RFP 19-07 Child Welfare Services Resource Family Support Program

Agency: Santa Barbara County
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Mar 7, 2019
Due Date: Apr 2, 2019
Solicitation No: 19-07
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19-07 Release: January 21, 2019

RFP 19-07 Child Welfare Services Resource Family Support Program
April 2, 2019
at 10 am

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Test Title


Department of Social Services

Resource Family Support Program

RFP # 19-07

Proposal Release Date: February 21, 2019

Proposal Workshop: March 7, 2019

PROPOSALS DUE: April 2, 2019

Sealed proposals to this invitation must be received by DSS no later than the Due Date indicated above. Submittal by fax is not acceptable.














Eligible Applicants



Amount and Availability of Funding



Unfair Competitive Advantage



Conflict of Interest



General Proposal Conditions






Proposal Workshop



Proposal Deadline



RFP Amendment and Cancellation



Right of Rejection



Proposal Package






Scope of Services



General Contractor Requirements






Hiring CalWORKs Applicants and Recipients



Reporting Requirements



Hours of Operation



Recipient Grievance System



Welfare Fraud Investigation Referrals



Child/Elder/ Parent Adult Abuse Investigation Referrals



Performance Measures









Closeout Process



Financial Audit and Retention



Monitoring/Audit Exceptions and Disallowed Costs



Site Review









Criminal Background Check



Agreement for Services of Independent Contractor



Evaluation Process












Scoring Value



Procurement Schedule




Exhibit 1

Proposal Package Components


Exhibit 2

Program Review/Scope of Services


Exhibit 3

Performance Measures


Exhibit 4

Agreement for Services of Independent Contractor


Exhibit 5

Provider Self-Monitoring Checklist



Attachments Page 1

Attachment A

Proposal Summary Sheet


Attachment B

Statement of Experience


Attachment C

Description of Services


Attachment D

Program Management


Attachment E

Line Item Budget


Attachment F

Required Budget Narrative


Attachment G

Agency Litigation Involvement


Attachment H

Disclosure Regarding Lobbying


Attachment I

Certification Regarding Lobbying


Attachment J

Certification Regarding Debarment


Attachment K

Certification Regarding a


Attachment L

Confidentiality Agreement



1.1 Purpose

The Department of Social Services (DSS) invites proposals from qualified practitioners for the Resource Family Support Program (RFSP) for Resource Families, which includes relatives and non-relative extended family members (NREFM), as well as unrelated resource families caring for children placed in foster care through the Santa Barbara County Child Welfare Services.

1.2 Term

Applicants are to submit proposals for the contract period of July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020. The Department of Social Services (DSS) at the end of the first contract term has an option to renegotiate three (3) additional one (1) year renewals, without re-bidding. A renewal determination will be contingent upon Contractor’s satisfactory achievement of agreed upon performance measures and availability of funding.

1.3 Eligible Applicants

Organizations with relevant capacity and experience with providing services as set forth in the RFP are invited to apply.

Eligible applicants for the RFP include public or private entities that can adhere to the Santa Barbara County (County) contracting requirements as outlined in Exhibit 4.

The eligibility requirements for qualified applicants apply to the Fiscal Agent, defined as the organization that receives and manages the grant funds. The applicant will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all terms and conditions of the agreement administration and fiscal management of the agreement, and will be held accountable for program results stated in the agreement.

1.4 Amount and Availability of Funding

Available funding for this program in FY 2019/2020 is tentatively $120,000. DSS reserves the right to negotiate the final funding amount which may be lower than the amount submitted by the selected applicant.

Funding for the contract shall be contingent upon availability of state and/or federal funds as appropriate to the funding source.

Future year allocations are subject to change and based on the Federal, State and County budget appropriations, which will result in a corresponding change in available contract funds.

1.5 Unfair Competitive Advantage

A contractor, subcontractor, or consultant who is employed by the County to develop specifications, requirements, statements of work, invitations for bid, request for proposals, or provided paid or unpaid consultant, monitoring, technical assistance, etc. in the subject program area during the twelve (12) months prior to the issuance of the RFP is prohibited from competing for the award (Attachment B, Statement of Experience, question #11).

Vendors providing direct delivery services are not prohibited from competing.

