RFP-NR-5340 Up fit Chassis for Foam Attack Vehicle

Agency: City of New Rochelle/IPT
State: New York
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 326150 - Urethane and Other Foam Product (except Polystyrene) Manufacturing
  • 336413 - Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
Posted Date: Aug 3, 2020
Due Date: Aug 19, 2020
Solicitation No: RFP-NR-5340
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Bid Number: RFP-NR-5340
Bid Title: RFP-NR-5340 Up fit Chassis for Foam Attack Vehicle
Category: *Current Bids & RFPs
Status: Open

The City of New Rochelle is seeking proposals for upfitting our 2020 Ford F-550 Super Cab Chassis to a Foam Attack Vehicle as per the details provided herein
Publication Date/Time:
8/3/2020 10:00 AM
Publication Information:
Questions due Aug 12 @ noon
Closing Date/Time:
8/19/2020 3:00 PM
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Department of Finance
515 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Mark Zulli
Tel (914) 654-2072
Edward Ritter
Deputy Commissioner
Sandi Murray
Purchasing Specialist
City of New Rochelle
New York
SPEC. 5340
The City of New Rochelle is seeking proposals for upfitting our 2020 Ford F-550 Super Cab Chassis to a
Foam Attack Vehicle as per the details provided herein. Interested proposers shall include any and all
other required information that may not be contained here to deliver a fully function Foam Attack Vehicle.
The finished vehicle shall have be capable of the following three 3) major functions:
A unit capable of the following three (3) major functions;
1. Be able to support large scale foam Standpipe and Sprinkler operations at parking
structures, particularly those within high-rise buildings.
2. Be capable of driving into a multi-level garage that utilizes ramps to traverse the levels and
support a rapid direct attack on 1-3 burning cars. With additional water supplied to the
vehicle, shall maintain a 500 gpm attack with 3% AFFF for a minimum of 25 additional
3. Be able to support large scale foam operations city-wide. Minimum 500 gpm of 3% AFFF
finished foam for a minimum of 30 minutes (18,000 gallons of foam solution). Delivered
to multiple outlets using a foam injection system, capable of making 1/3% solution over a
range of flows up to 660gpm @ 3% and 1800gpm @1%.
All proposal submittals need to be received in the Purchasing Office no later than 3pm on Wednesday,
August 19, 2020.
Due to current global health concerns and in support of social distancing it is preferred that responses
be sent via US Mail, or Special Carrier (Fed Ex, UPS etc.) Social distancing and mask requirements
shall be adhered to. Please note: This is an RFP and pricing will not be disclosed at time of opening.
City of New Rochelle will not be held accountable for late or misdirected mail. We strongly suggest
that you do NOT wait for the due date to submit your proposal.
[Type here]
The City of New Rochelle is a sponsor of the Westchester Affirmative Action Equal Employment
Agreement and strongly encourages all firms qualified and certified as Women/Minority Business
Enterprises (W/MBE) to submit proposals.
Questions / Contact Person:
All questions must be submitted via e-mail to Edward J Ritter, Deputy Finance Commissioner and
Sandi Murray, Purchasing Specialist at Eritter@newrochelleny.com and
Smurray@newrochelleny.com no later than noon on August 12, 2020.
Responses to all questions will be posted on the City’s website no later than 4:30pm August 14,2020
The City reserves the right to amend the RFP based on questions and issues raised at any time prior to
the bid submission deadline and urges all interested parties to check the website prior to submission
of proposal.
General Information:
The City of New Rochelle has ordered a 2020 Ford F-550 Super Cab Chassis, which is expected
to be delivered to the up fitter who is awarded this contract. The chassis is expected on or about
the first week of September 2020. The intent of these specifications is to establish a baseline for
the upfitting that is needed to turn this chassis into a foam attack unit, please carefully review all
Minimum Qualifications:
Please provide three reference were similar work was completed for a municipality.
Location, contact person and email address.
1. _________________________________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________________________________
3. _________________________________________________________________________
The awarded vendor should specialize in building AFFF foam systems, examples of similar
upfitting must be presented including name and contact info for firm or municipality
Vehicle Concept:
Details of functions:
1a. Ability to transport and supply finished AFFF or similar foam (0.1% to 0.6%) to the garage
standpipes. To do this a standard engine will have to provide water up to 1,500 gpm at approx.
