RFP for Fleet Maintenance and Repair

Agency: University of Oregon
State: Oregon
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 811111 - General Automotive Repair
  • 811118 - Other Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Repair and Maintenance
  • 811310 - Commercial and Industrial Machinery and Equipment (except Automotive and Electronic) Repair and Maintenance
Posted Date: Aug 20, 2020
Due Date: Sep 30, 2020
Solicitation No: PCS# 460000-00133-RFP
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RFP for Fleet Maintenance and Repair
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PCS# 460000-00133-RFP
Sep 30, 2020 5:00pm
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RFP Title: RFP for Adjustable Height Dormitory Bed Frames

RFP Number: PCS# 470000-00515-RFP

Issuing Office: Purchasing and Contracting Services

1600 Millrace Dr., Suite 306

Eugene, OR 97403


Closing Date and Time: August 24, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. (PST)

Proposals must be received by the Issuing

Office no later than the Closing Date and Time.

Postmarks will not be considered.


1.1. General Purpose. The University of Oregon, on behalf of its Department of Housing (University), is soliciting Proposals for 700 adjustable height dormitory beds to coordinate with an established resident room furniture aesthetic. Expected deliverables are listed in “Scope of Services” below.

1.2. Background. The University of Oregon is a public research university in Eugene, Oregon. Founded in 1876, University's 295-acre campus is along the Willamette River. Since July 2014, UO has been governed by the Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon.

The University of Oregon is unsurpassed in its commitment to excellence in teaching, research, artistic expression, and the generation, dissemination, preservation, and application of knowledge. The University is devoted to educating the whole person, and to fostering the next generation of transformational leaders and informed participants in the global community. Through these pursuits, the University enhances the social, cultural, physical, and economic wellbeing of our students, Oregon, the nation, and the world.

University Housing includes 11 Residence Halls providing lodging for roughly 4,500 students, as well as Apartments and Family Housing, Business Operations, University Catering & Conference Services, University Dining, Facilities & Maintenance, and Residence Life. With more than 1,200 professional and student employees, University Housing is one of the largest employers on campus.

The University promotes inclusive excellence through a commitment to institutional fairness and equality, eradication of discrimination and through celebrating and affirming the strengths of a multicultural community. For further information about the University of Oregon, please visit https://www.uoregon.edu/about .

1.3. Closing Date and Time. All Proposals must be received by University’s Issuing Office by 5:00 p.m. (PST) on or before August 24, 2020 (“Closing Date and Time”). Please see Section 4 of this RFP for submission instructions.

1.4. New Vendors. If you have not yet registered as a vendor in the University Purchasing Portal, please register by clicking the “Create New Account” button at: https://apps.ideal-logic.com/uopcs . Registration is required in order to submit a Proposal electronically. To expedite the submission of Proposals, please register in advance of the Closing Date.

1.5. Monitoring. This RFP will be posted on the University of Oregon Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) website, under “Business Opportunities,” accessible at: http://pcs.uoregon.edu/content/business-opportunities. Any Addenda including, without limitations, extensions of the Closing Date and Time will be posted to the PCS website. Proposers are responsible for monitoring the PCS website on a periodic basis for any modifications to the RFP. University is not required to issue individual notifications.

1.6. Definitions. As used in this Request for Proposal (unless otherwise stated), the capitalized terms shall have the meanings set forth in UO Policy IV 09 06 J.


2.1. Statement of Required Goods and Services.

2.1.1. 700 adjustable height dormitory bed frames to fit 36” x 80” twin size mattresses. Mattresses will be provided by University and/or students.

2.1.2. All parts to allow for bed configuration in lofted, standard, and captain’s height, and to be joined with another bed in a bunked position.

• Heights must be ADA compatible (lower setting), 25” or more clearance underneath (medium setting), and not more than 6’0” bed deck height (not including mattress) in the lofted position.

2.1.3. 400 long-side mount ladders.

2.1.4. All support pieces, rail/components to allow mattress to be used safely with bed frame.

2.1.5. Appearance to coordinate with existing wood species/finish and metal powder coat finish. See Exhibit C attached hereto.

2.1.6. Delivery and installation/setup of beds, including removal of any shipping-related packaging. University dumpsters cannot be used.

• Delivery and installation expected between approximately June 1 and July 15, 2021.

