Request for Proposals - Police Motorcycle

Agency: City of Lompoc
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 1, 2018
Due Date: Jun 19, 2018
Solicitation No: 2880
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Request for Proposals - Police Motorcycle
? Please e-mail all inquiries to: Adrienne Boyd
Closes 06/19/2018

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Invitation to Bid No. 2880
Purchase of One Police Motorcycle
The City of Lompoc is currently seeking bids for furnish one (1) police motorcycle per the
attached specifications.
Sealed bids will be received until 2:00 p.m. on June 19, 2018. B i d s must be delivered to:
City of Lompoc
Purchasing Division, Bldg 4A
1300 West Laurel Avenue
Lompoc CA 93436-5163
It is the responsibility of the vendor to see that any bid submitted shall have sufficient time to
be received by the Purchasing Office prior to bid opening time. Late bids will be returned
unopened. The receiving time in the Purchasing Office will be the governing time for
acceptability of a bid. All bids must bear original signatures and figures. Bids will be publicly
read aloud.
The only authorized City contact will be the Purchasing Officer listed below or other contact
through Purchasing Office Staff, from the original issue date until the contract is awarded.
Only information communicated by the Procurement Officer or his/her designee shall be the
official position of the City. Interested bidders or their representatives are not allowed to
communicate with City staff regarding this solicitation. If any bidder is found to be in violation
of this provision, the City reserves the right to reject their proposal.
Questions may be submitted, by written request, for an interpretation or correction thereof.
Fax or email inquiries to: Adrienne Boyd, (805) 735-7628, Questions
must be submitted before 4:00 pm on June 9, 2018.
In order to be sure that you are listed as a “Registered Bidder” and advised of any
changes please complete the “Registered Bidder Information Sheet” today before you
prepare and send your proposal. Not returning the Registered Bidder Information Sheet
may be a reason for disqualification.
Adrienne Boyd
Purchasing Division 1300 West Laurel Avenue Lompoc CA 93436-5163
100 Civic Center Plaza Lompoc CA 93436-6916
Telephone: (805) 875-8000 FAX: (805) 735-7628
“Registered Proposer Information Sheet”
Request for Proposal No. 2880
Purchase of One Police Motorcycle
*** Closing Date: June 19, 2018 at 2:00 P.M. ***
To stay informed of any changes or modifications to this proposal, please
print your information and fax the completed sheet to (805) 735-7628
or email to
Company Name
(Please type or print)
Signature Of Authorized Representative
Name And Title (Please Print)
City, State And Zip Code
Email Address
Phone Number
Web Page
Fax Number
Will you be participating in a product demonstration?
Yes No
Purchasing Division 1300 West Laurel Avenue Lompoc CA 93436-5163
100 Civic Center Plaza Lompoc CA 93436-6916
Telephone: (805) 875-8000 FAX: (805) 735-7628
The City of Lompoc Fleet is currently soliciting proposals for one (1) BMW R1200-RT-P or
similar Police Motorcycle. To allow for review prior to bid closing, alternate specifications
should be done as soon as possible, but no later than June 9, 2018.
Vendors will have the opportunity to demonstrate and/or present their equipment on City
premises. This on-site equipment demo is the ultimate opportunity for vendors to demonstrate
the capabilities of their product(s) to the City. Please have an expert operator for the demo.
Please plan for our operating staff to have hands on operating time. Please register by
completing and returning the Registered Proposer Information Sheet (see page 2). We will
contact you to schedule an appointment time.
If you are unable to demonstrate your equipment, we offer a period for presentation at our
facility about features you may want to bring to our attention.
Vendors are to submit an original and one electronic copy of their bid.
Questions of References. References will be asked to rate vendor on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being
the best, on the following areas:
a. Did vendor have the knowledge, experience, expertise, etc. to perform work for
your Agency?
