Agency: County of Clark
State: Washington
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Posted Date: Jun 12, 2024
Due Date: Jul 10, 2024
Solicitation No: RFP Number: 896
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RFP Number: 896
It is the responsibility of the proposer to monitor this site prior to proposal submission, in case additional information, which may be pertinent to the proposal is provided.
Release Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Closing Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Pre-Bid Conference: N/A

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Clark County Washington
DUE DATE: WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 2024 by 1:30 pm
Request for Proposal for:
One (1) Original
One (1) Complete Copy
of the Proposal to:
Shipping Method of your Choice or Hand Delivery
Clark County
ATTN: Office of Purchasing
1300 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, Suite 650
Vancouver WA 98660
United States Postal Service
Clark County
ATTN: Office of Purchasing
PO Box 5000
Vancouver WA 98666-5000
Office Hours: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm, Monday – Friday, except Legal Holidays.
No electronic submissions.
**Proposals must be delivered to the Purchasing office – No Exceptions
**Proposals must be date and time stamped by Purchasing staff by 1:30 pm on due date.
**Proposal shall be sealed and clearly marked on the package cover with RFP #, Title & Company Name
Refer Questions to Project Manager:
Roxanne Wolfe
Deputy Director, Public Health
General Terms and Conditions
ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS - Contractors shall comply with all management and
administrative requirements established by Washington Administrative Code (WAC), the
Revised Code of the State of Washington (RCW), and any subsequent amendments or
modifications, as applicable to providers licensed in the State of Washington.
ALL proposals submitted become the property of Clark County. It is understood and agreed
that the prospective Proposer claims no proprietary rights to the ideas and written materials
contained in or attached to the proposal submitted. Clark County has the right to reject or
accept proprietary information.
AUTHORSHIP - Applicants must identify any assistance provided by agencies or indivi-
duals outside the proposers own organization in preparing the proposal. No contingent
fees for such assistance will be allowed to be paid under any contract resulting from this
independently, without consultation, communication, or agreement for the purpose of
restricting competition. This does not preclude or impede the formation of a consortium
of companies and/or agencies for purposes of engaging in jointly sponsored proposals.
INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT - Clark County has made this RFP subject to Washington
State statute RCW 39.34. Therefore, the proposer may, at the proposers option, extend
identical prices and services to other public agencies wishing to participate in this RFP.
Each public agency wishing to utilize this RFP will issue a purchase order (or contract)
binding only their agency. Each contract is between the proposer and the individual agency
with no liability to Clark County.
LIMITATION - This RFP does not commit Clark County to award a contract, to pay any
costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this RFP, or to procure or contract for
services or supplies.
CANCELLATION OF AWARD - Clark County reserves the right to immediately cancel an
award if the contractual agreement has not been entered into by both parties or if new state
regulations or policy make it necessary to change the program purpose or content,
discontinue such programs, or impose funding reductions. In those cases where
negotiation of contract activities are necessary, Clark County reserves the right to limit the
period of negotiation to sixty (60) days after which time funds may be unencumbered.
CONFIDENTIALLY - Proposer shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws
governing the confidentiality of information.
CONFLICT OF INTEREST - All proposals submitted must contain a statement disclosing
or denying any interest, financial or otherwise, that any employee or official of Clark County
or the appropriate Advisory Board may have in the proposing agency or proposed project.
CONSORTIUM OF AGENCIES - Any consortium of companies or agencies submitting a
proposal must certify that each company or agency of the consortium can meet the
requirements set forth in the RFP.
COST OF PROPOSAL & AWARD - The contract award will not be final until Clark County
and the prospective contractor have executed a contractual agreement. The contractual
agreement consists of the following parts: (a) the basic provisions and general terms and
conditions, (b) the special terms and conditions, (c) the project description and goals
(Statement of Work), and (d) the budget and payment terms. Clark County is not
responsible for any costs incurred prior to the effective date of the contract. Clark County
reserves the right to make an award without further negotiation of the proposal submitted.
Therefore, the proposal should be submitted in final form from a budgetary, technical, and
programmatic standpoint.
DISPUTES - Clark County encourages the use of informal resolution to address complaints
or disputes arising over any actions in implementing the provisions of this RFP. Written
complaints should be addressed to Clark County – Purchasing, P.O. Box 5000, Vancouver,
Washington 98666-5000.
policy of Clark County to require equal opportunity in employment and services subject
to eligibility standards that may be required for a specific program. Clark County is an
equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing equal opportunity in
employment and in access to the provision of all county services. Clark County's Equal
http://www.clark.wa.gov/hr/documents.html. This commitment applies regardless of
race, color, religion, creed, sex, marital status, national origin, disability, age, veteran
status, on-the-job injury, or sexual orientation. Employment decisions are made without
consideration of these or any other factors that are prohibited by law. In compliance with
department of Labor Regulations implementing Section 504 of the rehabilitation Act of
1973, as amended, no qualified handicapped individual shall be discriminated against
in admission or access to any program or activity. The prospective contractor must agree
to provide equal opportunity in the administration of the contract, and its subcontracts or
other agreements.