1.6 Conflict of Interest

The County shall not contract with, and shall reject any bid or proposal submitted by the persons or entities specified below, unless the Board of Supervisors finds that special circumstances exist which justify the approval of such contract:

1. Employees of the County or public agencies for which the Board of Supervisors is the governing body.

2. Profit-making firms or businesses in which employees described in Subsection (1) serve as officers, principals, partners or major shareholders.

3. Persons who, within the immediately preceding twelve (12) months, came within the provisions of Subsection (1), and who were employees in positions of substantial responsibility in the area of service to be performed by the contract, or participated in any way in developing the contract or its service specifications.

4. Profit-making firms or businesses in which the former employees described in Subsection (3) serve as officers, principals, partners or major shareholders.

5. No County employee, whose position in the County enables him to influence the selection of a contractor for this RFP, or any competing RFP, and no spouse or economic dependent of such employee, shall be employees in any capacity by a bidder, or have any other direct or indirect financial interest in the selection of a contractor.

6. In addition, no County employee will be employed by the selected vendor to fulfill the vendor’s contractual obligations to the County.

Agencies employing or retaining employees of the County of Santa Barbara as contractors, subcontractors, or consultants or in any other capacity must make such information known within their proposal document (Attachment B, Statement of Experience, question #10).  Failure to do so may result in disqualification of the proposal, cancellation of contract or contract award, or result in disciplinary action against individuals involved.

1.7 General Proposal Conditions

This RFP does not commit DSS to award a contract or to pay any associated cost.

The proposal preparation cost is solely the responsibility of the applicant and shall not be included as part of the proposal budget.

Applicants who plan to perform the work under a joint venture agreement must provide the information requested in this RFP separately for each of the partners. Each partner agency must provide Attachments B, E, and F. The principal or lead agency must be identified.

Responses to this RFP must be according to the format, content and sequence set forth in this RFP. In order to be competitive, proposals must include all of the requested information, completed forms, and attachments. Unnecessarily elaborate or lengthy proposals or other representations beyond those needed to provide a sufficient and clear response to all the RFP requirements are not desired.

Applicants agree to provide DSS with any other information the county determines is necessary for an accurate determination of the prospective contractor’s qualifications to perform services.

Proposals without an original, authorized signature will be rejected. Additionally, any proposal may be rejected if it is conditional, incomplete, or deviates from specifications in this RFP. DSS reserves the right to accept any part of the proposal and not be obligated in any way to accept those parts that do not meet with the approval. DSS reserves the right to waive, at its discretion, any procedural irregularity, immaterial defect or other impropriety not warranting rejection of the proposal. Any waiver will not excuse an applicant from full compliance if awarded a contract. Reasons for rejecting any proposal will be provided to the applicant.

Proposals are not to be marked as confidential or proprietary. All proposals are subject to public disclosure by the California Public Records Act and State regulations. Additionally, all proposals shall become the property of the County. The County reserves the right to make use of any information or ideas in the proposals submitted.

DSS, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel this RFP in whole or in part at any time during the selection process. DSS reserves the right to seek additional proposals beyond the final submission date, if, in DSS’ sole discretion, the proposals received do not meet the needs.

Applicants should follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and standards when developing line item budgets.

Proposals must be valid for a minimum of 120 days from the due date of this RFP. Although cost is a major consideration, DSS may choose not to award the contract to the applicant who submits the proposal with the lowest cost.

The County does not require, encourage, nor discourage the use of lobbyists or other consultants for the purpose of securing business.

1.8 Questions

Questions regarding the RFP may be asked at the Proposal Workshop or may be submitted in writing prior to the workshop. Questions must be submitted by 3:00 p.m. on March 4, 2019 to:

Ismelda Vazquez, Contracts Coordinator

Department of Social Services

2125 S. Centerpointe Pkwy.

Santa Maria, CA 93455

E-: I.Vazquez@ sbcsocialserv.org

Responses to written questions deemed material will be provided at the proposal workshop and those that request a copy of the RFP.

Questions received after the proposal workshop will not be addressed. Applicants will need to rely on the language contained in the RFP and any materials distributed at the workshop in preparing the final response package.

DSS reserves the right to decline a response to any question(s) if, in DSS assessment, the information cannot be obtained and shared with all potential applicants in a timely manner.

Applicants are directed to contact only the Contracts Coordinator to answer questions regarding this RFP. If it is discovered that an applicant contacted and received information from any County personnel, other than the person specified above, regarding this solicitation, DSS, in its sole determination, may disqualify their proposal from further consideration.

