RFP JB-205935 Weapon Detection System **SOURCING #11017**

Agency: Dallas Public Schools
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 334511 - Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 561621 - Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
Posted Date: Aug 12, 2020
Due Date: Sep 9, 2020
Solicitation No: RFP JB-205935
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RFP JB-205935 Weapon Detection System **SOURCING #11017**

Closing Date: 9/9/2020

Closing Time: 2:00 P.M.

Bid Package: JB-205935 Weapon Detection System

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Receipt/Opening Time and Date:
September 9, 2020 @ 2:00 PM Central
Issue Date: August 12, 2020
Page 1 of 45 Pages
RFP #JB-205935
“Weapon Detection System”
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Candace Yarbough
Candace Yarbough, Director, Contracts Management
Dallas Independent School District (“Dallas ISD” or “District”) is soliciting offers for the products, goods, or services per the
specifications stated in this document. Offers shall be submitted in a sealed envelope marked on the outside with the Offeror’s name,
address, solicitation number, and title “Weapon Detection System” to:
Dallas ISD
Attn: Procurement Services
9400 North Central Expressway, Suite 1510
Dallas, Texas 75231
Offers must be submitted in sufficient time to be received and time-stamped at the above location on or before the receipt/opening
date/time indicated above. DALLAS ISD will not be responsible for delivering mail from the post office nor any other delays
encountered by hand delivery of Offers. Offers received after the receipt/opening time and date may not be considered. FAX
proposals or e-mailed proposals will not be accepted.
Questions concerning this solicitation document should be addressed, in writing, to; jblythe@dallasisd.org. Questions should be
submitted not later than August 27, 2020, to allow sufficient time for responses prior to receipt/opening date/time. Responses to
questions, other than administrative questions, will be provided to all potential Offerors by means of an addendum to the solicitation.
The attached “General Terms and Conditions” are an integral part of this solicitation and will become part of any resulting contract
unless deviations/exceptions are requested by Offeror at time of response and accepted by Dallas ISD.
Please return the following;
1. Your Original Signed Bid Response;
2. One (1) hard copy of your original signed bid response, and;
3. Five (5) labeled USB thumb drives.
All forms included as part of this solicitation must be completed and returned with Offeror’s response.
This solicitation is for a one-time purchase or one-year requirement as noted elsewhere in this solicitation.
Contract(s) will be put into effect by means of a Letter of Acceptance, or some other written notification of Acceptance by The District,
within ten (10) days of acceptance by the District. The document of Acceptance, the solicitation, the Offeror’s Offer, and other
pertinent documents will comprise the Contract Documents. See “Contract Documents and Order of Precedence” in General Terms
and Conditions.
Signature below represents that Offer is submitted.
Company Name:
Email Address:
Submitter’s Signature:
Submitter’s Name/Title:
City, State and Zip Code:
Telephone No.
JB-205935 – Weapon Detection System
I. Background Information/Basic Requirements
II. Instructions and Requirements for Offer Submittal
III. Evaluation Process
IV. Forms to be Returned with Offer
V. General Terms and Conditions
VI. Special Terms and Conditions (if applicable)
VII. Exhibits and/or Appendices (if applicable)
Issue RFP
Advertising Dates
Pre-Proposal Meeting (if applicable)
Questions Deadline
Questions Response
Evaluation and Selection
Proposal Timeline (Estimated)
August 12, 2020
September 9, 2020 @ 2:00 PM Central
August 12 and 19, 2020
August 27, 2020
September 1, 2020
Week of September 14, 2020
October 22, 2020
1. Dallas ISD is seeking Offers for a Weapon Detection System.
2. Dallas ISD is seeking to award to one vendor for the purchase of the goods/services identified in this solicitation.
3. The resulting Contract award, if any, is for a one-time requirement or one-year requirement
This is a one-year Contract, but may be extended/renewed in additional one-year periods up to a maximum of
three years (i.e., two one-year extensions) at the discretion of the District, and mutual agreement, based on
factors such as, but not limited to, unit prices, delivery satisfaction, compliance with terms/conditions, and needs
of the district. To exercise each option to renew, the District must give written notice to the Offeror of its election
to renew for one (1) additional year within forty-five (45) days of the expiration of the then current term of the
Agreement/Contract. If the District fails to timely exercise any of the options to renew, all remaining options to
renew shall expire and terminate.
4. The Effective Date of the Contract/Agreement, if any, is the date that award is approved by Dallas ISD’s Board
of Trustees or designated representative. In some cases, the Effective Date and the date for start of services
are separated by several weeks and/or months.
5. Dallas ISD sits in the heart of a large, diverse and dynamic region with a metropolitan population of 6.5 million
people in the 12 counties in North Central Texas. Dallas ISD comprises 384 square miles and encompasses the
cities of Dallas, Cockrell Hill, Seagoville, Addison, Wilmer and parts of Carrollton, Cedar Hill, DeSoto,
Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Garland, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, Hutchins, Lancaster and Mesquite.
a. The district is the second-largest public-school district in the state, and the 14th-largest district in the nation.
b. Dallas ISD is proud of its award-winning schools, outstanding teachers and staff, hard-working students and
committed parents and volunteers. The District serves approximately 155,000 students in pre-kindergarten
through the 12th grade, in 230 schools, employing nearly 20,000 dedicated professionals.
Scope of Work
6. The Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD) is looking to utilize a high-level weapon detection system
