Request for Proposals for Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services RFP

Agency: southern california public power authority
State: Federal
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Posted Date: Jul 10, 2020
Due Date: Aug 4, 2020
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Request for Proposals for Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services RFP

OPEN DATE: 07-07-2020
CLOSE DATE: 08-04-2020
QUESTIONS: The deadline to submit Clarification questions on this RFP will be 4:00PM (PDT) – July 21, 2020. All questions should be submitted electronically via email to referencing Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services in the subject line.

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Request for Proposals for
Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services
Issuance Date: July 7, 2020
Response Deadline: August 4, 2020
The Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA), on behalf of its Member Utilities, is hereby soliciting
competitive proposals for Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services, as described below
in Section III.
SCPPA is interested in discovering all Respondent’s capabilities related to specified Areas of Interest and
associated pricing to enable informed decisions and potentially proceed to more specific negotiations on
contract development with one or more qualified Respondents to this Request for Proposals (RFP).
Responses to this RFP are due on or before August 4, 2020, as described below in Sections III and V.
SCPPA is a joint powers authority and a public entity organized under the California Joint Exercise of Power
Act found in Chapter 5 of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code of the State of California, and through
the SCPPA Joint Powers Agreement, for the purposes of planning, financing, developing, acquiring,
constructing, operating and maintaining projects for the generation or transmission of electric energy. SCPPA
also facilitates joint service contracts, at the request of its members, to aggregate like project efforts among
its Members for the purposes of developing energy efficiency, demand response and resource procurement
Programs or Projects to improve operating efficiencies and reduce costs.
Membership of SCPPA consists of eleven cities and one irrigation district, which supply electric energy within
Southern California, including the municipal utilities of the cities of Anaheim, Azusa, Banning, Burbank,
Cerritos, Colton, Glendale, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Riverside, and Vernon, and the Imperial Irrigation
District. SCPPA is governed by its Board of Directors, which consists of representatives from each of its
Members. The management of SCPPA is under the direction of an Executive Director who is appointed by
the Board.
SCPPA Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services RFP 2020
Any service contract subsequently entered into by SCPPA pursuant to this RFP would be utilized directly by
the interested Members to serve their respective utility customers’ needs. The service and work products
would be ordered and approved directly by SCPPA and/or the applicable Members and the billing would be
administered through SCPPA.
Certain SCPPA Members have expressed interest in Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services
to meet the needs of their municipalities as follows:
1. Services
Energy Audits Site visits and walk through assessments (In-person or Virtual as needed) to
identify energy efficiency opportunities
Direct Installation Services Install the most cost-effective measures that will provide
maximum energy efficiency savings for customers (as approved by Participating Member
Education Educate the customer on the value of energy efficiency measure(s) installed and
how to use/apply the energy efficiency measure
Optional Services
o Water Audits (must be tied to energy efficiency) Site visits and walk through
assessments (In-person or Virtual as needed) to identify water/energy efficiency
2. Sectors
Small Business
3. Typical Potential Measures
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Smart Devices
SCPPA Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services RFP 2020
Timeline / Schedule*
Issue RFP
July 7, 2020
Inquiries Due
July 21, 2020
Responses Due
August 4, 2020
Review of Responses
Interviews (If Necessary)
Selection of Respondent(s)
*Timeline/Schedule is subject to change.
A. A brief statement of the Respondent's understanding of the work to be done and commitment
to perform the work as scheduled, including:
I. statement of work specifications; and
II. reference to any proposed contractual terms and conditions required by the
Respondent; and
III. a summary of exceptions taken to the RFP requirements; and
IV. any and all expectations from SCPPA including, but not limited to: requirements
definitions, strategy refinement, and staffing requirements to support the
proposed project or program implementation.
B. An officer authorized to bind must sign the proposal on behalf of the Respondent and must
include the following declarations on the transmittal letter:
“This proposal is genuine, and not sham or collusive, nor made in the interest
or in behalf of any person not herein named; the Respondent has not directly or
indirectly induced or solicited any other Respondent to put in a sham bid, or any
other person, firm or corporation to refrain from submitting a proposal; and the
Respondent has not in any manner sought by collusion to secure for themselves
