Renewable Energy Goals Market Assessment

Agency: State Government of Maine
State: Maine
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541613 - Marketing Consulting Services
  • 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Posted Date: Jul 3, 2020
Due Date: Jul 24, 2020
Solicitation No: 202004081
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202004081 Renewable Energy Goals Market Assessment GOV July 3, 2020

July 24, 2020 Open N/A

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Governor’s Energy Office

RFP# 202004081

Renewable Energy Goals Market Assessment

RFP Coordinator

All communication regarding this RFP must be made through the RFP Coordinator identified below.

Name: Celina Cunningham Title: Deputy Director

Contact Information:

Submitted Questions Due

All questions must be received by the RFP Coordinator identified above by:

Date: July 10, 2020, no later than 4:00 p.m., local time

Proposal Submission

Proposals must be received by the Division of Procurement Services by:

Submission Deadline: July 24, 2020 no later than 11:59 p.m., local time.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to the following address:

Electronic (email) Submission Address:



































State of Maine

Governor’s Energy Office

RFP# 202004081

Renewable Energy Goals Market Assessment

The State of Maine is seeking proposals for a renewable energy market assessment, including current trends today and through 2030. This will include a review of other state energy policies and their interplay with Maine as well as a suite of policy options for Maine to achieve its renewable energy objectives.

A copy of the RFP, as well as the Question & Answer Summary and all amendments related to this RFP, can be obtained at the following website:

Proposals must be submitted to the State of Maine Division of Procurement Services, via e-mail, to the following email address: . Proposal submissions must be received no later than 11:59 pm, local time, on July 24th, 2020. Proposals will be opened at the Burton M. Cross Office Building, 111 Sewall Street - 4th Floor, Augusta, Maine the following business day. Proposals not submitted to the Division of Procurement Services’ aforementioned email address by the aforementioned deadline will not be considered for contract award.



The following terms and acronyms shall have the meaning indicated below as referenced in this RFP:




Governor’s Energy Office


Governor’s Energy Office


Request for Proposal


Renewable Portfolio Standard


State of Maine

State of Maine – Governor’s Energy Office

RFP# 202004081

Renewable Energy Goals Market Assessment


A. Purpose and Background

The Governor’s Energy Office (GEO), in coordination with the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future (GOPIF), is seeking proposals as defined in this Request for Proposals (RFP) document including:

1. Assessment of Maine’s renewable energy market today and through 2030.

2. Review of other state energy policies and their potential interplay with Maine’s renewable energy objectives.

3. Policy options to achieve Maine’s renewable energy objectives.

4. Analysis of costs and benefits of those options for ratepayers.

This RFP defines objectives and scope of the study and provides instructions for submitting proposals, the procedure and criteria by which the Provider(s) will be selected, and the contractual terms that will govern the relationship between the State of Maine (State) and the awarded Bidder(s).

The Governor has committed to combatting climate change and to growing the state’s clean energy economy. In the last year, the Governor has signed several laws to jumpstart these efforts in the state. She has put in place one of the country’s most ambitious renewable requirements, set aggressive greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements of 45% from 1990 levels by 2030 and 80% by 2050, and has made a commitment for the state to be carbon neutral by 2045. She also established the Maine Climate Council, which is advising the Governor and Legislature on meeting our climate goals. The state released a 10-year Economic Development Strategy for Maine, which provides a roadmap to create a diverse and sustainable economy and emphasizes innovation as a driver of economic growth, and specifically renewable energy as a key economic opportunity for the state.

Last year, Governor Mills signed LD 1494 , “An Act to Reform Maine’s Renewable Portfolio Standard”, which requires 80% of our electricity from renewable resources by 2030 and sets a goal of 100% by 2050. The law calls for a ten-year renewable energy goals market assessment, a requirement which will be fulfilled by this RFP.

The Scope of Work below outlines the broad objectives and categories of efforts related to this project. In developing and providing the requested services, the following general assumptions should be used.

1. The purpose of the requested study is to assess the current renewable energy market, anticipated trends under current policies, and the state’s ability to meet the RPS. This analysis will help inform whether the Governor and Legislature should consider additional policies or adjustments to adequately meet the statutory requirement.