200psi. to this unit.
1b. Supporting the Fire Department Connection (FDC) requires one (1) or two (2) four (4)
section (50’ each) 3” high pressure hose with FDNY threads (#DP30X50O25FDNY ALL-
[Type here]
TEST-3“ X 50‘ ORANGE-COUPLED 2.5“ FDNY). The female end will be preconnected.
The male end will be unattached. Hose will be in a bed, flaked or double donut. Note: The
second line will double as a preconnected blitz-fire line. Hose to be Provided by NRFD.
a. Garage heights: up to 7 stories above grade, 2 below grade.
b. Horizontal distances up to 750’ from FDC to farthest standpipe outlet (not including
elevation) plus up to 150’ standpipe hose (2” or 2.5”).
2a. To drive in, the vehicle needs to have a maximum height of 7 feet.
2b. We previously experimented with a 100 gal. premixed (3% AFFF) pressure tank with an SCBA
bottle for pressure and 150’ x 1 ¾” hose with a TFT bubble Jet Nozzle. We liked the fact that
there was no pump and was very simple to operate. The downside was lack of ability to
resupply during an incident. This concept is acceptable, but we think there maybe ways to
improve on this concept. Once supplied with an external supply of water (and its pressure) Can
the unit become a foam manifold? Would expect this unit to have a larger pressurized tank,
250 gallon or better, if size/weight can be accommodated. Tanks for breathing air to pressurize
is preferred as we have a mobile fill unit to refill them.
2c. The foam attack should be paired with a Purple K extinguishing system (Twin Agent System)
and shall operate from the cab. Size of Purple K to be determined based on space/weight. Goal
would be a 250-pound system with a 5-7 lb. per second discharge rate
2d. We need to protect up to two (2) members and the vehicle in an IDLH atmosphere. Respiratory
protection shall consist of the following:
A) Two (2) 30-minute SCBA brackets with retaining straps mounted facing outboard behind
the driver and officer seats. NRFD to provide the SCBA.
B) Two (2) 60-minute SCBA brackets with retaining straps to be provided and mounted
forward facing towards the midline of the vehicle behind the rear seats. The two 60-Minute
bottles shall be provided by NRFD. Two (2) Scott Safety Product RIT-Pak III manifolds
(no bags) Part #200954-02 provided by NRFD and Shall be mounted, location TBD. Air
Supply Whip shall be located near the left shoulder of both front seat riding positions. Whip
shall attach directly to Scott face mounted regulator (provided by NRFD).
2e. For safety, breathing air needs to be provided to the motor when inside a smoke-filled structure.
Tank(s), regulator, valve (controllable from the cab console) tubing and nozzle needs to be
designed with locations and duration times calculated (in 5, 10,15, etc. minute blocks).
Disconnects for the cab removal shall be provided as needed (details are listed later in this
2f. A twin agent front bumper monitor is needed. The Task Force Tip EF1RC with a bubble
cup or other more appropriate twin agent nozzle and joystick control mounted on the cab
central consol. Monitor shall allow for both Foam Solution and Purple K to be applied.
System shall be able to deliver either agent or both while vehicle is moving. All system
controls shall be in the cab. Disconnects for the cab removal shall be provided as needed
[Type here]
(details are listed later in this document). In addition, a single crosslay with space for 200’
x 2” hose with 1½” FDNY Couplings shall be provided (NRFD shall provide the hose). It
shall be attached to the foam solution pressure vessel. Hose storage for 200’ x 2” attack
hose is 8” wide (double row) x 6’ Long (approx.) x 18” high.
Additional foam & or water shall be able to be diverted to the bumper mount and/or hoseline,
once the vehicle is stationary and a water supply is established. The bumper monitor needs to
extend out in front of the vehicle with as small a footprint as possible (overall vehicle clearance
space is at a premium). The plumbing shall be protected with guards or plates to minimize
damage in tight parking conditions.
2g. A FLIR model KF-6 Thermal imaging camera shall be mounted on the bumper turret. View
screen to be mounted in cab. Location TBD. Disconnects for the cab removal shall be provided
as needed (details are listed later in this document).