2.1.7. Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries prevailing wage rates apply. For further information, please visit https://www.oregon.gov/boli/employers/pages/prevailing-wage.aspx .

2.2. Optional Goods – Bed Frame Accessories.

2.2.1. Bed-mounted desks.

2.2.2. Bed-mounted white boards.

2.2.3. Other available accessories.


3.1. Overview.

3.1.1. University expects all Proposers to submit the information identified in this Section 3. Where the requested submittal is marked (E), the submittal will be evaluated and Proposers are expected to provide comprehensive written responses to the evaluated specifications. Points will be awarded based on the degree to which the University’s evaluators determine that the Proposer meets the evaluated specification. A Proposer that does not respond to an evaluated specification may receive no points for that specification.

With respect to all other submittals, the determination as to whether the Proposer meets the submittal requirements rests solely with University. If University determines that a Proposer does not meet a submittal requirement as specified, or has not included sufficient information relevant to allow University to evaluate a submittal requirement, University may deem the Proposal “non-responsive” and terminate its review of the Proposal.

3.2. Submittals.

3.2.1. Contact Information. Proposer must submit the name and title of its primary contact regarding this RFP, the business name, the primary address, the primary contact’s telephone number, and the primary contact’s email address.

3.2.2. Entity Verification. If the Proposer is an entity other than a sole proprietorship, Proposer must submit evidence in the form of a Secretary Certificate (or equivalent documentation) that the individual submitting the Proposal is authorized to act for and bind the Proposer in all matters relating to the Proposal and possible subsequent contract. This type of written documentation is commonly in the form of a Secretary’s Certificate or Officer’s Certificate issued by the board or committee governing the entity. The written documentation, however, is not required to be in any particular form as long as it clearly shows the individual signing the Proposal has authority to bind the Proposer. If Proposer is an entity other than a sole proprietorship and the entity was not organized or incorporated in the State of Oregon, Proposer must submit written evidence that Proposer is in good standing in its state of organization or incorporation. This type of written documentation is commonly in the form of a certificate of good standing. The written documentation, however, is not required to be a certificate of good standing. For example: A corporation incorporated in California could go to the California Secretary of State’s website, perform a business entity search on itself, and submit with its Proposal a copy of the record retrieved from that site.

3.2.3. Financial Capability. Proposer must submit sufficient evidence of financial capability to meet the responsibilities to perform the contract, which may include balance sheets, income statements, financial statements, independent financial compilation/review or other financial information, whereby University can determine Proposer’s credit rating or financial capability. It will be at University’s sole discretion to determine if evidence submitted is sufficient to determine financial capability or to deem a Proposer responsible to perform under a contract. University reserves the right to request further information as needed for clarification purposes. The successful Proposer to which the contract is awarded may, at the discretion of University, be required to provide periodic (in no case more than two times per year) updates to the financial capabilities report submitted pursuant to this RFP.

3.2.4. Addenda Posted After Proposer’s Submission of Proposal. If Proposer has already submitted a Proposal, Proposer may (i) modify the previously submitted Proposal (in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 4 below) or (ii) withdraw the previously submitted Proposal (in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 4 below).

3.2.5. Other Proposer Requirements. Proposer must not be listed on the Federal Excluded Parties or Debarred Contractors listing. Proposer must not be excluded from contract awards by either the federal government or the State of Oregon. No written response from Proposer is necessary for this Section. Upon closing of this RFP, and as part of University’s initial review of mandatory requirements, University will verify whether Proposer is excluded from contract awards by either the federal government or the State of Oregon.

3.2.6. Delivery. Proposals must include delivery, FOB Destination Freight Prepaid and Allowed, which means all transportation charges from vendor to University are prepaid and borne by the Contractor. If you do not quote FOB Destination Freight Prepaid and Allowed, all transportation and handling charges must be indicated separately and will be considered in the award. (E)

3.2.7. Proposer must complete, and attach all documents referenced in, the Proposal Questionnaire, Exhibit A hereto. (E)

3.2.8. Itemized Budget/Price Proposal. Proposer must complete the Price Proposal, Exhibit B hereto. (E)


4.1. Overview. Proposer MUST comply with all Proposal procedures and follow all Proposer instructions set forth in this Section.