2. Results of the study will be a central part of the State of Maine’s efforts to meet its RPS requirements.

3. The study should consider transmission and distribution requirements for new renewable energy as well as associated costs in its analysis.

4. The costs and benefits to the state should include an assessment of impacts to ratepayers.

5. Maine’s energy use and renewable energy potential, as well as transmission capacity, varies widely throughout the state. The study should consider whether there are unique approaches to provide economic opportunities in underserved communities as well as for low to moderate income households.

6. Extensive analysis and modeling have been conducted for the purposes of the Maine Climate Council. This study should use available data to inform its analysis including efforts underway at the Maine Climate Council .

7. The study should consider potential market changes as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic and incorporate applicable policy recommendations into its recommendations, to the extent practicable.

B. General Provisions

1. From the time this RFP is issued until award notification is made, all contact with the State regarding this RFP must be made through the aforementioned RFP Coordinator. No other person/ State employee is empowered to make binding statements regarding this RFP. Violation of this provision may lead to disqualification from the bidding process, at the State’s discretion.

2. Issuance of this RFP does not commit the Department to issue an award or to pay expenses incurred by a Bidder in the preparation of a response to this RFP. This includes attendance at personal interviews or other meetings and software or system demonstrations, where applicable.

3. All proposals should adhere to the instructions and format requirements outlined in this RFP and all written supplements and amendments (such as the Summary of Questions and Answers), issued by the Department. Proposals are to follow the format and respond to all questions and instructions specified below in the “Proposal Submission Requirements” section of this RFP.

4. Bidders shall take careful note that in evaluating a proposal submitted in response to this RFP, the Department will consider materials provided in the proposal, information obtained through interviews/presentations (if any), and internal Departmental information of previous contract history with the Bidder (if any). The Department also reserves the right to consider other reliable references and publicly available information in evaluating a Bidder’s experience and capabilities.

5. The proposal shall be signed by a person authorized to legally bind the Bidder and shall contain a statement that the proposal and the pricing contained therein will remain valid and binding for a period of 180 days from the date and time of the bid opening.

6. The RFP and the selected Bidder’s proposal, including all appendices or attachments, shall be the basis for the final contract, as determined by the Department.

7. Following announcement of an award decision, all submissions in response to this RFP will be considered public records available for public inspection pursuant to the State of Maine Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) (1 M.R.S. §§ 401 et seq.).

State of Maine Freedom of Access Act

8. The Department, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to recognize and waive minor informalities and irregularities found in proposals received in response to this RFP.

9. All applicable laws, whether or not herein contained, shall be included by this reference. It shall be the Bidder’s responsibility to determine the applicability and requirements of any such laws and to abide by them.

C. Eligibility to Submit Bids

All interested parties are invited to submit bids in response to this Request for Proposals.

D. Contract Term

The Department is seeking a cost-efficient proposal(s) to provide services, as defined in this RFP, for the anticipated contract period defined in the table below. Please note that the dates below are estimated and may be adjusted, as necessary, in order to comply with all procedural requirements associated with this RFP and the contracting process. The actual contract start date will be established by a completed and approved contract.

Contract Renewal: Following the initial term of the contract, the Department may opt to renew the contract for a one-year renewal period, as shown in the table below, and subject to continued availability of funding and satisfactory performance.

The term of the anticipated contract, resulting from this RFP, is defined as follows:


Start Date

End Date

Initial Period of Performance

July 31, 2020

July 30, 2021

Renewal Period #1

July 31, 2021

August 1, 2022

E. Number of Awards

The Department anticipates making one contract award.


A. Introduction

GEO is looking for responses from qualified firms to provide services and information on the following:

1. Their expertise in modelling various scenarios to meet the Maine Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), as well as associated costs and benefits. Experience with the following sectors is desired:

a) Maine and regional renewable energy

b) Maine and regional transmission & distribution

c) Regional and wholesale electricity markets

d) Waste-to-energy and conversion technologies

2. Their expertise in analyzing policy and regulatory options to meeting an RPS, with an emphasis in Maine.

3. Their expertise in understanding renewable energy project permitting, financing, and construction, with an emphasis in Maine.

