RFP 2021 0183 Alcohol/Drug Screening and Urinalysis Testing for DWI and Teen Court Programs Addendum 1

Agency: Santa Fe County
State: New Mexico
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541380 - Testing Laboratories
  • 621511 - Medical Laboratories
Posted Date: Apr 16, 2021
Due Date: May 6, 2021
Solicitation No: RFP 2021 0183
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RFP RFP 2021 0183 Alcohol/Drug Screening and Urinalysis Testing for DWI and Teen Court Programs
Addendum 1 Responses to Questions
RFP 2021 0183 Alcohol/Drug Screening and Urinalysis Testing for DWI and Teen Court Programs

Attachment Preview

Henry P. Roybal
Commissioner, District 1
Anna Hansen
Commissioner, District 2
Rudy N. Garcia
Commissioner, District 3
Anna T. Hamilton
Commissioner, District 4
Hank Hughes
Commissioner, District 5
Katherine Miller
County Manager
April 16, 2021
RFP# 2021-0183 CSD/CW
Drug/Alcohol Screening and Urinalysis Testing for DWI and Teen Court
Dear Proponents,
This addendum is issued to reflect the following immediately. It shall be the responsibility of
interested Offerors to adhere to any changes or revisions to the RFP as identified in this Addendum
No. 1. This documentation shall become permanent and made part of the departmental files.
Please note that the Santa Fe County Community Services Department and the Purchasing Division
for the County have provided additional information relating to the Request for Proposals # 2020-
Responses to Questions about the Procurement
1. Who is the current vendor?
Response: There is not a current vendor.
2. What are the prices currently being paid?
Response: The County will negotiate with the successful Offeror on cost, basing the
negotiations on the cost provided as informational by the successful Offeror. Previous
pricing is not applicable.
3. Is the current contract available to view?
Response: N/A.
4. Is the County asking the vendor to use instant-read tests/cups or laboratory immunoassay for
the initial screening? If using instant-read test/cups, who interprets the instant-cup results
(County staff or vendor staff)?
Response: Instant read cups would be acceptable and the vendor will be responsible
for interpreting instant-cup results.
5. p.5 Scope of work, 5. “The confirmation test will be at the client’s expense.” – Since the
confirmation test is at the client’s expense, it’s important to know the % positivity rate of the
specimens/# of confirmations needed. What is the positivity rate or # of positive specimens
or # of confirmations needed (monthly, annually)?
Response: Unknown.
6. p.5 Scope of Work, 6. “An eight panel alcohol/drug test is sufficient.” – What drugs/analytes
are included in the 8-panel alcohol/drug test? Would you like the vendor to recommend the
best 8 or does the County already have a list in mind?
Response: The County is open to the vendorslist of best 8, however, the County
prefers to have a complete listing for the County to consider.
7. p.6 Scope of Work, 8. Collection sites How many collection sites are there currently?
What are the addresses of the current collection site(s)? Are the collection site(s) County-
owned/vendor staffed? Or vendor owned/vendor staffed? What are the current operating
hours of the collection sites? What is the current pick-up schedule for the collection sites
(daily, multiple times/week, weekly)? How many samples per site/per month?
Response: The Contractor will be responsible for providing an accessible collection site
for clients. There is no current vendor utilized by Santa Fe County DWI, Teen Court
or Magistrate Navigation.
8. Why are you evaluating new providers?
Response: A new testing component of the program is being implemented in FY22.
9. Are there any specific improvements you are seeking of your previous contract?
Response: N/A.
10. What is the expected volume of tests? (If you can’t provide an estimate, can you share
figures from 2019?)
Response: Each component of the program will vary in the volume of tests needed. No
prior data exists.
11. What is your estimated budget for this project?
Response: The first year is estimated to be grant-funded for $74,000.00.
12. Would you be open to allowing Oral Fluid testing? It is simple, noninvasive and can be
done anywhere.
Response: Not at this time.
13. Page 10, B3. "A potential Offeror should hand-deliver, return by facsimile or e-mail the
"Acknowledgement of Receipt Form". What potential Offerors returned the form?
Response: The Acknowledgement of Receipt Form is not required and is meant for
placement on a distribution list. Therefore, it is not an indicator of potential Offerors.
14. Page 19, C. "nominal 1” margins and normal line spacing" What do you consider "normal"?
Single? Double? 1.5?
Response: The text must be easily readable by the evaluation committee and County
staff. The County prefers single spacing.
15. Page 19, C1g. "Offeror’s Cost Proposal (One in a separate sealed envelope with the original
proposal submission only)" For Dropbox submissions, would you like the Cost Proposal to
be a second, separate file?
Response: Please provide the Cost Proposal in a second, separate file.
16. Page 22, B5. "Past Performance" Can contacts for Bullet Point 1 be the same as the 5 client
references in Bullet Point 2?
Response: Yes.
17. Page 22, 6-8. While Section B informs that "Offerors are encouraged to fully address each
criterion completely, as points are assigned for responses to each", please confirm 6-8 are
not required to be addressed if not applicable.
Response: Correct.
18. Page 23, C. "The Offeror must submit a list of the proposed hourly rates for personnel that
provides a basis for billing." While we do breakdown itemized costs for our services which
serves as the basis for billing and invoicing, we do not provide our staff's hourly wages. Is
that going to be a problem?
Response: It is not anticipated to present a problem.
19. Would the County allow initial screening to be performed using a rapid testing device, or
must screening be performed using laboratory-based testing?
Response: The rapid collection is appropriate for initial screening.
20. Would the County consider awarding the laboratory services separately from collection
Response: No, unless the services are provided by a subcontractor to the Offeror that is
identified in the proposal and credentials are presented.
21. Please verify that the County only requires a screen (i.e. enzyme immunoassay test) for
substances and that confirmations would be upon request only.
Response: Correct.
Please add this Addendum #1 to the original Proposal documents and refer to Proposal documents,
hereto as such. This and all subsequent addenda will become part of any resulting contract documents
and have effects as if original issued. All other unaffected sections will have their original
interpretation and remain in full force and effect. Offerors are reminded that any questions or need
for clarification must be addressed to Coralie Whitmore, Senior Procurement Specialist at

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