RFP EG-205518 Relocation and Leveling of Portable Buildings and Ramps

Agency: Dallas Public Schools
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • 238990 - All Other Specialty Trade Contractors
  • 332311 - Prefabricated Metal Building and Component Manufacturing
Posted Date: May 14, 2019
Due Date: May 29, 2019
Solicitation No: RFP EG-205518
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RFP EG-205518 Relocation and Leveling of Portable Buildings and Ramps

Closing Date: 5/29/2019 "NEW"

Closing Time: 2:00 P.M.

Bid Package: EG-205518 Relocation and Leveling of Portable Buildings & Ramps

Additional Files and Addenda:

Addendum #1: Addendum 1 - EG-205518 Relocation and Leveling of Portable Buildings & Ramps

Addendum #2: Addendum 2 - EG-205518 Relocation and Leveling of Portable Buildings & Ramps

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Item File #1:

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Receipt/Opening Time and Date:
May 15, 2019 @ 2:00 PM CT
Issue Date: April 17, 2019
Page 1 of 40 Pages
RFP #EG-205518
“Relocation and Leveling of Portable
Buildings and Ramps”
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Candace Yarbough
Candace Yarbough, Director, Contracts Management
Dallas Independent School District (“Dallas ISD” or “District”) is soliciting offers for the products, goods, or services per the
specifications stated elsewhere in this solicitation document. Offers shall be submitted in a sealed envelope marked on the
outside with the Offeror’s name and address and RFP #EG-205518 “Relocation and Leveling of Portable Buildings and
Ramps” to:
Dallas ISD
Attn: Procurement Services, Emily Grose
9400 North Central Expressway, Ste. 1510
Dallas, Texas 75231
Offers must be submitted in sufficient time to be received and time-stamped at the above location on or before the
receipt/opening date/time indicated above. DALLAS ISD will not be responsible for delivering mail from the post office nor
any other delays encountered by hand delivery of Offers. Offers received after the receipt/opening time and date may not be
considered. FAX proposals or e-mailed proposals will not be accepted.
Questions concerning this solicitation document should be addressed, in writing, to Emily Grose, egrose@dallasisd.org.
Questions should be submitted not later than May 1, 2019 to allow sufficient time for responses prior to receipt/opening
date/time. Responses to questions, other than administrative questions, will be provided to all potential Offerors by means of
an addendum to the solicitation.
The attached “General Terms and Conditions” are an integral part of this solicitation and will become part of any resulting
contract unless deviations/exceptions are requested by Offeror at time of response and accepted by Dallas ISD.
Please return original signed Offer and two (2) copies and along with five (5) copies on USB drives to Dallas ISD, Attn:
Procurement Services, Emily Grose. All forms included as part of this solicitation must be completed and returned with
Offeror’s response.
This solicitation is for a multi-year requirement as noted elsewhere in this solicitation.
Contract(s) will be put into effect by means of a Letter of Acceptance, or some other written notification of Acceptance by The
District, within ten (10) days of acceptance by the District. The document of Acceptance, the solicitation, the Offeror’s Offer,
and other pertinent documents will comprise the Contract Documents. See “Contract Documents and Order of Precedence”
in General Terms and Conditions.
Signature below represents that Offer is submitted.
Company Name:
Email Address:
Submitter’s Name/Title:
City, State and Zip Code:
Telephone No.
Submitter’s Signature:
Relocation and Leveling of Portable Buildings and Ramps
I. Background Information/Basic Requirements
II: Instructions and Requirements for Offer Submittal
III. Evaluation Process
IV. Forms to be Returned with Offer
V. General Terms and Conditions
VI. Special Terms and Conditions (if applicable)
VII. Exhibits and/or Appendices (if applicable)
Proposal Timeline (Estimated)
Issue RFP
Advertising Dates
Pre-Proposal Meeting (if applicable)
Questions Deadline
Questions Response
Evaluation and Selection
April 17, 2019
May 15, 2019 @ 2:00 PM CT
April 17 and April 24, 2019
May 1, 2019
May 7, 2019
The Week of May 20 through May 24, 2019
June 27, 2019
