Request for Qualifications for Energy Savings Performance Services

Agency: Richland One School District
State: South Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Posted Date: Jul 1, 2019
Due Date: Jul 9, 2019
Solicitation No: 2019-046
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Addendum No. 1

Request for Qualifications for Energy Savings Performance Services July 9, 2019 @2:00 p.m. Harrison Joseph,III (803)231-7052

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Richland County School District One
Solicitation Number
Date Issued
Procurement Officer
E-mail Address
June 4, 2019
Harrison Joseph
DESCRIPTION: Request for Qualifications for Energy Savings Performance Services
The Term "Offer" Means Your "Bid" or "Proposal"
July 9, 2019 @ 2:00 PM EST
LOCATION:Procurement Services 201 Park St. Rm. 204 Columbia,
S.C. 29201). All bidders are strongly urged to attend
SITE VIST: will be available upon request, prior to the after
the per-bid meeting and before the submission of
June 19, 2019 @ 2:00 PM EST
June 25, 2019 @ 2:00 PM EST
July 2, 2019 @ 2:00 PM EST
July 25, 2019 @ 2:00 PM EST
All questions must be submitted via email to: Harrison Joseph III, Construction Contracts Manager (E-mail Above)
Submittal Instructions: Submit one (1) original and Five (5) copies
Qualifications must be submitted in a sealed package. Solicitation Number and Opening Date must appear on package exterior.
Procurement Services
201 Park Street
Room 209
Columbia, S. C. 29201
This solicitation, any amendments and award, will be posted at the following web address:
You must submit a signed copy of this form with Your Offer. By submitting a bid or proposal, You agree to be bound by the
terms of the Solicitation. You agree to hold Your Offer open for a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days after the Opening Date
(Full legal name of business submitting the offer)
(Person signing must be authorized to submit binding offer to enter contract on behalf of offeror
named above)
(Business Title of person signing above)
(Check one)
(See provision entitled “Signing Your Offer”)
(Printed name of person signing above)
BOA Visa Card Accepted _____ Yes _____ No
Instructions regarding Offeror's Name: Any award issued will be issued to, and the contract will be formed with, the entity identified as the
offeror above. An offer may be submitted by only one legal entity. The entity named as the offeror must be a single and distinct legal entity.
Do not use the name of a branch office or a division of a larger entity if the branch or a division of a larger entity if the branch or division is
not a separate legal entity, i.e., a separate corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.
(If Offeror is a corporation, identify the state of Incorporation.)
(See "Taxpayer Identification Number" provision)
COVER PAGE (Revision 3, June 2017)
Richland County School District One
Request for Qualifications for Energy, Water or Wastewater Savings Contracting Services
(Return Page Two with your Offer)
HOME OFFICE ADDRESS (Address for offeror’s home
office / principal place of business i.e. Physical address)
NOTICE ADDRESS (Address to which all procurement and contract
related notices should be sent.) (See "Notice" clause)
Area Code Number
E-mail Address
PAYMENT ADDRESS (Address to which payments will be sent.) ORDER ADDRESS (Address to which purchase orders will be sent)
(See "Payment" clause)
(See "Purchase Orders" and "Contract Documents" clauses)
Payment Address same as Home Office Address
Order Address same as Home Office Address
Payment Address same as Notice Address (check only one) Order Address same as Notice Address (check only one)
Offeror acknowledges receipt
of amendment(s) by number
and its date of
Amendment Amendment Amendment Amendment Amendment
Issue Date
Issue Date
Issue Date
Amendment Amendment
Issue Date
See "Amendments to
Solicitation" Provision
10 Calendar Days (%) 20 Calendar Days (%)
See "Discount for Prompt
Payment" clause
PAGE TWO (Revision 2, March 2008)
****End of Page Two****
30 Calendar Days (%) _______Calendar Days (%)
(Return Page Two with your Offer)
RFQ No. 2019-046
Page 2 of 44
Richland County School District One
Request for Qualifications for Energy, Water or Wastewater Savings Contracting Services
I. Scope of Solicitation
A. About Richland County School District One
B. Purpose, Overview, and Scope of Solicitation
II. Instructions to Offeror
A. General Instructions
B. Special Instructions
III. Scope of Work / Specifications
IV. Information for Offerors to Submit
