Qualifications & Proposals ? Architectural Services for the Danbury Career Academy

Agency: City of Danbury
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541310 - Architectural Services
  • 541330 - Engineering Services
Posted Date: Apr 14, 2021
Due Date: May 13, 2021
Solicitation No: Bid #04-20-21-02
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5/13/21 - Bid #04-20-21-02 "Qualifications & Proposals – Architectural Services for the Danbury Career Academy"

Request for Qualifications & Proposals
Architectural and Related Services for Bridging Document Preparation for the Danbury Career Academy

Bid No. 04-20-21-02
City Project No. 20-16

The City of Danbury is inviting the submission of qualifications and proposals from architectural firms for Architectural and Related Services for Bridging Document Preparation related to the design and construction of the Danbury Career Academy.

For a copy of the Scope of Work click here

To obtain a weblink to the Project Reference Documents, contact the Purchasing Dept. at (203) 797-4571

Interested firms are requested to submit five (5) original copies of qualification packages, proposals, and requested information to the office of the Purchasing Agent, 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810 during normal office hours by no later than 10:00 AM on May 13, 2021.

Submissions are to be marked:
“Qualifications & Proposals – Architectural Services for the Danbury Career Academy
Bid No. 04-20-21-02”

A mandatory pre-bid walk through will be held on site at the main lobby of The Summit at Danbury, 100 Reserve Road, on April 26, 2021 at 11:00 AM.