DSS has attempted to provide all information available with regard to the services described. It is the responsibility of each applicant to review, evaluate, and where necessary, request any clarification of information.

1.9 Proposal Workshop

The purpose of the proposal workshop is to permit interested applicants an opportunity to ask questions on specifics of the RFP, further explain program criteria, and inform all applicants of the specific requirements and allowable activities under the RFP. DSS considers the proposal workshop to be critical to understanding the proposal requirements, attendance is recommended to ensure a thorough understanding of the RFP process.

A proposal workshop will be held at the County of Santa Barbara Department of Social Services, 2125 S. Centerpointe Parkway, Santa Maria, CA 93455 on March 7, 2019 at 2PM in the Betteravia Conference Room. In order to access the third floor, attendees will need to obtain a visitors badge in the Facilities Room #114 located on the 1st floor.

To confirm attendance at the proposal workshop, contact Ismelda Vazquez, Contracts Coordinator, at (805) 346-8218.

Please bring your copy of the RFP and arrive on time as information provided after the workshop has begun will not be restated.

1.10 Proposal Deadline

Proposals must be delivered in person, by courier service, or by mail to the address indicated below (no postmarks accepted). All proposals must be received on or before April 2, 2019 at 10AM.

Proposals will be accepted at the following locations:

County of Santa Barbara Department of Social Services

Contract Services, Attn: Ismelda Vazquez, Contracts Coordinator

2125 S. Centerpointe Parkway

Santa Maria, CA 93455

We must receive your proposal as directed no later than the date and time shown above. Traffic, parking, courier service or other problems (including erroneous delivery to any other County office) are not excusable. We recommend you set yourself an earlier deadline.

Any proposal received after the exact time specified will not be considered unless it is determined by the county that late receipt was due solely to mishandling by the county.

The only acceptable evidence to establish whether a proposal is late shall be the time of receipt at the DSS office as determined by the DSS date and time stamp on the proposal wrapper or other evidence of receipt maintained by DSS.

Proposals will not be available for public inspection until the contract award is announced.

1.11 RFP Amendment and Cancellation

DSS reserves the unilateral right to amend this RFP in writing at any time. If an amendment is issued it shall be provided to all known prospective applicants. If necessary, a new Proposal Deadline will be established. Prospective applicants shall respond to the final written RFP and any exhibits, attachments, and amendments.

DSS also reserves the right to cancel or reissue the RFP at its sole discretion.

1.12 Right of Rejection

DSS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject any and all proposals.

Any proposal received which does not meet the requirements of this RFP may be considered to be non-responsive, and the proposal may be rejected. DSS may reject any proposal that does not comply with all of the terms, conditions, and performance requirements of this RFP.

DSS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to waive variances which are immaterial or inconsequential in nature, and are neither affected by law nor at substantial variance with proposal conditions, provided such action is in the best interest of the DSS. Where the DSS waives minor variances in proposals, such waiver does not modify the RFP requirements or excuse the potential contractor or applicant from full compliance with the RFP. Notwithstanding any minor variance, DSS may hold any potential contractor or applicant to strict compliance with the RFP.

Potential contractor or applicants may not restrict the rights of DSS or otherwise qualify their proposals. If a potential contractor or applicant does so, DSS may determine the proposal to be a non-responsive counteroffer, and the proposal may be rejected.

1.13 Proposal Package

Proposals must be submitted in the format described in this Section. Proposals are to be prepared in such a way as to provide a straightforward, concise description of capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP. Expensive bindings, colored displays, promotional materials, etc., are not necessary or desired. Emphasis should be concentrated on conformance to the RFP instructions, responsiveness to the RFP requirements, and on completeness and clarity of content.

Applicants shall submit one (1) signed single-sided original and six (6) double-sided copies of the proposal package and one (1) electronic copy on CD or flash drive in a sealed package. The electronic copy must be readable by DSS using Microsoft Office compatible programs. Attachments A-F should be in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel; all other documents may be in PDF format.

Proposal pages must be sequentially numbered throughout, 3-hole punched along the left border and each copy secured with a rubber band or placed in a 3 ring binder. Proposals will be single spaced with Arial 11 point font size.

