RFP 92471-25-01 Nutrition Staffing QA

Agency: Marietta City Schools
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561320 - Temporary Help Services
Posted Date: Mar 15, 2024
Due Date: Mar 20, 2024
Solicitation No: RFP 92471-25-01
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RFP 92471-25-01 Nutrition Staffing QA

Attachment Preview

May 13, 2016
Phone: 678-695-7227
250 Howard Street
Email: cculver@marietta-city.k12.ga.us Marietta, GA 30060
Be Social with us: MCSNutritiion
March 14, 2024
RFP School Nutrition Staffing Responses
1. Would you please provide us with the anticipated budget for this project?
a. Approximately $480,000
2. Is this a new or old project? If old, could you please share with us the incumbent details
and their pricing?
a. This is an ongoing project. The current vendor is SPUR Staffing. Our food service
assistants are paid $15/hour.
3. Are there any pain points with the current contractor?
a. Fill rate has improved but it is not 100% and we don’t have a sub pool available.
4. As per our understanding, can we send our response through email, if yes, share the email
ID? Please clarify.
a. No, hard copies must be mailed or delivered.
5. If the mode of submission is through email, do you require “Request for Proposal: Staffing
Services, School Nutrition Program” as the subject line of the email?
a. Not applicable.
6. If the submission of this RFP is through email, then MCS will accept e-signatures?
a. Not applicable.
7. If the mode of submission is hardcopy, then how many copies are required for
a. 2 copies are preferred.
8. As mentioned on page no. 4, section “Minimum Qualifications”, pt.1 “Each bidder should
provide evidence of a current, valid Georgia Business License with each bid submittal. A
photocopy of your business license is acceptable”, will the To do Business certificate
suffice this requirement?
a. Yes, a Georgia Business License is required.
9. Will you please provide the format or link for the ‘Georgia Security and Immigration
Compliance Act OCGA 13-10-90" form?
a. Form can be found on the https://dfcs.georgia.gov website.
10. Is this mandatory to have any performance and payment bond?
a. Not applicable.
11. Do you require references with the response? Is it mandatory to provide references from
school only or can we use references from other sources where we provided almost
similar services?
a. Yes, we require references, and the vendor should have prior experience with
school nutrition staffing.
12. Do you require food service assistants only for this contract?
a. No, food service assistants are the primary role to fill.
13. What are the other job titles you require to provide services for this contract? If there are
multiple positions required, can we duplicate the Bidder Response Sheet for all titles?
a. Other job titles requested for this contract include key person and cafeteria
manager for summer service. A driver/delivery position is only as needed.
14. As mentioned on page no. 12, is it necessary for the vendor to participate in an onsite
meeting with the school?
a. A meeting is required prior to the start of staffing service.
15. As mentioned on page no. 13, pt. 9, “The billable rate for all positions (including driver and
key person) should remain constant regardless if there is an increase in any hourly rate.”
What is MCS referring to the driver and key person here? Or any other positions required
for MCS to provide services?
a. Mentioned above.
16. As per our understanding, cost will only be the criteria for determining the evaluation of
the response.
a. No, cost is one factor of the determination.
17. What is the format we need to follow while preparing the response and what do you
require in the technical part? Please clarify.
18. As per our understanding does MCS only requires a pay rate and markup?
a. Yes
19. As per our understanding of the “Bidder Response Sheet – Staffing Service School
Nutrition Program” we only need to provide an hourly rate in the first column “The
proposed rate charged per hour to provide temporary/hourly labor/staffing to MCS
School Nutrition Program.” And markup on the second column “Proposed (%) percentage
to provide temporary/hourly labor/staffing to the MCS School Nutrition Program”?
a. Yes
20. In how many locations do we need to provide the services? How many FTEs are required
for this?
a. This agreement includes 14 kitchen locations for Marietta City Schools. We
currently have 36 positions from the staffing agency.
21. As per our understanding, do you require the Bidder Response Sheet and Bidder
Response form inside the proposal, is it correct, please clarify?
a. Yes, include both forms in your proposal.
22. Can you provide job titles and job descriptions for the positions bidders are expected to
provide for the Marietta GA School Nutrition Program?
Food Service Assistant year round
Key Person & Cafeteria Manager Summer program
Delivery Driver, as needed.
23. Can you confirm the specific background check required? Surge’s preferred background
vendor is First Advantage does Marietta Schools require a different vendor?
Background checks are completed internally through Marietta City Schools at the
vendor’s cost (or applicant).
24. The Food Service Safety Training Does Marietta Schools follow state/city requirements
as it relates to Food Service Safety requirements or do you have more strict
requirements? It says the awarded agency manages the training classes is the
expectation for the awarded agency to host a Food Safety Training to certify all
employees or a training that provides general knowledge and understanding of food
safety requirements?
Marietta City Schools adhere to local and state food safety requirements. Training
should provide general knowledge and understanding of food safety requirements.
25. Can you share the current supplier(s) and their rate(s)?
a. How much did Marietta Schools spend on staffing services for the School
Nutrition Program 2022 and 2023? Breakdown by each school location?
b. If you are not able to provide spend information, can you share the # of
students/staff per school location or # of meals served?
We currently have 36 positions filled by the staffing agency. The breakdown per
school varies by meals per labor hours.
26. Are there any issues or struggles with the School Nutrition Program in the past 1-2 years?
Fill rate
27. How many suppliers will be awarded business and how will the award be allocated?
One vendor will be awarded.
28. In reference to this language in the RFP: “If applicable, the successful bidder shall be
required to furnish and pay for satisfactory Performance and Payment Bond(s) in the
amount of 100% of the contract amount. These bonds are to be executed by a surety
company licensed to do business in the State of Georgia. ”Is a performance and
payment bond applicable to this RFP?
a. Not applicable
29. In addition to 1 hard copy, how many copies of the RFP response should be
a. A total of 2 copies.
30. Who will be the recipient of hard copies of RFP at the central office when delivered?
a. Marlo Mixon, Procurement Specialist
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