1. Dallas ISD is seeking Offers for the relocation and leveling of portable buildings and ramps or steps.
2. Dallas ISD is seeking qualified vendors from which campuses/departments may purchase the
goods/services identified in this solicitation document.
3. The resulting Contract award, if any, is for a multi-year requirement. The term of this agreement
shall be a three-year (3) agreement with two (2) separate options for mutual renewal. Each option is
for an additional successive one year term, to renew and extend the contract up to a maximum of
five years (60 months) unless sooner terminated as set forth elsewhere in the contract. To exercise
each option to renew, the District must give written notice to the Offeror of its election to renew for
one (1) additional year within forty five (45) days of the expiration of the then current term of the
Agreement/Contract. If the District fails to timely exercise any of the options to renew, all remaining
options to renew shall expire and terminate.
4. The Effective Date of the Contract/Agreement, if any, is the date that award is approved by Dallas
ISD’s Board of Trustees or designated representative. In some cases, the Effective Date and the
date for start of services are separated by several weeks and/or months.
5. Dallas ISD sits in the heart of a large, diverse and dynamic region with a metropolitan population of
6.5 million people in the 12 counties in North Central Texas. Dallas ISD comprises 384 square miles
and encompasses the cities of Dallas, Cockrell Hill, Seagoville, Addison, Wilmer and parts of
Carrollton, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Garland, Grand Prairie, Highland Park,
Hutchins, Lancaster and Mesquite.
a. The district is the second-largest public school district in the state, and the 14th-largest district
in the nation.
b. Dallas ISD is proud of its award-winning schools, outstanding teachers and staff, hard-working
students and committed parents and volunteers. The District serves approximately
155,000 students in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade, in 230 schools, employing nearly
20,000 dedicated professionals.
6. Pricing Offers Option Requirements-
a. Flat Rate: Should be applicable throughout Dallas ISD
b. Hourly Rate: Specify what is included i.e. labor, equipment, machinery, other.
c. Mileage Charge: delineate the miles included in base flat rate, then the cost per mile beyond
the included mileage
7. Moving and relocations prices should include costs for dismantling/reassembly of ramps, legs,
railings, steps, etc.
8. All pricing offers should include the purchase, construction, and/or relocation of ramps and/or
modular steps.
9. When preparing for the installation, supplier must examine all areas that are to receive modular
ramp components and verify all dimensions and elevations with reviewed shop drawings.
10. Plan Drawing Requirements-
a. Offeror should supply plans prior to the install via plan drawings.
b. Offeror should include accurate price quotes prior to work execution.
c. Offeror should include field measurements and accurate dimensions and elevations from the
site gathered by the Supplier.
d. Offeror should show locations, markings, quantities, materials, sizes and shapes.
e. Offeror should contain draw profiles, sections, and views at a scale large enough to permit
checking for design conformity.
f. Offeror should note and sufficiently mark to indicate compliance with requirements of these
g. Offeror should show fastenings and anchoring methods.
h. Offeror should show expansion joints and other provisions necessary for differential movement
and disassembly and reassembly.
11. Warranty Requirements-
a. Offeror should furnish a three (3) year written warranty from the manufacturer against defective
materials and/or workmanship in manufacture from the date of delivery.
b. Offeror should furnish a one (1) year written warranty from the contractor against all defects in
workmanship or material from the date of final completion.
12. Product Requirements-
a. All components should be modular, so separate ramps or steps will have identical components.
b. Each ramp system should be designed for portability and be constructed in such a manner as
to be reusable.
13. Design Requirements-
a. All exposed surfaces should be smooth and free of sharp or jagged edges.
b. All construction design should comply with Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS), the Dallas