4.2. Requests for Clarification or Change of Proposal.

4.2.1. Timing. Requests for clarifications, changes or protests of solicitation specifications must be received by University no later than ten calendar days prior to the Closing Date and Time. No requests for change or protests of solicitation specifications will be considered after the deadline stated above.

4.2.2. Requirements. If requesting changes or protests, such requests for change or protests must include the reasons for the request for change or protest, the specific specifications and provisions sought to be changed, and the proposed changes to the specifications or provisions. Envelopes or e-mails containing requests for change or protest must be marked SOLICITATION SPECIFICATION REQUEST FOR CHANGE or CONTRACT PROVISION PROTEST, and must identify the RFP Title, RFP Number and the Closing Date and Time. University reserves the right to amend this RFP, extend the Closing Date and Time, or deny the request or protest.

4.2.3. Proposer Requests Not Addenda. Only documents issued as Written Addenda by University serve to change the RFP in any way. No other direction received by the Proposer, written or verbal, serves to change the RFP. University will post Addenda on the PCS website.

4.2.4. Submission of Requests. All requests must be submitted to:

Purchasing and Contracting Services

1600 Millrace Dr., Suite 306

Eugene, OR 97403

competitionsupport@uoregon.edu .

4.2.5. Vendor Questions. Please note that University will not respond directly to individual inquiries. University will not address inquiries that are unique to a specific Proposer, are non-substantive, and/or are already addressed in this RFP. University only addresses inquiries through a posted addendum when it determines the information will assist all interested parties in preparing responsive Proposals. University will not respond to oral inquiries. Vendor questions must be submitted to competitionsupport@uoregon.edu .

4.3. Proposal Preparation.

4.3.1. Completeness. Unless Proposers are specifically authorized by this RFP to take exceptions or to leave terms open to negotiation, Proposals will be a complete offer and will be subject to the terms of this RFP. To be evaluated and considered for award, Proposals must include all information required herein. Failure to do so may be deemed sufficient cause for rejection of the Proposal as “non-responsive.”

4.3.2. Organization. Proposals must follow the organization and format described in this RFP. Proposals must clearly identify the question or request to which the Proposer is addressing and restate the appropriate RFP Section. All Proposals must be organized in the order in which the question or request was presented in the RFP. Proposals that do not follow the format described in this RFP may at University’s sole discretion be deemed “non-responsive,” and receive no further consideration.

4.4. Proposal Submission.

4.4.1. Form. Unless otherwise stated in this RFP, Proposals must be submitted electronically. Procedure for Electronic Submissions. To submit a Proposal, please go to https://pcs.uoregon.edu/content/business-opportunities . Click the link “Submit a Proposal” to the right of the RFP listing and follow the submission instructions. For further information on how to submit a Proposal, please see the Vendor Proposal Instructions at:

https://pcs.uoregon.edu/sites/pcs1.uoregon.edu/files/vendorproposalsubmitinst_final_topost.pdf .

The subject line must clearly state that it is a “PROPOSAL,” noting the RFP Title, RFP Number, and the Closing Date and Time. Electronic Proposals must be formatted in MS Word, Excel, or .pdf. Supporting documentation such as graphics, pictures, and financial statements may be in .pdf or other appropriate format. Do not submit electronic copies through email, use of a Drop Box account, or other such Web or cloud based product. To ensure your Proposal is considered, do not submit your Proposal with embedded images and/or documents. All Proposals submitted electronically must be submitted by individuals with legal authority to bind the Proposer. Accessibility. I f a Proposer is unable to comply with the above procedure, please contact the Issuing Office before the Closing Date for further instructions. Late submissions will not be accepted).

4.4.2. Authorization. Proposals must be submitted by Proposer’s authorized agent or representative. Proposer acknowledges that its Proposal shall remain firm for a period of six months after the Closing Date. By submitting its Proposal, Proposer represents and warrants that Proposer understands and agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this RFP.

4.4.3. Receipt of Proposal by University. It is Proposer’s responsibility to ensure that the Proposal is received by the Issuing Office, prior to the Closing Date and Time, regardless of method used to submit the Proposal. University will not be responsible for the proper identification and handling of Proposals not submitted in the designated manner or format as required by this RFP.