Failure to submit proposals in the order required and exceeding the allowable page limit, as stated in Exhibit 1 or to complete all required attachments fully may result in rejection of the proposal. Details about certain requirements are contained below. The absence of a description in this area of the RFP does not mean that the other requirements are unimportant and should not be included. Please follow the guidelines in the RFP to ensure that you return a complete sealed proposal package for the County’s consideration.

Funding recommendations may be made on the basis of initial offers received without an additional written or oral discussion.


Applicants must include an itemized budget for the period of July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020 and a budget narrative, including an explanation of how the amount of each budget line item was determined. The required format for the budget is included with this RFP as Attachment E.

Insurance Requirements

Applicant must provide certificates of insurance for all policies. Certificates must clearly indicate limits of coverage. The County requires the following coverage: Workers’ Compensation, General and Automobile Liability ($1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 in the aggregate) with an Endorsement naming the County of Santa Barbara as an additional insured, and/or Professional Liability insurance.

The Certificate Holder shall read as follows:

County of Santa Barbara

Department of Social Services

2125 S. Centerpointe Pkwy.

Santa Maria, CA  93455

Prior to contract execution, applicant must comply with the standard County insurance requirements should the required coverage differ from what the applicant currently has in place. For further insurance provisions, see Exhibit C contained in Exhibit 4.

Cost Allocation Plan

Applicants should include their organization’s cost allocation plan as an attachment to the proposal package in the order specified within this RFP. Such allocation plan shall be in compliance with federal regulations, state and federal directives, and applicable federal OMB Cost Principles Circulars.

Financial Statement Requirements

At the time of proposal submission, agencies must provide a complete financial statement, prepared in conformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), based upon an audit that is not more than eighteen (18) months old by the time of the proposal submission deadline. This statement must be certified by an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA). A complete un-audited statement, also prepared in accordance with GAAP, which is not more than three (3) months old by the time of the proposal submission deadline must also be included. These statements should clearly identify the financial condition of the applicant's business entity as well as that of its corporate structure, if applicable.

The financial statement will be used in determining the applicant's financial condition, including the working capital position that would permit the applicant to perform a contract of the size indicated by this RFP.

Applicant must also submit a current tax return or for non-profit organizations, a copy of the organizations current IRS Form 990.

Certification of Financial Support

If the applicant intends that another corporation(s) and/or parent organization will provide financial support in any way to the contract, the other organization(s) involved must file a binding certification as to the extent of its (their) support. Such certification must be dated and signed by a corporate officer authorized to make such a commitment.

If the other organization(s) intend(s) to be responsible for any or all operations of the applicant, this must be certified.

An applicant that intends to provide for working capital through loans from financial or other institutions must supply a certified commitment from the institution that it will provide a specified maximum line of credit.

Form of Business Organization

The applicant must prepare and submit a notarized affidavit sworn to and executed by the applicant's duly constituted officers, containing the following information:

• The business name and legal form of the applicant's business organization, i.e. proprietorship, partnership, corporation or combination.

• A detailed statement indicating whether the applicant is totally or partially owned by another business, parent organization, or individual and the relationship with the applicant.

• Copies of the applicant's articles of incorporation and bylaws, and any partnership papers and/or joint venture agreements, if applicable.

• Names and addresses of the Advisory Board and/or Board of Directors with brief statement of their qualifications. Indicate whether there are any vacancies.

• The applicant must provide a complete list of contracts the applicant has currently or has completed in the last five years with the County of Santa Barbara and other agencies. DSS reserves the right to conduct reference checks with these agencies.

Partner and/or Sub Contractor Agreements

Applicant must provide copies of agreements or commitment letters that exist with partners and/or sub-contractors.

Job Descriptions and Resumes of Critical Staff

Job descriptions, including the minimum education and work experience requirements for all critical staff positions should be included in the proposal. Resumes of existing staff should also be included in the proposal.

1.14 Equipment/Furniture

Equipment is defined as tangible, nonexpendable personal property having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit, including all costs related to the property’s final intended use.

Before equipment is purchased by a Contractor, Contractor needs to make sure the equipment has been approved by the County.

Procedures for managing equipment, whether acquired in whole or in part with contract funds, until disposition takes place will, as a minimum, meet the following requirements:

• Equipment records will be maintained by the Contractor and include the following data: description, serial number, source of the equipment, If title vests with Contractor or County, acquisition date, acquisition costs (per unit), records showing maintenance procedures, location of equipment, use and condition of equipment. In the case of loss or theft, appropriate documentation, such as an incident report, insurance claim or law enforcement report must be completed and provided to the County.