that also video records all people that pass through the systems at all our high school campuses, district athletic
facilities, and other district locations for a total of 55 weapon detection systems throughout the district.
This weapon detection system would greatly assist our campuses with large numbers of student enrollment and
large athletic and graduation events at our large fieldhouses and stadiums. We want the weapon detection
system to detect the location and number of weapons or threat objects such as; knives, guns, brass knuckles
and razor blades, while ignoring personal artifacts like coins, keys, and jewelry. The use of the video recording
capabilities will allow us to identify concerns and have a video history of the entire event and everyone that
passed through the metal detectors that day, night or event.
7. The Dallas ISD is looking to use a metal detector in conjunction with a weapon detection system at high schools,
district field houses, stadiums, and other district facilities. Metal detectors would also be utilized at middle
schools to replace the older versions of the metal detectors currently in use throughout the schools and athletic
facilities. The metal detectors will be less expensive and therefore, we are looking at purchasing an additional
130 metal detector units to upgrade and continue to meet the security needs of our secondary schools and
facilities across the Dallas ISD.
Specifications for Weapon Detection System:
Free standing and portable.
Dimensions: The weapon detection system should be tall enough and wide enough for large men and women to
easily walk through.
The workstation should have a laptop and network capabilities.
Have video recording capabilities.
Power: 110/220 VAC: 3.5 Amp
Operating Temperatures that can withstand extreme outside and inside heat/cold.
Network Capability
Be able to work from remote locations on a facility’s network.
ADA Compliant, Low Voltage, DHS Designated Safety Act Stamp.
No electromagnetic emissions, no interference with medical implants and safe for women that are pregnant.
Specifications for Metal Detectors:
Detection Zones - Zones for head to feet and from (left, right and center).
Multi-unit synchronization - Synchronization with wired AC power lines or with manual frequency selection for
wireless operation.
Visual Displays - Zone indicator lights on both sides of panels. Pace lights.
Access Control - Keypad lock to control access and to enable/disabled the keypad.
Passageway Interior Size - The metal detectors should be tall enough and wide enough for large men/women to
easily walk through.
Operating Temperatures that can withstand extreme outside and inside heat/cold.
Power - Fully automatic, no rewiring, switching or adjustments needed.
Regulatory Information - Meets international airport standards such as TSA, ECAC, STAC, AENA, CJIAC, DFT.
Meets additional standards of USMS, NIJ-0601.04, NILECJ. Meets Electrical Safety and Compatibility
Requirements for CE, FCC, CSA, IEC, ICNIRP, IEEE.
Weatherproofing - Meets IP55, IP 65, IEC 529 Standard for moisture, foreign matter protection.
Construction - Scratch and mar-resistant laminate. Detection Heads and Support; Heavy duty aluminum.
Control output - Solid state switches low voltage AC or DC) for operating external alarms and control devices.
(Optional) Remote Control - Desktop remote control with zone indication; personal computer with wired or
wireless iC Module or IR remote.
(Optional) Networking - Manage individual or groups of walkthroughs and perform statistical analysis of
throughput with wired or wireless iC Module and client software.
Warranty - 24 months, limited parts and labor
Pricing Instructions:
Please use the Price Offer Summary Form found on page 20 and the Detailed Price Affidavit found on page 21 of this
RFP to provide your pricing.
Please be sure to provide detailed pricing as an additional sheet that shows a breakdown of your total costs, such as
but not limited to:
Offeror shall furnish to the District, all such information and data requested by the District to determine the Offeror’s
qualifications and responsibility. The requested information must be placed on the forms provided or other separate pages
where indicated--do not make reference to other documents. All answers must be complete and stand-alone. Failure to
follow directions using the outline below or not using the forms attached may result in the Offeror’s Offer being disqualified or
not considered for further evaluation.
Offerors shall familiarize themselves with existing conditions in the material and labor markets prior to submission of an offer.
The fact that an Offer (bid/proposal) is submitted will be construed by the District to indicate that the Offeror has familiarized
itself with existing or future market conditions and agrees to perform in full accordance with the specifications and other
contract documents notwithstanding existing material and labor markets’ conditions.
Offeror must comply with any insurance, bid bond or liability requirements of District as noted elsewhere in this solicitation
Offeror must include pertinent literature/documentation for the proposed products or goods.
If Offeror requires a credit application or similar documentation in order to conduct business with Dallas ISD after award of
Contract/Agreement (if any), these documents must be submitted at the time of Offer submission.
In addition to a detailed response to the solicitation, the following forms must be completed, executed, and returned with the
Company Information
Representation and Certification (including CIQ)
Form CIQ *
Certificate of Interested Parties Form 1295 *
Felony Conviction Notice
Notification of no Response
Price Offer Summary
Detailed Price Affidavit
Exceptions to Terms, Conditions, and/or Statement of Work
Criminal Background Checks and Badging
M/WBE Documentation **
Interlocal Agreement (“Rider”) Consent Form
Antitrust Certification Statement
EDGAR Certification
Addendum (if applicable)
* Form CIQ and Form 1295 must be obtained by potential Offerors from the Texas Ethics Commission’s website
(www.ethics.state.tx.us), completed, and returned with Offer.
** Failure to complete and sign the M/WBE documentation will result in Offeror receiving zero (0) points for the
M/WBE criteria.

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