V. Offerors Qualifications
VI. Qualification Criteria - Proposals
A. Technical Competence And Qualifications Of Company And Key Personnel
B. Past Performance
C. Project Team Contribution And Coordination
D. Experience And References
E. Demonstrated Ability to Meet Time and Budget Requirements
F. Small/Women/Minority Business Enterprise
VII. Terms and Conditions
A. General Clauses
B. Special Clauses
C. Miscellaneous Clauses for Architectural and Engineering Professional Services
VIII. Attachments to Solicitation
Attachment 1- Company and/or Firm’s Information (Contact Personnel)
Attachment 2- Small/Women/Minority Business Enterprise Form
Attachment 3- W-9 Tax form
Attachment 4- Vendor Applications
Attachment 5- Offerors Resume
Attachment 6- ESCO Profile Form
Attachment 7- Offeror’s Checklist
RFQ No. 2019-046
Page 3 of 44
Richland County School District One
Request for Qualifications for Energy, Water or Wastewater Savings Contracting Services
I. Scope of Solicitation
ACQUIRE SERVICES (JAN 2006): The purpose of this solicitation is to acquire services complying with
the enclosed description and/or specifications and conditions. [1.010]
MAXIMUM CONTRACT PERIOD ESTIMATED (JAN 2006): [from 6/20/2018 / to 6/20/2022]. Dates
provided are estimates only. Any resulting contract will begin on the date specified in the notice of award.
See clause entitled "Term of Contract Effective Date / Initial Contract Period". [1.040]
A. About Richland County School District One
Centrally located three hours from the beaches and the mountains of South Carolina, the Richland County
School District One, hereinafter referred to as the “District or RCSD1” serves the capital city of Columbia.
The District covers 482 square miles, educating approximately 26,000 students in 48 schools and
approximately 4,000 adult education students. The District is proud to serve a richly diverse student body.
Students from rural, suburban and urban neighborhoods combine to form a student population
representative of a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Of the District's 4,800 employees, 2,500
are classroom teachers. Richland County School District One continues to grow and hires approximately
300 new teachers each year.
Consistently ranked among the best school systems in South Carolina, the District is a leader in the state's
educational community. 2005 graduates received a record $38.4 million in scholarships and financial aid,
to attend a wide range of institutions, including many of America's most competitive colleges and
universities. This includes prizes won in competitions, as well as grants and loans for post-secondary
According to the latest data for the Class of 2000, sixty-nine percent are attending a post-secondary
educational institution. Twenty-two percent are employed, seven percent are in the military and two percent
are involved in other activities.
A seven-member Board of School Commissioners governs Richland County School District One. The Board
has been awarded the prestigious Magna Award for outstanding programs in school governance.
B. Purpose, Overview, and Scope of Solicitation
Pursuant to SC Code: 48-52-670, this solicitation is to provide the District with the means to realize
maximum utility savings, operational savings, and operational improvements without the
requirement of capital funds or to reduce the amount of capital funds necessary for planned energy,
water systems, and wastewater systems upgrades. The Offeror selected through this RFQ
processes must demonstrate technical and managerial capabilities to address a broad range of
building energy systems and a comprehensive set of energy services such as:
Energy services that include, but are not limited to, an investment grade technical energy
audit and report; the design, acquisition, installation, modification maintenance,
commissioning, monitoring and training in the operation of solutions installed in this project;
Energy systems that include, but are not limited to, heating, ventilation and air
conditioning systems, lighting, windows, insulation and energy management controls, life
safety measures that provide long-term, operating-cost reductions, building operation
programs that reduce operating costs, other energy-conservation-related improvements,
including improvements or equipment related to renewable energy, water and other natural
resources conservation, including accuracy and measurement of water distribution and/or
consumption, and other equipment, services and improvements providing energy efficiency.
