Request for Proposal - Security System Upgrade

Agency: Whitfield County
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561621 - Security Systems Services (except Locksmiths)
Posted Date: Jul 17, 2019
Due Date: Sep 23, 2019
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  • Request for Proposal - Security System Upgrade
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    Security System Upgrade
    Request For Proposal (RFP)
    Whitfield County, Georgia
    July, 2019
    The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners requests proposals from qualified
    vendors to replace and upgrade the Security System of the Whitfield County Sheriff’s
    The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners requests proposals from qualified vendors
    to replace and upgrade the security control systems at the Whitfield County Jail. This
    project will involve upgrading control panel systems to touch screen controls, installing
    additional camera systems, and upgrading related components as necessary to effect
    these changes.
    This RFP may be used as a means of pre-qualifying potential suppliers.
    The objective of the RFP and subsequent contracting activity is to upgrade electronic
    control, monitoring and access systems in the facility.
    The goals of this process are as follows:
    1. Upgrade existing equipment and processes to minimize maintenance issues,
    equipment failures, ongoing costs while maximizing security and productivity.
    2. The replacement and replacement of control panels with touch screen systems
    throughout the facility. These changes should include, at a minimum, automatic
    viewing/switching to camera modes when speaker panels are responded to by the
    operator. The replacement system will perform other functions as are currently
    available with the control panels to be replaced.
    3. All touch screen systems should include the option of using a computer mouse to
    prevent ongoing wear on touchscreens. However, touchscreens must be installed.
    4. Control panel replacement must include a verification/confirmation process prior
    to the initiation of any mass release system to prevent these options from being
    selected accidentally.
    5. Gigabit POE network switches will be required to ensure quality video feeds.
    6. Control response in the following areas shall be changed so that camera systems
    target these areas upon officer response to the communication system:
    1BD1Cam02 ( South 1 Inside Slider)
    1BD1Cam05 ( South 2 Inside Slider)
    D-6 N2
    ( North 2 Inside Slider )
    D-1 N1
    ( North 1 Inside Slider)
    7. Addition of camera systems in each of 18 cell blocks in order to provide coverage
    of all points in the day room of each cell block day area. The proposed camera
    system for this use is the Pelco Evolution, EVO-12-NMD (White) outdoor camera,
    which uses a 360 degree view with digital zoom functionality. Any camera used
    must have built-in dewarping technology, physical shielding, and protection from
    8. The replacement of two cameras in each of the four Hubs, with a single camera,
    as described in item (7), above.
    9. Two cameras in the Intake area will be replaced by 360 degree cameras as
    indicated in item (7), above. These cameras and their locations are listed below:
    BK Ent B-2 (Booking Main)
    BK Ent L-S B-5 (Booking Main)
    10. Four Cameras will be added to the kitchen and kitchen storage areas. These will
    include two of the 360 degree view cameras as described in (7), above in the
    kitchen. Two directional cameras are to be placed in the food storage area.
    11. Five Parking Lot pole cameras will be replaced with 180 degree, 12mp Outdoor
    Pelco Evolution Cameras.
    12. Three basic cameras will be added (one in each area below), in order to facilitate
    viewing/security confirmation when communication systems activate in the
    following areas:
    Laundry Room Backdoor, dock access
    Trustee Section main exit door
    13. Viewing monitors shall be installed of sufficient size to allow clear viewing of
    graphics and to facilitate security operations of the system. The size, number, and
    location of any proposed touchscreen system must be identified in the proposal.
    14. Additional DVR or related storage to increase current storage capacity by a
    minimum of 60 Terabytes.
    15. Additional backup storage will be required that will provide storage and direct
    searching from supervisor’s desk areas.
    16. One additional camera (a total of four) in the entryway approach of each hub.
    Your proposal should address all proposal needs and clearly establish your ability to
    meet those needs. Vendors are encouraged to provide their own solutions to issues and
    expertise in providing materials and support, as long as those solutions meet the goals
    of the upgrade process.