4. Their understanding of the interplay between Maine and regional energy markets.

5. Their ability to collect and consider public input from interested stakeholders.


Three broad objectives of the requested research include:

1. Analysis of the renewable energy market, within the context of the regional marketplace, and the ability to meet RPS requirements under existing policies.

2. Potential policy options to most effectively achieve RPS.

3. Assess the costs and benefits of potential policy options.

To achieve these objectives, the following categories of effort will be addressed through the entirety of the Scope of Services detailed in Part II:

1. Identify the availability of commercially viable renewable energy technologies, including emerging technologies, in the State and region between 2020 and 2030.

2. Identify the capacity of renewable energy technologies and possible scenarios to reach the RPS requirements.

3. Review the time frames for permitting, financing and construction for commercially viable renewable technologies in the State and region.

4. Review existing laws and regulations and whether they are sufficient to meet RPS.

5. Analyze the policy and regulatory options and structures that may influence the speed, predictability and cost to ratepayers associated with the development of renewable energy technologies in this State and the amount of renewable energy generated;

6. Analyze the estimated electricity costs and benefits for ratepayers of the potential policy options.

7. Review policies and regulations in other states and the region, including an analysis of the dynamics between and among the various states, provinces and this State, and the importance and role of generating 80% of electricity from renewable capacity resources in achieving the greenhouse gas reduction goals.

8. Assess benefits and costs of incentives provided to generators fueled by municipal solid waste, landfill gas facilities and anaerobic digestion and other waste-to-energy technologies under the State's renewable portfolio requirements. The examination must also consider and make recommendations for further alignment between renewable energy and solid waste policy initiatives. This assessment may include coordination with the Department of Environmental Protection.

C. Tasks

Note: Due dates within tasks listed may be adjusted based on project timelines agreed upon by the GEO and selected bidder.

Task 1: Develop renewable energy scenarios (Due by October 15, 2020)

The task will be to create multiple 10-year scenarios to meet the state RPS that provide data on the:

1. Types of energy

2. Costs and benefits

3. General sense of location, and

4. Availability, or identified needs, of transmission and distribution.

The scenario should be informed by:

1. Latest data and recommendations made available related to the Climate Council Energy Working Group ,

2. Existing policies of New England states, and

3. Existing Maine laws.

Task 1 will entail:

1. In coordination with GEO, conduct initial public comment to inform study.

2. Discussion of key assumptions with GEO staff prior to conducting modeling runs,

3. Presentation of draft modeling results for input from state team,

4. Presentation of modeling results during the public comment process, and

5. Final modeling results and underlying raw data in a form accessible to the state.

Task 2: Market Assessment Report (Draft report to GEO by December 1, 2020; final report to GEO by January 15, 2021)

The report should present:

1. Maine’s current laws and policies,

2. Related activities in other states, and how those interact with Maine,

3. Summary of modeling scenarios,

4. Potential policy options for meeting Manie’s renewable energy targets,

5. Cost and benefits to ratepayers of potential options,

6. Continuity for economic benefits associated with the renewable energy industry,

7. Public comment process and results, and

8. Identification of next steps to needed to meet RPS.

Task 2 should be informed by:

1. Latest data and draft recommendations made available related to the Climate Council Energy Working Group and any relevant conversations of the full Climate Council .

Task 2 will entail:

1. Discussion of key assumptions with GEO staff prior to drafting document,

2. Providing a draft to GEO,

3. Presenting a draft to the public, and

4. Preparing a final report for the state, legislature, and the public.

Task 3. Public Comment Process (1st Comment Period Commenced by August 30, 2020; 2nd Comment Period by December 15, 2020)

There will be two public input opportunities associated with the study, both in coordination with GEO.

1. Conduct initial public comment to inform the study

a. This should be done shortly after contract is awarded.

b. It will inform the study content and process.