Charles J. Volpe, Jr.
Purchasing Agent
City of Danbury

Dated: April 14, 2021

Attachment Preview

APRIL 13, 2021
City Project No. 20-16
Bid No. 04-20-21-02
Request for Qualifications & Proposals
Architectural and Related Services for Bridging Document Preparation for the Danbury
Career Academy
City Project No. 20-16
Bid No. 04-20-21-02
A. Introduction/Background
The City of Danbury is soliciting qualifications packages and proposals from architectural firms
based on the criteria/requirements outlined in this request for qualifications and proposals (RFQ/P). The
intent of this request for qualifications and proposals is to obtain a short list of the best qualified,
responsible architectural firm to provide the City with comprehensive services for: All design and
consultant services required to complete all necessary work to develop Bridging Documents and
associated services for a design-build renovate as new project as outlined in the following document.
These Bridging Documents will be used to negotiate and contract with a developer to complete the design
and construction of the project in a typical design-build delivery process.
A mandatory pre-bid walk through will be held on site at the main lobby of The Summit at
Danbury, 100 Reserve Road, on April 26, 2021 at 11:00 AM. Access to The Summit must be from
Reserve Road to Corporate Center Drive. Please follow signs and take the first driveway on the left off of
Corporate Center Drive and follow to the visitors main lobby.
All Requests for Qualifications and Proposals will be due by 10:00 AM on May 13, 2021.
Please refer to the Supplemental Information for Bid Submittal & Opening on page 20 for detailed
The City of Danbury 2020 Committee along with the Danbury Board of Education have received
enrollment projection reports that indicate student population increases district-wide from grades Pre-
Kindergarten through 12th grade. In a district with schools currently at or above capacity, the grade 6-8
population projects to peak with an additional 328 students in year ’27-’28, while the grade 9-12
population projects to peak with an additional 688 students in year ’29-’30. The proposed project will
address both of these student enrollment increases with a new grades 6-12 school building, while
alleviating some current overcrowding issues in the existing middle schools and high school.
The proposed project site is The Summit at Danbury located at 100 Reserve Road. The unique
facility is approximately 2,100,000 square feet building area, which is made up of 15 individual pods
surrounding a common center core area consisting of common areas and substantial parking decks. The
facility is mixed use, with current uses including commercial, retail, dining, and residential. The City of
Danbury has the opportunity to make a commercial condominium unit purchase along with securing
development rights on the northwest side of the building to be renovated and converted into educational
space to support a grade 6-12 school.
Funding for the construction of this project will be determined with a vote to be held on or before
June 2021. Special legislation was passed for this project in House Bill No. 7010, September Special
Session, Public Act No. 20-8, Section 6. As dictated in Section 6 of the special legislation, the City must
meet the October 1, 2021 deadline to submit a grant application for the project to the Office of School
Construction Grants and Review (OSCG&R).
B. Project Description
The proposed project involves the conversion of existing unoccupied commercial space into a
grade 6-12 school. The proposed school is to be securely isolated from all other areas of the existing
building. Building systems to the greatest extent possible are to be dedicated solely to the use of the
school, including but not limited to: electrical, mechanical, plumbing, domestic water, sanitary sewer,
natural gas, fire protection, telecommunications, data, security, fire alarm, etc. No services shall be
shared with the rest of the building, unless required by code. Egress including handicap accessibility is to
be provided throughout the school building in a capacity to effectively accommodate student and
employee population.
Proposed Renovations:
Approximately 200,000 square feet of existing building area (“P”, “Q”, and “R” pods) will be
renovated as new to create classrooms, offices, cafeteria, media center, laboratories, storage, lavatories,
etc. to fit the programmatic needs of the Danbury School District as outlined in draft Education
Specifications. Demolition of existing space could include hazardous materials abatement, although
Proposed New Construction:
Work will include new construction for building additions and associated site improvements. New
building additions will include a multiuse gymnasium, locker rooms, lobby area, and other associated
support spaces that could be located under existing pods.
Interested firms are required to review the following documents related to the development
of this project. Bidders must call the City of Danbury Purchasing Department at 203-797-4571 to
obtain electronic copies of the following documents:
1. “Danbury Career Academy” concept plans dated 6/19/2020 prepared by Friar Architecture Inc.
2. Partial plans of “Union Carbide Headquarters” prepared by Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and
Associates Architects.
3. Draft “Property Condition Assessment” dated January 28, 2021 prepared by Property Solutions
4. Site Survey Progress Print issued November 9, 2018 prepared by Surveying Associates, Inc.
5. “Asbestos Pre-renovation Inspection Report” prepared by HYGENIX, Inc.
6. State of Connecticut House Bill No. 7010, September Special Session, Public Act No. 20-8,
Section 6
7. “Comprehensive Enrollment Analysis and Projections Prepared for Danbury Public Schools” dated
November 2019 with February 2020 Addendum
8. Draft Education Specifications dated March 30, 2021
9. Contract “Sample” for Professional Services
Anticipated Project Schedule:
1. August 2021: Complete Schematic design documents and associated cost estimate.
2. September 2021: Complete 30% design development Bridging Documents and associated cost
3. October 2021: Secure independent appraisals of the “Unit” and Development Rights.
4. November 2021: Secure comprehensive draft Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project
from the Design-Builder.
5. December 2021: Final negotiation and purchase of Unit and Development Rights.
Complete cost estimate GMP reconciliation with Design-Builder.
6. April 2022: Start of construction.
7. August 2024: Occupancy.
The City will require strict adherence to the schedule to meet schedule milestones.
C. Design-Build Delivery Method
As authorized by the special legislation, the City will procure this project using a Design-Build
delivery process to renovate as new. Bridging Documents developed as part of this contract will be
turned over to the Design-Builder to complete. The Design-Builder will rely on these drawings and
documents and will need full and complete electronic operable files from the Bridging Architect to
advance their design.
1. As part of this RFQ/P, the City will follow OSCG&R requirements to solicit proposals and
retain an architectural firm to create Bridging Documents for the project. The Bridging
Documents will consist of 30% design development drawings and specifications, which will
clearly define the complete building scope that the Design-Builder will provide to the City at
project completion. This includes but is not limited to interior finishes, construction
materials, and HVAC materials and performance. OSCG&R will have the opportunity to
review the development of the Schematic and Bridging Documents.
2. An independent cost estimator retained by the Bridging Architect will generate a detailed cost
estimate based on the Schematic and on the Bridging Documents. The Design-Builder will
also take the Bridging Documents to their cost estimator to provide the City with an estimate.
The two estimates will be reconciled to determine the cost of the project.
3. The City and Design-Builder will negotiate a not to exceed, guaranteed maximum price
(GMP) to complete the balance of the project design documents as well as the physical
project construction. Once agreed, the two parties will enter a binding Master Agreement
with a stipulated schedule and milestones based on the Bridging Documents.
4. As stated, the Design-Builder will use their own architect to complete the design through to
construction documents with multiple checkpoints and evaluations by the City and the City’s
Bridging Architect to verify conformance with the City’s original design intent. OSCG&R
will have the opportunity to review plans as they are developed.
5. The Bridging Architect will be retained by the City throughout the duration of the project,
and they will be used to evaluate the contractor/developer’s conformance with the Bridging
Documents throughout the completion of the design, as well as during the construction
process. If it is found that there is deviation from the Bridging Documents, the City will have
the right to terminate and/or renegotiate the Master Agreement contract.
6. At project completion, the City will again evaluate the completed construction provided by
the Design-Builder against the Master Agreement documents prior to accepting the project
and issuing final payment.
7. Bonding and performance guarantees will be secured from the Design-Builder at the time the
Master Agreement is signed.
D. Scope of Architectural and Related Services
The selected architectural firm will be expected to provide architectural services for the planning
and preparation of Bridging Documents complete to 30% design development level, including developing
all design requirements, performance specifications, contract specifications, cost estimates, schedules, and
all associated work for the items listed below at the Danbury Career Academy. Firms will also provide
Construction Administration services for the purposes of design-build verification throughout the duration
of construction. Proposals are to be comprehensive and include all costs associated with services for the
I. Project Planning and Development
a. Firm is to familiarize themselves with building layout, pods, academic programs,
operation of entire building, review of existing drawings, building uses, zoning, and
evaluate permitting requirements.
b. Review Board of Education draft Education Specifications and confirm building spaces
can provide and sustain academic programs described. Work with the Board of
Education to complete development and prepare final Ed Specs.
c. Establish overall project schedule.
d. Meet with property owner/developer and BOE to define limits pertaining to parking,
traffic circulation, bus loop, drop off, access to common areas, segregation of utilities and
any other operationally specific items.
e. Meet with City officials including Fire Marshal, Building Inspector, and Land Use to
assess specific requirements that they may have.
f. All required survey. The progress print site survey attached to the RFQ/P is for reference

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