4.5. Proposer’s Costs. University is not responsible for any costs of Proposers incurred in connection with submitting or presenting a Proposal. All Proposers who respond to solicitations do so solely at their own expense.

4.6. Modification of Proposals. Proposers may modify a previously submitted Proposal prior to the Closing Date and Time. Modifications must be submitted electronically. The subject line must clearly state that it is a “PROPOSAL MODIFICATION,” noting the RFP Title, RFP Number, and the Closing Date and Time. Verbal modifications or corrections will not be recognized or considered.

4.7. Withdrawal of Proposal. Proposals may be withdrawn at any time prior to the scheduled Closing Date and Time. Withdrawal must be submitted electronically. The subject line must clearly state that it is a “PROPOSAL WITHDRAWAL,” and must display the RFP Title, RFP Number, and the Closing Date and Time.

4.8. Proposals are Property of University. All Proposals become the property of University. By submitting a Proposal, Proposer grants the University a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free license for the rights to copy, distribute, display, prepare derivative works of and transmit the Proposal solely for the purpose of evaluating the Proposal, negotiating a contract, if awarded to Proposer, or as otherwise needed to administer the RFP process, and to fulfill obligations under Oregon Public Records Laws. Proposals, including supporting materials, will not be returned to Proposer.

4.9. Trade Secrets. This RFP and one copy of each original Proposal, together with copies of all documents pertaining to the award of a contract, will be retained by University for the required retention period, and made a part of a file or record, which will be open to public inspection. If a Proposal contains any information that is considered a "trade secret" under ORS 192.345(2), the Proposer must provide an alternative copy of its Proposal with any specific text, drawings, or other markings that are considered a “trade secret”, if any, clearly marked or redacted, and also mark each sheet that contains such information in the Proposal with the following legend:

"This data constitutes a trade secret under ORS 192.345(2), and will not be disclosed except in accordance with the Oregon Public Records Law, ORS Chapter 192."

Failure to provide a marked alternative copy or mark the Proposal as required in this Section will conclusively establish that the information on that page does not constitute a trade secret as defined in ORS 192.345(2).

The Oregon Public Records law exempts from disclosure only bona fide trade secrets, and the exemption from disclosure applies "unless the public interest requires disclosure in the particular instance". See ORS 192.345(2). As such, non-disclosure of documents or any portion of a document submitted as part of a Proposal may depend upon official or judicial determinations made pursuant to the Public Records Law.

Proposals in which the entire document is marked or otherwise identified in its entirety as confidential or a “trade secret” may be rejected. If the Proposal is not rejected, the Proposal will be deemed available for disclosure to the public.

University will not agree to nondisclosure or confidential disclosure agreements.

4.10. University’s Right to Amend. University reserves the right, at its option, to amend this RFP. Any Addenda including, without limitations, extensions of the Closing Date and Time will be posted on the PCS website, under “Business Opportunities,” accessible at http://pcs.uoregon.edu/content/business-opportunities . Proposers are responsible for monitoring the PCS website on a periodic basis for any modifications to the RFP. University is not required to issue individual notifications.

4.11. University’s Right to Reject. University reserves the right, at its option, to reject any or all Proposals. Notification of Proposal rejection will be made in writing. University reserves the right to waive minor informalities and irregularities in Proposals.

4.12. University’s Right to Cancel. University reserves the right, at its option, to cancel this RFP.


5.1. Evaluation by Committee. Proposals will be evaluated by a committee consisting of representatives of the requesting University department, and/or other interested individuals, as University deems appropriate (“Committee”).

5.2. Initial Evaluation.

5.2.1. Completeness and Compliance of Proposal. Proposals will be evaluated for completeness and compliance with the requirements of this RFP.

5.2.2. Those Proposals that are incomplete, do not meet all requirements of this RFP, or are otherwise deemed by University to be "non-responsive," will be rejected.

5.2.3. Responsibility of Proposer. Proposers will be evaluated for their demonstrated ability to perform responsibly under a contract awarded pursuant to this RFP. At the discretion of the University, those Proposers who satisfactorily demonstrate their ability to perform responsibly under a contract awarded pursuant to this RFP are considered “responsible”.

Those Proposers who are unable to reasonably demonstrate to University that they are able to perform responsibly under a contract awarded pursuant to this RFP are considered “non-responsible.”