MUNICIPAL RESEARCH and SERVICE CENTER - Clark County (WA) contracts with
the Municipal Research and Service Center (MRSC) to maintain our Consultant, Small
Works and Vendor rosters. To be eligible to participate in this Clark County public
solicitation and the resulting contract, your business must be registered with the MRSC
Rosters. Failure to register may result in your proposal being marked nonresponsive.
Be sure to select Clark County in your application. If you have questions about the
registration process, contact the MRSC Rosters at 206-436-3798 or
LATE PROPOSALS - A proposal received after the date and time indicated above will not
be accepted. No exceptions will be made.
ORAL PRESENTATIONS - An oral presentation may be required of those prospective
contractors whose proposals are under consideration. Prospective contractors may be
informed that an oral presentation is desired and will be notified of the date, time and
location the oral presentation is to be conducted.
OTHER AUDIT/MONITORING REQUIREMENTS - In addition, auditing or monitoring for
the following purposes will be conducted at the discretion of Clark County: Fund
accountability; Contract compliance; and Program performance.
PRICE WARRANT - The proposer shall warrant that the costs quoted for services in
response to the RFP are not in excess of those which would be charged any other individual
or entity for the same services performed by the prospective contractor, in a similar
socioeconomic, geographical region.
PROTESTS - Must be submitted to the Purchasing Department.
PUBLIC SAFETY - May require limiting access to public work sites, public facilities, and
public offices, sometimes without advance notice. The successful Proposer’s employees
and agents shall carry sufficient identification to show by whom they are employed and
display it upon request to security personnel. County project managers have discretion
to require the successful Proposer’s employees and agents to be escorted to and from
any public office, facility or work site if national or local security appears to require it.
ACCEPTANCE or REJECTION OF PROPOSALS - Clark County reserves the right to
accept or reject any or all proposals received as a result of this RFP, to negotiate with any
or all prospective contractors on modifications to proposals, to waive formalities, to
postpone award, or to cancel in part or in its entirety this RFP if it is in the best interest of
Clark County to do so.
SUBCONTRACTING - No activities or services included as a part of this proposal may
be subcontracted to another organization, firm, or individual without the approval of
Clark County. Such intent to subcontract shall be clearly identified in the proposal. It is
understood that the contractor is held responsible for the satisfactory accomplishment
of the service or activities included in a subcontract.
VERBAL PROPOSALS - Verbal proposals will not be considered in making the award of
any contract as a result of this RFP.
WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE – The contractor shall comply with R.C.W.
Title 51- with minimum coverage limits of $500,000 for each accident, or provide
evidence that State law does not require such coverage.
Clark County ADA Office: V: 564-397-2322
INDEPENDENT PRICE DETERMINATION - The prospective contractor guarantees that,
in connection with this proposal, the prices and/or cost data have been arrived at
Request for Proposals
Table of Contents
Section IA: General Information
1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Scope of Project
4. Project Funding
5. Title VI Statement
6. Timeline for Selection
7. Employment Verification
Section IB: Work Requirements
1. Required Services
2. County Performed Work
3. Deliverables and Schedule
4. Place of Performance
5. Period of Performance
6. Prevailing Wage
7. Debarred / Suspended
8. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information
9. Public Disclosure
10. Insurance/Bond
11. Plan Holders List
Section IIA: Pre-Submittal Meeting/Clarification
1. Pre-Submittal Meeting
2. Proposal Clarification
Section IIB: Proposal Submission
1. Proposals Due
2. Proposal
Section IIC: Proposal Content
1. Cover Sheet
2. Project Team
3. Management Approach
4. Respondent’s Capabilities
5. Project Approach and Understanding
6. Proposed Cost
Section IIIA: Proposal Review and Selection
1. Evaluation and Selection
2. Evaluation Criteria Scoring
Section IIIB: Contract Award
1. Consultant Selection
2. Contract Development
3. Award Review
4. Orientation/Kick-off Meeting
A: Proposal Cover Sheet
B: Letter of Interest
C: Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Other Responsibility Matters Form
D. Draft Contract
E. Deliverable-Milestone Payment Schedule
Request for Proposal #896
Racial Health Equity Consultant
Part I
Proposal Requirements
Section IA
1. Introduction
General Information
The purpose of this RFP is to permit the consultant community to suggest various approaches
to meet this defined need at a given price.
