RFB 2018-082 --- Lockwood Lake Oaks Crestwood Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Phase 5 Project Addendum No 1

Agency: City of Waco
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jan 18, 2019
Due Date: Jan 23, 2019
Solicitation No: RFB 2018-082
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RFB 2018-082 --- Lockwood Lake Oaks Crestwood Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Phase 5 Project

The City of Waco has issued this solicitation for Lockwood and Lake Oaks Crestwood Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phase 5 Project. The Scope of this project is the construction of new wastewater utilities within the Crestwood residential development. Responses to this solicitation must be received at the office of Purchasing Department by 2:00 PM (Central Time) on January 23, 2019

A MANDATORY pre-bid meeting will be held at the Office of Purchasing Services at the Operations Center, 1415 N. 4th Street, Waco, TX 76707, at 10:00 a.m. (CST), Monday January 14, 2019.

The City expressly reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, and to cancel or modify any requests for bids

RFB 2018-082


RFB 2018-082 Pre-Bid Sign-In Sheet

RFB 2018-082 Addendum No 1

Attachment Preview

Purchasing Agent:
Lockwood Lake Oaks Crestwood Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phase 5
Mr. Tim Cubos
Closing Time: 2:00 P.M. CST, Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Opening Time: 2:01 P.M. CST, Wednesday, January 23, 2019
RFB Opening Location: Operations Center, Purchasing Services Office, 1415 N. 4th St., Waco, TX
Addendum No: 1
The above-mentioned RFB invitation has been changed in the following manner. Sign and return
addendum to the Purchasing Office by the closing time and date with your RFB response. Returning
this page signed by your authorized agent will serve to acknowledge this change. All other requirements
of the invitation remain unchanged. If you have any questions, please call or stop by the Purchasing Office
at the above address.
The following pages has answers to questions raised, and clarifications to the specifications. Please
read, review and note the changes.
Firm: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Signature of Person
Authorized to Sign Bid: ______________________________________________________________________
Signor's Name and Title
(Print or type):_____________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Date: ____________________Telephone:___________________________Fax:_________________________
Crestwood Sewer Pre-Submittal Meeting January 14, 2019
City of Waco Contracting Comments
Technical questions raised today will be addressed by addendum if warranted
o 4800-5000 block of Lockwood Drive; 2500 block of Lake Air Drive; and, 2500-2600 block
of Lake Oaks Road
o New 8” gravity collection system, submersible lift station and 4” forcemain
Bid Opening Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 2:00 PM
Technical Specifications are minimum requirements City of Waco specifications apply
o Submersible Pump Spec is titled at non-clog pumps that is incorrect should read
vortex pumps. Spec is correct but the title is wrong. Will issue correction in an
Construction must be complete (i.e., substantial completion) in 275 calendar days.
o LD’s $500/day until SC is achieved, following the SC deadline
o LD’s $250/day after SC is achieved, until FC is achieved
o All city permits apply: building, electrical, etc.
o City of Waco will pay for plumbing permits only.
o Contractor will pay for all other permits, electrical, etc.
o Contractor is responsible for acquiring all permits.
o Erosion control plan and SWPPP required
o Coordinate with Utility Providers and Owner
o Utilities shown on the plans are best available information at the time of project design
o Atmos is replacing their buried steel lines in the project area with new buried PE lines.
They are installing their lines behind the curb. We have coordinated with them as best
possible to help avoid conflicts with their relocations and our project.
Atmos is scheduled to be completed by March 1, 2019
o The existing 6” collection system/mains is identified to be purged and grouted, plugged
and abandoned once the new collection system is operational.
o The existing collection system is to be TV’d prior to grouting the line.
o The existing collection system and sewer services shall remain operational until the new
collection system is on line and all service connections have been completed.
Testing Contractor will be responsible for pressure, vacuum, mandrel, hydrostatic, etc.,
testing. Owner will be responsible for soils, concrete, asphalt, and materials testing.
New Utility Construction:
o Prior to construction starting the Contractor shall attend a public meeting with the
neighborhood to help address neighborhood questions and comments.
o Contractor shall notify each homeowner in the neighborhood before initiating any work
on their property. A sample Notification Form is provided in the RFB package.
o All property, public and private, shall be restored to original condition or better. Any
ancillary damage committed by the Contractor shall be repaired at no additional cost to
the Owner(s).
o One Point of Responsibility for the entire project the GC is responsible for the entire
project and all sub-contractor work.
o The Contractor will receive a copy of all rights-of-entry and resident contact
o The work completed on private property for installation and connection of the new
residential sewer service line shall be conducted and completed by a licensed
professional plumbing contractor who is licensed to do work in the City of Waco.
o All excess excavated materials not suitable for backfill shall be removed from the site
and disposed of properly on a daily basis.
o All trenches shall be backfilled and/or covered to allow traffic flow through the project.
No streets or driveways shall remain closed during non-construction periods.
o All manholes, wet wells, etc. shall be treated with Conshield or equal.
o Tree limbs in the public ROW (only) may be trimmed pending approval by the City of the
Contractor’s submittal trimming plan, which must be submitted prior to any work being
o Bypass pumping of the existing sewer system should not be required as long as the
existing collection system remains operational. However, the Contractor is responsible
for his own means and methods of construction.
o Shoring/underpinning shall be installed by Contractor as required to protect adjacent
streets, embankments, infrastructure, etc.
o Contractor is responsible for boring 4” conduit for electrical service to the Lift Station.
Street Repairs
o Pavement areas requiring mill/overlay or reconstruction are bid as an additive
alternate. Base bid for utilities includes trench repair. Deduct is provided for areas with
street replacement.
o All manhole covers and valve box covers shall receive a concrete slab as shown on the
plans. This includes new and existing in areas with pavement repair or replacement.
o Adjustment of valve boxes is subsidiary to the street repair and construction.
o Traffic Control Plan(s) will need to be in accordance with “City of Waco Standard Detail
o Trench Safety Plan(s) shall be designed and sealed by a licensed PE in the State of Texas.
o Work shall be conducted during daylight hours which are determined to be 0700 hours
(7:00 AM) to 1800 hours (6:00 PM). Work hours may be required to change dependent
upon comments received by affected residents.
o Cleanup and Final Grading
Add top soil and final grade to drain
Seeding/Sodding required irrigate as necessary to establish growth
Homeowner is responsible for watering sod within their yards once established.

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