5.3. Criteria Evaluation. Responsive Proposals received from responsible Proposers will be further evaluated by the Committee. For each of these Proposals, the Committee will allocate points (up to the designated Maximum Available Points) for the following criteria, and calculate the Proposal’s total score:

Criteria to Be Evaluated

Maximum Available Points


Experience and Service Capabilities

30 Points


Ease of adjusting height and lofting positions

30 Points


Product Details and Durability.

30 Points


Price Proposal

30 Points



10 Points


Historically Underutilized Businesses Enhancement

5 Points

Except for category 6 (HUB), and to qualify for consideration for further review under this RFP, Proposer must receive a minimum score of 70% of the Maximum Available Points for each enumerated criteria.


135 Points

Although the general criteria to be used for final evaluation has been provided in this RFP, it is not intended to limit imagination or creativity in preparing a Proposal that will accomplish the same goals and expectations.

5.4. Competitive Range Evaluation.

5.4.1. Establishing the Competitive Range. Based on the total scores calculated in accordance with Section 5.3 above, the Committee may proceed directly to Final Determination, as set forth in Section 5.5 of this RFP. Alternatively, the Committee may establish a range of Proposals that have a reasonable likelihood of being selected for award (“Competitive Range”). The Competitive Range is expected to consist of no more than three Proposals; however, University reserves the right to expand or reduce the number of Proposals to be included in the Competitive Range.

University will notify Proposers that do not qualify for the Competitive Range Evaluation via the email address provided in their Proposals. Protests to the selection of Competitive Range Proposers must be made pursuant to the conditions and limitations of UO Policy 580.061, Sec CC. Proposers selected for the Competitive Range Evaluation will be notified via the email address provided in their Proposals. Within 24 hours of receipt of the notice, selected Proposers must reply to the notice and advise University of their interest in participating in the Competitive Range Evaluation. If a selected Proposer fails to respond within the prescribed period, University will make a follow-up phone call via the phone number provided in the Proposal. If no response is received by University within 48 hours after the initial notification is sent, the Proposal may be removed from the Competitive Range Evaluation. University will provide written notice of such removal to the Proposer.

5.4.2. Evaluating Competitive Range Proposals. University may seek written clarification of some or all Proposals. University may serially discuss Proposals with some or all Proposers. University may ask Proposers to present live presentations and/or demonstrations of their Proposals. Presentations and demonstrations will take place after reasonable notice is given to Proposers by University. Any special accommodations required for the live presentations and demonstrations (technical or otherwise) must be communicated to University at least five business days prior to the scheduled presentation. University will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests. The purpose of live presentations/demonstrations is to allow Proposers to provide supplemental information and clarification of Proposal contents to inform the Committee in its decision-making process.

5.4.3. The Committee may further consider and assess other factors, including but not limited to, any information submitted in response to this RFP, best value, price, experience working with other organizations, including higher education institutions, references, financial condition of the Proposer, resources of the Proposer, clarifications provided in response to inquiries by University, proposed additional terms for providing the service, and experience of persons assigned to this project. University reserves the right to require a “Best and Final Offer” from Proposers within the Competitive Range pursuant to UO Policy 580.061, Sec EE.

5.4.4. Negotiations. University may commence serial negotiations with the highest-ranked Proposer or commence simultaneous negotiations with all eligible Proposers. University may negotiate:

a. The statement of work, timelines, implementation plans, deadlines, delivery terms, etc.

b. The contract price as it is affected by negotiating the above elements.

c. Any other terms and conditions determined by University in its sole discretion to be reasonably related to those expressly authorized for negotiation. Accordingly, Proposers will not submit and University will not accept for negotiation, any alternative terms and conditions that are not reasonably related to those expressly authorized for negotiation.

Terms and conditions within any proposed contract may be further negotiated after award, but before legal review or execution of the Contract.

5.5. Final Determination. After considering and assessing all factors it deems relevant, the Committee will make a decision as to how to proceed.

University has an obligation to seek a solution that provides it with the best value as will be reasonably determined upon its evaluation of all Proposals. University reserves the right to accept or reject Proposals on each line separately or as a whole, to award items separately or in aggregate, and to contract with one or more vendors, all as determined to be in the best interest of University.

