Request for Proposals to Prepare a Management Plan for the Forested Area of George Washington Park

Agency: City of Pacific Grove
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services
  • 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  • 541990 - All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • 721211 - RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks and Campgrounds
Posted Date: Nov 5, 2019
Due Date: Nov 22, 2019
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Request for Proposals to Prepare a Management Plan for the Forested Area of George Washington Park
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Closing: Friday, November 22, 2019 - 2:00 pm
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City of Pacific Grove
Public Works Department
Request for Proposals to prepare a Management Plan for
the forested area of George Washington Park
RFP Issue Date:October 21, 2019
RFP Due Date & Time:November 22, 2019 at 2:00 pm
The City of Pacific Grove is accepting proposals from qualified Forest Managers or qualified
firms to provide a Forest Management Plan for George Washington Park.
Project Location
George Washington Park (GWP), located in the City of Pacific Grove, is the largest of the
City’s parks. It is six blocks long (from Short Street to Sinex Avenue) between Melrose and
Alder Streets and is approximately 20 acres. The park contains an array of activities and picnic
tables, barbecue grills, restrooms, a large play structure, and a baseball field.
The park is segmented into four zones which are described in detail and illustrated below. Zone 1
is considered the recreational portion of the park and consists of 4.3 acres. This zone contains
picnic tables, barbecue grills, restrooms, a large play structure, and a baseball field.Zones 2, 3
and 4, spanning approximately 15.7 acres and amassing approximately 80% of the park,
encompass the parks natural areas and are the sole focus of this Request for Proposals.
George Washing Park Zone Map
Detailed Zone Description
Zone 1
Zone 1 is the southernmost portion of the park and encompasses approximately 4 acres of
high-use recreation areas managed by the Recreation Department. This zone includes restrooms,
picnic grounds with both single and multiple user grills, a ball field, and snack bar that is used in
conjunction with ball games.
This zone is not included in the scope of work for the RFP.
Zone 2
Zone 2 stretches from the ball field to the Southern boundary of the traditional butterfly "Cluster
Site". This area is a ravine with steep user defined trails. It should be kept in a natural state to
provide a transition zone from the active high use recreation area to the natural forest areas of the
other zones.
Zone 3
Zone 3 extends to Pine Avenue and encompasses the historical monarch butterfly "Cluster Site."
This zone is primarily native forest and should be managed to preserve its value as monarch
habitat, while at the same time accommodating visitors drawn to the Park to witness the
overwintering butterflies.
Zone 4
Zone 4 is the northern portion of the Park which stretches from Pine Avenue to Short Street. This
zone aims to encourage strictly passive recreation use to sustain its remaining native forest,
resident wildlife, and provide visitors with a quiet, natural experience unavailable in the other
more high-use zones.
Zones 2, 3, and 4 are the focus of this project.
General Park Description
A number of native birds, squirrels and other mammals live in the park. Natural vegetation
consists primarily of Monterey pines, Coast live oaks and a number of other species of trees,
shrubs, poison oak, and some flowers and native grasses. In some places the forest canopy is
closed and there are open spaces under the trees and very few shrubs. In other places where the
forest canopy is open, there are many shrubs and thicket areas which are difficult to walk
Scattered throughout the park are a number of standing dead trees. The City recognizes the value
of these trees as wildlife habitat.
It is the City of Pacific Grove's objective to protect and enhance Washington Park's natural
resources. If the declining forest stand of Washington Park remains unmanaged, Monterey pines,
and the monarch habitat along with them, will continue to deteriorate.
George Washington Park History
The City purchased the pine forest land comprising Washington Park from Del Monte Properties
Company in 1925 for ten dollars. Although there were no deed restrictions on the use of the
property, the city used it as a park, and it was known as “Municipal Park,” “Forest Park,” and
“George Washington Park.” Pacific Grove citizens have long supported its use as a park. In
1948, the voters of Pacific Grove passed an initiative ordinance to limit the use of the property
to a recreational park. The City of Pacific Grove is responsible for managing GWP’s natural
resources and amenities for recreational use.
In 1999, the City produced a Master Plan for GWP to help provide management direction of the
park. The overarching goals of the plan included:
1. Retaining and enhance the existing character of the park
2. Protecting Park Resources
3. Protecting and enhancing the visual quality and appearance of the park
4. Promoting a barrier-free park
This document, attached, was never formally adopted but can be used as a point of reference and
resource for additional information pertaining to GWP.
George Washington Today
Although George Washington Park remains a natural resource, there are conflicting interests
and opinions on how the park should be managed.
GWP continues to welcome tourists and visitors alike for a plethora of amenities, including:
Bird Watching
Wildlife viewing
Walking/running trails
General recreation
Scope of Services
The GWP Management Plan will address how the City can ensure the Forest flourishes but
remains safe for the users and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Management plan will
identify short term and long term maintenance activities to promote overall forest health. The
following areas will need to be addressed in the plan.
1. Tree Assessment
a. Hazard trees
b. Forest regeneration plan
c. Public safety
2. Vegetation Management
a. Understory vegetation
b. Fallen or downed tree management
c. Native plants and protections
d. Non-native vegetation management
3. Wildlife Habitat
a. Bird
b. Deer
c. Other Wildlife
4. Trails and Access
a. Map existing trails
b. Elimination and teqnichics of wandering trails
5. Fire Management
a. Within Park
b. Surrounding neighborhoods
c. Technics and recommendations for fuel reduction
The firm selected shall provide strategies, techniques and recommendations to address GWP as
a sound biological resource within the City while minimizing the threat of fire danger.
Adoption and Public Hearings
The consultant will attend and present findings at two City governing bodies in support of the
GWP Management Plan.
Presentation at one (1) Beautification and Natural Resources Commission Meeting
Presentation at one (1) City Council Meeting
Project Deliverables
The final project deliverables include a written report outlining management techniques for the
following areas as noted in the scope of services:
a. Tree Assessment
b. Vegetation Management
c. Wildlife Habitat
d. Trails and access
e. Fire Management
In addition to covering the above referenced subjects, the final plan must include:
a. A detailed current conditions assessment
b. Recommended maintenance activities for the next five years
c. Detailed maintenance schedule/timeline for plan recommendations
d. Detailed list of all associated materials and labor necessary to implement and maintain
plan recommendations.

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