an advantage over any other Respondent.”
SCPPA Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services RFP 2020
Provide legal name of Company or Individual, physical street address, the name(s) and title(s) of the
individual(s) authorized to represent the Respondent, including telephone number(s) and email
Proposals must include a description of the proposed project or program, how it meets (or does not
meet) each of the objectives of this RFP, and a detailed description addressing all of the Areas of
Interest. Respondents may also include additional services, products, tasks, task elements and/or
functions that may not be part of or included in the RFP, but are deemed by the Respondent to be
pertinent and potentially valuable to SCPPA or its Members. SCPPA will have full discretionary
authority to consider, accept and/or reject without cause such supplemental information that is not
directly requested, included in or made part of the RFP.
4. FEES:
Pricing in all Proposals should be made based on good faith estimates of the requirements defined
in this RFP. Please include all necessary details of specific examples or estimates of the fees, labor
rates and service charges. Describe how the fees, rates or charges will be determined. Respondents
shall also be prepared to provide a breakdown of the applicable overheads and fringe benefit costs
that are part of any labor rates and other direct costs associated with the services to be performed.
Respondent shall clearly identify project participants and management team, including:
A. Describe your firm's experience as may be applicable to this RFP, your organizational
structure, management qualifications, and other contract related qualifications, including
number of years firm has been in business.
B. Specify key employees and describe their qualifications, experience and duties related to
this RFP, including the office location(s) where work will be performed, in addition to the
physical street address referenced above.
C. Provide a commitment statement for the retention and use of key employees as proposed,
their availability to initiate and sustain the proposal, as well as planned supplemental
employees if key personnel are not available to assure project delivery.
D. State whether Respondent will use subcontractors to perform services pursuant to the
contract. Should the use of subcontractors be offered, the Respondent shall provide the
same assurances of competence for the subcontractor, plus the demonstrated ability to
manage and supervise the subcontracted work. Subcontractors shall not be allowed to
further subcontract with others for work. The provisions of any contract resulting from this
RFP shall apply to all subcontractors in the same manner as to the Respondent.
SCPPA Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services RFP 2020
E. Respondent shall indicate any and all pending litigation that could affect the viability of
Respondent’s proposal, continuance of existing contracts, operation or financial stability.
A. Describe whether the Respondent has, within the last five (5) years, rendered any service
to SCPPA or to any of SCPPA's Members, either as a contractor or subcontractor, either
under the current Respondent's name or any other name or organization. If so, please
provide details (status as prime or subcontractor, brief description of the contract, contract
start and end date, the contract administrator name, and total actual contract expenditures).
B. If the Respondent has not rendered any service within the last five (5) years to SCPPA or to
any of SCPPA’s Members, then please provide references over that period with the details
described above including the counterparty for which services were provided.
C. Identify existing related or relevant projects or programs which Respondent developed
and/or operates that would demonstrate Respondent’s capabilities in this area.
D. Describe relevant program development and implementation experience, approach, and
provide a list of references for similar projects completed.
There will not be an initial Respondent's conference associated with this RFP. The deadline to submit
Clarification questions on this RFP will be 4:00PM (PDT) July 21, 2020. All questions should be submitted
electronically via email to referencing Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct
Installation Services in the subject line. Answers to questions that SCPPA, at its sole determination and
discretion, deems to be substantive or that would place the inquisitor at a distinct and unfair advantage to
other potential Respondents will be posted on SCPPA’s website alongside the solicitation at soon as a practicable after the date received, but no later than July
28, 2020 It is the responsibility of potential Respondents to review this website for any and all postings.
One (1) electronic copy of your proposal and any supporting documentation must be delivered to by no later than 4:00PM (PDT) August 4, 2020.
Additionally, one (1) hard copy of your proposal, including a transmittal letter of authentic offer, and any
supporting documentation may be, but is not required to be, submitted with the electronic copy of your
submittal, by no later than the time and date referenced above, to:
Southern California Public Power Authority
Energy Efficiency Audits and Direct Installation Services
Attention: Bryan Cope and Joanna Lopez
1160 Nicole Court
Glendora, California 91740

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