5.6. Notice of Conditional Award. The apparent successful Proposer will be notified in writing of its status and negotiations will commence to achieve a final contract, which will include terms, and conditions as substantially set forth in the University Terms and Conditions attached as Exhibit D hereto. All other Proposers will be notified in writing that the apparent winning Proposal has been selected.

The award decision is conditioned upon final approval by the University and the successful negotiation of a contract. University makes no representation that a contract will be awarded pursuant to this RFP and reserves the right to cancel upon notice to all Proposers.

5.7. Procurement Results. Because of the volume of its business, University does not post selection or award results though, in its sole discretion, may elect to do so. University does not conduct post-award debriefings.  All solicitations, proposals, bids, award information, documents, and notices are confidential and not subject to public disclosure until a contract is executed with the successful vendor or the procurement is canceled. All protests of the selection or award must be made pursuant to the conditions and limitations of IV 09 06 CC.  All procurement documents are public records and may be requested from University’s Office of Public Records at https://publicrecords.uoregon.edu .

5.8. Use by Other Public Entities. All public agencies or public higher education institutions may utilize any contract(s) awarded pursuant this Request for Proposal. The other public agencies and other public higher education institutions shall be individually responsible for their obligations to the awarded contractors(s). Likewise, the contractors shall be responsible to the public agencies or public higher education institutions for their obligations to those public agencies or public higher education institutions pursuant to any ensuing contract(s). Any such purchases shall be between the contractor and the participating public agencies or public higher education institutions and shall not affect the vendor’s obligation to University of Oregon. University of Oregon makes no representation or guarantee as to the volume of University of Oregon’s purchases or such additional purchases.


6.1. Separate Contract. The contract award will be pursuant to a separate contract between University and vendor, which will include terms and conditions as substantially set forth in the University Terms and Conditions attached as Exhibit D hereto.

6.2. Modification to University Standard Terms and Conditions. Modifications to Exhibit D must submitted by Proposer as part of its Proposal. Proposed modifications must specifically identify the provisions to be modified and the proposed modified language. Failure to follow this procedure will render Proposer’s proposed modification ineffective. Terms and conditions will not be negotiated post-award. If you condition your Proposal on any proposed modification, University, in its sole discretion may deem your Proposal non-responsive.

6.3. No Additional or Supplemental Terms or Conditions. Additional or supplemental terms and conditions submitted by a Proposer as part of its Proposal may be evaluated or considered at the sole discretion of University. If additional or supplemental terms and conditions, either intentionally or inadvertently appear separately in a Proposal (e.g. in transmittal letters, specifications, literature, price lists or warranties), it is understood and agreed that the terms and conditions contained in this RFP are the only terms and conditions applicable to this RFP and any ensuing contract, and the Proposer’s authorized signature affixed to its Proposal attests to this.

If you condition your Proposal on any additional terms and conditions, which have not been accepted by a written Addendum to the RFP, your Proposal may be deemed non-responsive.

6.4. Anticipated Term. It is anticipated that the term of the contract awarded under this RFP, will be for an initial term of three year(s), with the option, in University’s discretion, to extend the contract for two additional two-year periods, for a total possible contract term of seven years.

6.5. Firm Pricing. If awarded a contract, proposal pricing must be held firm for the initial contract term.

6.6. Price Escalation. The contract to be awarded will allow the pricing to be updated at the commencement of each renewal term, if exercised by University, by the lesser of the yearly increase of the Consumer Price Index published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor or three percent. Comparisons shall be made using the index entitled “All Urban Consumers: Portland-Salem, OR-WA” or the nearest comparable data on changes in the cost of living, if such index is no longer published. The change shall be determined by comparison of the figure for a date which is twelve months prior to the adjustment date.

6.7. University Review. A final contract is conditioned upon the successful negotiation of contract terms. Proposers agree that University will have the right to negotiate, review and/or require modification of any terms or definitions used in the final contract. Failure to agree to the terms and conditions of a contract may result in cancellation of the intended award.


RFP for Adjustable Height Dormitory Bed Frames

PCS# 470000-00515-RFP

Proposer Questionnaire

The following questionnaire must be completed in its entirety and attached to your Proposal. Failure to complete this questionnaire may result in a determination that your Response is non-responsive requiring no further evaluation by the University.

