RFB 2018-059 - WMARSS Lagoon #2 Cleaning Addendum #6

Agency: City of Waco
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Nov 27, 2018
Due Date: Nov 30, 2018
Solicitation No: RFB 2018-059
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RFB 2018-059 - WMARSS Lagoon #2 Cleaning

The City of Waco has issued this solicitation for a qualified vendor to ¡°clean¡± Lagoon 2 of the Waco Metropolitan Area Reginal Sewage System (WMARSS).

Seal bids proposals will be accepted at the city of Waco, Operations Center, 1415 N. 4th Street, Conference Room, Waco. TX until 2:00 PM (CST), October 19, 2018 for the Proposal for WMARSS Lagoon #2 Cleanning. Bids Proposals will be opened at 2:01 P.M.

RFB 2018-059

RFB 2018-059 - Elevation & Lagoon Design Drawings

RFB 2018-059 MANDATORY Pre-bid sign-in sheet

RFB 2018-059 Addendum #1

RFB 2018-059 Addendum #2 Closing Date and Time change

RFB 2018-059 Addendum #3 - Answers to Questions

RFB 2018-059 Addendum #4 - Revised Bid Sheet and Answers to Questions

RFB 2018-059 - Addendum #5 Closing Date Change

RFB 2018-059 - Addendum #6

Attachment Preview

Purchasing Services
Post Office Box 2570
Waco, Texas 76702-2570
Phone: 254-750-8062
Fax: 254-750-8063
Purchasing Agent:
WMARSS Lagoon #2 Cleaning
Mr. Tim Cubos
Closing Time: 2:00 P.M. CST, Friday, November 30, 2018
Opening Time: 2:01 P.M. CST, Friday, November 30, 2018
RFB Opening Location: Operations Center, Purchasing Services Office, 1415 N. 4th St.,
Waco, TX 76707
Addendum No: 6
The above-mentioned RFB invitation has been changed in the following manner. Sign and
return addendum to the Purchasing Office by the closing time and date with your RFB
response. Returning this page signed by your authorized agent will serve to acknowledge
this change. All other requirements of the invitation remain unchanged. If you have any
questions, please call or stop by the Purchasing Office at the above address.
1. The following is a revised bid sheet that is to be used for this RFB. Please do
not use the earlier bid sheet. Failure to use the revised bid sheet will
disqualify the bid.
2. The following pages has answers to questions raised, and clarifications &
amendments to the specifications. Please read, review and note the changes.
Some of the answers have been revised from the previous version.
Signature of Person
Authorized to Sign Bid:______________________________________________________________________
Signor's Name and Title
(print or type):_____________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address:____________________________________________________________________________
Addendum No: 6
WMARSS Lagoon #2 Cleaning
DATE: ________________
I. Refer to "Standard Instructions for all Bids" before completing Bid Sheet.
a. Price: quote your best price, F.O.B. Destination, on each item.
II. In submitting this bid, I certify:
a. Items bid are in exact accordance with specifications, unless noted in bid.
b. That prices in this bid have been arrived at independently, without consultation
or agreement with any competitor for the purpose of restricting competition.
Depending on unit prices, requirements and approved budgeted funds, quantities may be reduced
or increased during the contract period.
Remove bio-solids (at noted elevation
levels)from the WMARSS Sludge
Lagoon #2 and distribute the bio-solids
to agricultural fields
Amount of
Bio-solids in
Dry Tons
Price Per
Dry Ton
Total Price
(A) x (B) = (C)
1.1 Bio-solids removal and distribution to
agricultural fields
2.0 Total Overall Price
Early Payment Terms:
a) Bidder may offer an early payment discount by filling in the blanks in section b
below. City may accept an early payment discount, but in doing so, City does
not waive any of its rights under Texas Government Code Section 2251 (Prompt
Payment Act).
b) Payment is due thirty (30) DAYS after acceptance of order and receipt of an
original invoice, but a ______ percent early payment discount is offered for full
payment made within ______(__) DAYS after acceptance of order and receipt
of an original invoice.
WMARSS Lagoon #2 Cleaning
Questions and Answers from the pre-bid meeting and thereafter:
1. When was the last time that the lagoon was cleaned? -It is not known when the
lagoon was last cleaned.
2. When can the winning bidder start? -After the PO Number is issued. This generally
is 6 -8 weeks after the bid opening.
3. How far away does the bio-solids have to be delivered for land application? -
Not very far, depending on where the property is located. In the last project one of the
properties used was adjacent to the sewer plant. However, nothing has been set with
the locations for this project. Property owners from the last project have not been
contacted by the City. It is the contractor’s responsibility to make contact with local
property owners to find out if they are willing to participate in this project. The
contractor is to perform any soil testing needed.
4. Is there a phosphorous limit for land application of the bio-solids? -150 ppm
5. Can the bio-solids be applied in liquid form or cake form? -The City prefers
removing the bio-solids in cake form.
6. Is there unexpected debris in the lagoon? –No, only the vegetation and pellets.
Both of which are to be removed as a part of this project.
7. Does the lagoon have a flow gauge/meter? -No
8. Can typical construction equipment be used in the lagoon to remove bio-
solids? -Yes. The contractor is still responsible for keeping the lagoon clay liner
9. Will the City be providing analytical data on the bio-solids? –No. Existing
analytical data will be made available to the winning bidder.
10. What is the current phosphorous level of the landowners’ fields who have
interest in receiving the bio-solids? -We do not have this information. The
contractor is responsible for finding willing property owners and making this
11. Can the landowner’s fields accept the bio-solids? –This will be determined by the
soil analysis to be performed.
12. If the current sites cannot accept the bio-solids, are there others available? -
There should be landowners who would accept the bio-solids, but the City has not
been in contact with any.
13. What is the current phosphorous levels of the bio-solids in Lagoon #2?
14. Are the required WMARSS trip tickets in addition to or instead of the TCEQ
transportation manifests? -The WMARSS trip tickets are in addition to the TCEQ
manifests. However, the City is willing to make adjustments if possible to eliminate the
need for the trip tickets if the TCEQ manifests can be modified to include the info the
City needs.
15. Can a ramp be constructed in the lagoon to facilitate bio-solids removal? –Yes.
However, the contractor is responsible for keeping the lagoon liner undamaged.
Repairs will be at the contractor’s expense.
16. Can the unit pricing for the bid be changed to price per ton? -See the revised bid
17. What is the estimated quantity of the pellets on the lagoon #2? –Unknown.
However it is Class ‘A’ pellets.
18. What is the average distance to the available land application sites? –Unknown.
However, the distance to the sites used in the last project was under 5 miles.
19. To what degree is the contractor responsible for maintaining the roadways and
berms of the lagoon? -100 % responsible.
20. When will the Notice to Proceed be given to the winning bidder? -After the PO
Number is issued. This generally is 6 -8 weeks after the bid opening.
21. What limitations exists for daily hours worked? –Generally work hours are 7:30
am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday. However, extended work hours can be arranged if
mutually agreeable.
22. What percent solids is the bio-solids in Lagoon #2? -50-to 60% solids.

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