b. Did vendor strictly adhere to all Standards and/or Specifications of the job?
i. Were industry standards or requirements followed?
ii. Was the job completed on time and on budget?
iii. Would you rehire this vendor for additional work in the future?
iv. How would you rate this vendor overall?
Tentative Schedule:
Bid publish date
Demonstration period start
Demonstration period end
Deadline for submitting alternate specifications
Bid submittal closes
Evaluate and check references
Notice of intent to award
Issue Purchase Order
Bid Specification
Police Motorcycle – 04092018
1. Year: 2018
2. Make/Model: BMW R1200-RT-P or Similar
3. Color: Night Black & Alpine White
4. Quantity: One (1)
5. Ancillary Accessories per Motorcycle (Contractor will provide and install): Qty
a. 1 Heated Seat
b. Heated Handlebar Grips
c. 1 Note Pad Holder
d. 1 Tire Pressure Monitoring
e. 1 Side Stand “Kicker” Peg
f. 1 Power Socket Plug
g. 1 Front & Rear 12v Power Outlet (Lighter Style)
h. 1 Vertical AR-15 Mount w/Locking & Unlocking Timer (Rear Right Side)
i. 1 Flashlight & Baton Holder (Rear Left Side)
j. 1 LTI Ultra Lyte Lidar Holder (Front Right Side)
k. 1 Adjustable Map Light
l. 4 Red LED-X Light
m. 4 Blue LED-X Light
n. 2 White LED-X Light
o. 1 Duplex LED-X Red/Blue
p. 6 White Torus LED TDL/Alley
q. 2 Auxiliary LED Turn Signals
r. 2 Auxiliary LED Brake/Tail Light
s. Saddlebag LED Lights w/ Sensor Switch
t. 1 Helmet Lock; Motion Pro (06-1005) or Department approved equal
6. Lighting Configuration Qty Description
a. 1 Forward Warning, Red (Left Color), Blue(Right Color)
b. 1 Forward Warning 10 degrees, Red (Left), Blue(Right)
c. 1 Forward Warning 90 degrees, White (Left), White (Right)
d. 2 Take Down, White (Left),White (Right)
e. 1 Alley, White (Left), White (Right)
f. 1 Rear Facing Warning, Red (Left), Blue (Right)
g. 1 Side Facing Warning, Red (Left), Blue (Right)
h. 2 Side Turn Signals, Amber (Left), Amber (Right)
i. 2 LED Brake/Tail Lights, Red (Left), Red (Right)
j. 1 Auxiliary Duplex, Blue (Left), Red (Right)
k. 1 Headlight High/Low Beam (Wig-Wag), 1Hz(60 FPM)
l. 1 Primary Emergency Light Flash Rate, 90 FPM
m. 1 Emergency Light Flash Sequence, F&R, R, F
n. 1 Alley Light Sequence (Wig-Wag), Activation w/Emergency Lights
o. 1 California Left Front Steady-Burn
7. Radio.
a. Contractor will provide and install: One (1) PVP PVXTL-RT12-15/XM
b. The following equipment will be provided by the City, and must be installed by
the Contractor:
i. One (1) Radio Antenna
ii. One (1) Radio Control Head Unit
iii. One (1) Radio Transceiver
iv. One (1) Control Cable
v. One (1) Microphone
8. Any Additional Required Radio Equipment
9. Keys: Four (4) sets of factory keys, (aluminum keys are not acceptable)
10. Manuals: One (1), One (1) Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A2 with approved matching docking
station. Unit will include any diagnostic and/or troubleshooting software pre-installed.
11. Build-out, Completion, and Pick Up:
a. Deadline: The one (1) motorcycle must be completely outfitted with specified
ancillary accessories and equipment, and ready for pick up on or before August
1, 2018.
b. The City reserves the right to conduct inspections of each unit throughout the
build-out process.
c. Contractor must provide comprehensive and regular status reports on the
progress of each build-out. Reports must include, but not limited to:
i. Manufacture’s ship date and expected lead-time for delivery to the
Contractor’s location;
ii. Actual date Contractor received each motorcycle from the manufacture;
iii. Lead-time for installation of specified ancillary accessories and equipment
(Lead-time for each build-out must be able to meet the deadline for pick
iv. Expected and actual dates of completion.
v. The City will pick up each motorcycle upon completion, and must be done
prior to the deadline. The Contractor must notify the City’s contact and arrange a pick up
date. On the date of pick up, the City will inspect each motorcycle for acceptance. Upon
acceptance of each motorcycle, the Contractor will: 1) conduct an orientation with each
rider; and 2) provide a full tank of fuel.
12. Warranty: Manufacture’s standard warranties shall apply to all motorcycles, ancillary
accessories and equipment.

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