• When original or replacement equipment acquired under the contract is no longer needed for the original contracted services, Contractor is to return the equipment to the County.


Exhibit 2 contains the Scope of Services.


3.1 Forms

The Contractor may develop internal forms, not mandated by DSS or by program requirements. However, any forms that will be distributed to clients must be reviewed and approved by DSS prior to implementation.

3.2 Hiring CalWORKs Applicants and Recipients

The Contractor, to the fullest extent possible, must give employment preference to recipients of public assistance, California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) participants or other low-income persons who would qualify for public assistance in the absence of such employment. This may include an informal written agreement with the local CalWORKs Program to refer appropriate, employment-ready CalWORKs participants to Contractor for job placement.

3.3 Reporting Requirements

The Contractor shall maintain records, collect data, and provide reports mandated by Federal and State governments, and as may be requested by DSS. These reports will act as monitoring tools for DSS oversight of the selected Contractor’s performance. Data elements may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• A monthly project activity report that details statistics of participation of activities for each region as required by the Evaluation Charts including but not limited to: the number of clients served and the total service hours billed.

• An accounting report that tracks project related expenditures. This provides for a transparent usage of funds.

• Caseload information, supervision and provider staff information, employee evaluation information, training information.

Contractor will be subject to any monitoring activity necessary to assure compliance with regulations and contractual requirements, such as:

• Quarterly fiscal reviews that cover all programmatic and compliance terms and conditions of the contract.

3.4 Hours of Operation

The Contractor shall provide service hours that are responsive to the needs of the target population in the region, as determined by DSS staff.

3.5 Recipient Grievance System

The Contractor will provide a detailed description of the system by which recipients of service shall have the opportunity to express and have considered their views, grievances and complaints regarding contractor’s delivery of services. Contractor shall provide a form for the recipients to express their grievance and complaint. This form must be approved by the County. All grievances and their results shall be sent to DSS in a required monthly report, in a format approved by DSS.

3.6 Welfare Fraud Investigation Referrals

If welfare fraud is suspected, the Contractor will refer the matter to DSS for investigation.

3.7 Child/Elder/Parent Adult Abuse Investigation Referrals

In the event that elder/dependent adult abuse or child abuse is known or suspected by any employee of the Contractor, the employee shall immediately report the Abuse to the Department of Social Services, /CWS, as mandated by law.

3.8 Performance Measures

The Contractor, in conjunction with , will establish performance measures related to contract activity. These performance measures will be assessed based on the results of the statistical data as provided by the monthly project activity reports that are detailed in Section 3.3 Reporting/Monitoring Requirements. Exhibit 3 contains information on expected goals and outcomes which must be taken into consideration in the development of performance measures.

3.9 Compliance

Potential contractors or applicants must comply with all applicable provisions of law and regulations. These shall include but not be limited to the Social Security Act, the Civil Rights Acts, the Clean Air Act, applicable federal regulations, State Efficiency Plan, California Welfare and Institutions Code, and the State Department of Social Services Manual of Policies and Procedures.

3.10 Coordination

Service delivery requires staff and the contractor to collaborate. The Contractor will be required to coordinate with DSS staff, as directed by , to provide client contracted services. The Contractor will meet with DSS to coordinate procedures and solve problems.

3.11 Closeout Process

• Vendor shall submit within 90 calendar days after date of completion all financial, performance, and other reports

• Vendor shall liquidate all obligations and/or accrued expenditures incurred under the contract no later than 90 calendar days after funding period or date of completion

• County shall make prompt payments to vendor for allowable reimbursable cost under the contract

• Vendor shall promptly refund any balances of unobligated cash that the county has advanced or paid and that is not authorized to be retained

• When authorized by terms & conditions of the contract, County shall make a settlement for any upward or downward adjustments to the share of costs after closeout reports received

• Vendor shall account for any real or personal property acquired with Federal funds

• In the event a final audit has not been performed prior to closeout of an award, County retains the right to recover any appropriate amount after fully considering the recommendations on disallowed costs resulting from the final audit

3.12 Financial Audit and Retention

Contractor shall maintain in good and legible condition all books, documents, papers, data files and other records related to its performance under this contract. Such records shall be complete and available to Santa Barbara County, the State of California, the federal government or their duly authorized representatives for the purpose of audit, examination, or copying during the term of the contract and for a period of at least four (4) years following the County’s final payment under the contract or until conclusion of any pending matter (e.g., litigations or audit) whichever is later. Such records must be retained in the manner described above until all pending matters are closed.