    If you choose to submit a written bid for this service, you must first request to attend the
    pre-bid conference. The proposal must include the Original and Four (4) copies, must be
    marked, “Proposal-WCSO Security Installation” and delivered to the Whitfield County
    Purchasing Department, Whitfield County Administration Building at 201 South Hamilton
    Street, 4th Floor, Dalton GA 30720 no later than 2:00 p.m. September 23, 2019. No
    proposals shall be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after deadline. The responsibility for
    submitting the proposal on or before the above stated time and date is solely that of the
    contractor. The County will in no way be responsible for delays in mail delivery or delays
    caused by any other occurrence. LATE PROPOSALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    All proposals must be in writing. Non-responsive proposals may not be considered. The
    signer of the proposal must declare that the proposal is in all respects fair and in good
    faith without collusion or fraud and that the signer of the proposal has the authority to
    bind the principal respondent.
    The County shall not be liable for any costs incurred by a respondent prior to entering
    into contract. Therefore, all respondent are encouraged to provide a simple,
    straightforward, and concise description of their ability to meet the project requirements.
    The county is not responsible for the cost of submissions, and the resulting negotiated
    agreement. In all instances the County’s decisions will be final.
    1.2 SURVEY
    A survey of the area should be conducted for any interested parties. Except as
    otherwise specified, the vendor is responsible for determining the exact
    equipment needed for the RFP and the process by which it is installed. The
    contact point to arrange the survey will be Lt. Emmit Tate at .
    The County may require oral presentations from those contractors that are ranked
    or short-listed. This may be done at the County’s sole discretion when it feels
    presentations are essential as part of the evaluation process and are in the best
    interests in this matter. It is the intention of the County to shortlist a minimum of
    3 contractors and rank them according to the most qualified firm with a proposal
    and presentations that best suits the needs of the County.
    The County shall evaluate the written proposals submitted by the contractor
    regarding the proposed project. The County will assign this task to an Evaluation
    Committee. All respondents are placed in rank order based on the outcome.
    The County’s evaluation criteria will include, but not be limited to, consideration
    of the following:
    1. The ability of the contractor to create a proposal that meets the guidelines in
    a cost-effective manner, to include ongoing subscription or operating costs.
    Each response must clearly indicate any ongoing software, upgrade, or
    annual costs that will be required if the vendor’s proposal is to be accepted.
    2. Product Quality
    3. Verified experience in installation of security systems, especially touch screen
    systems, in other institutional or commercial locations.
    4. Contact references, business reputation, and similar qualifying guidelines.
    Other criteria the County frequently uses to evaluate submissions
    1. Verification of availability of qualified personnel to perform the services
    2. Interviews with references by the selection committee.
    The following grading criteria will be used by County staff to evaluate the
    proposals and make a selection:
    Price Proposal (Includes ongoing fees)
    Product Quality
    Experience in related installations
    References, quality investigation
    The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to waive
    compliance by any applicant with any provision contained in this request
    whenever the County in its sole discretion believes such waiver is in the County’s
    best interests.
    This RFP may be used as a means of pre-qualifying potential suppliers.
    With the consent and agreement of the successful bidder(s), purchases may be
    made under this bid by other governmental agencies or political subdivisions
    within Whitfield County; provided, however, that the County shall have no
    liability, responsibility, or obligation whatsoever to either the successful bidder(s)
    or to the procuring agency or subdivision with respect to such purchases. Such
    purchases shall be governed by the same pricing, terms and conditions stated
    herein with no deviations allowed. This agreement in no way restricts or interferes
    with the right of any public agency or political subdivision to bid any or all of the
    items or services independently.
    1.5 CONTACT
    All questions concerning this RFP shall be submitted in writing to the Whitfield
    County Sheriff’s Office to:
    Captain Wes Lynch, Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office
    Phone: (706) 876-1499
    *Email is preferred due to ease of communication.
    All telephone conversations are to be considered unofficial responses and will not
    be binding. Questions, verifying the Request For Proposals’ content, if
    appropriate, will be responded to in writing. The written response will be the
    County’s official response, and addenda will be issued if needed.
    The qualified vendor will develop and present the scope of services, meeting the County
    needs. The work to be undertaken includes but is not limited to the following:

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