Agency: City of Stockton
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Feb 12, 2020
Due Date: Mar 11, 2020
Solicitation No: PW1901_HSIPL-5008_183
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Project Number: PW1901_HSIPL-5008_183
General Information
Due Date: March 11, 2020
Opening Time: 3:00 p.m.
Published Date: February 12, 2020
Last Updated: February 12, 2020
Bid Orientation: n/a
Provide professional engineering services for the construction of signal modifications at March Lane and McGaw Street, El Dorado Street and Benjamin Holt Drive, and El Dorado Street and Robinhood Drive.
Award Date: N/A

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Project Manager Jeffrey Aube (209) 9377740

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Attachment Preview

Issued by:
City of Stockton
Public Works Department
22 E. Weber Avenue, Room 301
Stockton, CA 95202
Date Issued: February 12, 2020
Date Proposals Due: March 11, 2020; 3:00 PM
Late Submittals Will Not Be Accepted
The City of Stockton (City) is requesting proposals from professional consultants to provide
professional engineering services to prepare the construction and signal timing design
documents for the installation of left-turn signals at three intersections, traffic signal
modifications and upgrades, City Project No. PW1901/Federal Project Number HSIPL-
The City of Stockton was awarded federal funds through the Highway Safety Improvement
Program (HSIP) Funds for the design and construction of signal modifications at March Lane
and McGaw Street, El Dorado Street and Benjamin Holt Drive, and El Dorado Street and
Robinhood Drive, including adding designated left-turn lanes with turn signal phases for side
streets and improving signal hardware.
The proposed project shall make all necessary roadway improvements to reduce potential
collisions, increase visibility of signal indications and safety to all modes of transportation
and install all traffic signal and safety lighting equipment per today’s standards. The
proposed project also includes installation of new wheelchair ramps, pedestrian controls,
parking restrictions, pavement delineations, project signs, removing and re-installing of fiber
optic network connections, data collection and signal timing, installation of video monitoring
and/or detection systems, and drainage as required. The survey for design shall cover
overhead utilities and at minimum the areas shown on scope exhibits (Attachment B). The
project shall use the existing curb-to-curb width. The design shall include corner
improvements, including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps. The consultant shall
prepare an internal memo for the project file and provide reasons why dual accessible ramps
cannot be installed for this project at these corners (if that is the case).
The existing controller may be upgraded to M60 if the project’s budget permits. The design
shall include drawing details showing traffic signal controller, pre-emptive/TSP system, and
video camera interconnects using communication equipment, in City Hall and in the traffic
signal cabinet. If required, the consultant shall include in their design the City’s most up-to-
date communication criteria to establish communication between the Traffic Management
Center (TMC) and the traffic signal controller, pre-emptive/TSP system, and video camera
via single mode fiber line.
The consultant must be familiar with the Caltrans Local Assistance Program Guidelines
(LAPG) and Procedures Manual (LAPM). This project may require the expertise of a multi-
discipline team consisting of transportation, civil, and other required discipline to complete
the full range of required services. The consultant shall structure a proposal which
accomplishes the objectives of the project.
Install Left-Turn Signals at Three Intersections
Project PW1901/HSIPL-5008(183)
Request for Proposal
Page 2 of 12
The Consultant shall provide preliminary and final engineering services leading to the
completion of plans, specifications, and estimates for construction of the desired
improvements. The Consultant shall also provide design support services during the
construction phase of the project. Design support will endure through the completion of
construction. The Consultant is encouraged to team with local consultants as much as
possible to accomplish all tasks necessary to complete the project.
If a subcontract for work or services is to be performed, the subcontract must contain all
required provisions of the prime contract. Each sub-consultant’s cost proposal must follow
the same format as the prime consultant’s cost proposal. Prevailing wages will apply if the
services to be performed will involve land surveying (such as flag persons, survey party
chief, rodman or chainman), materials sampling and testing (such as drilling rig operators,
pile driving, crane operators), inspection work, soils or foundation investigations,
environmental hazardous materials and so forth.
Consultant shall prepare a detailed scope and services based, in part and at the minimum,
on information presented in this Request for Proposal (RFP) (Attachment B) and other
information. The Consultant shall provide a cost proposal (separate sealed envelope) and
anticipated schedule, which accomplishes the objectives of the project. It is anticipated that
the design contract will be awarded in June 2020.
The selected consulting firm would provide project management, coordination and
preparation of all required construction documents. This work will include, but is not limited
to the following tasks:
4.1 Background Research:
The Consultant shall conduct a field reconnaissance of the project area. The
Consultant shall review and verify the location and type of existing improvements,
equipment, bus zone locations, intersection geometrics, posted speed limits, and
bus route movements. The Consultant shall review collision reports, sight distance,
approach speed, Multi-model volumes, including truck volume, and other
geometrical and operational characteristics for the project.
The consultant shall meet and work with all pertinent utilities to identify utility
conflicts, coordinate utility plan reviews, conduct necessary coordination meetings,
and locate designed improvements as required to facilitate utility relocations. The
consultant shall coordinate with all utilities in accordance with Caltrans "Manual on
High and Low Risk Underground Facility within Highway Rights of Way." The