2. Conduct public comment on draft study.

The bidder is responsible for:

1. Coordinating with the state on public comment processes,

2. Presenting draft report to the public,

3. Compiling feedback, and

4. Proposing report refinements as a result of the comments.

Please note: GEO’s goal is to provide an assessment that will help inform Maine’s decision-makers on options to meet the State’s RPS. If there are additional project refinements that are recommended to be considered for incorporation into the project, please make note of those. These refinements will be considered by the evaluation team for possible inclusion in the final contract but will not be considered during scoring of any parts of this RFP.


A. Questions

1. General Instructions

a. It is the responsibility of all Bidders and other interested parties to examine the entire RFP and to seek clarification, in writing, if they do not understand any information or instructions.

b. Bidders and other interested parties should use Appendix E – Submitted Questions Form – for submission of questions.

c. The Submitted Questions Form must be submitted by e-mail and received by the RFP Coordinator, identified on the cover page of this RFP, as soon as possible but no later than the date and time specified on the RFP cover page.

d. Submitted Questions must include the RFP Number and Title in the subject line of the e-mail. The Department assumes no liability for assuring accurate/complete/on time e-mail transmission and receipt.

2. Question & Answer Summary: Responses to all questions will be compiled in writing and posted on the following website no later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the proposal due date: Division of Procurement Services RFP Page . It is the responsibility of all interested parties to go to this website to obtain a copy of the Question & Answer Summary. Only those answers issued in writing on this website will be considered binding.

B. Amendments

All amendments released in regard to this RFP will also be posted on the following website: Division of Procurement Services RFP Page . It is the responsibility of all interested parties to go to this website to obtain amendments. Only those amendments posted on this website are considered binding.

C. Submitting the Proposal

1. Proposals Due: Proposals must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. local time, on the date listed on the cover page of this RFP, at which point they will be opened. Proposals received after the 11:59 p.m. deadline will be rejected without exception.

2. Delivery Instructions: Email proposal submissions are to be submitted to the State of Maine Division of Procurement Services, via email, to the email address provided on the RFP Cover Page ( ).

a. Only proposals received by email will be considered. The Department assumes no liability for assuring accurate/complete e-mail transmission and receipt.

b. Bidders are to insert the following into the subject line of their email submission:

“RFP# 202004081 Proposal Submission – [Bidder Name]”

c. Bidder’s proposals are to be broken down into multiple files, with each file named as it is titled in bold below, and include:

- File #1 – [Bidder Name]: PDF format preferred

Completed - Proposal Cover Page (Appendix A)

Debarment, Performance and Non-Collusion Certification (Appendix B)

- File #2 – [Bidder Name]: PDF format preferred

Organization Qualifications and Experience (Appendix C and all related/required attachments stated in PART IV, B., Section I.)

- File #3 – [Bidder Name]: PDF format preferred

Proposed Services (and all related/required attachments stated in PART IV, B., Section II.)

- File #4 – [Bidder Name]: PDF format preferred

Cost Proposal (Appendix D and all related/required attachments stated in PART IV, B., Section III.)


This section contains instructions for Bidders to use in preparing their proposals. The Bidder’s proposal must follow the outline used below, including the numbering and section and sub-section headings as they appear here. Failure to use the outline specified in this section, or to respond to all questions and instructions throughout this document, may result in the proposal being disqualified as non-responsive or receiving a reduced score. The Department, and its evaluation team for this RFP, has sole discretion to determine whether a variance from the RFP specifications should result in either disqualification or reduction in scoring of a proposal. Rephrasing of the content provided in this RFP will, at best, be considered minimally responsive. The Department seeks detailed yet succinct responses that demonstrate the Bidder’s experience and ability to perform the requirements specified throughout this document.

A. Proposal Format

1. All pages of a Bidder’s proposal should be numbered consecutively beginning with number 1 on the first page of the narrative (this does not include the cover page or table of contents pages) through to the end, including all forms and attachments. For clarity, the Bidder’s name should appear on every page, including Attachments. Each Attachment must reference the section or subsection number to which it corresponds.

2. The Bidder is asked to be brief and concise in responding to the RFP questions and instructions.

3. All electronic documents should be formatted for printing as formatting will not be adjusted prior to printing and reviewing these documents.

