at any time reject any (i) Proposal which LYNX deems in its sole and absolute discretion to be incomplete,
(ii) Proposal which LYNX deems in its sole and absolute discretion fails to conform to the requirements of this RFP, or
(iii) Proposal which LYNX deems, in its sole and absolute discretion, takes exception to the Scope of Work. LYNX
reserves the right in any event to (a) waive any informalities or irregularities in any Proposal, which LYNX determines
in its sole and absolute discretion, to be minor, or (b) reject all Proposals and re-solicit the procurement.
16. Proposal Format
The Proposal shall contain a cover letter signed by a person authorized to bind the Proposer (i) agreeing that the
Proposal shall remain valid for not less than 120 days (as extended in the event of a Protest) and (ii) providing a
name, physical address, and email address of such person who is administering the Proposal, who has authority to
bind the Proposer and to whom LYNX may submit notices and writings regarding this RFP. It is to this person and at
this email address that LYNX will provide notices and other matters regarding this RFP.
Proposals shall be organized as follows:
Section 1
Introduction of Firm, Company and Staff Qualifications
Section 2
Database Management Solution
Section 3
Methodology/Approach to Providing the Scope of Work
Section 4
Financial Capability Statements
Section 5
List of current customers similar in size and requirements of LYNX
Section 6
Answers to Questions listed in the RFP
Section 7
Sample Reports
Section 8
Required Submittals (Forms and Exhibits, Including Price Proposal)
Additional information as to what must be included in each of the above-referenced sections is set forth in Exhibit C of
this RFP.
17. Protest Procedures
In the event any person wishes to file a Protest regarding this RFP, such Protest shall be made in accordance with
LYNX Administrative Rule 6 (which is available at www.golynx.com), the terms of which are hereby included herein by
this reference. LYNX reserves the right to modify the terms of the Protest procedure if it determines that such
modification is in its best interest. Should there be any dispute between LYNX Administrative Rule 6 and the
provisions of this Section 17, LYNX in its discretion will determine which provision governs.
By way of background, all Proposers understand and agree that the procurement process undertaken by virtue of this
RFP is solely for the benefit of LYNX, and it is for LYNX to determine in its discretion which Proposal LYNX desires to
accept. LYNX has provided for a protest procedure not to grant any rights to any particular Proposer but, rather, to
provide LYNX the opportunity to review and examine any information regarding any Proposal which it may not have
Page 3 of 5
Exhibit A
Solicitation No: 18-R16
Database Management Solution for Safety and Risk
fully evaluated. Thus, no Proposer has any legal right in connection with any Protest Proceeding and LYNX may, in
its discretion, determine whether or not to reject any Protest.
In the event a Protest is rejected, the Proposer may appeal the rejection as set forth in LYNX Administrative Rule 6 or
herein but, again, said appeal will be decided by LYNX based upon what it determines to be in its best interest. As
such, legal concepts (such as the Florida or Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Judicial Rules of Evidence) and
other matters which may be applicable to judicial or other proceedings are not applicable to a Protest in accordance
with LYNX Administrative Rules. In addition, the appeal process set forth in the LYNX Administrative Rule is
exclusive and upon the exhaustion of the appeal, no further appeal may be taken or separate suit filed against LYNX.
By virtue of submitting its Proposal, any Protesting Party expressly agrees that its remedies are exclusively limited to
the LYNX Protest procedure set forth in LYNX Administrative Rule 6 (as the same may be modified hereby) and that
there will be no appeal or litigation resulting from the final award of any Contract by LYNX. The foregoing is a material
consideration in the consideration by LYNX of any Proposal.
In the event a Protest is filed, LYNX Administrative Rule 6 requires that a cash bond be posted with LYNX at the time
the Protest is filed. In addition, a Protest must meet strict time limitations for filing. Reference is made to LYNX
Administrative Rule 6 for these and other matters relating to any Protest.
18. Award
LYNX will award the Contract to the Proposer who submits a Proposal that LYNX determines, in its sole and absolute
discretion, is most advantageous to LYNX (the “Selected Proposer”).
After the SEC ranks the Proposers a notice of the ranking will be given to all parties submitting Proposals and posted
on LYNX Procurement Website. After the SEC recommendation is final (with no further Protest or after the Protest
procedure is earlier terminated by the LYNX CEO in accordance with Rule 6), the recommendation of the SEC will
then be submitted to LYNX's board of directors for its consideration. The determination of whether to award the
Contract and to whom the Contract will be awarded shall be made in the sole and absolute discretion of the LYNX
Board of Directors.
The Selected Proposer is required to enter into a Contract with LYNX. LYNX reserves the right to delete, add to or
alter provisions of the Contract (including any conflicting provisions of this RFP). LYNX also reserves the right at any
time, in its absolute discretion, to cancel the RFP and “Re-solicit”.
The procurement process relating to this RFP is solely to benefit LYNX and for LYNX to determine in its discretion
which Proposer is entitled to enter into a Contract with LYNX. Although LYNX provides for a Protest procedure, once
LYNX selects a Proposer to contract with, that will terminate any further right of Protest by any Proposer. In addition,
no Proposer is granted any right to file any lawsuit against LYNX. Proposer, by virtue of submitting a Proposal,
expressly agrees to waive any right to bring any judicial or other action against LYNX, and that the Protest procedure
set forth in LYNX Administrative Rule 6 is the exclusive procedure to protest the award of any Contract. Each
Proposer by submitting its Proposal expressly agrees to these provisions.
19. Next Most Advantageous Proposal
In the event that the Selected Proposer fails or refuses to enter into a Contract with LYNX, then LYNX may award the
Contract to the Proposer who submits a Proposal that LYNX determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, is the
next most advantageous to LYNX. LYNX also reserves the right at any time, in its absolute discretion, to cancel the
RFP and “Re-Solicit”.
20. The Public Records Act and Trade Secret Information
The Proposer is aware and understands that LYNX is a public entity and, as such, it is subject to the Florida Public
Records Act. Subject to certain exemptions, Proposals received by LYNX are public records and may be subject to
disclosure upon the earlier of such time as LYNX provides notice of its decision or intended decision to award a
Contract or ten (10) days after the date that Proposals are opened. The Proposer is aware of this fact and that it is
possible that its Proposal may be disclosed by LYNX pursuant to a public records request, particularly if another
Proposer files a Protest to the procurement.
A Proposer’s Proposal may include certain information which the Proposer believes to be a “trade secret.” If a
Proposer would like for LYNX to treat such information as confidential, particularly in the event LYNX receives a public
records request, then the Proposer must clearly, in bold and large type, identify the specific information which it
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Exhibit A

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