objective is to eliminate any conflicts encountered during construction, which would
pose construction delays or claims. Consultant will need to prepare utility letters
and project location exhibits; utility requests need to be on City letter head to avoid
paying fees for utility information. If potholing is required, this will be the
responsibility of the utility company. The Consultant will need to coordinate with
the City to the maximum extent possible to route this information to utility
companies. Consultant must show all existing utilities that will be impacted or
Install Left-Turn Signals at Three Intersections
Project PW1901/HSIPL-5008(183)
Request for Proposal
Page 3 of 12
cause impact by the proposed project. Consultant will need to prepare Utility A, B,
and C letters and provide copies of utility correspondence for City files.
The consultant shall identify required permits, prepare all permit applications, and
assist the City with negotiations relative to permit conditions, if required. Permit
fees will be paid by the City.
4.2 Environmental Services:
The project is funded with HSIP federal funds, and therefore California
Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
compliance is required through Caltrans District 10 Office of Local Assistance. The
consultant shall be responsible for coordinating with the City, Caltrans, and
Stakeholders as needed.
The City has previously submitted a Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) to the
Caltrans District 10 Office of Local Assistance to determine what studies the
City/Consultant is responsible for completing in order to obtain NEPA clearance.
Based on the results of the PES, the Consultant shall conduct the following studies
for the City: Initial Site Assessment (ISA) for Hazardous Waste, Location Hydraulic
Study (LHS) for floodplains, and Summary Floodplain Encroachment Report
(SFER) for Floodplains.
The Consultant shall prepare the above mentioned environmental documents
including technical studies, documents, and reports as required to obtain NEPA
Clearance during the preliminary engineering phase. The consultant shall be
responsible for printing, mailing, delivering, and distributing to appropriate
Agencies and Stakeholders to obtain environmental clearance.
4.3 Plans, Specifications, and Estimate (PS&E)
The Consultant will prepare and complete plans, specifications and estimate
(PS&E) documents which include design improvement plans, traffic control plans,
specifications, and engineer’s estimate. The Consultant shall prepare a base map
showing existing information to facilitate the design of all the necessary
improvements in accordance with the City of Stockton Standard Plans and
Specifications and current CA MUTCD, as appropriate. The base map limits shall
be sufficient to cover all necessary improvements within the project area. The
Consultant shall conform the design to comply with the ADA.
The Consultant will provide four (4) sets of PS&E in 24”x36” (full scale) and one
(1) pdf when the design is at 50%, 95%, and 100% completion to the City for review
and comment. With each submittal, the review comments from the previous stage
shall be itemized and a written response to each shall be prepared in a comment
matrix. The original red-line comments from the reviewing agency shall be returned
with the succeeding submittal.
Install Left-Turn Signals at Three Intersections
Project PW1901/HSIPL-5008(183)
Request for Proposal
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After all edits have been made to the 100% PS&E, the Consultant will submit a
check print (at 100%) for review purposes prior to plotting on mylars. The final
submittal shall include: one (1) complete mylar plan set (24”x36”) stamped and
signed, final cost estimate (stamped in Excel and pdf format) and final
specifications (in Word and pdf format) stamped and signed, and shall be delivered
to the City, along with a Compact Disc containing all electronic files, including
AutoCAD drawing files. Required documents for NEPA clearance and the Right of
Way Certification package shall be submitted along with 95% PS&E submittal. The
consultant shall prepare a Request for Authorization (RFA) package for the City to
submit to the DLAE office for construction authorization.
Final submittal shall include: construction RFA package, one set of mylar final
design plans with specifications and final engineer's estimate, and AutoCAD
format drawing files on a CD disk.
Final P S & E submittal is due within ninety (90) working days after the date of
Authorization to Proceed. After completion of the construction, the red lines,
provided by the contractor, shall be as built on re-signed mylars. The PS&E shall
be subject to quality control reviews by the consultant project manager prior to
submittal. These reviews will assure conformance to City and State DLAE.
4.4 Preserving and Perpetuating Survey Monuments
The Consultant shall identify, list, tie out/perform construction staking of survey
monuments, and show existing survey monuments on construction plans.
Consultant shall file all pre-construction Corner Records or Records of Survey with
San Joaquin County and submit a copy to the City. The Corner Records or Record
of Survey shall show monuments within the area of construction reasonably subject
to removal or disturbance not shown on a recent record document.
The Consultant shall include language in the PS&E package to preserve all
monumentation affected by the work being performed in accordance with Section
8771 of the Professional Land Surveyors Act in the Business and Professionals
Code of the State of California.
4.5 Coordination/Meetings
The consultant shall attend a design kick-off meeting and other sub-sequent
meetings with City, as needed, to finalize the design. The consultant shall attend
a pre-construction meeting, a post construction meeting, and meet and assist staff
during construction as required. The consultant shall prepare and provide a
comprehensive schedule to reflect the timeframe for each task of the proposed
scope of work, utilizing Microsoft Project. The project schedule shall show the
tasks, duration, milestones, assignments, critical paths, successors, predecessors,
and other relevant data. The project schedule shall be maintained and updated
monthly throughout the PS&E phase of the project.
Install Left-Turn Signals at Three Intersections
Project PW1901/HSIPL-5008(183)
Request for Proposal
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