4. The Bidder may not provide additional attachments beyond those specified in the RFP for the purpose of extending their response. Additional materials not requested will not be considered part of the proposal and will not be evaluated.

5. Include any forms provided in the submission package or reproduce those forms as closely as possible. All information should be presented in the same order and format as described in the RFP.

6. It is the responsibility of the Bidder to provide all information requested in the RFP package at the time of submission. Failure to provide information requested in this RFP may, at the discretion of the Department’s evaluation review team, result in a lower rating for the incomplete sections and may result in the proposal being disqualified for consideration.

7. The Bidder should complete and submit the “Proposal Cover Page” provided in Appendix A of this RFP and provide it with the Bidder’s proposal. It is important that the cover page show the specific information requested, including Bidder address(es) and other details listed. The proposal cover page shall be dated and signed by a person authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the Bidder.

8. The Bidder should complete and submit the “Debarment, Performance and Non-Collusion Certification Form” provided in Appendix B of this RFP. Failure to provide this certification may result in the disqualification of the Bidder’s proposal, at the discretion of the Department.

B. Proposal Contents

Section I   Organization Qualifications and Experience

1. Overview of the Organization

The Bidder is to complete Appendix C (Qualifications and Experience Form) describing their qualifications and skills to provide the requested services in this RFP. The Bidder is also to include three examples of projects which demonstrate their experience and expertise in performing these services as well as highlighting the Bidder’s stated qualifications and skills.

2. Subcontractors

If subcontractors are to be used, provide a list that specifies the name, address, phone number, contact person, and a brief description of the subcontractors’ organizational capacity and qualifications.

3. Organizational Chart

Provide an organizational chart of the bidder’s organization.  The organization chart must include the project being proposed.  Each position must be identified by position title and corresponding to the personnel job descriptions and the Staffing Plan provided.

4. Litigation

Attach a list of all current litigation in which the Bidder is named and a list of all closed cases that have closed within the past five (5) years in which Bidder paid the claimant either as part of a settlement or by decree.  For each, list the entity bringing suit, the complaint, the accusation, amount, and outcome.  If no litigation will be included, write “none” on submitted attachment.

5. Licensure/Certification

Provide documentation of any applicable licensure/certification or any specific credentials required to provide the proposed services.

6. Certificate of Insurance

Provide a certificate of insurance on a standard Acord form (or the equivalent) evidencing the Bidder’s general liability, professional liability and any other relevant liability insurance policies that might be associated with the proposed services.

Section II Proposed Services

1. Services to be Provided

Discuss the Scope of Services referenced above in Part II of this RFP and what the Bidder will offer. Give particular attention to describing the methods and resources you will use and how you will accomplish the tasks involved. Also, describe how you will ensure expectations and/or desired outcomes as a result of these services will be achieved. If subcontractors are involved, clearly identify the work each will perform.

2. Implementation - Work Plan

Provide a realistic work plan for the implementation of the program through the first contract period. Display the work plan in a timeline chart. Concisely describe each program development and implementation task, the month it will be carried out and the person or position responsible for each task. If applicable, make note of all tasks to be delegated to subcontractors.

Section III Cost Proposal

1. General Instructions

a. The Bidder must submit a cost proposal that covers the entire period of the initial contract. Please use the expected “Initial Period of Performance” dates stated in PART I, D.

b. The cost proposal shall include the costs necessary for the Bidder to fully comply with the contract terms and conditions and RFP requirements.

c. No costs related to the preparation of the proposal for this RFP or to the negotiation of the contract with the Department may be included in the proposal. Only costs to be incurred after the contract effective date that are specifically related to the implementation or operation of contracted services may be included.

2. Cost Proposal Form Instructions

The Bidder should fill out Appendix D (Cost Proposal Form), following the instructions detailed here and in the form. Failure to provide the requested information, and to follow the required cost proposal format provided, may result in the exclusion of the proposal from consideration, at the discretion of the Department.


Evaluation of the submitted proposals shall be accomplished as follows:

A. Evaluation Process - General Information

1. An evaluation team, comprised of qualified reviewers, will judge the merits of the proposals received in accordance with the criteria defined in the RFP.