3.13 Monitoring/Audit Exceptions and Disallowed Costs

Contractor will be subject to monitoring reviews that cover all fiscal and programmatic terms and conditions of the contract and/or prescribed by the State, including cost allocation methodologies. Except to the extent that the State and/or the County determines it will assume liability, Contractor will be liable for and will repay, to the County, any amount for recoupment of audit exceptions and disallowances of disallowed costs. Such repayment will be from funds other than those received under this agreement.

3.14 Site Review

An on-site fiscal and program review may be required. If a Site Review is determined to be necessary by , the Contractor shall be provided with the evaluation criteria prior to the Site Review.

3.15 Evaluation

Contractor will cooperate with DSS reviews and evaluations to:

• Determine the efficiency and effectiveness of social services delivery systems management, optimal utilization of resources and elimination of deficiencies in management information systems, and administrative procedures and structure. Prior to contract execution contractor must complete the Provider Self-Monitoring Checklist (Exhibit 5).

• Determine if desired results or benefits are being achieved, and the objectives established by the regulations are being met.

3.16 Confidentiality

All employees, contractors and/or representatives of the Contracting Agency will be responsible for maintaining confidentially and documenting said agreements.

3.17 Criminal Background Check

All employees, and subcontractors of contractor shall be cleared by a criminal background check and be clear of all convictions as adults of felonies and/or crimes against children.


Exhibit 4 contains the standard terms and conditions for independent contractors for Santa Barbara County. The insurance language contained in Exhibit C contained in the Agreement Exhibit 4 is non-negotiable. The applicant’s proposal will be used to develop the Statement of Work (Exhibit A) and the Payment Arrangements (Exhibit B) within Exhibit 4.


DSS intends to contract with the responsible vendor whose proposal is determined most responsive to the requirements of this RFP. Our sole purpose in the evaluation process is to determine from among the proposals received which one is best suited to meet DSS needs. Any final analysis or weighted point score does not imply that one applicant is superior to another, but simply that in our judgment the applicant selected appears to offer the best overall solution for our current and anticipated needs.

The proposal review process will include the following major activities to ensure that the procurement meets all applicable regulatory and audit standards:

• All proposals will be reviewed for demonstrated capacity to provide the services/activities sought through this solicitation.

• All proposals will be reviewed for costs that are reasonable, allowable, necessary, and competitive as measured by the review of the line-item budget, program design, staffing levels and structure, linkages, and standing in relation to all other applicants.

• Submitted proposals will be evaluated on all aspects of this solicitation, including references consulted.

• Proposals may be reviewed, scored, and ranked by a panel consisting of members of various Departments from within the County of Santa Barbara and/or other people with community-based service delivery expertise.

• Funding recommendations will be prepared for consideration by the Executive Team of the Department of Social Services. Based upon Executive Team action, staff will be directed to negotiate and execute a contract with the applicant recommended for funding.

• Final contract approval is the prerogative of the County Board of Supervisors.

5.1 Investigation

Submittal of a proposal authorizes us to investigate without limitation the background and current performance of contractor and present staff. Discovery of any material misstatement of fact may lead to disqualification of an applicant or to cancellation of any resulting contract.

5.2 Acceptability

We reserve the sole right to determine whether goods and/or services offered are acceptable for our use.

5.3 Protests

DSS shall consider any protest or objection regarding the award of a contract, provided it is filed within seven (7) calendar days immediately following the date of notification of the recommendation to award a contract. Protests must be addressed to: Ismelda Vazquez, Contracts Coordinator, Department of Social Services, 2125 S. Centerpointe Parkway, , . FAX: (805) 346-8366. EMAIL: I.Vazquez@sbcsocialserv.org .

DSS will respond in writing to the protester within seven (7) working days of the close of the protest period. Notification will include the final decision on the protest and the basis for the decision.


The scoring value of each section of the RFP is as follow:



Proposal Summary Sheet (Attachment A)


Statement of Experience (Attachment B)


Description of Services (Attachment C)


Program Management (Attachment D)


Line Item Budget & Required Budget Narrative (Attachment E & F)


Certifications (Attachment G-L)


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