2023 Quote-Snow/Ice Removal and Maintenance Specifications

Agency: Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561730 - Landscaping Services
  • 561790 - Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings
Posted Date: Sep 26, 2023
Due Date: Oct 31, 2023
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2023 Quote-Snow/Ice Removal and Maintenance Specifications 09/26/23 10/31/23 4:00 p.m.

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CHFA is seeking quotations for Snow and Ice Removal and Maintenance at 999 West Street,
Rocky Hill, CT for services beginning January 1, 2024, for up to three years. Prospective
bidders are encouraged to visit the site location to view the property and scope of work regarding
driveways, parking areas, and sidewalks.
Scope of Services:
The services include plowing, shoveling, treating surfaces, and properly removing snow, ice,
frozen rain, sleet, and any other precipitation that may accumulate and freeze. The services also
include all follow-up treatments, if needed. Prospective bidders must be available to provide 24-
hour service.
The awarded contractor should be aware of the weather forecast and will be expected to self-start
and deploy equipment, personnel, pre-treatments, and treatments as needed. Immediately after
the start and during light precipitation events during the normal workweek (Monday through
Friday), awarded contractor should inspect all areas to assess whether walkways, entrances and
parking lot need to be treated. Awarded contractor should also be available Monday through
Friday within two hours from the first snow fall, ice events, and changes in precipitation.
Follow-up inspections and treatments should be provided by awarded contractor as needed.
In the event awarded contractor is made aware of additional services or treatments needed,
awarded contractor must be available within one hour of being notified. Awarded contractor
must also be available on an “as needed” basis to move snow from various locations.
Prior to the first snow, the awarded contractor must stake or mark sidewalks, fire hydrants,
islands, etc. and replace stakes, as needed, throughout the season. Awarded contractor must also
remove the stakes at the end of the season.
Pricing should include all equipment, labor, supervision, and ice melt products necessary to
perform the services in a timely and professional manner.
Prices should be based on snow depth (continuous snowfall in a 24-hour period) as determined
by the National Weather Service.
Please include the following when quoting on the “Quote Form” attached:
Cost of deicing applications (no sand) during snowstorm
Cost of deicing applications (no sand) on a non-storm occasion (minimum charge, if any)
Charge, per person per hour, during non-storm
Deicer (no sand) charge per pound/ton
Hourly prices for driveways, parking areas and walks for snowfall. with breakdown as
o Dusting - 2.9”
o 3” – 5.9”
o 6” – 11.9”
o 12” – 19.9”
o 20” – 28.9”
o 29” – 36”
Charge for additional equipment if needed and if requested by CHFA for snow relocation
on site (i.e. dump truck, loader, additional labor per hour)
A. The awarded contractor’s owner or general foreman should be available when requested
by CHFA for periodic inspections with CHFA’s staff. Any additional services requested
will be completed within two working days unless otherwise specified.
B. Awarded contractor will repair any damage to CHFA’s property caused by awarded
contractor to CHFA’s satisfaction.
C. Prospective bidders must provide pricing and references on attached “Quote Form” to
RFP.RFQ@chfa.org no later than 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 31, 2023.
D. Prospective bidder must supply (if applicable) Small Business Set-Aside Certificate.
E. Prospective bidder must supply copy of W-9 form.
F. Awarded contractor will be required to execute a contract satisfactory to CHFA and will
agree that it will comply with the provisions of Connecticut General Statutes applicable
to contracts with CHFA including, but not limited to, nondiscrimination and affirmative
action provisions.
G. Awarded contractor will be required to provide documentation regarding general liability,
auto, workers’ compensation and umbrella insurance in limits identified in “CHFA
Insurance Requirements” attached.
Included are 1) specification; 2) quote form; 3) drawing of 999 West Street; 4) CHFA’s
insurance requirements; and 5) frequently asked questions.
CHFA reserves the right to:
a. Reject any and all responses received to this request;
b. Negotiate the fees contained in any submission;
c. Waive or modify any irregularities in submissions received;
d. Award contracts in any manner necessary to serve the best interest of CHFA and
the State of Connecticut, without obligation to accept a quote based upon the
lowest fee schedule; and
e. Request additional information as determined necessary or request some or all
firms or individuals responding to make oral presentations.
Please submit any additional questions to RFP.RFQ@chfa.org by Wednesday, October 11, 2023.
Additional questions and answers will be posted on CHFA’s Website.
CHFA is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
Company Name:
Contact Name:
Quote Form-Snow/Ice Maintenance and Removal 2024
Service Type
Service for driveways, parking areas & walks for
snowfall as follows (continuous snowfall in 24
dusting - 2.9"
3.0" - 5.9"
6.0" - 11.9"
12 .0" - 19.9"
20 .0" - 28.9"
29 .0" - 36.0"
Salt/De-Icer/Ice Melt
Per Application During Storm
Per pound/ton During Non-Storm
Snow Relocation on Site, if required
per hour per dump truck
per hour per loader
additional labor per hour
list any additional equipment
Reference 1:
Company Name:
Reference 2:
Company Name:
Contact Name:
Reference 3:
Company Name:
Contact Name:
Any Experience with any CT state agency must be listed here:
Contact Name:
4:00 P.M. ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2023
CHFA is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
Insurance Requirements
for Contractors or Vendors
Instructions: CHFA Insurance Requirements
All contractors and vendors are required to provide proof of the required insurance
coverage before entering the premises or commencing any work at any CHFA
facility. Contractors and vendors must obtain, at their own expense, all the insurance
required here, and acceptable evidence of such insurance must be properly furnished
to, and approved by, CHFA.
All subcontractors are subject to the same requirements. It is the responsibility of
the primary contractor or vendor to obtain acceptable evidence of insurance from
CHFA also requires that they be named as an additional insured on your general
liability policy(ies). Your general liability policy must be endorsed with ISO
Endorsement CG 20 10 (or equivalent) or ISO Endorsement CG 20 26 (or
equivalent), and ISO Endorsement CG 20 37 (or equivalent) if so required. These
form numbers must be specifically referenced on the certificate of insurance. If your
insurance company uses a different form to provide CHFA with additional insured
status on your policies, copies of those forms must be provided in advance with the
insurance certificate for review and approval by CHFA. All coverage must be
primary as to CHFA.
The proper name for the entity to be named as additional insured is: “Connecticut
Housing Finance Authority, and/or related or affiliated entities.”
Evidence of compliance with these requirements is with the ACCORD form 25,
“Certificate of Liability Insurance”, with 30 days’ notice of cancellation, plus copies
of any required additional insured endorsements. Certificates should be sent to:
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, Attention: Shelly Mondo, 999 West St.,
Rocky Hill, CT 06067. Tel.: (860) 721-9501.
Current insurance certificates must be furnished to CHFA at all times. Replacement
certificates must be furnished prior to the expiration or replacement of referenced
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