2h. A Whelen Pioneer Micro with ball stud mount. Model # MPPB flood light shall be affixed to
the FLIR or monitor. Disconnects for the cab removal shall be provided as needed.
3a. We currently have a foam collection bin (for pails), 3) 55gal drums 1/3 Universal Gold AFFF,
Drum Hand Truck, 3) Akron 500gpm+ self-educting monitor nozzles, a 125 gpm eductor and
Akron’s Jet Ratio Controller. A small compartment would carry most of these components.
Having 2 drums and the hand truck would allow setting up even more remotely than the Jet
Ratio Controller. This would require a davit to load/unload them. The bin would also be useful
to support other departments, but could be modified with a folding tank and spike for space
consideration. Note: 300 gal folding tank (5’ x 3’ x 2.5’h) husky water tank. Storage size
approximately 60” x 30” x 7.5” shall be provided by NRFD. Tie down system for the 55 gal
3b. One (1) Deck Gun at the rear of the vehicle, preconnected to the plumbing/water way.
A. Road height cannot exceed 7 feet
B. NRFD can provide one of the following:
a. One (1) TFT Typhoon RC model Y5C-52.
i. Includes a TFT Radio Control unit
ii. Includes TFT’s extend-a-gun (was damaged in a low speed crash).
iii. Equipped with Automatic Nozzle and A stream shaper and set of lightweight
quad stacked tips.
iv. The unit was damaged in a low speed crash (most of the damage was to ii
above), will need to be evaluated. or
b. One Elkhart VULCAN® monitor constructed from lightweight cast aluminum with a
fully vaned 3.5" waterway producing a friction loss factor of less than 27 psi; monitor
has a flow rating of 1250 gpm; monitor shall be configured with a 3" 150# ANSI flange
inlet and a 2.5" NHT male outlet; the monitor shall have maximum dimensions of 16"
high, 15" wide; shall have two (2) hand wheels to control the full 360° rotation and to
control the vertical movement 90° above to 45° below the horizontal plane. They shall
[Type here]
hold position wherever it is stopped; shall be equipped 3" 150# ANSI mounting flange
and a 2.5" NHT male outlet;
c. Nozzle we have is an Akron 500gpm+ self-educting monitor nozzle.
3c. A second 3 in x 200 foot preconnected high pressure orange hose (the first is the standpipe line
in 1b above) (to be provided by NRFD) with a TFT BlitzFire Osculating high elevation (Model
#XX211A-HE 53 Kit) with 2.5” FDNY Thread and foam Aerator. Shall be mounted at a
location TBD.
The Vehicle
1. The vehicle chassis specifications are included in Appendix “B”
2. Maximum finished height no greater than 7 foot
3. Maximum 21 feet Overall length
Cab Removal
NRFD Shop has requested Deutsch Plug or approved alternative disconnection systems TBD
between cab and any components (body, light bar, front bumper). Since major turbo work
requires lifting the cab of the chassis.
Cab Roof
During the upfitting, the vendor shall paint the roof of the cab white. Color Code: PPG 925914
Cargo Deck
A metal cargo deck shall be provided and secured to the frame rails. All other equipment shall be
mounted to the deck. The deck shall be aluminum (for weight) with a clear finish.
4 under bed storage boxes with locking doors shall be provided.
Two (2) 275 Gallon Totes (2,485 lbs.) shall be attached to the deck. They shall be removable
with basic tools. Foam shall be National Foam Universal Gold 1/3% AFFF-AR.
A plumbing system designed and tested to handle up to 400 psi shall be installed above and
below the deck as appropriate. Shall be sized based on the flow needs listed previously. The
following components shall be provided:
1) Intake - 5” Storz with 30-degree elbow with cap & chain/cable
2) Intake – Two (2) 2.5” with 30 degree elbow with FDNY Female thread and plug (3.030
ODM 8 TPI) or A Siamese in place of the two inlets.
3) Discharges
a. Front- Bumper monitor as listed above
b. Left side – 2½” FDNY Thread, Preconnected to 3” Standpipe feed or BlitzFire.
[Type here]

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