Request for Proposals for Jackson County Transit Feasibility Study Addendum II

Agency: Hall County
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Aug 23, 2019
Due Date: Sep 10, 2019
Solicitation No: 40-012
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Bid Number: 40-012
Bid Title: Request for Proposals for Jackson County Transit Feasibility Study Addendum II
Category: Bids & Proposals
Status: Open


Addendum II

August 21, 2019

RFP#40-012, Jackson County Transit Feasibility Study, Addendum II



1. Page 11, Item B. Requested Proposal Format:

DELETE: Please delete all wording for Item B in Section V on pages 11-13 of the RFP. The Planning Department has decided it is better to keep this study at a high level at this time keeping the RFP more in line with a typical planning level study. This information will not be required for submission of the proposal.

B. Requested Proposal Format
1. Bidder Introduction and Overview

Cover Letter: Please provide a brief cover letter introducing bidder’s company and highlighting its understanding of issuer’s goals for this solicitation. (Maximum length: 2 pages)

Executive Summary: Please provide a brief introduction of bidder’s technology, and (if solicited), its proposed approach to the project, as well as its qualifications to successfully execute it. (3 pages)

Potential specific questions - What are the high-level capabilities of the bidder’s technology platform? What is the experience from the customer, the driver, and the agency’s point of view? How has bidder dep
loyed this platform in other contexts? What handful of key company strengths will enable the bidder to execute effectively? What is the bidder’s proposed service model?

Firm Overview: Please provide a general overview of the company’s history, mission, resources, current operations, and leadership in the on-demand transit space. (2 pages)

Potential specific questions - When was the company founded? Who are the co-founders? How many on-demand rides has the proposer enabled or directly provided since founding? Who are the company’s most prominent partners or investors? Has the proposer ever partnered with a public entity that received Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funding? How is the company leading in the on-demand transit space? How does the company consider itself unique from any relevant competitors?

Technology Overview: Please provide a brief overview of the key elements of company’s on-demand transit software platform, while reserving the Appendix to provide a more in-depth summary of product specifications. (3 pages)

Other specific questions - Please outline in brief the ability of bidder’s technology capabilities to: enable customers to book rides on-demand by co-branded iOS or Android app; aggregate customers at virtual pickup points; route vehicles dynamically (without fixed routes or schedules); seamlessly group customers traveling from different origins to different destinations; offer real-time customer and driver support; allow customers to book by phone; offer a real-time dispatch interface and customer relationship management (CRM) database; offer a robust data sharing and reporting package; optimize overall system performance in accordance with project goals.
2. Proposed Service Model

Service Design: Please provide a detailed description of bidder’s proposed service model, including routing model, stop format, vehicles, and technology. Please outline a typical customer journey to illustrate the model. (5 pages)

Items to consider - Flexible versus fixed stops; shared versus single-passenger rides, fixed route versus flexible routing; customer service model; communication with customers and drivers; ride booking process; onboard experience; vehicle types; unified or hybrid fleet; day-to-day operations ownership; payment options.

Service Parameters: Within bidder’s service model, please describe which service parameters can be adjusted to the agency’s needs. While exact choices will be determined during the service scoping and launch process, please provide bidder’s suggested choices for these items. (3 pages)

Items to consider - fare levels, fare model (e.g., distance-based versus flat), hours and days of service, quality of service inputs (e.g. permitted detours, and walk distances), number of vehicles.

Marketing: Please outline bidder’s approach to marketing the service, including examples from previous comparable projects (3 pages)

Activities to consider - branding, pre-launch education and awareness, launch events, community stakeholder outreach, online and offline channels, pricing and promotional incentives, existing agency assets, social media.

Flexibility and Refinement: Please outline bidder’s approach to refining the service model over time, capturing key elements that can be iterated upon to optimize its performance. (2 pages)

Items to consider - algorithmic modifications; vehicle allocations; customer messaging, marketing channels, operational refinements, pricing structure.
3. Launch & Management

Project Management Approach: Please provide an overview of bidder’s approach to project management and available resources to take on this project.

Launch Plan: Please provide a phased launch plan in Microsoft Excel format documenting the key work areas, time parameters, key deliverables, and responsibility for each aspect of the service launch. Please provide an associated Gantt chart to depict this work process visually. (4 pages)

Key work areas to consider - service model finalization, technology configuration, technology installation, marketing plan development, quality assurance and testing, training and launch.

Project Team: Please provide one-page biographies of each employee that is likely to be assigned to the project team, as well as an advisory board of supervisory-level staff who will ensure its success. (10 pages)
4. Past Experience
Similar Projects: Please provide up to five case studies of similar projects, where bidder has furnished an its on-demand transportation technology system with similar partners. (Max: 5 case studies, 2 pages each)

Suggested specific questions - General information: technology profile & configuration, main use-cases; zone size; operating hours; fare structure; fleet size and type; vehicle types and capacities; Performance: number of rides, productivity/efficiency metrics; Other: project reference with contact information
5. Appendices

Product Specifications: Please provide a detailed product specifications document, outlining in detail the on-demand transit technology platform that will enable the program. (No max limit)

Items to consider - rider app, driver app, dispatch interface, CRM tool, algorithm, configurable parameters and products, fare payment, customer service.

Data Reporting Package: Please provide a detailed appendix outlining the type of data to be shared with the Issuer, and how it will be conveyed. (No max limit)

Items to consider - data fields to be shared, periodic report types and examples, raw data and analysis tools, customizable assets, training and support for data and analytics, frequency of data sharing.

All other terms and conditions remain the same.

Hall County Board of Commissioners
Tim Sims
Purchasing Manager

Publication Date/Time:
8/12/2019 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Submittal Information:
Addendum II
Bid Opening Information:
Sept. 10, 2019 at 3:00 PM
Addendum Date/Time:
August 21, 2019
Contact Person:
Tim Sims at

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