Submittal Requirement

Complete Answer/Response (Please attach additional sheets if necessary)


1. Please submit a general description of your company e.g., years in business, annual furniture sales (past 3 years) goods and services offered, locations and local representative location.

1. Please submit a description of your experience in providing similar goods and services to those described in this RFP.

1. Please describe your experience in working with institutions of higher learning.

1. Please submit a list of three clients and contact information for whom similar projects have been completed. These clients may be contacted by University for an evaluation and assessment of your performance.

Product Details

1. Please provide product images and the finishes you are proposing.

1. Please provide the total bed weight.

1. Please describe height adjustment mechanisms, including lofting and bunking instructions.

1. Please provide a digital video showing set up, height adjusting, lofting and bunking processes.

1. Please describe the bed frame materials and finishing process.

1. Please provide a build sheet and any other literature, brochures, product descriptions, etc., demonstrating that all required specifications are met.

1. Please submit colored illustrations and/or photos of proposed furniture. Please provide any other supporting documentation that will assist in the decision making process.


1. Please describe your sustainability practices:

• Use of reusable or recyclable packaging materials.

• Non-use of low-density polyethylene foam, polypropylene foam, polystyrene foam (i.e. expanded polystyrene (EPS)), polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam, and microcellular foam.

1. Please describe the flame retardant properties of your proposed products i.e., use of flame retardant or halogenated flame retardant chemicals.

1. With respect to Formaldehyde and Volatile Organic Compounds, please describe the standards you employ to protect against emission of gases e.g., ANSI/BIFMA e3-2014 Furniture Sustainability Standards, Section 7.6.1 – 7.6.3.

1. Please describe your practices with respect to the addition of built-in chemical antimicrobials, use of polyvinyl chloride, and heavy metals.


RFP for Adjustable Height Dormitory Bed Frames

PCS# 470000-00515-RFP

Price Proposal

Item #

Model #




Unit Price



Bed Frames and all support pieces, rails, etc.


Long-side mount ladders


Delivery (Section 3.2.6 of this RFP)

Installation and related services (please describe)

Warranties (standard and optional)

All other costs not previously identified. If hourly rates apply to any services, please state your rates.

Optional Goods and Accessories

Please attach separate page(s) if needed.

Signature of Authorized Agent/Employee: ___________________

Print Name: ___________________

Title: ___________________

Date: ___________________


RFP for Adjustable Height Dormitory Bed Frames

PCS# 470000-00515-RFP

Current Bedroom Furniture

Bed and Dresser

Desk, Filing Cabinet, and Wardrobe.


RFP for Adjustable Height Dormitory Bed Frames

PCS# 470000-00515-RFP


1. DEFINITIONS: (i) "Contract" means the entire written purchase order, contract, or agreement attached to these University Standard Terms and Conditions (“Standard Terms”), these Standard Terms, and any other contracts, agreements, sales quotations, order acknowledgements, or similar documents including terms and conditions incorporated in the Contract; (ii) "ORS” means the Oregon Revised Statutes; "OAR" means Oregon Administrative Rules; “UCC” means Uniform Commercial Code; “USC” means United States Code; (iii)  “Deliverables” means goods and/or services provided to University by Contractor under this Contract; (iv) "University" and “UO” each mean the University of Oregon, making the purchase pursuant to this Contract, and mean an Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program (“OrCPP”) member if the purchase is being made under the State of Oregon’s cooperative purchasing program authorized by ORS 190.240; (v) "Contractor" means the party named in Contract with whom University has contracted for the purchase of goods or goods and services; (vi) “Unsupervised Contact” with minor students means contact that provides the person opportunity and probability for personal communication or touch with students under the age of 18 when not under direct University supervision; and (vii) University and Contractor are each a “Party” and collectively “Parties”.


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Bid Due: 11/12/2020

Approved Alternate Opportunity (Special Procurement) ODOT Class 7 and 8 Truck Body Repairs

State Government of Oregon

Bid Due: 12/31/2023

Notice ORCPP Notice ORCPP Bid/RFP Bid No. 201111 Liquid Oxygen Supply and Maintenance

State Government of Oregon

Bid Due: 10/28/2020

Project/Service Type Posted Due Alarm Security Inspection & Maintenance Services RFQ/RFP 10/12/2020 11/3/2020

City of Albany

Bid Due: 11/03/2020