The Clark County Public Health (CCPH) department, a local public health agency with
approximately 180 employees in Southwest Washington, is releasing a Request for Proposal
(RFP) for a consultant to provide a comprehensive assessment of the Public Health
department’s culture, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities concerning our initiatives to
eliminate health inequities; and assist in development of a department racial equity framework,
implementation strategies, and an evaluation plan. The contractor may combine assessment,
planning, training, and consultation that will ultimately result in the development of common
language and a unique set of tools for our department to apply in the implementation of our
strategic plan.
Clark County (WA) contracts with the Municipal Research and Service Center (MRSC) to
maintain our Consultant, Small Works and Vendor Rosters. To be eligible to participate in this
Clark County public solicitation and the resulting contract your business must be registered
with the MRSC Rosters. Failure to register may result in your proposal being marked
nonresponsive. Be sure to select Clark County in your application. If you have questions
about the registration process, contact the MRSC Rosters at 206-436-3798 or
If your company contact details are not on the Plan Holder List at
Attachment B, Letter of Interest must be submitted to participate in this RFP.
Proposers shall respond to all sections to be considered.
Clark County has made this Request for Proposal subject to Washington State statute RCW
39.34 Interlocal Cooperation Act. The proposer may opt to extend identical services and prices
to qualified public agencies. Each contract is between the proposer and individual agency
binding only their agency, with no liability to Clark County.
2. Background
3. Scope of Project
Clark County resolution 2020-12-05
Declaring racism as a public health crisis highlights the need to eliminate systemic racism and
injustice that contributes to and perpetuates health inequities and disproportionately impacts
communities of color. In alignment with the resolution, CCPH has identified the elimination of
health inequities as a key priority area in our strategic plan.
The contractor is expected to provide a comprehensive assessment of the CCPH’s culture,
strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities concerning our initiatives to eliminate health
Based on this analysis, the contractor will assist CCPH in developing a racial equity framework,
implementation strategies, and an evaluation plan in alignment with our department strategic
plan. Assessment results will be used as a reference when later measuring progress against
goals. Additionally, the consultant will provide technical assistance to support the
implementation efforts, including training for department teams, managers, and staff in
alignment with the racial equity framework.
Request for Proposal #896
Racial Health Equity Consultant
To complete this body of work, the contractor will engage county leaders, community members,
CCPH employees and teams, the county board and advisory committees, partner organizations,
and others to provide feedback in the development of CCPH’s racial equity framework and
implementation plan and to ensure that the recommended strategies are effective in eliminating
health disparities for our community. Additionally, the contractor will have access to county
policies such as recruiting and hiring policies and, while the contractor will not be making
recommendations for any county-specific policies, the contractor is expected to recommend
best practices for CCPH in alignment with county policy.
Working collaboratively with our teams, the contractor will assist CCPH in the following areas:
1) Assessment and evaluation
a. Identify strengths, gaps, and best practices within CCPH’s initiatives to
eliminate health inequities.
b. Examine CCPH’s existing policies and procedures with the application of a
racial equity lens to pinpoint policies, programs, processes, and practices that
may inhibit success and opportunities to be more inclusive; and recommending
departmental policy and procedure changes and improvements to CCPH.
c. Assess the current level of CCPH staff knowledge and competency around
racial equity principles.
d. Evaluate staff understanding and application of racial equity principles; and
recommend a process for ongoing evaluation to be included in department
policies and procedures.
e. Conduct an analysis of the workplace culture and ascertaining aspects of
employees’ experiences and perspectives to identify where future attention
should be focused.
f. Review CCPH’s current recruitment, retention, selection and professional
development processes, and our workforce demographics as compared to the
demographics of our community to ensure representation; and recommend
changes including a process for consistent review, evaluation, and course
g. Establish a baseline assessment of current racial/health equity metrics, which
will serve to measure and benchmark progress.
2) Strategic planning and implementation
a. Determine equity priorities, strategies, objectives, programs, and initiatives,
and develop an implementation plan and proposed racial equity framework
for our department.
b. Based on assessment of our current programs, policies and processes, and
the recommended framework, recommend a structure such as an “equity
team” to support the best practices outlined in the proposed framework.
c. Design clear and measurable equity goals for CCPH.
d. Examples for a-c above include:
i. Establish a process for continual feedback between team members,
managers, and senior leaders.
ii. Develop a system of accountability to ensure that racial equity efforts
are embedded throughout our department.

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