Any stipulated energy and/or non-energy cost savings that may be attributed to this project will be rigorously
reviewed and, if agreed to, will be limited to those that can be thoroughly documented and verified by the
ESCO (Energy Services Company) and approved by the District. Additional, services may include
continuing operating and maintenance manuals (O&M manuals) for all improvements and/or training of the
District's staff on routine maintenance and operation of systems as well as training of occupants. Monitoring
RFQ No. 2019-046
Page 4 of 44
Richland County School District One
Request for Qualifications for Energy, Water or Wastewater Savings Contracting Services
and verification (M&V) services include appropriate measurement and reporting of the performance and
savings from improvements.
Overview and Scope
Pursuant to SC Code: 48-52-670, The District is seeking qualifications from interested Energy
Services Companies (ESCOs) capable of providing a comprehensive solution that will reduce energy
and operational costs across District facilities.
The District is requesting a current resume and ESCO profile form (profile form is attached) of
qualifications from persons or firms interested in providing to the District professional energy, water,
and wastewater conservation measures. The offeror will provide District wide services to accomplish
conservation measures through a guaranteed energy, water, and wastewater savings contract. The
following locations are conceivably the first to undergo the offeror’s Energy Study Report; however,
The District reserves the right to expand or contract the overall locations and scope of the offerors
Caughman Road Elementary
Burnside Elementary
Webber Elementary
Meadowfield Elementary
Mill Creek Elementary
Hopkins Elementary
Southeast Middle School
Hopkins Middle School
Lower Richland High School
Dreher High School
7725 Caughman Rd, Columbia, SC 29209
7300 Patterson Rd, Columbia, SC 29209
140 Webber School Rd, Eastover, SC 29044
525 Galway Lane, Columbia SC 29209
925 Universal Dr, Columbia, SC 29209
6120 Cabin Creek Rd, Hopkins, SC 29061
731 Horrell Hill Rd, Hopkins, SC 29061
1601 Clarkson Rd, Hopkins, SC 29061
2615 Lower Richland Blvd, Hopkins, SC 29061
3319 Millwood Ave, Columbia, SC 29205
Under the Contract, the selected offeror may be asked to provide all or some of the following services:
1. Comprehensive energy, water, and wastewater conservation services for all of the
above listed facilities, including the: (a) design, selection and installation of energy,
water and wastewater efficient equipment and systems; (b) maintenance and servicing
of the installed energy, water and wastewater efficiency Conservation Measures; (c)
modification of existing equipment, systems, and/or buildings; (d) revised operations
or maintenance procedures to reduce energy costs and the associated operating costs
to accomplish same; (e) possible securing of financing for the transaction; and, (f)
energy, water, and wastewater management training of selected District employees.
2. Structure the terms of payment obligations for equipment and services on a
Performance Contracting basis. Under a performance contract: (a) the successful
offeror will guarantee that equipment and services will achieve a predicted level of
energy, water, wastewater, and operational savings; (b) The District will realize
equipment and services without the requirement of major capital funding; (c) The
District will be able to meet its payment obligations through guaranteed utility and
operational savings and, (d) 100% of the savings referenced in 2(c) above will be the
sole property of the District. (See Attachment 7: for Contract Terms and Conditions of
the guaranteed energy, water, and wastewater savings contract)
The Procurement Officer will receive resumes and qualifications until the deadline at the
address indicated on the Cover Page. A District Selection Committee will evaluate each of the
persons or firms submissions using the criteria set forth in this solicitation.
After the evaluation of the resumes the District Selection Committee will establish a short list of
firms to be orally interviewed.
From the short listed offeror the selection committee will select the ESCO(s) deemed to be
most qualified to perform the requested services. After Board approval and issuance of the intent
to award letter the District and selected ESCO(s) shall enter into an Investment Grade Audit
Agreement. The ESCO's proposed contract terms must include the performance and presentation
RFQ No. 2019-046
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