2. Officials responsible for making decisions on the selection of a contractor shall ensure that the selection process accords equal opportunity and appropriate consideration to all who are capable of meeting the specifications. The goals of the evaluation process are to ensure fairness and objectivity in review of the proposals and to ensure that the contract is awarded to the Bidder whose proposal provides the best value to the State of Maine.

3. The Department reserves the right to communicate and/or schedule interviews/presentations with Bidders if needed to obtain clarification of information contained in the proposals received, and the Department may revise the scores assigned in the initial evaluation to reflect those communications and/or interviews/presentations. Interviews/presentations are not required, and changes to proposals will not be permitted during any interview/presentation process. Therefore, Bidders should submit proposals that present their rates and other requested information as clearly and completely as possible.

B. Scoring Weights and Process

1. Scoring Weights: The score will be based on a 100-point scale and will measure the degree to which each proposal meets the following criteria.

Section I. Organization Qualifications and Experience (25 points)

Includes all elements addressed above in Part IV, B, Section I.

Section II. Proposed Services (50 points)

Includes all elements addressed above in Part IV, B, Section II.

Section III. Cost Proposal (25 points)

Includes all elements addressed above in Part IV, B, Section III.

2. Scoring Process: The review team will use a consensus approach to evaluate and score Sections I & II above. Members of the review team will not score those sections individually but, instead, will arrive at a consensus as to assignment of points for each of those sections. Sections III, the Cost Proposal, will be scored as described below.

3. Scoring the Cost Proposal: The total cost proposed for conducting all the functions specified in this RFP will be assigned a score according to a mathematical formula. The lowest bid will be awarded 25 points. Proposals with higher bids values will be awarded proportionately fewer points calculated in comparison with the lowest bid.

The scoring formula is:

(Lowest submitted cost proposal / Cost of proposal being scored) x 25 = pro-rated score

No Best and Final Offers: The State of Maine will not seek a best and final offer (BAFO) from any Bidder in this procurement process.  All Bidders are expected to provide their best value pricing with the submission of their proposal.

4. Negotiations: The Department reserves the right to negotiate with the successful Bidder to finalize a contract at the same rate or cost of service as presented in the selected proposal. Such negotiations may not significantly vary the content, nature or requirements of the proposal or the Department’s Request for Proposals to an extent that may affect the price of goods or services requested. The Department reserves the right to terminate contract negotiations with a selected Bidder who submits a proposed contract significantly different from the proposal they submitted in response to the advertised RFP. In the event that an acceptable contract cannot be negotiated with the highest ranked Bidder, the Department may withdraw its award and negotiate with the next-highest ranked Bidder, and so on, until an acceptable contract has been finalized. Alternatively, the Department may cancel the RFP, at its sole discretion.

C. Selection and Award

1. The final decision regarding the award of the contract will be made by representatives of the Department subject to approval by the State Procurement Review Committee.

2. Notification of contractor selection or non-selection will be made in writing by the Department.

3. Issuance of this RFP in no way constitutes a commitment by the State of Maine to award a contract, to pay costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this request, or to pay costs incurred in procuring or contracting for services, supplies, physical space, personnel or any other costs incurred by the Bidder.

4. The Department reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or to make multiple awards.

D. Appeal of Contract Awards

Any person aggrieved by the award decision that results from this RFP may appeal the decision to the Director of the Bureau of General Services in the manner prescribed in 5 MRSA § 1825-E and 18-554 Code of Maine Rules, Chapter 120 (found here: Chapter 120 ).  The appeal must be in writing and filed with the Director of the Bureau of General Services, 9 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0009 within 15 calendar days of receipt of notification of contract award.


A. Contract Document

1. The successful Bidder will be required to execute a State of Maine Service Contract with appropriate riders as determined by the issuing department.

