Request for Qualifications for City of Acworth Engineering Services

Agency: City of Acworth
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Nov 16, 2022
Due Date: Dec 6, 2022
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RFQ 2022-17
Request for Qualifications for City of Acworth Engineering Services City of Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia Bidder Information Packet RFQ 2022-17

1.01 General

  1. The City of Acworth seeks Statements of Qualifications from experienced businesses for Professional Services for civil engineering services related to development plan review, stormwater, and other related development engineering issues.

1.02 Project Background
A. The City of Acworth is seeking qualified engineering professionals for engineering services to assist in the development plan review process. Commercial developments within the City of Acworth (and some residential when applicable) are required to submit civil engineering development plans to the City of Acworth for ensuring that the design is compliant with various regulatory agencies (federal, state, local). Services to be provided include assisting the City in reviewing and making recommendations on construction plans, site development plans, technical review assistance for hydrology and soil erosion and sedimentation, grading and drainage review and other related development engineering issues. In addition, the consultant will be responsible for periodically assisting in minor updates to the development code, subdivision regulations and other related ordinances, as needed.

1.03 Submission of Statement of Qualifications

A. Responses will be received until 10:00 AM, Tuesday, December 06, 2022. Responses will be publicly opened and available for viewing at the below address immediately following the closing of the period. Responses received after the submission deadline will not be considered.

B. Bids shall be dated, placed in an enclosed sealed envelope, and addressed to:

Acworth City Hall
Attn: City Clerk
Re: RFQ 2022-17
4415 Center Street
Acworth, Georgia 30101

C. Firms interested in submitting a proposal based on the described work must submit, in a sealed package, two (2) copies of their Statements of Qualifications along with a PDF of the documents (USB or Memory Card).

1.04 Statement of Qualifications Submittal Requirements

1. General Company Background: Provide general information as it relates to your company including, but not limited to firm introduction, history, areas of expertise, and any information the firm feels is pertinent information for the city to consider that may not be specifically identified in this Request for Qualifications.

2. Staffing: List of proposed personnel who will be specifically assigned to the proposed project, including their qualifications, professional certifications, overall experience, and recent experience on projects of similar nature and complexity to the proposed project. Joint ventures (division of responsibilities must be noted) and sub-consultants/contractors are permitted but need to be identified as part of your team and provide any information requested herein. Qualifications and experience of individuals/firms proposed for the work shall be included. Provide information for the major personnel or subcontractors to be available. Provide the following:
      1. Specifically note who the lead contact(s) for your firm on the project throughout the process would be.
      2. Representative Projects: Provide the names and references for a minimum of three similar projects with like agencies (state or local city governments). Provide current email addresses and telephone numbers of references.
      3. Describe experience working with federal, state, and local government regulatory agencies.
      4. Include past work completed that you feel best highlights your qualifications for this project.
3. Approach - Provide examples of your expertise in the following:
      1. Soil erosion and sedimentation, grading plan review
      2. Construction/Civil Engineering plan review
      3. Site development plan review
      4. Technical review assistance for hydrology and drainage review
      5. Tree replacement plan review
      6. Thorough knowledge of current federal, state and local regulations and best management practices (BMPs) in regard to engineering related solutions to stormwater control, soil and erosion control, and other development construction issues
      7. Civil design experience and review of other related development engineering issues
      8. The consultant must be aware of all of local, county, state, and federal points of contact, in relation to review of developments.
4. Availability – Provide the following:
      1. A brief narrative providing the city the assurance that the firm has the resources available to commit to the project.
      2. Your physical location, whether or not you have staffed offices in the State of Georgia, and your approximate time to respond to the City of Acworth should a site visit be required.
5. E-Verify – Responders should include a completed E-Verify document, a blank form (Exhibit D) is attached to this RFQ.
Proposers are encouraged to follow the format of submission as listed above but have flexibility as long as the requested information is contained in the response. Please do not exceed twenty (20) pages/ forty (40) sides. Upon receipt, all proposals shall become the property of the city, without compensation to the responding firms, for disposition and or use by the city at its discretion.

1.05 Schedule

    1. Interviews may be conducted beginning Wednesday, December 07 th through Tuesday, December 13 th .

1.06 Method of Award

A. The city seeks to find the most well-qualified, experienced firm to provide professional engineering services. A committee will review all statements of qualifications. The committee may select a short-list of up to three (3) firms to be interviewed. See section 1.05 for schedule. The city will then invite the chosen firms to provide a full quote for service of their chosen products. The city reserves the right to move to the next, highest ranked firm if a mutual agreement on scope and pricing cannot be reached, negotiate with multiple firms, and reject any and all proposals in the best interest of the city.

1.07 Contract Documents
    1. Specific contract terms, fees, and scope of work will be developed with the selected firm.

1.08 Information and Questions
    1. Should any question or need for information arise regarding the RFQ information, it should be directed to our Development Director, Alex Almodóvar at .

1.09 Addenda and Interpretation

    1. No interpretation of the meaning of the Request for Qualifications will be made orally to any prospective responder or interested party once this RFQ is advertised for bids. Any request for interpretation or clarification of the documents will be in writing to the City. A response shall be given in writing, separately numbered and dated. A list of responses and addendums will be sent out to the email address(es) for the firms that are registered with the City. Anyone obtaining documents online or from a third-party source are responsible for registering with the City, failure to do so and failure to receive addendums to the RFQ, is not the responsibility of the city and solely the responsibility of the responder. All questions must be submitted at least five (5) days prior to the receipt of Statement of Qualifications at the opening date and time. Any request not received in time to accomplish such interpretation and for distribution to all parties will not be accepted.

1.10 Conflict of Interest

    1. The Firm certifies that to the best of its knowledge no circumstances exist which will cause a Conflict of Interest in performing the services required by this contract, that no employee of the City, nor any member thereof, nor any public agency or official affected by this Agreement, has any pecuniary interest in the business of the Firm or his Subcontractor(s), and that no person associated with the Firm or his Subcontractor(s) has any interest that would conflict in any manner or degree with the performance of the Agreement.

Should the Firm become aware of any circumstances which may cause a Conflict of Interest during the term of this contract, the Firm shall immediately notify the City. If the City determines that a Conflict of Interest exists, the City may require that the Firm take action to remedy the Conflict of Interest or terminate the agreement without liability. The City shall have the right to recover any fees paid for services rendered by the Firm which were performed while a Conflict of Interest existed if the Firm had knowledge of the Conflict of Interest and did not notify the City within one (1) week of becoming aware of the existence of the Conflict of Interest.

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