Building Code, and other local authorities having jurisdiction.
14. Load Requirements-
a. Ramp sections should be designed for a minimum uniform live load of 100 pounds per square
foot and concentrated vertical load of 300 pounds distributed uniformly over an area of one
square foot.
b. Landing section shall be designed for a minimum uniform live load of 100 pounds per square
foot and concentrated vertical load of 300 pounds distributed uniformly over an area of one
square foot.
c. Handrails shall be designed and constructed for a concentrated load of 200 pounds applied at
the point in any direction. Handrail shall also be designed for a load of 50 pounds per lineal foot
in any direction.
15. Ramp Requirements-
a. The walking surface of the ramp should be continuous, no gaps, and self-mating deck, with
OSHA approved high performance non-slip safety coating material AS150 or greater.
b. All ramp sections should have a minimum of a 2 inch curb or toe plate for edge protection.
c. Ramp widths should be 48”.
d. Ramp lengths should be in standard lengths.
e. Custom fabrication lengths should be made only on written approval.
f. All ramp sections should be designed for variable heights and slopes.
g. All ramps or stairs should incorporate construction so as to maintain a minimum load factor of
200 IBS/sq. ft. and inclines to be a constant 1:12 slope with corresponding rails to match TAS
4.8.8 Figure 16.
h. All railings should be constructed of HRP&O 14GA steel square tubing TAS 4.8.5 Figure 17 and
guidelines for height and minimal spacing as per 1997 Uniform Building Code 509.2.
i. The material for the rails, ramps and/or steps could be aluminum, metal, wood, steel, etc.
16. Landing Requirements-
a. Landings should be prefabricated in standard 5 ft. by 5 ft. sections.
b. Larger landing sections are to be submitted for review prior to fabrication when required by
specific application or by governmental authorities having jurisdiction.
c. All landings should be constructed to allow for individual leg adjustment 0 to 10 inches.
d. Ramps or steps should be constructed in such a manner to allow for multiple component
configurations in the field with the use of normal hand tools.
e. Landings to be constructed TAS specifications 4.8.4 Sec 1-4 and must incorporate construction
to maintain a minimum load factor of 200 IBS/sq. ft.
f. Landing rails should be constructed so as to allow for multiple entrance and egress
configurations assembled in the field with the use of normal hand tools.
17. Leg Requirements-
a. Design of legs shall support the ramp, landing, and all superimposed loads.
b. Legs should telescope into ramps/steps and landings and allow for height and slope
c. Ramps or steps should have adjustable legs that allow up to 10 inches of individual adjustment.
d. All bolts should be Grade 5, zinc plated.
e. All legs should have metal pads one-quarter inch thick by 6 inch by 10 inches, predrilled for
bolting to concrete pads.
18. Guardrail/Handrail Requirements-
a. Guardrail/handrails should be designed and constructed to resist without damage:
b. A concentrated load of 200 pounds applied at any point and any direction at the top of the
c. A load of 50 pounds per linear foot applied horizontally at the required guardrail height, and a
simultaneous load of 100 pounds per linear foot applied vertically downward at the top of the
d. A 200 pound concentrated horizontal load applied over a one square foot area at any point in
the system. (Not simultaneous with other loading).
e. All handrails should be 1 ½” x 1 ½” 14GA steel tubing.
f. Handrail gripping surface shall be smooth and continuous throughout ramp sections and
g. The top of the upper handrail shall be 34 inches above the walking surface.
h. Guardrails shall form a protective barrier of a minimum 42 inches high. Guardrails should be
designed such that a 4 inch sphere cannot pass through any opening.
19. Site Development Requirements-
a. Offeror should survey all areas that are to receive modular ramp components.
b. Offeror should verify all dimensions and elevations with reviewed shop drawings.
c. Offeror should ensure adequate existing paving or new pre-cast concrete pad supports are
present or available.
1. Surfaces should be smooth, firm, dry and free from dirt and foreign materials.

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