The complete set of standard State of Maine Service Contract documents, along with other forms and contract documents commonly used by the State, may be found on the Division of Procurement Services’ website at the following link:

Division of Procurement Services Forms Page

2. Allocation of funds is final upon successful negotiation and execution of the contract, subject to the review and approval of the State Procurement Review Committee. Contracts are not considered fully executed and valid until approved by the State Procurement Review Committee and funds are encumbered. No contract will be approved based on an RFP which has an effective date less than fourteen (14) calendar days after award notification to Bidders. (Referenced in the regulations of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Chapter 110, § 3(B)(i): Chapter 110 )

This provision means that a contract cannot be effective until at least 14 calendar days after award notification.

3. The State recognizes that the actual contract effective date depends upon completion of the RFP process, date of formal award notification, length of contract negotiation, and preparation and approval by the State Procurement Review Committee. Any appeals to the Department’s award decision(s) may further postpone the actual contract effective date, depending upon the outcome. The contract effective date listed in this RFP may need to be adjusted, if necessary, to comply with mandated requirements.

4. In providing services and performing under the contract, the successful Bidder(s) shall act as an independent contractor and not as an agent of the State of Maine.

B. Standard State Agreement Provisions

1. Agreement Administration

a. Following the award, an Agreement Administrator from the Department will be appointed to assist with the development and administration of the contract and to act as administrator during the entire contract period. Department staff will be available after the award to consult with the successful Bidder in the finalization of the contract.

b. In the event that an acceptable contract cannot be negotiated with the highest ranked Bidder, the Department may withdraw its award and negotiate with the next-highest ranked Bidder, and so on, until an acceptable contract has been finalized. Alternatively, the Department may cancel the RFP, at its sole discretion.

2. Payments and Other Provisions

The State anticipates paying the Contractor on the basis of net 30 payment terms, upon the receipt of an accurate and acceptable invoice. An invoice will be considered accurate and acceptable if it contains a reference to the State of Maine contract number, contains correct pricing information relative to the contract, and provides any required supporting documents, as applicable, and any other specific and agreed-upon requirements listed within the contract that results from this RFP.


1. Appendix A – Proposal Cover Page

2. Appendix B – Debarment, Performance and Non-Collusion Certification

3. Appendix C – Qualifications and Experience Form

4. Appendix D – Cost Proposal Form

5. Appendix E – Submitted Question Form


State of Maine

Governor’s Energy Office


RFP# 202004081

Renewable Energy Goals Market Assessment

Bidder’s Organization Name:

Chief Executive - Name/Title:



Headquarters Street Address:

Headquarters City/State/Zip:

(Provide information requested below if different from above)

Lead Point of Contact for Proposal - Name/Title:



Headquarters Street Address:

Headquarters City/State/Zip:

• This proposal and the pricing structure contained herein will remain firm for a period of 180 days from the date and time of the bid opening.

• No personnel currently employed by the Department or any other State agency participated, either directly or indirectly, in any activities relating to the preparation of the Bidder’s proposal.

• No attempt has been made, or will be made, by the Bidder to induce any other person or firm to submit or not to submit a proposal.

• The above-named organization is the legal entity entering into the resulting agreement with the Department should they be awarded the contract.

• The undersigned is authorized to enter contractual obligations on behalf of the above-named organization.

To the best of my knowledge, all information provided in the enclosed proposal, both programmatic and financial, is complete and accurate at the time of submission.

Name (Print):


Authorized Signature:



State of Maine

Governor’s Energy Office


RFP# 202004081

Renewable Energy Goals Market Assessment

Bidder’s Organization Name:

By signing this document, I certify to the best of my knowledge and belief that the aforementioned organization, its principals and any subcontractors named in this proposal:

a. Are not presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, and declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from bidding or working on contracts issued by any governmental agency.

b. Have not within three years of submitting the proposal for this contract been convicted of or had a civil judgment rendered against them for:

i. Fraud or a criminal offense in connection with obtaining, attempting to obtain, or performing a federal, state or local government transaction or contract.

ii. Violating Federal or State antitrust statutes or committing embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of records, making false statements, or receiving stolen property;

iii. Are not presently indicted for or otherwise criminally or civilly charged by a governmental entity (Federal, State or Local) with commission of any of the offenses enumerated in paragraph (b) of this certification; and


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Bid Due: 8/12/2020